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Ashton Kutcher Gets in Heated Twitter War with Walmart: Are Profits More Important than Keeping Your Employees Out of Poverty?

Ashton Kutcher faced off with retail giant Walmart in a vigorous debate on Twitter over their notoriously low wages earlier today. Kutcher initiated the battle by tweeting about the disheartening news of an Ohio Walmart that took up an employee-to-employee food charity collection “so associates in need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.”


Wal-Mart didn’t waste any time responding:


Kutcher immediately fired back:



Wal-Mart then offered Kutcher a video on “Opportunity and Benefits at Walmart.”


Kutcher replied:



He is right. According to a study, Walmart can afford to pay their full-time employees 50% more in wages, but chooses to keep their workers poor.

That sent the mega-corporation over the edge as they responded in a chain of defensive Tweets, starting with, “We think you’re missing a few things,” followed by bragging that, “The majority of our workforce is full-time and makes more than $25,000/year” — and finally, “about 75% of our store management teams started as hourly associates” and that “every year, we promote about 160,000 people…”

Kutcher admitted that Walmart “does a lot of great things but it needs to be a leader on this issue as well.” In its final tweet to Kutcher (so far) Wal-Mart answered, “We know we can always get better as a company. This year we’ve made providing more opportunities for our associates a top priority.”

Kutcher resumed the topic about an hour later, linking a blog post on a study estimating the cost of Wal-Mart workers’ use of public assistance, and stating, “Walmart should be the leaders not the low water mark.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

h/t: Salon

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Howard Crane
  • nancyrose

    Do you work for walmart? Why do you have a problem with paying people enough money to live above poverty? Are you worried that you will want a job at walmart if they raise the wages?

  • Amaterasu_Junia

    You’re comparing profits from luxury items to profits of the many necessities sold at WalMart. Seriously? That’s apples to cucumbers. Wal-Mart’s profits were only mentioned to point out that WalMart can afford to pay it’s employees better. Providers of luxury items tend to pay their employees a premium and have little negative impact on local business, whereas Walmart drives small businesses out of business and is the leading employer with employees living in poverty and on public assistance.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

    I wish these idiots who keep parroting “just get a better job” would end up unemployed. Then maybe it would sink through their thick skulls that finding a better job – or sometimes any job at all – in our current economy isn’t as easy as they seem to think it is.

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  • Dante

    Do some due diligence and see how many charities Wal-Mart has founded and contributed to. Geez, people.

    • BobbyRay

      Thats great! They have founded and contribute to many charities. But there is still no excuse to not be paying your associates better wages. I’ve worked for Walmart for 12 yrs now. I make decent money. But I do know there are still a lot of other associates that have been there for years that are still trying to make a living on poverty wages. They can afford to pay more! Theres no excuse for them not to pay them more!…NONE!!!!!

      • Glenn Forrest

        If anyone needs a comparison, look at either Target or Costco. Those companies do it right.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gregweaverindiana James Weaver

      If employers would pay a living wage to their employees there would be less people needing assistance and therefore less need for large companies to make big donations. Cut out the middle man, it is much more efficient and would also raise employees confidence and self worth.

  • Chris Z

    Oh wow, thank you for this brilliant insight! I should just march right up to that job tree and grab another one right off the branch! It’s that easy!

    How someone can be so completely stupid in public is completely beyond my imagination.

    • Gary Hachmeister

      I’m so sick of this “associate” BS, it’s just a way of deflecting what you really are, low paid employee’s with little or no rights.

  • BobbyRay

    There is still no excuse for a multi billion dollar a year company to still be paying its associates poverty wages PERIOD!!!!!

  • Jan from store #2325

    I was a 10 year female associate for Walmart. I left three years ago because I didn’t care to work so many evenings shifts. In my ten years, I can honestly say I was treated very well by Walmart. I was a strong & reliable employee and in return I was treated well by the store.. My only complaint was my schedule. If not for that, I would still be with them.

    I started with them as an associate in the shoe dept. I was a Specialty Department Manager in less than two year. My store manage, who was a man, tried repeatedly to talk me in to the assistant manager program. He encouraged me to advance. He kept telling me I would be good at it. It was my own choice not to do it. I was happy in my position and didn’t want to change.

    I was enrolled in the Walmart 401K, as well as stock options. I didn’t need the medical benefits because I am on my husband federal plan. I did have the dental benefits. My husband has two dental plans through his work and union. My Walmart plan paid better than either of his at a cost of $8.00 per pay day. It was more than worth the cost. I truly had no complaints except my schedule.

    Walmart offers employment opportunities to people who might otherwise have difficulty in finding a job. I know this because I was part of the hiring team at our store for years. They are willing to take people right out of high school and train them from the ground up. They will hire those without a diploma, as well. They are willing to give people a chance to prove themselves.

    I think a hand full of bad store managers, with questionable behavior have caused Walmart a lot of grief. When something negative happens in one store, the press jumps all over it. One store does not make this retail giant. I’m not suggesting everything is perfect in all Walmart stores. It isn’t, but it’s an honest job that offers an annual raise to associates with decent evaluations. I left Walmart three years ago and actually feel homesick when I’m in my local store shopping. I miss the whole Walmart family atmosphere.

    NO ONE WORKS FOR WALMART AT GUNPOINT!! If you don’t like working for walmart…..find another job. If you’re not able to find another job, be grateful Walmart was willing to hire you and give you a paycheck twice a month.

    • c-bass

      Hi Mrs Walton!!

    • http://twitter.com/jamesthejust James The Just (@jamesthejust)

      Yeah, you still work for DoucheMart, just in the “newsroom”. Dumbass.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gmason55 Glenda Schloff

      OMG! How much did they pay you to write that letter?

  • Sal

    I very rarely set foot in Walmart – mostly to get cheap insulin for my dog – but whenever I go in I feel terrible, like I’m selling out every principle of the America we were raised to believe in. it’s awful. Pay above poverty wages dammit.

  • Ed Boicourt


  • david

    i work at walmart back in 07-08 when the min wagein ct was 7.40 i worked over night so i made 9.60 instead.i lived comfortably but it was only me at that time if you worked third shift thats all you work. now my brother and sister in law have worked there at the same one i did and it has changed. they both made only min wage which is 8.25 and my brother had to pull some late nights and so did my sis in law but still was getting paid the 8.25 not being compensated for the hours they worked over night. but i still have to say that i rather work for walmart anyday then have to work at the sh** hole i do now. where we dont get paid extra to spend the holidays working instead of our familys, and working third shift and still making a little over min wage but because of my raises not because they pay us extra because in reality they dont.

  • Andreas Kastelholm

    Responsibility… it can be hard to put on the right person. In this case, I would have laid off that person if I had the power to do it, but since Wal Mart is so big, it requires inhuman achievement to make justice happen every time. So the top leaders cannot have the responsibility for individual cases. Then who can? Each store manager in my opinion. If they fail to take their responsibility, you should either gain local support of customers (tell them as they walk into or out of the store), or write a letter to the leader’s leader.

    Ultimately, if all else fails, you can take some comfort in knowing that free market capitalism corrects these faults if enough people stop ‘paying for them’. So basically, minimize your spending at Walmart and take your money and your enthusiasm to a competitor.

    Also, telling people out in the real world should make them sympathize with you, as in this case where it’s obvious that the Walmart employees mistreated you and acted despicably.

    I think you deserve much better regards and treatment, so I give you my best regards.

    – a person with no relation to Walmart.

    PS: those employees were likely stressed out by inhuman conditions, as every part of the profit chain gets stressed out to maximize profits. It’s common in capitalism, and those who can hide their true human costs the best, wins… since they have the “lowest prices” as it appears to customers. Remember every time you see a cheap product, someone’s work and life was “cheapened”.

  • Mary Partlow

    Ashton Kutcher, you go first. You’re the highest paid actor on TV. Give up some of that “profit” so that the uber-talented Jon Cryer can make an equal salary and the show crew’s salaries can be increased by 50%? Greed and inequity are everywhere. He talks about opportunity looking a lot like work, which is well and good, but how long did he do those crummy jobs? A few months each. His “opportunities” were made off of his looks as a male model and marrying “up”.

    • mike

      Ashton kutcher is an employee not an employer, there’s a big difference. Last I checked John cryer isn’t relying on the kindness of others to have a thanksgiving dinner, nor are the crew. An increase to their pay isn’t gis choice. You picked a terrible example and sound like a jealous Charlie sheen groupie.

      • Mary Partlow

        There is no difference; someone making too much money is criticizing a company for making too much money. No one is preventing him from reducing his “profits” and giving others a more equitable share. If he thinks that’s the right thing to do, he should set an example by doing it, not telling someone else to do it.

        I worked for a company where the lowest salary was twice the minimum wage but employees organized contribution drives at Thanksgiving, Christmas and for school supplies both for needy employees and others. There are always people everywhere with special needs. Single parents who are not the CEO always have needs.

        I don’t dislike Ashton Kutcher or love Walmart, but when these critics had no job, they were very happy to be going to work for Walmart. If they have excelled in their work, they have been promoted by now and are not making minimum wage. If they could make more somewhere else they would be gone by now. As an HR professional I know that research shows that most are doing just enough to keep from getting fired.

        • Joe

          The difference is he does not make record profits at the expense of his employees, Mary.

          • Mary Partlow

            He was just named the highest paid actor in TV. Every TV show produced is a BUSINESS venture with a defined budget, every dollar he gets comes out of someone else’s pocket. Increased profits increase the budget. That’s how business works, Joe, his salary comes at the expense of his co-workers. He may not set the budget, but he certainly accepts the money.

        • Realist

          Mary, I agree 100%. There is an element of Jealousy that people are unwilling to admit. Joe, you say the difference is that Walmart makes record profits at the expense of their employees. The Mom and Pop shop down the street pay their employees the same amount of money but no one complains because the owners aren’t making millions…so it’s really not about how you’re being treated. It’s about you thinking Walmart doesn’t deserve to be making so much money without sharing the wealth. I swear America is turning in to a Socialist Country.

