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Beating Your Wife In Jesus’ Name: For The Bible Tells Me So

I have to be honest with you all. When my wife first told me about the “Spanking for Jesus” movement, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be outraged. For those who don’t know, the “Spanking for Jesus” movement isn’t about corporal punishment for your children — it’s about punishing your wife. No, not your spouse. Your wife. As in, the good and submissive wife will heed to the Bible’s admonitions about gender roles and let her husband emotionally and physically accost her. Because you know, “God.”

I know it’s very hard for liberal atheists to speak about matters of faith without coming off as finger-wagging, Godless heathens trying to rob people of their faith. Let me state for the record that I grew up in a Christian church, and I am quite familiar with the biblical origins of this “movement.” The Bible was written at a time and in a culture where women were subjugated, so of course the texts of the religion will still bear those markings as well. In fact, the Christian Domestic Discipline (seriously, that’s the name!) website details that their marriage arrangements are created “according to the guidelines set forth in the Holy Bible, meaning the husband has authority over his wife within the bounds of God’s Word and enforces that authority, if need be, through discipline including but not limited to spanking.”

That’s right ladies, if you want to be good with God, you have to let your husband put you on time out from your phone, the Internet, your friends, and submit to physical punishment whenever you raise the hackles of your husband.

Here’s the problem I have with this practice. I’m a firm believer in the First Amendment, and I am not one of those atheists that go around telling religious people they’re wrong and/or stupid for practicing whatever faith they want to. I’m also well-aware that as the article says, most of these women seem to be completely willing to subjugate themselves to their mate. Many comment that they are fine with the arrangement in fact. So the truth is that there’s probably nothing that can or should be done about this practice, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t very legitimate concerns for those living in these kinds of relationships either.

What happens if the husband takes his power too far? What happens when a spanking turns into a beating? What if one of the “privileges” that the husband takes away is “food” or “drink”? These aren’t trifling concerns, but in the country we live in, the approach concerned citizens need to take is a “wait and see” approach. Let them have their sadomasochi-religious experience if they want, but the rest of us are also free to exercise our first amendment rights and call their “religious practice” a bunch of idiocy.

It’s “traditions” like these that further promulgate dangerous societal paradigms like “men are the naturally dominant species and therefore woman’s correct role is to submit.” It’s practices like these that make it very easy to excuse domestic violence and abuse because how dare we tell another American how to practice their religion? It’s practices like these that keep women earning 75 cents for every one dollar a man makes. So no, this practice isn’t evil by itself, but the potential damage it can do both physically and emotionally to the wife, as well as to any sons or daughters in the house who get the wrong-headed notion that it’s normal to berate, chastise or abuse your wife if she burns the cookies you forced her to make at four in the morning.

Ultimately, it’s groups like the “Spanking for Jesus” crowd that present Americans with their most unique challenges. We have to be able as a society to comment on religious practices that are truly repressive, and we also must strike a balance and allow for people to choose by their own free will what practices to get involved with on their own time. To be fair, there’s a mile and a half of distance between a sort of sexual spanking mixed with religious dogma — a concoction that I personally find a bit weird, but hey, it’s your thing — and an actual account of domestic violence. Liberals should be cautious not to cast so much judgment and scorn on those who wish to participate in these sorts of cultish things.

We live in a great country where people can live to be as cray-cray as they want to be, as long as it’s done within reason and doesn’t infringe on someone else’s rights. The best way, if you ask me, to handle these kinds of groups is to call out their behavior and let society’s natural judgment system do its work. Undoubtedly any of these couples that do spiral into an abusive relationship should be helped and the law should enforce our standards of how we treat one another, regardless of which person in the sky (or the pits of Hell to be fair to all you Satan worshipers too!) you call your own. So yes, these people may raise a red flag with their practices, and yes they may be doing something that perpetuates an awful way to treat women, but we have to let those women be free to make the choice to be subjugated all they want, as long as no lines are crossed into assault and abuse. We have ways of handling that in society that don’t necessitate ending all religion everywhere, or even making this particular brand of lunacy illegal. We should keep a cautious eye on these people and carry on making the world a better place.

