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Bernie Sanders on the War Against the Working Class ‘The American People Are Catching On’

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has been on fire lately, coming out swinging hard in the multifaceted political fight that is the GOP’s war on the working classes. Whether it is the fight to increase the minimum wage, efforts to establish a single payer health care system, or confronting the lies and hypocrisies which make up the mainstay of right-wing talking points, Sen. Sanders has positioned himself consistently at the forefront in the battle to save the middle and working classes.

Though the fight has been and continues to be an uphill battle against considerably well-funded and powerful corporate interests, Sanders is optimistic, telling MSNBC host Ed Schultz that “The American people are catching on.”

Citing that a number of America’s largest corporations pay nothing in taxes and sometimes even receive public subsidies in addition to their tax breaks and loopholes, Sanders claims that the growing inequality throughout the country is something that both the American people are growing infuriated over and the corporate dominated Republican party is struggling to spin defensive talking points about.

As the divide between rich and poor grows and becomes more a matter of survival versus luxury than mere haves versus have-nots, corporate backed think tanks and more recently, the non-profit superPAC groups funded by members of the elite 1% have worked tirelessly to sew divisions about the sources and solutions for America’s growing inequality problem.

With the libertarian right taking what they claim to be anti-corporatist stances under the auspices of fighting “crony capitalism,” even this generally fringe element within the conservative movement has been beguiled into fighting to protect and enshrine the goals of corporate America and the 1%, all the while believing they were fighting for a true populist cause.

And while these games have worked for decades, allowing the conservative movement and its corporate benefactors to secure huge wins in terms of political power and financial wealth, the inherent flaws and failings both to the arguments presented, as well as the end results of their actions are becoming increasingly apparent to the public.

As the right-wing and Republican party continue to crumble beneath the weight of factional in-fighting and the decaying facade that has been their economic and social platforms, champions of the 99% (meaning the rest of us who work and struggle to get by for the ultimate benefit of those sitting atop the economic food chain) such as Senators Sanders and Warren, continue to emerge in the fight, gaining greater traction with their populist messages and honest legislative agendas, daily.

To hear the full interview, click here and visit Senator Sanders’ own Senate webpage.

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  • joebbz2

    So what! The American People are catching on , Phooey , again, so what . The GOP is run by “Think Tanks” (tax exempt charities) that have all the bases covered . You won’t be able to vote out your Rep because of gerrymandered districts(States Rights). The minorities coming of age and becoming a force to recon ,is being reconed with. Voter suppression sanctioned by the Robert’s Five encourages blatant racism ,no problem, just do it ,by the time the Justice Dept. drags these discriminatory laws thru court the damage is done. Plus, the burden of proof lies with the Plaintiff to prove the law is based on race ,and not just an inconvenience. Further Laws will follow , remember ,the rich don’t pay taxes, they pay Lobbyists. And in that vein you can rest assured after the mid-terms Red swing States will move to eliminate the electoral college . No more winner take all , apportion delegates according to the districts won . This is key, because the popular vote was won by Democrats by 8000,000 votes but the House ,thru gerrymandering , is Red. So since the GOP can’t win the popular vote or the electoral college ,Gerrymandered districts will determine who becomes President.

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