          • http://gravatar.com/johnbgood52 johnbgood52

            That hypothetical Mom and Pop shop may well be operating on a shoestring. Many small local businesses do. It’s likely they honestly can’t afford to pay more. Walmart, on the other hand, generates billions of dollars in profit annually, billions of dollars that go straight into the pockets of a family that’s already worth more (in a strictly financial sense) than the bottom 40% of Americans combined – a family that owns and runs a global corporation that could well afford to pay its employees a living wage, yet chooses not to do so. Like it or not, there is a difference.

        • Matt C

          Mary , if you are a HR professional as you say your are and what research you have done . Are completely inaccurate, the research most likely includes employee that are 16-18 years old and most don’t have good work etic. and then you say there isnt a difference between employee and employer, Walmart is the world’s second largest public corporation, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2013 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walmart) and has 2 million employees ( that is 2 million families) and Ashton Kutcher what employee maybe 10 ppl ( 10 families) personally and other companies he owns and you don’t hear of his employees or families doing food drives for the holidays…As a HR professional, you should know what the difference is and the human compassion that big corporations are missing these days. American Greed, profits over people

          • Mary Partlow

            Matt, it has nothing to do with age/demographics, it’s a simple bell curve– 10% are engaged, innovate, make a real contribution to the organization, 10% are so disengaged they actually damage a company’s goodwill and productivity, the remainder are neutral, showing up and doing the minimum necessary to collect a paycheck. Facts of life, no one is entitled to a big fat paycheck for that.

          • Dante

            Listen to Mary, Matt. She clearly has a better grasp on how this all works than you do. The world owes you nothing. Forced increases in wages mean forced unemployment. Get a clue.

    • Tiffani

      its not about how much he makes, he is right about walmart. I have worked there and have many friends that do. they don’t pay enough, it is hard work, and they should pay more. its not greed, its being able to make a living…. ashton Kutcher is a single person and has his own occupation, wamart is a company that many depend on and probably has way more money than ashton….

    • Sue

      Mary Partlow, Ashton Kutcher does not own a corporation that has millions of employees and make billions of dollars to put in his pockets every year. Even though he is now an employer of a few people, not millions, he is basically an employee. And the money that he makes is based off of ratings, basically how many people like him and watch him on T.V. Obviously he is very well liked!! His salary does not come at his co-workers expense. The public watch the show because they like him, therefore he is the star of that show. He is not taking anything away from the other actors. Just as you say that employees of Walmart have to work hard for their pay, so must the other actors of that show work harder than Ashton to get the same pay that he does. Isn’t that what you said?? And there may be a “defined budget” for filming the show, but the profit is a totally different thing. That depends on the ratings, how many people watch the show. And everyone on that show makes good money, no one is suffering. Ashton is not questioning how much money Walmart makes, he’s questioning why, since they make so much money, they won’t pay their employees a decent wage to get them out of poverty. And Ashton does give money to charities. I worked at Walmart and Walmart gives money to charities, too. The money that the employees raise through bake sales, etc! Just remember Mary, you are just an employee when it comes to employers. You are just as vulnerable to getting fired for not “performing up to our standards” as the lowly Walmart employees that you criticize. I’ve seen it happen to “THE BEST EMPLOYEES”. Even people in H.R.

      Ashton Kutcher has supported the following charities:

      A Day Made Better
      Apne Aap
      Artists for Peace and Justice
      Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project
      Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
      Declare Yourself

      Free The Slaves
      Habitat For Humanity
      Raising Malawi
      St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

      Read more: http://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/ashton-kutcher#ixzz2lVWQJJUh
      Follow us: @looktothestars on Twitter | looktothestarsorg on Facebook

  • Dad

    If people would stop shopping at WalMart….

  • Jim

    The problem here is that those who state good experiences at Walmart are able to do so because they often have a good local manager. With a company as HUGE as Walmart is, they need to recognize that their system and policies empower good managers to succeed but they also empower A-holes to treat people terrible. Local flexibility is important but when you are the number 1 private employer in this country you have to assume some responsibility for what your people are doing and either train them better or give them a much more strict policy standard to manage by. It’s the same as all the attacks in their parking lots, they are not the ones doing the attacking but when you have such a large footprint, you are going to be called to account.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MrWareWolf Todd Kleinert

    Wife works there.. For over the last year we have had to live apart because we don’t make enough money to afford to have our family living under its’ own roof. Thanks WalMart..

    • https://www.facebook.com/Jacqblaire Jacqueline Blaire Cloud

      Be grateful they employ your wife! Geez the entitlement in this country consistently astounds me.

      • Joe

        Yeah Todd! You should be grateful that she is being paid anything. You know, since she is a woman and all. How dare you feel like Walmart should be more responsible to it’s “associates” and pay them a decent living wage. You entitled ass.

      • Olivier

        Wait… so being able to live with your wife is entitlement. What would you think if you and your child had to live apart from your husband because of his working conditions. Conditions that weren’t of his choosing.

      • http://aattp.org john”fuckyou”gentile

        now that is just amazing to me jaqueline cloud lady. you are a stay at home mom living in a nice house and you call this guy “entitled” because he expects to be compensated decently enough to be able to keep his family together?? YOU are the problem with America! OWN IT!!!

      • Sue

        Do you kiss your employers butt out of gratefulness? What, you don’t work? So you kiss your husbands butt out of gratefulness! You’re a so totally grateful wife! The “my husband is the KING” of the house because he chose me to be his “wife” kind of employee and he’s your employer. The “I am so entitled to live in the same house that he does” wife. Just because you are his employee wife does not entitle you to live with him. Get your own house.And then get a job at Walmart! Stop living this entitled life that you are living with your husband. Be grateful if they employ you! Geez the entitlement in this country consistently astounds me.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        Did you even think about what you typed before you hit the send button? You, lady, are a perfect example of what’s wrong with this country.

  • Katrinas52

    I think we need unions.

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  • Peggy-Sue

    Walmart is the spawn of Satan. They have lowered promotions, raises, and now only hire part-time. This is a company that is selfish. I quit shopping there when a team of management would’t give me the time of day. I was trying to tell him that they need more mobile carts for older and injured customers. The man got in my face and said that he is working, while I sit at home because im old and senile. Milking the government because im old. The man then said go back to your nursing home old lady. Im a 57 year old women. I was disgusted. Pray for America.

    • https://www.facebook.com/BBdoesntlikeFacBook Bryen Beglinger

      I think Satan would be offended that he was lumped in with a shithole like Walmart

    • SatanHimself

      This story seems a bit far-fetched.

  • Jessica

    I know I’ll probably end up getting a lot of hate here, but I live in a low-income neighborhood, and my fiance and I both work at the local supercenter on overnights. He just went to the dentist for two extractions and only had to pay $90, including the cost of his precriptions with the Dental insurance that Walmart provides. We are both full time and honestly, if you are willing to work hard and do your job it isn’t that hard to get hours. That plus the profit sharing we get every three to four months we still have savings after the bills are paid. Also, every year at your evaluation if you haven’t been a total screw off you get a guaranteed forty cent raise. (When I worked at Target, the biggest raise I ever got was 8 cents) Over the course of the year, I have earned a $2.10 raise over all, including my overnight incentive, and changing positions. I guess what I’m trying to say is Walmart isn’t a bad place to work if you are a “DINK,” that is a double income no kid family. That’s just my experience. I’m not rich, but I’m comfortable, and I’m not on government assistance.

    • myrra

      Yes, you may be okay with the both of you working there but you don’t have kids so of course with the both of you working there you are Ok and not in public assistance. There are about of single parent/income families and for them it’s absolutely not the same. I worked at Walmart for 5 years making by then end $8.90 an hour (I’m florida back from 1998-2003) before I had children. I was fine then too, not great, I just didn’t live beyond my means,studio apartment, public transportation etc. For actual families with children its absolutely not enough, so please don’t compare a couple who both work at Walmart who that have no children to a family that does it’s just not the same

    • Katrinas52

      I’m glad to hear you aren’t using the government to supplement your income, but if you were both working at Costco you would be making an average of $80,000 a year without over time … and paying only 12% of your health insurance costs. I don’t know what your yearly income is or how many hours a week you both put into your jobs to make ends meet, but if Walmart followed the success of Costco, would you be better off?

    • Kent

      I worked for WalMart 9 months as a part-time unloader. I have a 4 year college degree and lots of management experience but could not get them to recognize this. $8.65 an hour. They want to keep you down. They promised sooo much and delivered sooo little. They want you to step up and lead with no raise in pay and no plan to pay you more or make you full-time. Both of you have to have been working there a long time to get full-time. Most of the employees collected on the (Link) foodstamp program and other govt help. I had a $100 bill one day and purchased some tires at WalMart. when I was first hired. The cashier asked me how I had a $100 bill extra and work at WalMart. It didn’t take me long to understand what she meant. When we did quick work our store manager would reward us with COOKIES. Cookies? what an idiot. They have a reward program for working safely. So, 6 or 9 months with no injuries and it said on the wall that we would get a steak dinner. Guess they didn’t expect it to ever occur. Nope, no steak dinner. Big banner on the wall and we got soup. What is this? Entry into the soup kitchen mentality? Enough. I left. I tried soo hard. I went without and my family suffered. I thought they would finally recognize me and my talents. No. Shame on WalMart. Sam Walton was a good and decent man. But, he is dead and gone. And, so is the WalMart that really cares. Shameful. You keep at them Kutcher. Thank you..