About James Schlarmann

James is in his thirties and gets really passionately angry about politics. Sometimes that anger foments into diatribes, and sometimes those diatribes are comical. Other times, they are not. For more of James's work check out his blog, ThePoliticalGarbageChute.com.
  • A

    Good Lord! This is the most stupid article ever! BTW! Old Testament was written by an Ignorant Angry Jewish Farmer not God! God would not be so foolish! Tea Party your just ignorant! You will go away! Your ideals are just plain STUPID!

  • PJ

    “What happens if the husband takes his power too far?” What happens when the woman takes her power too far? We have today’s nightmare of divorce, rebellious women, broken families, lowered birth rate, etc. Some women are like children and need to be disciplined – physically.

    • Richard Rowe

      Uh-huh…and how’s that perspective working out for you, sweetheart?

  • Hooter

    Religious dogma is total bulls**t! God by whatever name you refer to him by would never set foot in a church nor mosque because of the sorry judgmental sacks of dogs**t that hang out there…

  • ben

    they can believe what they want and call themselves what they want, but this behavior has little to do with christianity. it’s like christian scientists, whose beliefs include very little science. traditional judaism, perhaps, but when christ gave us the new covenant, he meant for us to no longer have to follow all the hundreds of rules set forth in the old testament. are many of those old rules good and helpful? yes. are all of them? no. is “beating your wife in jesus’ name” legitimate? obviously not, since christ never said anything to promote it. should wives submit to their husbands? perhaps, but that’s not what this article is about.
    tl;dr- if they’re not actively breaking the law, go mind your own damn business.

  • http://twitter.com/go2boat4winds Billbow (@go2boat4winds)

    What about when you spank your wife while having sex and she shouts, Jesus! Jesus! that feels good! Does that count?

  • Jane

    How is it that repressive religious practices in other (read Muslim) countries inspire us to go to war, but if somebody questions the repressive religious practices (read Christian) in our own country, we freak out about religious freedom.

  • Bob Cull

    It’s called the first amendment, Tom! It guarantees me the same right to be free from religion as yours to subscribe to the religion of your choice! I have just as much right to be free from your religion as you have to practice it. The purpose of the first was to prevent Unchristian tyrants like yourself from forcing their “religion” on others, the founders saw what the result of endowing religion with political power had done in Europe and were determined that it not recur on this continent! In my imagination? I think not!

  • Lucia

    First thing that crossed my mind: there are other communities, that don’t define themselves as christian, who practice this kind of relationships: seek out “Domestic Discipline” (without Christian) and Taken in Hand. I spent quite sometimes reading the website of the latter, tring really to understand. And failing, actually. It’s not that I don’t understand the appeal of a little spanking, or light bdsm play. Or even the desire of letting it go and having someone else make all the decisions for you. It’s just the whole thing that I don’t understand.
    So, a few random comments on the subject as a whole: 1- why people can’t handle their kinks??? Man, really! They say that bdsm is not their “cup of tea”, but,as there are several forms of bdsm play, I find it really more reassuring as it has strict rules and that one little thing called “safe word”. It’s a play and as all play it can END. 2- what concerns me more of these “practices” is, as you pointed out, that they all seem to put lot of faith in the husband, who is seen almost as infallible and perfect, righteous and just, you know. But reality is different. So, what happens whn the husband screw up? Does he get at least a slap on the wrist? What if he gets carried away? What if he is a total jerk? 3- consensual non-consent relationships and religion? explosive mixture. Really worrying. Like you, I believe people should be free to do whatever they like, in their private time and homes. But, what if?

    • Juliet

      This isn’t BDSM. It’s what you identify as #2: the man as the all-knowing, all-wise supreme ruler of the household. If he screws up, he suffers the loss of job, or incarceration, or whatever — and the wife and kids are to smile and stand by him and promise to do better. If he should beat her to death? Well, he’ll be arrested for murder, and walk into the court with the argument that it’s her fault for making him hit her.

  • Colie

    Here we go again… Just because someone slaps “Christian logo ” after their name doesn’t mean they are Christian …Please… you do those of us who are true Christians a disservice. Believe me if my husband slapped me …lol Still laughing …..The old saying goes you’ve got to sleep sometime ….Not only that , but my 4 boys would be on him like Jack the bear… Come on guys Is there not News that is news worthy …Learn to discern truth from lies… God have mercy ….

