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Billboard Featuring Huge Set of Testicles Reads: Who ‘Has the Balls to Impeach Obama’ (Video)

Oh, look who’s playing the impeachment game.

A billboard has appeared on Cleveland’s west side displaying a very large set of testicles, reading “Does anyone on Congress have a set of these?” The opposite side of the billboard is an “unflattering” caricature of Obama, reading “impeach now.”

The owner of the sign, Nancy Sysack, justified the sign: “Sometimes you’ve got to put things out there in order to make a point and get people to turn their heads. There’s more graphic stuff in the art museum.”

Her name is Sysack, her sign has massive testicles, and she’s talking about turning heads. Thank God she didn’t mention anything about coughing.

I am deeply amused by this sign. It’s true, there probably is more graphic things inside of an art museum, but some residents are still upset, calling it “totally inappropriate.” I could care less about the imagery of the sign; as a nominal Obama supporter, it’s the message that makes me laugh. I’m sure that if we went looking, we’d find that Sysack (snerk) is a registered Democrat, since only Democrats play the “impeachment game.”

Right? Of course.

You can watch the local Cleveland affiliate report on the sign below:

h/t: Crooks & Liars



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  • Annabelle

    Oh, if only they knew how since there is no reasonable explanation for why he should be impeached since the people love what he has tried to do for his people; lower healthcare, bring the economy back after the Bush years etc. Oh, the horror… Yawn.

  • Robert Kennedy

    It doesn’t take balls, it only takes chutzpah to impeach someone who hasn’t done anything impeachable. If they are so into impeachment why didn’t they Reagan and the two Bushes, all of whom committed impeachable crimes.

    • J. Fischer

      They were white, reactionary, and favored the rich. That ‘excuses’ many sins (for other rich, white, reactionaries).

      • Robert Kennedy

        Too bad the poor white reactionaries are too dumb to see how they’ve been being played for the last 60 years or so.

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