    • Realist

      Thank you for commenting on here Jessica. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to think most people are just lazy complainers (I hope I’m wrong)… and the worst part about it is that a lot of them actually believe they work hard, and deserve more money. Also people seem to forget about all the choices they made in the past that have led them to their current situation. Lets take you for example…Imagine in two years from now when you and your fiancé continue working harder and smarter than the other employees at your store, and you are now managers, or some other senior role within Walmart, making twice as much money… I guarantee there will be a lot of employees who won’t think you deserve to make twice as much.. afterall, you’re putting in the same amount of hours! … It’s a total joke.

      • http://aattp.org john”fuckyou”gentile

        the only thing that’s a joke is your goddamn pea-sized brain and your watermelon sized mouth

    • Steven

      I just got done working at a walmart in Montana and I have never been so disgusted in my entire life. I worked as an overnight cashier. When I first started working at walmart back in 2007. I started at $8.60 an hour plus $1.50 for overnight differential totaling out to be $10.10 and I had been working there for 3 years’ then, I left with full time and was making almost $12.00 an hour just to be told when I came back (from the store manager) that I will start back out back at the bottom because they don’t do past experience anymore. He went further in saying that since I left that they quit doing full time and the only thing I will be allowed part time. (I put in my 2 weeks notice didn’t just walk out and quit and my paperwork stated that I was Rehirable.) Still nothing. Now I went to all my hire ups and was still told that I wasn’t getting full time. yet they wanted me to play CSM without the pay of a CSM without the full time. So Please keep up the good work Ashton Kutcher. And thanks for your support.

  • Lee

    Because It’s better than nothing. That’s why. It’s not that the people are gluttons for punishment at all. The real punishment is being without a means of income. Anyone who thinks differently has never been desperate. If everyone working at walmart quit right now, others in poverty would view that as a window of opportunity. They’d have their chance to feed the starving mouths at home. You really do have to be poor to realize how extremely expensive it is to be so. Walmart understands this and they are taking advantage of it. It’s as simple as that.

    • Jacob Clark

      Most people that don’t have a job, it’s because they have no motivation to get one! Look around the internet. There is jobs every where! If people have the will to go out at get one they will find one.. Sadly most people would rather rely on unemployment or the government.. And it’s pathetic.. I realize some people really cannot get a job, but most of them are too lazy to get off their ass!

      • Anthony Franca

        Jacob, I just came off of 6 months of unemployment in September and not for laziness or a lack of trying to find work. During that period of time I submitted more than 150 applications for everything from computer work to various manual labor positions to food service work and Target team member positions. That only resulted in 6 interview requests, of which only one job offer was ever made. So, I will to some degree need to respectfully disagree with you. Jobs are being posted online for sure, but getting hired isn’t as simple as it used to be in a better economy–particularly for experienced individuals. Employers like Walmart, Target, and other employers looking for primarily unskilled labor are hesitant at best to hire someone with experience, credentials, and salary histories outside their comfort zone even if you aren’t expecting anything more that minimum wage just to make some ends meet and feed your family. I totally agree that there are system abusers and lazy people coast-to-coast, but to say that “most” just want to leach from the system is beyond unfair. Ashton is absolutely right that large businesses like Walmart should be leading the way, not acting as the “low water mark”. Walmart is more than capable of paying their employees a living wage, but corporate greed has consumed the highest levels of the company.

      • Evan

        While there are definitely some people who abuse the system and prefer to live on unemployment as long as they can, you can’t say most unemployed people don’t have jobs because they’re not trying. Just because there ARE jobs doesn’t mean that anyone can get one. I was unemployed for a long time not because jobs didn’t exist, but for three other reasons: 1) There is an INCREDIBLY intense competition for any decent job and even with diligent follow ups, most of the time my applications were lost in the mix. 2) Even with a bachelor’s degree, I was not qualified for a large chunk of available jobs. 3) I simply can’t take a job that pays $8-10/hour because I live in a city that makes that nearly impossible to live off of. And if you have a family it’s absolutely impossible to live under a certain wage, so you have to count a large number of underpaying/low paying jobs out right off the bat. Was I unemployed because I was lazy and wanted to abuse the system? Nope. It’s hard as hell to get a job sometimes, even when many exist.

      • groggyduck

        Jacob, I have no clue what type of fantasy area you live in, but last time I checked, there were something like 4 unemployed people for every ONE available job.

        I have a similar story to Anthony, but on the other end of the “experience” spectrum – I was unemployed for TWO YEARS before finding my current “job” (as a fill-in barista where I’m damn lucky to get 8 hours per 2-week pay period). During those 728 days I sent in probably close to 1000 applications for everything from Walmart to Costco to McDonald’s to Macy’s – I even applied to be a freaking bikini barista. Nobody would hire me. I had maybe 4 interviews in that time. There was nothing wrong with my applications (I graduated high school {my unemployment started the fall after I graduated}, had no criminal record, had 6 months of work under my belt with an employer willing to give a good review, I’d never been fired from a job, I’d done 3 years of volunteer work with my local 4-H {which included teaching younger kids how to do things} and had won awards for public speaking), but I was told at one of the interviews (it was for a seasonal position at the mall wrapping presents) that I “just didn’t have enough experience” and to “come back when [I] needed a second job because [they] weren’t interested in someone who couldn’t hold down employment”. I had left my first job after six months because I had to relocate for college, and that cost me TWO YEARS of unemployment. Believe me, finding a job isn’t as easy as it was for the generations before us.

      • https://www.facebook.com/adamgkrause Adam G Krause

        Are you an idiot or just a jerk? There are jobs everywhere, duh, no one is disputing that. What you fail to realize is that for every job posting there are at least 3 people trying to get that job. In other words, there are 3 times as many people looking for jobs as there are jobs. And we’re not talking good jobs that have benefits and pay $75k/yr we’re talking low wage shit jobs. Like at Wal-Fart.

      • Abigail Quart

        So-called “conservatives” actually believe only the CEO deserves compensation and people working 40 hours a week deserve next to nothing. The last time this nation’s corporations cut wages to the point workers couldn’t feed their families, there was no safety net: no unemployment, no food stamps, no health care…and the nation exploded from sea to shining sea…causing the pro-worker legislation we have today. The #GOP and its greedy, parasitic, treasonous band of billionaires are paying cold cash to destroy that safety net, forgetting what the results were last time the shortsighted fools got so greedy.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        You really are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you, Jake?

  • Bree

    What you say is true Ian but I will say I’d rather have a tighter budget than pay one single dime to Walmart – everything they sell is from China who has no regulations on the safety of products or the environment and they are a communist country that treats their own people horrible. I will not be a part of that sick cycle. Not to mention what our “trade” agreement with China has done to American jobs and manufactoring. So by buying at Walmart you are literally contributing to your own poverty. We have to say no to all companies that buy from China or that provide more jobs to China like Apple – 20,000 jobs here in the US – 150,000 jobs for China – a COMMUNIST country that jails and kills millions of their own people for a variety of things like basically wanting to be a human being.

    • Youarenotsmart

      If you don’t like foreign products, do not fuel or drive your car.

      • shawn

        That is a pretty generic statement and a lame one at that, which begs the question are you an educated person ?

      • GetReal

        Youarenotsmart … That’s just a silly response. Bre never said she doesn’t like foreign products. She said she has a problem with products made in China. And we all should, the Chinese manufacturing sector is the worse a hundred times over.

    • Jason

      Actually, America leads the way for number of people jailed. Also, China isn’t actually Communist.

      • Sue

        Actually China is still communist as it is ruled by the Communist Party. But they have allowed Capitalism to make money. They know how to gain power.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ladybirdathome Ladybird Abroad

      What’s with the China hate tirade? China has the death penalty but so do many US states, last time I looked, and has one of the highest rate of jailing people in the world. China does NOT kill and jail millions. That’s an absurd argument. It does not invade other people’s countries or attack them with drones. China is just getting smarter at playing Western capitalism at its own game, and it’s winning. It’s free trade, people, and you wanted it when it worked for you. And so what if China is communist? Actually it’s not really, as it has embraced capitalism. So there is a new form neoliberalism in the world, Chinese, alongside the US model.

  • http://Morgan Lozz

    Google have the right idea of treating their employees right, although they’ve only produce a search engine, google+ and a new picture a day.

    • Nammy

      My brother works for Google and you have NO IDEA how hard he works to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Jack Straw

    Why don’t the employees at walmart leave the evil corporation and go work at a friendly mom&pop grocery store for $20/hr? Oh yeah, because the mom and pops are paying illegal immigrants even less.

    • william herndon

      There are no mom and pop stores anymore. Certainly not one profitable enough to compete with Walmarts low prices. When a Walmart pops up the local economy goes to shit. There’s a documentary entitled “Walmart- the high cost of low prices” a defininte must watch.

    • Sofia

      @Jack – you should look into Costco. Costco pays its employees a livable wage, with benefits and they get Thanksgiving and Christmas off. There’s also very low turn-over rate, because employees enjoy working there and don’t want to leave a good thing. And they make huge profits too! Maybe that’s a business model that Wal-Mart should follow!

  • [email protected]

    The ONLY way Wal-Mart makes such huge profits is by paying their employees a poverty wage. (They aren’t the only big company to do this, of course). And the rest of us subsidize it with our taxes. What kind of a country are we living in? Although I have to say, I’m not sure how I feel about Ashton Kutcher. It’s wonderful that he’s taking this issue on, and I admire all the charity/humanitarian work he’s done in the past. I just wonder how much of his wealth he spreads to his employees. The lighting guy, the janitor who cleans the set, etc… I’ve met a few celebrities, and they have the exact same mentality as CEO’s of big corporations. ‘I made this money from my talent, why should I share it?’. Never mind all the people who helped them out along the way.

    BTW – there is no such think as a self-made millionaire. Everyone needs someone to help out along the way, they just don’t give them credit.

    • Scotty

      Nobody makes it on their own? Really? I’m pretty sure I did. Did all my research on my own with nobodies help through trial and error and now I’m a pro grower who needs nobody’s assistance. Thanks for thinking everybody is dependent on somebody else. Simply not true.