    • http://www.facebook.com/larry.dillon.58 Larry Dillon

      It is a valid religious delusion that exist in our society. If thats a problem for you then take it up with the religiously deluded nut fucks because it needs to be exposed. So go speak to your sick ass mutated Jesus Junkie Family members. There is where the problem lies and we will point out ALL the dementia that that oppressive sick ass so call faith posses

      • http://yahoo Tom

        You are incredibly as incorrect as you are offensive Larry. You might it helpful to go back to the 60’s when people needed to understand that you can’t describe an entire group by a particular person. Larry, you are using a particular small group that none of us ever heard of to describe all of us. Larry, at least get into the 60’s in your thinking.

      • Jaxon

        What… got bit by one of those snakes at the tent revival, Larry? Fired from the flock? Still PO’d the preacher liked your sister more?

  • brother charles

    you are so wrong james, throw these brutal wife beaters in jail

    what are they teaching their kids, anyway

    and there ain’t nothing of Jesus about it

  • Kera P.

    “yes, these people may raise a red flag with their practices, and yes they may be doing something that perpetuates an awful way to treat women, but we have to let those women be free to make the choice to be subjugated all they want, as long as no lines are crossed into assault and abuse.”


    1. Bring under domination or control, esp. by conquest.
    2. Make someone or something subordinate to.”

    First: Subjugation IS abuse. Women go through complete societal oppression, especially with violence – commonly sexual and domestic abuse. This is not a religious practice. It’s plain-out ABUSE against females with a religious excuse so they won’t be questioned/criticized, because religion is a personal choice. It worked for you.

    Second: “we have to let those women be free to make the choice to be subjugated all they want” – yes, women should be able to choose which relationships to be in – simple human right – but really?? Once in an abusive relationship, it’s the woman*’s responsibility to get out? So many women* are unusually attracted to their abusive spouse (unusual compared to healthy relationships) and wouldn’t be able to leave on their own. If the husband is beating his wife – which is what he’s doing if he practices this – he needs to be sent to jail. Forever. Whether he uses the “because God” excuse or not.

    Men don’t need to constantly swarm and protect us… But stand up for a woman* when she’s being beaten by her husband! Use the male privilege you have to tell other men that this is NOT okay!

    • RichardR

      I totally agree with your point…there is a very fine line between a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and a masochist who genuinely likes being “dominated.” And that difference usually comes down to the man and his innate respect for his partner. I’ve been in a couple of relationships with women who explicitly said that they were “submissive,” and wanted to be treated that way. I seem to attract that type. Which is fine, if you look at it as a game you’re playing to make her happy.

      But I’ve learned over the years that women like that don’t want to be “dominated” so much as they want to feel “protected.” When you play that game, it’s always about making her feel safe. A lot of women who see themselves as “submissive” have had terribly abusive histories, and they just want to be with someone they feel will protect them. It’s kind of the same principle as getting yourself a big, mean (but loyal) guard dog to protect you from bad guys. But that’s where it ends.

      What worries me is that women like that are attracted to guys with a violent streak, and most of the time they don’t discriminate between a guy who CAN be violent to protect them, and one who’s just going to beat the crap out of them for fun. And you know it’s always the religious types who justify any horrible act of violence in the name of their own holiness. So it’s not the “submissive wife” part of this that worries me…it’s the psycho-religious husband who takes advantage of her.

  • Tee Cartwright

    I totally agree. These folks are TRYING to justify abuse. Also, “using God” to try to justify abuse makes me sick to my stomach. Most of us have enough sense to not fall for this at all.

  • The Truth

    So this is basically Christian S/M?

    Also, Bob Cull is ABSOLUTELY 100% CORRECT on this.

    “There is no fine line where “acceptable discipline” suddenly becomes spousal abuse, it was abuse from the very beginning.”

    Sir…you are correct.

    From the CDD website’s section on “Wives”:

    “The problem with the new social paradigm [women having equal social status with men] was that the sudden shift flew in the face of at least four – and perhaps as much as forty – thousand years of human practice!”*

    Well…so did the 13th Amendment, laws against child labor, and laws preventing prosecution of husbands who rape their wives (pffft!! You can’t rape a wife. I mean she signed up for sex whenever the husband wants it AMIRIGHT GUYS??).

    “We have to be able as a society to comment on religious practices that are truly repressive, and we also must strike a balance and allow for people to choose by their own free will what practices to get involved with on their own time.” -James

    Personally, I don’t think that we have to strike a balance between repressive religious practices and freedom of religion. The idea that a person can choose to be repressed, even for religious purposes, is illogical. Repression inherently eliminates choice. Therefore, one cannot choose to be repressed because once one is repressed, choice is sacrificed.

    But wait, can’t I “choose” to repress my desires and not fornicate outside of my marriage or talk back to my husband?” says Christian Disciplined wife (if her husband lets her).

    Sure…but that isn’t repression…that is suppression. You have the choice to eat a bar of chocolate or not eat a bar of chocolate, but there is no choice where your husband threatens you with violence if you decide to eat a bar of chocolate.* There is no choice where a woman is forbidden an education, forced to hide behind a buhrka, or forced to marry against her will (doesn’t seem like so much of a “choice when it’s Islam does it?). There is no choice when the consequences for voicing an opinion is violent retribution by the husband.

    If America means anything as a concept, it is freedom from violent repression based on a religion (sorry Rick Perry..it actually is freedom FROM religion) or any ideology and if the American government serves any purpose, it is to protect American citizens from repression, even when the citizen claims to acquiesce to the repression. At least, that’s the America I believe in.

    *I thought God created the earth a little over 6,000 years ago, but humans have been getting married for perhaps 40,000 years?

    **Actually we shouldn’t be surprised with this type of non-choice/choice since this is basically the “choice” that the evangelical God gives humanity: accept Christ or burn in hell for all eternity…your “choice.” Also, I have this piece of delicious wedding cake you can have or I can break your toes one by one with a ball-peen hammer…which do you “choose?”

    • junk0514

      How can it be 40,000 years of human practice when they believe the earth is only 6,000 years old? Once again, inconsistencies.

    • http://yahoo Tom

      Freedom from religion exists no where but in your imagination. It is certainly not found in any legal documents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/colinmushroom Frances Barbara Fraser

    Having not been able to find a relationship which was not abusive, I agree that the scars run deep, may colour your relationships for the rest of your life. This abuse is not restricted to physical abuse. Psychological abuse can be used in pernicious ways so it appears to the bystander that nothing out of the ordinary is happening except that your reactions seem out of wack with the request unless witnessed over time. I have never been beaten I am glad to say . Any man who needs to hit others to prove himself a man is not a man worthy of the name in my eyes. I believe from what I understand from the Bible that were Jesus alive today he would agree. No man who washes the feet of prostitutes and gives them forgiveness is gong to beat a woman

  • J

    I stopped reading when you mentioned the 77 cents myth. It was disproved as early as 1981. Stop listening to feminists without checking their sources and critics. They’re not about equality anymore.

    • Rosa VW

      You seriously think that studies done on workplaces over 30 years ago are still relevant today? Seriously? Even if all the studies proved that workplaces were all hunky-dory in the 80s (which, I know from talking to actual women that they most definitely weren’t) how is that at all relevant to the workplaces of today? There are mulitple, CURRENT, studies which show women make less than men do, by multiple measures. Contrary to whatever you might say, feminism is still about equality.

    • The Truth

      How TRUE! It’s not like someone has actually studied this or issued a report…


      OH crap….whatever you do…do NOT click on that link.

      Oh…and I did research the “myth” that women make 75% of every dollar a man makes. My favorite “proof” is that even though US census date shows that women make only 78.2% of what a man makes…it’s because women don’t want to do the same work that men do. Which…is dumb. This is especially ironic in a country where women are as likely or more likely to earn a college degree as a man.

      So…despite being more educated, women, as a whole, still earn less. Which proves the allegation THAT WOMEN EARN LESS THAN MEN.

      So, the 77 cents myth is actually not a myth. It is an unfortunate truth which was not created by feminists, but rather by looking at NUMBERS COLLECTED DURING A CENSUS AND DOING MATH.

      But please…keep trying to dilute the issue by saying idiotic things like “you have to look at every job and if there isn’t wage disparity in every job, then this is a myth.” Absolutely neurotic and stupid.

    • junk0514

      Feminists have always been about equality. Men just don’t get what its like to be systemically discriminated against in all aspects of your life. So if you don’t agree with it it isn’t true? It most certainly is, and it happens all the time still, to this day. If you choose not to believe what is going on because you think women being underpaid is a myth, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true because it is.

  • PatsinRobison

    I agree with Bob. I believe James is confusing consensual BDSM with abuse. Just because a wife might say its ok with her, doesn’t mean it is. She could be afraid, brainwashed, feel she doesn’t have the background to survive on her own, convinced she “deserves” the abuse etc.