      • Yelena

        You did your research, eh? But those whose knowledge you researched are irrelevant? Was it the Internet or the library? Somebody invented the Internet, built and maintained websites, typed in the information for you to read on the computer that someone built; somebody built a library, put the books in there that somebody else wrote and published… somebody with a minimum wage worked ona printing press to print it.
        Tell me again you achieved everything purely by yourself.

        • Sue

          You are absolutely right!

        • Mini

          A man who buys and uses tools, doesn’t pay the people who made them. He may have already paid the school where he learned how to use the tools but any accomplishments with them without the help of anyone else, are strictly his. If I build a house with my own two hands, I’m grateful for the tools I has to help me do it but I still take full credit that I did it myself!

          • Amy

            Ah…but how do you get the tools and building materials to your property without public roads? How do you keep your materials safe from thieves? What if your house should catch fire? What would you do without a fire department to put out the fire that has consumed the house, and what would you do without the money from the insurance company to rebuild? Our society relies on others, no matter how much you think it doesn’t. Get over yourself. You are not as self-sufficient as you believe you are.

      • [email protected]

        You don’t have one single assistant or employee helping you out? If that’s true, kudo’s to you. It’s pretty rare, especially in the long-term. (Just curious, what kind of work do you do that you don’t need any help whatsoever?).

      • Jason Stevens

        so the teachers though your schooling, college? parents? no-one? popped out in this world and started working eh?

      • http://www.ectorjavier.com Hector Garcia

        Boom! Nuff said!

      • @westhehuman

        Everyone is dependent upon someone else. Even if (and this is next to impossible) you truly did come into the world working and knowledgeable of a task, with no outside influence on your journey, you would still need people to buy said product, print your money, run your bank, fix the food you eat to fuel your working body, etc. Billions of hands touch everything we touched. We are all connected.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Guthix Lukas Michalek

    so let me get this straight, keeping the wage at an unlivable level with no health insurance is better than raising wages and providing healthcare? explain to me how thats better? did you know its illegal for them to hire illegals? so your idea that companies will hire illegals is completely without merit. I worked at walmart before, i had the luxury of having a higher pay due to previous work experience that offered me that opportunity, but most of my coworkers did not have that opportunity, they could barely feed themselves, let alone their families… and if one of them got hurt outside of work, they are just shit out of luck.

  • Lea Strampp

    LETS START A NON-PROFIT! That helps Wal-mart employees find new jobs.

  • chuck

    if you feel that strongly about it don’t shop at walmart. tell friends. do you own their stock ?. the scary part is that many of you want the goverment to intervene. very inefficient,corrupt. J p morgan 13 bil. fine. no one went to jail. , hsbc drug money laundering fine no one went to jail, mf global 1.8 bil dissappered no jail time, many others. go into syria – mostly muslim againest muslim – completely insane. afganistan, irac, yemen, lybia more really. in the past 5 years we have gone from 10 tril national debt to 17 til. every central bank printing more money at record rates. its is a train wreck looking for a place to happen. with the goverment and fed actions what has happen to our purchasing power the past ten years ? many of you blame walmart, maybe you see the tree but are missing the forest !. why does helping others have to done thorough goverment ? why can’t you do it directly ? one of the biggest problems in this country is that the goverment is the answer to all questions. all of the above, bailout no jail time, obama “you can keep your ins”( mine went up 20% and found ou this week its being discontinued), republicans saying they believe in small goverment, etc. etc. etc. the most egregious is that continue to steel from our childrens future !

    • JKelligesq

      Chuck – you have a lack of information about Walmart. It is the largest privately owned company in the United States. “Privately owned ” means it just what it says. It is not on the stock market. NO ONE owns its stock except the Walton family, Currently worth more than 100 Billion by its 5 or 6 heirs. Think that’s enough money for them?

      Let me tell you something else. They are also Sam’s. And brag about their charities, especially to a children’s hospital. What I saw with my own eyes is that they collect donations aggressively from customers for the children’s hospital. Employees are instructed to push every customer to contribute to Sam’s charity. I would be really curious if Sam’s then ILLEGALLY takes an IRS deduction for collection of monies from customers as if it was out of their own pockets – and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, they do – since they boast about SAM”S CONTRIBUTION to the children’s hospital.

      IRS are you listening ?

      My suggestion is a realistic way to get through to Walmart and Sam’s is to boycott their crappy CHINA clothing imports, and especially their pet food which kills our pets, and as far as other food goods, I’m not sure if ALDI’s is nationwide or not, but their vegetables and foods are far cheaper than Walmart’s, or buy at supermarkets when they have BOGO – and use your coupons.

      Check prices of Walmart’s foods against other stores – they have raised their prices and often dont beat other supermarkets stores.

      • Shay

        Walmart definitely has stock. I work there and purchase it through payroll deductions. So you’re misinformed.

      • Sue

        When I worked at Walmart we took donations from customers for charities. We also bought food items from Walmart and had bake sales. Walmart donated zilch, not a penny came out of their pockets. All the money that Walmart gives to charities is raised by their employees.The Waltons are toooooo greedy to give to needy children. God bless the employees! They have worked hard to raise money for charities.

  • Realist

    I’m confused… Aren’t there a ton of companies who pay minimum wage? Why is Walmart being singled out? Because they make a huge profit? I can understand people fighting for a higher minimum wage amount if they feel impoverished but don’t act like Walmart is the devil because they aren’t sharing their billions with you. What am I missing?

    • Turnipblood

      Two reasons: (1) Walmart is the largest private employer in the nation. If you want to change the direction of the march, you must turn the lead dog. (2) Walmart’s low wage/low hour model is costing taxpayers. You and I are subsidizing the living conditions of their employees despite the company’s profit margin. There are other claims and accusations that spark outrage, but they are mostly internal company issues. As far as the tons of other companies go, see the above lead dog comment.

      • jay

        Incredibly naive point of view:

        “If you want to change the direction of the march, you must turn the lead dog”

        Walmart succeeds and grows against competition BECAUSE they are profitable… by paying their employees more than their competition you will just have WMT repaced by some other giant corporation

        • Turnipblood

          Then there is really no reason to do anything, right? Walmart “succeeds” and grows because it developed a business model that uses public money to subsidize it’s business costs.

    • Realistic

      What you’re missing is the fact that as the nation’s largest employer with 2 million employees, they are single-handedly responsible for the hundreds of millions of dollars we taxpayers subsidize their poverty wages with in the form of food stamps and medicaid. Unlike the mom & pop stores they routinely put out of business, they can afford to pay their employees more. And it’s not a question of “feeling”- when you cannot afford basic necessities you are by definition impoverished. I think we as a nation can agree that anyone working full-time should have enough to feed their families on Thanksgiving. Yet that is not the case at Wal-Mart today.

    • https://www.facebook.com/dennis.osborne2 Dennis Osborne

      it’s not much to do with WalMart but lots to do with union dues and initiation fees.Look at the retail stores that are union wages are the same.Doesn’t sound as good though to Union Reps and Liberal Millionaires like Kutcher who makes in an episode what hundreds of people do in a week.Sorry I haven’t seen what he donated

      • Sue

        This isn’t about donations. It’s about how the biggest retail chain in the WORLD will not pay their employees a wage that they can survive on. I worked with women who had to depend on food stamps, and Section 8 to make ends meet. They were so proud to be out in the work world but couldn’t believe that they were on Welfare. To hear people criticize Walmart employees saying that they should go to college, get a bachelors degree, better themselves is repulsive. A lot of people working at Walmart have bachelors degrees. A woman that I worked with used to work as a restaurant manager for a famous hotel in New York City for many years. She had to move to California to help a family member who was ill. Started working at Walmart. Thought she could work her way up to a manager. She loved her work, the employees, but said working for Walmart was like working for a cruel master. With very low pay. She couldn’t go back to New York, that job was gone, given to someone else of course. She was highly educated, but life took a wrong turn for her and she ended up at Walmart as a low paid slave. Wish we would have had a union. Then we would have been higher paid maids(employees).

  • http://cuttheplastic.wordpress.com cuttheplastic

    This is not new. I wrote on this a while back. I am glad that Ashton has taken a stand on this topic.

  • Holmes

    Now let’s take on McDonald’s

  • Deb

    easy solution. DO.NOT.SHOP.THERE. then the business model will HAVE to change. It’s all about supply and demand, folks. you keep buying their cheap, replaceable crap? guess what they’ll keep stocking cheap, replaceable crap and pay crap wages to their employees…. Wake up and smell the capitalism at the expense of the lower classes.

    • Ian

      People are struggling to make ends meet and too many have to shop where they get the best/cheapest deals.
      Those who can afford to boycott Walmart should do so,sadly they know they have many customers who can’t do that.

    • [email protected]

      That’s easy to tell the middle/upper classes. I rarely shop there, and when I do it’s because I’m looking for cheap goodies/trinkets for my son’s school party (or some such thing). Unfortunately the people who shop regularly at Wal-Mart are the same people who make Wal-Mart wages! Wal-Mart isn’t the only offender, of course. However they are one of the worst, and the rest of us are subsidizing it. It’s easy to get on your high horse and say ‘Don’t shop there’, I’m sure it’s much harder for people who live on poverty wages and don’t have much choice.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pixelfreak Christian Ellis

    Maybe millionaire Walmart execs should let their children grow up in poverty and on public assistance, then Ashton Kutcher will star in a movie version of their lives that completely romanticizes them. Your hypocrisy stinks sir.

    • Kim

      Be glad someone has the guts to call Wallmart on their injustice! At least Kutcher is saying something constructive!

    • LordAstral

      On the other hand, each walmart store costs taxpayers over 900.000 dollars a year in welfare costs to the taxpayer. Minimum. If walmart paid its employees more, we taxpayers wouldn’t be supplementing wal mart’s profits.