    • S.Stern

      Exactly – with all religions there is an element of coercion, whether it’s ‘i’m going to hell’ or peer pressure of others in church, or shaming from a pastor or in group. After that you CAN’T consent to the treatment / abuse / spanking because you’re not making the decision while mentally sober.

      This isn’t to infantilize, but to bring out the real brainwashy nature of religion in general and how it applies to the acceptance of women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.houghtalen Patricia Houghtalen

    Any woman that agrees to this is a complete fool. God did not intend for woman to be a whipping post or some item to be used for sexual pleasure without consent. No, God made woman as a help mate to man because he was not doing well alone. It is a man’s duty to respect and honor his wife if he wants honor or respect. If you spank me, I will hit you back and it will be where it really hurts so you know I mean business. And I will tell you God told me to do that, that is why he provided such a sensitive spot so the weaker sex could let the dominant one know he can be brought to his knees.

  • Lois

    The Bible NEVER encourages husbands to abuse or discipline their wives in any way. Yes, the epistle of Ephesians does say that the wife is to submit to her husband, but it also goes on to say that the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church. This movement is just a sneaky, manipulative way of legitimizing abuse – and of course, doing it in the name of God. I am sick, sick, sick of psychopathic men trying to abuse women by preying on their faith. Grow up, guys!

  • hiddenwindowsol

    This disturbs me greatly, beyond the serious social ramifications. I was raised in an abusive home that was fundie. I’ve seen what this type of behavior does and James is right to be worried. My step-father was a fundie minister who strongly believed in beating his wife, and kids, into submission. James mentions the fear that one of the “privileges” that would be removed would be food, and he is right to be worried about it because I have witnessed it. Let me give you a rough idea as to what I am talking about.

    But I guess I have to start with a bit of background about my mom, so as there are no misunderstandings about the type of person she is. My mom is extremely intelligent. She owned her own successful business, she was respected by the community as a whole. She met my step-father in 1987 and married him in 1988 and finally left him in 1992. One of the first “privileges” that he took away from her was forcing her to close her business 4 days after they married. He was working a menial job as a cook at the local VFW branch, in addition to his ministerial duties. So as you can imagine the income plummeted drastically. He steadfastly refused to let her reopen her business and every time she brought up reopening it he’d spank her in plain view of us kids. When either us kids or mom would do something that irked him he would take away our privileges to food sometimes for days at a time, there was a time when I was 5 that I was not allowed to eat or a week I was allowed milk and water but that was it,my “crime”, as he would have phrased it, was failing to clean a dish that was put in the sink after I had already washed them all. Now my mom endured this for 4 years and when she finally escaped it the first thing she did was get a Wendy’s hamburger, she later told me she hadn’t eaten one in almost 4 years because she was not “privileged” enough to be allowed to as for one.

    Now James is right that this is an exceptionally slippery slope. Spankings leads to beatings which leads to utter domination which, more often than not, will lead to death. But these are just my two cents.

  • Juliet

    The Bible’s many books were written at a time when few married for love. First there was the wedding, and (if the couple was lucky) love came afterwards. Women often had no say in who they married, why, or when, which made ‘correcting’ a ‘disobedient’ wife necessary. (It was also an unwitting tacit acknowledgement that there was something wrong with the system.)

    Nowadays, at least in the US, few people get married as a way to seal political, religious, or business alliances and deals. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership, and about love and family. Disagreements and mistakes are resolved through talking, not the man beating her and telling her to make him a sandwich (and beating her again if it turns out she was in the right).

    Heck, I can’t think of anything a fully competent adult woman could do (short of attempted murder) that can only be handled with physical violence. And if she’s trying to kill you, it’s time to end the marriage.

  • http://Aattp Michael David Pereira

    Don’t forget to stone people who eat shellfish, or wear polyester.

  • http://gravatar.com/judsonjay judsonjay

    If you look at the content of the site and the associated links, I would say this has a highly pseudo masochistic flavor. The christian stuff looks a bit hokey, but the references appear to be more of a sexual nature. Masochism masked as a christian way of life. Bettie Page would be proud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mickiehalley Mickie Lynn Halley

    spanking for jesus? thought it would be a story about masturbation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oakcliff.townie Oak Cliff Townie

    Try being a kid in that environment. The Violence goes from mother to child ! I know about that first hand !

  • lolsuz

    Thank you so much for your comment, Bob; I couldn’t agree more. My ex-husband never beat me, but he disciplined me *constantly*. No mistake went unpunished, with punishment consisting of ridicule and withdrawal of affection. Any problem in our lives that could possibly be blamed on me was, even if it took three or four steps of “logic” to get there. Small example: if a pen broke while I was using it, I had broken the pen. If it broke while he was using it, it was a stupid pen. Larger example: our car suffered 3K of damage in a hail storm one evening; it was my fault because I had wanted to go out to dinner that night and the hail storm didn’t hit over where we lived so if we had been home the car wouldn’t have been damaged. He never rode in or had anything to do with the car again during the years after the damage, to the point of my having to call others for a ride to pick it up from being serviced, etc.) Over time his treatment not only eradicated my self esteem, I lost my very sense of self. The damage went incredibly deep and still sometimes affects me today, a decade after our divorce.

    Being from the deep south and a Southern Baptist family, it’s no mystery where he got the notion that it was his job to discipline his wife in the first place. I can assure you it’s a very SICK culture, even if no blows are struck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/salihe66 Christopher Salihe Payne

    They should just be honest and admit that they’re into a BDSM lifestyle that is only veiled under the guise of religion because they’re too inhibited and oppressed to admit their natural proclivities.

    • Bob Cull

      I don’t think in most cases of women who tolerate abuse it is a matter of being into BDSM, Christopher. In many of these cases the woman has never known anything else. I have a friend who has gone from one abusive relationship to another all of her adult life. As a child she grew up in an abusive household and as an adult was drawn to the same type of man over and over. She actually believes that this is just the way it is. Many of these women come from strict “religious” backgrounds. We will never change it until we, as a society, stand up and put an end to it, not just by saying that it is wrong but also by allowing the neighbors to report it and discounting the woman’s defense of the abuser. These jerks belong in jail and that is where they should be sent.

      • RichardR

        You’re right, Bob. It’s not a kinky sex thing most of the time. 95% of the time, if you ask any woman who wants to take a submissive role in a relationship, she’s had some kind of physical abuse early on in life. If it’s a BDSM thing, it’s sexual abuse earlier in life. I’m with Freud that we tend to seek out partners who were like our parents, so what a woman looks for tells you a lot about where she came from. Sad thing is, most women like that are crushingly shy, and there’s no way to just “snap them out of it” like in the movies. They’re uncomfortable with taking control of anything…it panics them. Sometimes you just have to play along and nurse them out of it…other times, it just doesn’t work. But if we didn’t have self-justifying, bastard movements like this (and supposed “men” who take advantage of them) then there’s a good chance that little girls would never end up that way in the first place.

  • padraig_e

    I agree with Bob Cull 100%. And yes, Mary W. Lukens Goodson, they are indeed the American Taliban. They’re also bat-poop crazy.

  • Alan B

    A common thread in these situations is that the woman has been kept from any ability to extricate herself from an abusive relationship as the controlling husband does not let her work, keeps control of all finances, and usually has isolated her from her family.

    I would equate this with the child who sees torturing animals as a fun past time, and who, later, decides that turning their passion toward other humans is even more fun!

    While there are some, as you pointed out, who are comfortable being subjugated, the question is, have they known anything else? So much of our behavior is determined by the social environment that we live, and have grown up in. If all you have ever seen – have ever known – is the man of the house has total control over the women in his home, how can any change be effected? The males in the house will go into the world thinking that this is acceptable behavior, and the cycle of violence and oppression will continue. The women of the home will be kept from knowing their possibilities and live “less than” lives, and possibly abused on a constant basis.

    Amazing that in the 21st century there are those who STILL keep to words written thousands of years ago…

  • Roger Faucher

    Thanks Mr. Cull. Very succinct.

  • http://[email protected] Doug Cool

    With the size of my wife’s rear, I would need at least 8 hands to be effective……

    • junk0514

      Hopefully your wife sees this comment and leaves you. She deserves better.

      • http://www.facebook.com/allison.sweeney.39 Allison Sweeney

        Totally agree with your comment. You’re an idiot Doug.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000194585042 Mary W. Lukens Goodson

    We can at least be honest about what we call them: The American Taliban.