  • https://www.facebook.com/Sky.deCiel Sky Sullivan DeCiel

    Im 21, I have a two year worthless business degree costing some 20,000 dollars paid off. Ive had plenty of interviews, and recently been considering jumping off a local overpass. Thats the state of our nation, if ever there were a descriptor. I’ve been told to have hope, alas hope doesnt get me the life I need.

    • https://www.facebook.com/cassiethompson Cassie Thompson

      ((hug)) Message me about it on FB if you need someone to talk to, Sky. Or just someone to brainstorm with on how to change your situation. Having that debt paid off is a HUGE advantage for you and more than a lot of people can say for themselves. Chin up!

    • Jean

      Great response Cassie!!! Keep moving forward Sky. All your efforts will move you towards the job you are looking for. Don’t give up.

  • Suz

    Even though I don’t work at WalMart, I am so happy to see them challenged. I’ve been working for 6.5 years at a grocery store and make 17 – a year. It’s frustrating as hell.

    • Realist

      Why not just find a better paying job?

      • Andre

        What? You expect Suz to better her own situation instead of just complaining that her job doesn’t pay her enough? What silly talk!

        • Anne

          What some don’t understand Andre..is that it is “easy talk” to tell someone to find another job. It is not always possible depending on their individual situation. Walmart and any profitable store can pay a living wage. I should know, I advised businesses for 27 years in economic matters. I do know, from experience,It is not as easy as those say..”go get another job”…and I do know, from experience, any successful business entity CAN pay a living wage. Why should we, the taxpayer subsidize those companies too cheap (Walmart) or too borderline (weak) to pay decent wages? Successful businesses can pay a living wage…this I know from first hand experience as well…and most decent, caring and ethical businesses owners do so. Walmart and those that support their thought process are truly the “me me generation.”,not those that say a living wage should be paid.

          • Realist

            Anne. I don’t disagree with your sentiment regarding greedy business owners, but how much protection do people need? At some point, it’s on us to realize we are being taken advantage of, and refuse to stand for it. In a capitalist society, that means going to work for the competitor. Walmart would have no choice but to increase their wages. It’s like saying men shouldn’t put down, and demean their wives. While I agree with that statement, I don’t think we need to impose a law about it. Perhaps we can refocus our efforts on better educating those battered women/walmart employees, and empower them to believe in themselves. There are ALWAYS other options… but how hard are you willing to work to find them???

        • Sofia

          Hey Andre – how do you know that Suz hasn’t been trying to find a job that pays better? Are you some sort of psychic? My cousin who has taught in an elementary school for 10 years just got laid off due to budget cuts, and couldn’t find another teaching job. To support her family and make ends meet, she had to take a job at a grocery store, with minimum benefits and pay. Yes, she is still looking for better jobs. But, she, like everyone else, is allowed to complain about their situation without being accused by ignoramuses like you. I hope you’re not ever in that situation.

      • Sue

        Andre- if “just” finding a better job is that easy-then asking you to “just” give her one is “just” as easy.

  • http://AlpacaClothingStore.com Katrina’s52

    Our taxes provide Walmarts enormous profits when they don’t pay a living wage. The food stamps and other government support (our taxes pay the ER Medical Clinic they have to use when health insurance isn’t provided,by their employer, for instance) creates a Corporate Welfare.State. Perhaps the suits at Walmart should spend a month living on what they pay their employees, just to see what its like.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kagetsu37 John Bovee

      Actually that wouldn’t make a huge difference, yeah it would minorly inconvenience them, but at the end of the month they’ll still be better off than their employees, because they have those big fat pay checks to go back to.

      My suggestion… move them into a rental (a small appartment woukld do) across the country, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, freeze their assets and make them live off of public assistance for a year. I think that’s the only way that they’d see how hard it is for the rest of the underpriveledged/poor… well you get my point

    • Andre

      Why? They made worked to better themselves to the point that they could be “the suits at Walmart” maybe the workers who want more should follow that same path

      • Katrinas52

        All 2 million of them? What do they live on in the mean time, while they work full time and go to school full time for 4 years? $7 an hour doesn’t cut it, which means they have to depend on food stamps and medicaid and pell grants, right?
        Costco pays their check-out clerks an average of $40,000 a year, plus employees only pay 12% of the cost of their company sponsored health insurance. The average wage is $21.00 an hour, yet their sales were 4x that of Walmart last year. Go figure, huh? THIS is the example of what free market enterprise should be all about. Managing a business so well that it is highly competitive while providing our economy with millions of good paying jobs that in turn support the economy. We The People don’t have to subsidize Costco’s profit margin by supporting their “employees” with tax dollars. Why don’t those that tout the virtues of “job creators” demand that they create jobs that support our economy.\? It is NOT a profitable company if it leaves it’s slave-wage employees to depend on tax payers to supplement their income. That is corporate welfare, and Walmart should be embarrassed to have to take it to make their profit margin.

  • Lance Drake

    Ever earn a few dollars more than the cut off for any benefit? Public assistance can give these employees much more than Walmart can. Would I rather earn 8000 a year and get public assistance? Or earn 9000 a year and be above the cut off? The 8000 a year is better off. Thank you Walmart.

    • Get Real Now

      How do you figure 9000/year? That would equate to a gross income of 4.32/hour for a full time position (40 hrs/week). What state allows that low of a minimum wage? If you are considering net income, no one bases anything off of net income. There is no consideration for the net income, and that makes many of us the working poor. I received not ONE grant for college, am in student loan hell, yet went to college with most who were on “need based” scholarships, and given free rides. It’s not only Walmart. You have to add just about every Big Box company into this mix, because none of them pay higher than minimum wage and if these employees choose to better their situations, there are more options for them to get free tuition than anyone who works hard to eek out a living. For every ONE merit based scholarship, there are 20 “need based”. WIth two honor student children in college, and an unrealistic estimated family contribution, my children are relegated to trade or local community colleges. Anyone over 24 years of age, who makes less than 40k/year, Pell is a GRANT that would afford them to better their education, and possibly (and I say possibly) find a job that pays more, however, in today’s economy, even that is a crap-shoot. On another note, it always seems that the ones who make the most, squawk the loudest, about how badly the “poor people” are treated. I for one would love to see MY bailout, subsidized housing, free college, free cellphone, discounted utilities, etc… It’s never going to change. The rich will get richer, and the rest of us will struggle, paycheck to paycheck.

  • https://www.facebook.com/alexandrews1981 Alex Andrews

    I don’t know where the above “Walmart could afford to pay their ft employees 50% more.” They could afford to pay them 100%-150% more. They could easily double thousands of people’s pay and still make money hand-over-fist.

    • swferrier

      Figure the average Wally World employee makes $9/hr., at full-time hours. This is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, a livable wage here in the U.S. Not only are you making too much for SNAP, TANF and Medicaid assistance (unless you have 3 or more dependents), you can’t afford to eat because your pay goes to rent & utilities. Emergency food boxes and USDA only go so far.
      So now, let’s make their pay &13.50/hr., still full-time. Not entirely better, but at the very least it is workable. While you can still get EFBs, you can also buy your own groceries. Apples are SO much better than boxed macaroni.
      I agree that anything under $15/hr. is pretty much a joke of a job, though. Doubly so if you have children.

      • Tracey

        I don’t know where you get your figures from but most Walmart employees start at 7.90 per hour and are seasonal. If they like you, you are able to stay on but out of the gate Walmart does not hire fulltime.

  • http://none Nonya

    Aren’t you an Obama supporter Mr. Kutcher? In case you don’t already know this, under the new law of the land concerning Obamacare, employers with fifty or more employees will have to supply them with insurance. Fair enough, right? Well, did you know that employees will have to buy this insurance? Would you, Mr. Kutcher, be able to afford insurance if that insurance cost as much as a car payment each month if you were making at or below $25,000.00 a year? Did you know illegal immigrants are exempt from filing and that since insurance is sky high, that employers will likely fire, lay off, or cut the hours of the American citizen worker so they may then hire illegals and bypass having to buy insurance altogether? Did you or anyone you know with big support money at anytime during your visits with the president ask him why he didn’t try to come up with a better solution to healthcare, like say maybe putting caps on doctors fees, hospital fees, and treatment fees, etc.?

    I didn’t think so. So, you may as well stop campaigning for a higher wage for the average worker. We’ll be lucky to have a job when this is all said and done.

    • https://www.facebook.com/eukota Darrell Ross

      If a company hires undocumented workers, then that company needs to be punished, not the undocumented workers or people looking for healthcare.

      We should have a single-payer system like Obama wanted. This insurance exchange was his attempt at meeting the lunatic right’s corporate backed idea. In fact, it was designed by the right.

      Hopefully we will fix it as single-payer and eliminate health insurance companies completely one day…

      Companies who blame their wages on the ACA are hoodwinking you. Don’t be fooled. They are making more money by paying you less and getting you to blame someone else. What could be a better win for them?

      Don’t be so gullible.

    • Kim

      Did you know that Unions for the last five decades have been fighting so that companies should have to provide insurance? Did you know that for decades, companies have reduced workers hours so that they cannot be considered full time employees so they were exempt from paying any benefits at all to employees? Did you know that Obama care made it mandatory that insurance companies provide an insurance health policy that actually was an insurance policy? I didn’t think so!!!!!!!!!!

    • KB

      After I read “Would you, Mr. Kutcher, be able to afford insurance if that insurance cost as much as a car payment each month if you were making at or below $25,000.00 a year?” I realized you are clearly misinformed and just follow a regurgitate anything anti Obama and anti ACA. Did you know that people making under a certain amount gets a significant tax break to pay for this? I know, you will fire back by calling me a bleeding heart liberal. Well, that’s not necessarily the case, I’m an informed independent American tired of seeing BS being spewed by people like you. And I can say I’m tired of it from both sides.

  • Tyler Aten

    Are you really that disconnected from reality? Are you not aware that a lot of walmart employees are going to be stuck there their entire lives living on the same wage? A meager wage? You must be a republican. No doubt about that. Take your Ayn Rand BS elsewhere. We should pay these jobs enough to live off of because it is the human thing to do. Not everyone can “Work their way out of minimum wage jobs” because there are not enough positions for everyone to make more than minimum wage! Take mcdonalds for instance- they hire ceos from other corporations instead of promoting their employees up in the ranks a majority of the time. It is not the age of “Work hard and you will get more” it is the age of “Take what we give you because we refuse to give you more despite the fact that it would cost everyone less in taxes” BECAUSE these individuals who work for walmart and stuff of this category have to turn to gov. assistance to make ends meet.

  • Jen

    I agree that Walmart should pay its employees a livable wage, but I think it’s ridiculous that people are applauding Ashton for jumping on the band wagon like some kind of hero of the working class. Walmart is not in business to make their employees’ lives better – they are in business to make money. And like many businesses, they go out of their way to ensure their profits are high. This often results in poor pay/benefits/work-life balance for employees. While Walmart is probably the biggest offender, they certainly aren’t alone in attempting to work the system to their benefit and make money at the apparent expense of employees.

    And while I may deplore their actions, I don’t feel Ashton Kutcher’s publicity stunt is worth much celebration. Ashton is not much different as a multi-millionaire. He’s not in business, as an Actor, to make the lives of the working class better – he’s in business to make money. If he’s really concerned about Walmart employees, maybe he should share with them some of the $700,000 he earns per episode on Two and Half Men. That would be something to celebrate.

    • AATTP

      Google “Ashton Kutcher charity work” and you get 21,600,000 results. How many results do you get when you Google your name and that phrase?

      • Lolzers

        I did one better. I googled WalMart Charity and found links where in 2012 alone Walmart gave 1 billion dollars to charity. Keep sucking at the teet.

        • Sue

          The Waltons did not give any money out of their profits and/or pockets. When I worked at Walmart the employees raised the money for the charities by having bake sales, hot dog sales and donation boxes at the counter. The employees themselves donated the baked goods. It was a given that every Walmart store participated. When they say that Walmart “donated” the money, they forget to add that the Walmart employees “raised” the money.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beckshink Becca Rulo Shinkovich

      “If he’s really concerned about Walmart employees, maybe he should share with them some of the $700,000 he earns per episode on Two and Half Men. That would be something to celebrate.
      He actually does a ton for charities, and Im sure people from walmart get help from those charities. So, in essence, he DOES share some of that 700k an episode he gets… SO, when/wheres the celebration? :D

    • John

      Most of you are complete fools, and you display what’s wrong with this country. Do you know how stupid you sound, suggesting that Ashton Kutcher should share his money with Walmart employees and leave the poor multi-billion dollar corporate giant alone because, after all, they’re in business to make money, not make their workers’ lives better? Kutcher is no Saint, but he’s saying something everyone knows to be true. If you can’t see that a company SHOULD have among its goals the aspiration to improve its workers’ lives. It’s a responsibility they should embrace because it’s the decent thing to do, and it will serve to make us all stronger, in turn making the companies stronger as well. If this concept escapes you, you’re not intelligent enough to share the room with me.

    • Sue

      Whether you work at a high paying job or not, you sound like you would be the first person standing in Ashton Kutcher’s charity line. Or trying to get him to hire you at his multi-billion dollar company. You’re going to ask him for $8 an hour? What??? Who do you think he is? Walmart? Keep walking, girl.

  • shawn

    Since when do low-wage jobs, like the majority of what people are pointing at with Walmart, warrant an automatic increase in salary or wages just because the company makes huge profits. If those people want to make more, they should work their way out of a minimum wage job and into something that pays more. It’s not the company’s responsibility to provide merit increases across the board just because a whiny actor calls them out on profits.

    • https://www.facebook.com/art.helbig.7 Art Helbig

      The point is that this company h
      as repeatedly taken government handouts time and time again. The six heirs own almost 40% of the worlds wealth and they are doing more damage than good they could do. When you reach that level of wealth you have a responsibility to bring up the development of this country not bring it down. WALMART SUCKS and I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE!!! Billionaires should not get a penny in subsidies but every Walmart store costs the US taxpayer 420,000 in government assistance given to their low wage workers.

    • Kat

      They give merit increases to management across the board when they have record profits. Obviously they have no obligation (or they’d be doing it) but why do you think it’d be a bad thing to do so? And is there any reason I should spend my money at a company that doesn’t respect my values while I have the cash to avoid them? And is there any reason I should shut up about the fact that they do this?

    • https://www.facebook.com/ChocolateJolie Sabrina Annette

      two things I know about you Shawn. 1. You are white 2. You have never struggled.

      • Andrew

        You know he’s white eh? Do you not get the racism in that? Your misinformed opinion that all white people are well off, and that we’ve never known struggles with being poor?

    • Joe Hollingsworth

      You try rising up from such a condition at a place that believes that even the minimal wage is too much. Places like walmart are not about taking care of the people that do their best to make that business successful. They are TOTALLY about EXPLOITATION! Just as surely as they would the workers of the Asian sweatshops that supply their merchandise. You whiny ConsrevaNAZI, assholes need a lesson in humanity. or better yet. humility!

    • Estacia

      Minimum wage these days can barely support one person living in an apartment unless they drop health and life insurance. Here’s the thing: most (and I mean at least 85%) of employees I see at various Walmart locations are well into and/or past their twenties. I rarely see teens or those my age.

    • Rachel

      So, Shawn, you’d rather we taxpayers just continue to subsidize their pathetic, unlivable wages with welfare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps?

    • Eli

      It’s called profit sharing, and it’s done at companies where they actually respect their employees.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Sky.deCiel Sky Sullivan DeCiel

      There is no such thing as working our way out of poverty. We are FORCED to stay poor, thanks to asswipes like you who HAVE IT that way. No one promotes anymore. No one raises pay anymore. We cant even get full time. Hard work doesnt get anyone anything these days. Nether does an education. Glad you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth,consider yourself one of the luck ones, you clearly are with an opinion like that.

      • Realist

        Why are you FORCED to stay poor? Here’s an idea… You work hard at a job, learn as much as you can, and then move on to something better. If you don’t feel your community has competitive job opportunities, move to one that does.

        • Katrinas52

          I believe you are missing the point. First, better opportunities in other communities don’t exist either. The whole country is going the way of Detroit if we don’t turn this ship around. “Good Jobs” for labor are increasingly hard to find as manufacturing has all but disappeared … and we can’t all be “suits”. There are far far more low-level employees than there are highly educated management jobs. Because some companies are allowed to pay so little, full time adult employees are forced to turn to the government – you and all the other taxpayers – to help support them. Why is it ok for your taxes to go to supporting full time employees of corporations that make billions in profits every year? They should be paying a wage and benefits that don’t require our taxes to support their bottom line, don’t you think?
          This is about the fundamental right of workers to make a decent wage, even at a starting position, and allow every employee access to the lower-cost health insurance premiums big companies are able to provide. Did you know that if the minimum wage paid 45 years ago had kept up with productivity it would be $21.00ph? Even just keeping up with cost of living increases puts it at $11.00ph. That is about 50% more than Walmart is paying now. Don’t believe it’s possible? Costco pays an average of $21.00 an hour and provides 88% of the cost of their employees health insurance … and has 4x higher percentage in sales growth than Walmart. What the highly touted “Job Creators” should be doing is creating jobs that support the economy, not using people at slave-wages and expecting the rest of us to pick up the difference with our tax dollars. Higher livable wages create a stable healthy economy, reduce crime, increase our tax base while eliminating expenditures, and promotes community sales which raises living standards for everyone. Right?

    • https://www.facebook.com/Sky.deCiel Sky Sullivan DeCiel

      “Since when do low-wage jobs, like the majority of what people are pointing at with Walmart, warrant an automatic increase in salary or wages just because the company makes huge profits.” How about since we decided that the working American men and women were rightfully owed a fair portion of the profits they helped create. Since we decided it was better for our entire nation and economy to pay our working men and women what they are fucking OWED, That is a different America though that I speak of, not the right wing fascist jobless 1 per cent owned and controlled hellhole you speak of today.

      • http://aattp.org john”fuckyou”gentile

        goddamnit I love your responses :) you tell these pricks the truth!!! right on!!! I work for a hick company called Southern States that is just as shitty as walmart. you basically have to get a second job after your 8 hrs lifting 50lb bags all day . and then you have smartasses like shawn saying “work harder!!!!” HEY SHAWN READ ANIMAL FARM YOU FUCKING PIGLET!!!!!

    • H8dogma

      Shawn, without the excellent work of the employees there would be NO PROFIT! When so much profit is made it is a moral obligation to share it with those who put there time and sweat into making that profit possible.

    • https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.musser.71 Elizabeth Musser

      I dont normaly post my views on this subject, since I work in a low paying job, for a coupany that make huge amounts of profit. Yet I feel compelled to answer your post Shawn, you see if companies share (increase wages) some of the profits that they make with those who’s time and energy made those profits, not only would our economy be better off but those companies would more then likely see an increase in profits. This is due to the fact that the employees would now be able to spend more of their earnings, because not all of it would be going to pay for just the essentials. I do understand that companies are out to make a profit but do they need to make billions on the backs of those that cant even to afford to buy the products that they are selling? Companies and people in general need to remember you reap what you sow… and in the end this uncontrolled greed is going to be the down fall of not just our economy but our country as well.

    • Wilson

      Not everyone can have a better paying job. Who would be left to be janitors, cashiers, stock boys etc? Not everyone can be a doctor, lawyer, teacher. Somebody needs to do it, and they should be paid a living wage.

      • [email protected]

        Agreed. They work just as hard as anyone else (if not harder). Why are they treated like crap?? A hundred years ago, being a grocer was considered an honorable profession – now it’s looked down upon, as though they couldn’t do anything better. Very sad.