  • Bob Cull

    I think I have to disagree with James on this one. No man has the right to punish his wife in any way and the woman who is “okay” with it needs professional help, she has a personality disorder.

    There is no fine line where “acceptable discipline” suddenly becomes spousal abuse, it was abuse from the very beginning. Only a man who is insecure in his own masculinity would ever feel the need, let alone believe he has the “right” to discipline his wife.

    • Gregory Alan Haley MD

      right on , brother!…..

    • Cecilia

      There are women that enjoy spanking, and men too. I’m more concerned with the consent, thats more important than anything.

      • Laurie

        Spanking for pleasure, during sex & in a sexual nature, is completely different than spanking for discipline. Spanking in pleasure is consensual, erotic, foreplay, welcomed, you get the idea. Spanking as discipline means your husband is controlling you, deciding what’s right & wrong for you, determining how you should & shouldn’t behave, think, feel, etc.
        These are two completely different actions – not even in the same sport, much less the same playing field.

    • Dan

      Bob nailed it…

    • http://gravatar.com/sherylemcneill sherylemcneill

      the bible never supports abuse of any kind, and i notice there is no scripture in this article to back up the behavior he is claiming, read Ephesians 5:28-29 just to name one example of how the bible and God directs husbands to treat wives

      • http://www.facebook.com/larry.dillon.58 Larry Dillon

        Are you insane.The “good book” is full of God ordained murder,slaughter, rape slavery and genocide. What the hell book are you reading

    • http://gravatar.com/ribluebird ribluebird

      AMEN BOB.

    • Donna

      Good answer – really good!

    • Michael

      I agree, Bob. I cannot imagine a situation in which “acceptable discipline” would be acceptable. It is nothing more than an attempt to keep women in a childlike state and men feeling good about their own masculinity.

    • Anonymous

      Bob, you’re a moron. “any way and the woman who is “okay” with it needs professional help, she has a personality disorder.” Maybe a few do but a grand majority do not. I don’t see you all whining when there’s a Dominatrix that does this exact same stuff to a male submissive. Oh, right, then it’s “equal,” right? Your comment just shows how ignorant you are of the lifestyle, which is funny since I see how often you complain about conservative’s ignorance. People are born either submissive or dominant, it has nothing to do with their masculinity nor abuse in their life. Consensual BDSM lifestyle has many benefits and your ignorant rants on the subject doesn’t change that. It’s almost funny how much of a hypocrite these posts make you all.

      • RichardR

        Dude, you are so ignorant it’s PAINFUL. Honest to God, I’m actually embarrassed for you. “People are born either submissive or dominant, it has nothing to do with their masculinity nor abuse in their life.” Is that so? Well, then say I were to lock you in a room, then spend 15 years starving you till you begged for food, handcuffing you till your wrists bled, making you beg me to let you sleep or drink, forcing you to piss your pants and sleep in it, dressed you up in frilly panties and f***ing your face and ass anytime I felt like it. Still think you’d feel particularly “dominant” after 15 years or so of that? I mean, you wouldn’t feel masculine, because I’d have choked you out and kicked your balls into jelly every time you looked at anything higher than your knees…but, otherwise, you’d walk out of that JUST fine. Yes? I bet you’d feel REAL dominant after that, my good little bitch.

        Anybody can be broken, and you’re no exception. Hell, I could make you slit your own wrists after just a couple days of sleep and water deprivation. Don’t think that some helpless little girl can hold herself together any better than the grown “man” that you think you are. Of course, consensual BDSM can be therapeutic. But only if it’s kept WITHIN the realm of sex, where it can be used as a release. You make a lifestyle out of that shit, and you’re doing nothing but taking advantage of a damaged or trapped person. And yes, that goes for men and women.

      • Bob Cull

        Anonymous, WOW, that says it all, you hide your identity and make personal attacks. How courageous of you!

        You call me a moron and then go off on a rant about a subject that I never spoke on! Who does that make a moron of? Certainly not me! I never said a word about kinky sex, yet you castigate me for speaking badly of something that I know nothing about.

        Let me assure you I know as much about that lifestyle as I’ll ever need to know and a lot more than I would like to know. I don’t care about it, it is not the subject here and I did not say one word about it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/larry.dillon.58 Larry Dillon

        Its not about BDSM you idiot. That involves sex with consent. This is “discipline” because the kitchen is dirty and its based on a sick ass oppressive violent archaic patriarchal useless religion

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