    • jellybonesss

      Watch the movie “High Cost of Low Prices”, it’s primarily on the aspect that Walmart has such huge profits but pays their workers so poorly. One of the worst hourly wages in retail. I work in retail and make more than $25k a year.

    • Judy

      Why don’t you try working there before you make those comments? The only way to be full time there is when you move up and it takes a long time to move up. I worked for Wal-Mart. So…. way to go Ashton Kutcher!!!!

      • Tim

        I fully agree with Judy on this as a former 6 year employee at Wal-Mart. They do not do very well at taking care of their employees. Unless you get promoted to some type of manager you have no chance of becoming a full time employee there. The worst part about that is at all 3 of the Wal-marts i worked at everyone of them promoted by using favoritism and not by who was better qualified for the job or who has been there longer. Even if you get promoted and become a Department Manager or Zone Manager the pay still isn’t that great as you still normally make under 11-12 dollars an hour even after being there for 5+ years. If they treated the employee as well as they say they treat the customer which isn’t as great as you would think it is either as they prefer tasking over customer service without a doubt. Then the pay wouldn’t have been that bad but when you have low pay, low hours(which they try to make it impossible to get another part time job because they switch your hours around so much), low respect, and a high lack of professionalism from the top to the bottom then the store becomes one of the worst places you can work for.

        I am now working for a different retail company that deals with sports and they are without a doubt a much better retail company to work for that does take care of their employees on a much better scale. Much faster promotions, better starting pay, better raises, better customer service, and better respect for their employee all the way around. The company as a whole might not even come close as to making as much money as walmart does but i can guarantee the majority of the employees working there are enjoying jobs more than the majority of the people who work at walmart after knowing and consider alot of walmart employees as friends over the year.

    • Sephia8

      Ever since OUR tax dollars are being used to support their slaver waged employees!
      I for one am TIRED of supporting employees of mega super BILLION $ profit money making machines like Wal-Mart.

      One Wal-Mart store COSTS taxpayers $900,000 . . . just ONE store! With all of their stores they cost the tax payers nearly $3 Billion!!

      If a company can AFFORD to pay their employees enough to STAY OFF WELFARE and STILL make BILLIONS in profits then they SHOULD! I think there should be a law about it! I don’t work for Wal-Mart but I also don’t make enough to be free of government programs to make ends meet, and yet STILL my tax dollars are being taken out of my check to help pay for this company’s employee’s food and medical, and even STILL their employees can’t afford food, thanks to the cuts in SNAP benefits, and more.

      It’s ALWAYS the company’s responsibility to provide their employees wages to be able to even afford the products they sell, let alone survival basics of FOOD and MEDICAL; and WM doesn’t do that, and you and I have to pay for it!

      How does this NOT make you made to be paying for a company’s employee’s food & medical when they could do it themselves and then some!

      They’re always profit over people – ALWAYS!

    • Douglas Russell

      Since those underpaid people then need food stamps, medicaid, rent subsidies, school lunches for their kids and other support, paid for by … drumroll please …taxpayers like you!

    • tr

      You seem to be living in the past and are completely oblivious to reality.
      1. More and more jobs are paying minimum wage while better paying jobs are outsourced overseas.
      2. School is neither free nor even affordable anymore and more often than not leave graduates with student loan repayments. So, if you get a job that’s paying $500 a month more than what you were making before school, guess where that extra money is going. How does that improve the situation?
      3. If you’ve got children and want to go to school, you’d better have family that will do it for free because that’s another cost that makes an education impossible for many people.
      4. Even with a degree there’s no guarantee that you’ll a) find a job in your field, b) find a job that pays more than what you were making before school.
      5.Take a look at your local paper’s want ads or any online job site and count how many jobs that require a four-year degree pay less than $10 an hour then come back and explain how people are supposed to “work their way out of a minimum wage job.”
      By the way, in 2012 there were 3.6 million Americans making the federal minimum wage of $7.25 or LESS (state minimum wage, salaried workers, etc.). Half of them are over age 25. Higher paying jobs don’t grow on trees.

    • j

      working yourself out of poverty is not possible in 2013 @ 7.25 hr …

    • DK


      Since they targeted small town America as their business model. A business model akin to the tale of David and Goliath, only David dies in this tale. David, being small retailers and manufacturers who die under the hands of the powerful giant, leaving all other jobs in its path in ruins. Think about it. Mom and pop retailers cant offer the prices and manufacturers are offered huge opportunities to supply this giant.Then, the giant turns on them. Choking them to the point where they have to cut the price they charge Walmart or they die too.This then forces them to cut their employees wages. In this case, the giant exists in every small town in America. Is this what you want this country to come to? WHen it affects you, you wont be so smug about it. Perhaps you should study the economics of Walmarts business model a little closer and you’ll understand just how damaging they are to the thread of American capitalism.

    • Robert

      Realist, I hear that many jobs that use to pay livable wages are in other countries now, so corporations don’t have to pay livable wages. So, if I was trying to work my way up the ladder, studying my ass off, eat roman noodles for quite a few years, hope I don’t get a disabling sickness while making $8.90/hr, lose so much weight because of my hard work and struggling life style, then graduate with high honors, but end up not finding a job in my own country. Your so smart, so tell me do I move to China, Indonesia, India, or do I stay in my own country and take on three non livable wage jobs. I figure staying here is the best option because those college degree jobs don’t pay very well in other countries and I don’t speak the language. I also may not want to stay in some other country other than my own. I here it’s not that safe for Americans in some countries because of our corporate bastards. Besides, I’m so use to busting my ass working so hard to make it up the ladder that staying in my own country and working three non livable wage jobs should be easy! ROTFLMAO I don’t know how old you are Realist, but when I got out of high school I was savvy enough to find jobs that paid more than Wal*Mart and was able to live comfortable having a family back in the day. I’m glad though, that I went back to school, got my degree when I did, and now have a job I enjoy immensely with a good livable wage and health care. I’m so glad I was born when I was because with the population growing at rapid rates there will soon be a dangerously miss-proportionate ratio of people looking for work versus job openings! We can already see how hard it is for Americans to find jobs right now. We can maybe all join the military because the military industrial complex loves wars! At least while we’re in the service they will feed us and take care of our wounds….LOL I think you would change your perspective if you got to see the blood and gut struggles of Americans fighting to achieve fair living wages, safety, health care and much more in the past. Yes Realist, people have died fighting for yours and my rights to enter the middle class, and now they the corporate pukes and conservatives want to take those rights away. I don’t want to see those that have died so I can at least get ahead if I work hard to have died in vain!

  • Cate

    Kutcher just redeemed himself to me. Good job. More high profile celebs need to start fighting for the poor or against trophy hunting, like Ricky Gervais has been doing. Do some good with their celebrity, you know?

    • ksc

      Have you ever seen his teen choice awards speech to America’s youth? It will DOUBLE redeem him to you, youtube it, it gave me goosebumps!

  • Ed Dunn

    Time for a Living Wage Amendment to the US Constitution so that we will never sink this low again.

  • http://twitter.com/JonAston Jon Aston (@JonAston)

    I’m pretty sure that Walmart is afraid their “Associates” will shop elsewhere if they earn more money.

  • angie

    He got respect for what? Do you really think he understands anything about running a company the size of walmart? If you dont like what you get paid at Walmart do something about it and get another better paying job. A Walmart job is not supposed to be a job someone uses to support a family. Stop thinking you are owed more money for doing minimal work at a place like walmart.

    • dick

      yes. because using slave labor in china is not only necessary, but mandatory to make billions of dollars. and is also totally okay.

    • Spgbeezy

      Lol, Angie asks why anybody should be paid more than minimum wage for minimal work at Walmart, you must have never been in a walmart let alone anytime during the 4th quarter. Any job in a mammouth sized place like that would never be successful doing “minimal” work! I give the employees tons of credit because you couldn’t pay me 20$ in hr to put up with what they put up with!

    • Lynn

      Your comments about “getting a better paying job” “A Walmart job is not supposed to be a job someone uses to support of family” and “minimal work at a place like Walmart” show your ignorance. Do you have an understanding of the economy and the struggles that ORDINARY people have on a day to day basis? From your post above, you need to get a better understanding!

    • Noneya

      Industry is gone. What type of job do you think people are doing to support their families in the great country of ours? Please, do tell.

    • richard

      not that he does, fact is Costco pays their people avg. 40k /yr. ,medical coverage for full time workers and part time workers are covered after 6 months on the job.

    • StephB

      “A Wal-Mart job isn’t supposed to be a job that someone uses to support their family…”, are you kidding? Previous corporately issued statements from WalMart would disagree with you. All of those commercials that they are running about benefits and promotions are to confirm that hey are meant to be a long term employer. By the way, most adults with families take jobs to support their families. Not everyone has the privilege to work in an Executive position snand I don’t judge them. If they were at home collecting welfare because WalMart doesn’t support their families and they couldn’t find anything else, most people would complain about that!

    • H8dogma

      Angie, what makes you think you’re worth so much? The point is, in case you missed it, when you work at Walmart you cannot afford to eat. You cannot afford healthcare for yourself or your family. These are very basic HUMAN necessities. Fair pay for a fair day’s work. The purpose of society is that we look our for one another. That is how we survive in a very unfair world. The Walmart family is looking out only for themselves and that makes them an AWFUL member of society. Many would call their behavior psychopathic.

      • Realist

        But aren’t there many other businesses who only pay minimum wage? Why is Walmart being singled out? Because they make a big profit? If anything you should be lobbying for a higher minimum wage in general, not demonizing Walmart because of their profit margins.

        • Sue

          Realist. You are unreal.

        • http://aattp.org john’fuckyou’gentile

          of course that is why they are being singled out, you fuckface! they are one of the richest companies making record profits and all their employees have to get on welfare. quit playing devils advocate and go back to wv you fucking hick

    • https://www.facebook.com/kenneth.cotton.71 Kenneth Cotton

      And tell me what hard working people in small community’s where Walmart is lots of time the only real job are supposed to do???? quit there jobs so they can try and find work outside of there community which often times isn’t possible???? and if Walmart wasn’t supposed to be a family first company that took pride in helping family’s then explain sam walton owner and creator of Walmart’s own words on the issue when he said that Walmart should take better care of there employees then there competitors and that nothing was more important then family????? also he was quite fond of saying the company should respect its employees just as much as customers which is why one of Walmart’s general guidelines is supposed to be RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL making BILLIONS while hardly paying your employees is not respect for the individual neither is paying them so little for there hard work that most need help just to be able to feed there family’s lastly i can promise you as a former and current Walmart employee the vast majority of employees work a lot harder then not only there competitors but a lot of jobs that are a lot harder to get i do more and put up with more as a maintenance associate in a single day then you’ve probably done in your entire life and if everyone quit these jobs for higher paying jobs then who would clean your shit? bag your grocery’s??? stock the items you have to have??? tell me who would do all that if everyone just took your advice????

      • Realist

        I’m not sure I follow your logic Kenneth. If everyone quit working at Walmart because the wages were too low, Walmart wouldn’t just become a ghost town where shoppers would have to fend for themselves. Walmart would be forced to start paying higher wages to compete. They pay you minimally because you allow it. Like it or not, we live in a capitalistic society. The way you fight for higher wages is to refuse to work for a company who you feel is taking advantage of you. Either Walmart isn’t as bad as everyone claims, or there are a lot of people in this Country who are gluttons for punishment.

        • Miki

          Walmart employees are not gluttons for punishment but they are hard working people who can’t find work elsewhere. When Walmart is the only game I town, it’s hard to find a seat somewhere else. I’ve been out of work for over 5 years. I am physically disabled so am limited in my job opportunities. But I have over 30 years as a bookkeeper, office manager and supervisor. Yet I can’t find a job anywhere. In the past 5 years I have sent out 1000s of resumes and been called for perhaps 10 interviews in all. They tell me that they get hundreds of resumes and applications for every job posted on the net. Unemployment seems so low now because thousands of us have fallen off the rolls, no longer eligible. So we don’t count. We’re invisible.

          I’m not lazy. I want to work. I want a job. But there are none out there. I can’t apply for disability because I still have too much savings. Even though it is barely enough to live on and I am trying to stretch it as far as it can go. I need to be impoverished before I can apply for SSD or medicaid or even food stamps. Especially now that they’ve cut those too. I pay about $400 a month for medications that just treat the symptoms of my disease. I can’t afford to pay the doctors for any other treatments I need. Yes, I have no insurance. And even with $0 income, the ACA shows me insurance premiums from $360 to $600 and higher. What tax break. Can possibly help me? I don’t make enough to pay taxes. Even a part time minimum wage job would help but I can’t get one of those either.

          Yet, I still believe that Walmart should put on their big boy pants and pay their employees a living wage. When I did accounts receivables for my company, I had a stamp that basically summarized our economy and how it works:

          “Please pay us, so we can pay him, so he can pay them, so they can pay you.”

          Walmart is messing with this formula by not paying their employees to keep the economic ball rolling. Without that money in circulation and instead, I guarantee you, being spent out of the country by Walmart’s billionaire, top heavy, execs, the US will fail and we will be bought out by China just as Sears was bought by K-Mart. Only we will be subject to the same slave labor that is permitted in China.

          Once again we are moving to a two class system. The Haves and the Havenots. And America will be a third world county. I’m waiting for someone to say “Let them eat cake!”

    • Sephia8

      Like where? China?!
      If you haven’t noticed, jobs are few and far between. If employees don’t FIGHT for fair wages, then who will?
      IN a company that makes record breaking profits, we are all still wondering when their profits will TRICKLE DOWN into the pockets of employees who work HARD to make ends meet, while the CEO’s are off vacationing, and reaping in billion$!

      Yeah, that’s fair!

      You are delusional, Angie!

    • Tim

      Angie i have worked quite a few different type of Jobs in my life. Some very physical in Hardwood flooring and warehouse truck unloading. Some not very physical at all in help running a computer repair store and also being a 3rd shift manager at that same furniture warehouse where i started out unloading those trucks. Each job has it’s own type of work that can be tough or not. Wal-Mart is not a job where you do minimal work. My 6 years there i done more work in a day there than i did most of the jobs i have ever been. They give you so many tasks that you actually have to sign in and out of on a time based screen that the time limit they give you is actually impossible to do while also trying to take care of the customers. That your work is literally never done. When you answer to not 1,2,3, or 4 bosses a day but at any given time around 50+ bosses over you a day telling you different things to do at different times it can get very frustrating and the work itself is no where near as easy as you would think it is. So unless you have personally worked there for a good while and seen what all is required for a normal part time employee or even a manager then calling it minimal work is not something you should ever do.

  • http://gravatar.com/ohgee MoGee

    Ignorant liberals. You think you’re better than everyone else. You make sick! What is Ashton Butcher doing to help with poverty? Absolutely NOTHING!!

    • H8dogma

      MoGee, or whatever your name is. What makes liberals so ignorant? Please explain. Also, while you’re at it explain why you think liberals are better than everyone else. Then, if you have a few more minutes please explain how you know so much about Mr. Kutcher’s benevolent, philanthropic tendencies.

    • NyteShayde

      Well, since you want to go there; what are YOU doing about it?

    • Sephia8

      Well, his tax dollars and YOURS are all helping to pay for these Wal-Mart associate’s food stamps and medical!

      I’m sure you just ENJOY forking over your tax dollars to pay for food stamps and medical care for millions of people in the range of $3 Billion a year, just for Wal-Mart alone, while Wal-Mart makes $17 Billion in profits a year with over $260 Billion in equity!

      But hey, they get tax breaks for making sure they make billions while you and I help pay for their slaves livelihood.

      • Lolzers

        How is it anyone’s fault but the governments that people are having to be on welfare? I just don’t get this. When we start asking why everything is so expensive to begin with instead of asking who’s going to pay for it, our nation will be in a better place. If healthcare, food and housing costs were 30% lower than they are now, what Wal-Mart pays it’s employees wouldn’t even be an issue. The root of this problem is our government policies. Stop asking who’s going to pay for your stuff and start asking how we as a nation can bring down prices.

    • Sue

      MoGee, glad to know that you are doing something to help with poverty. You are voicing your opinion – ya, we know- as food for thought!!! That’s the cheap way to go! Think it will fill up some hungry kids belly tonight? As a liberal, Ashton Kutcher donates to these charities. http://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/ashton-kutcher. Ashton Kutcher has supported the following charities:

      A Day Made Better
      Apne Aap
      Artists for Peace and Justice
      Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project
      Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
      Declare Yourself

      Free The Slaves
      Habitat For Humanity
      Raising Malawi
      St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

      Causes supported by Ashton Kutcher-AN IGNORANT LIBERAL

      Abuse, Adoption, Fostering, Orphans, AIDS & HIV, Children, Disaster Relief, Education, Grief Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Miscellaneous, Poverty, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Slavery & Human Trafficking, Voter Education, Women

      Read more: http://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/ashton-kutcher#ixzz2lKx0WSRW
      Follow us: @looktothestars on Twitter | looktothestarsorg on Facebook

      Read more: http://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/ashton-kutcher#ixzz2lKwmsF9b
      Follow us: @looktothestars on Twitter | looktothestarsorg on Facebook

      Now I bet you really feel sick!!!

    • Robert

      MoGee, you have it all wrong! We’re not saying that liberals are better than everyone else; we’re saying we are not mentally disordered like the extreme conservatives are!. ROTFLMAO

  • Lee Holly Palbicki

    I have so much respect for Mr. Kitchen, and I only wish he would be accessible to me and my problems with the big box stores, getting a reasonable job that would pay me a reasonable amount. I am 60 years old, ran my own business for 20 plus years, and am now at the stage of my life, where I not only need to work, but I HAVE to work. I am a cancer survivor which left me somewhat disabled, and cannot find work…and I need to live. How do these company big shots sleep at night? I am willing to work at anything to maintain my self respect.

    • Jeanette

      Who is Mr. Kitchen?

  • David

    I work at Walmart and make about $22k a year and my wife (who works dispatch for 911) and I can barely keep food in our fridge with no kids and all the bills we pay.. She makes more money than I do.. they spread all of their workforce thin, give each person the work of 3 people, and still bitch when things arent done correctly, but they cant give us no more than a $65 Christmas bonus because “sales are down”.. i could go on all day about the atrocities and ethics violations ive seen but my home is almost paid for so im afraid to bite the hand that feeds me so to speak.. just thought id share and say thank you to Ashton Kutcher for at least getting Walmarts attention..

    • Jimmy Bradford Local69 Region II Director UWUA AFL-CIO

      Unity & Solidarity is the only way to stop corporate greed. Stand firm my brother.

  • https://www.facebook.com/diana.bauer.167 Diana Bauer

    I managed to disregard him in “That ’70’s Show;” managed to ignore his films, managed to avoid “Two and a Half Men,” for the most part; now this. Damn you, Kutcher! Why must you make me love you??

  • https://www.facebook.com/RinglingRingling Todd Ringling

    “The majority of our workforce is full-time and makes more than $25,000/year” – and finally, “about 75% of our store management teams started as hourly associates” and that “every year, we promote about 160,000 people…”

    160k/year makes me wonder how they are doing their figures. that’s a lot of turn-over. makes me wonder what the average duration of employment is. and I think that they aren’t really comparing apples to apples. drop in the compensation for the Walton kids, and the upper-level management, probably brings the average up a bit. on the other hand.. average per store might be a bit different.

  • jim

    We, As a society sure do paya high price for cheaper goods.

  • https://www.facebook.com/chuckpurc Chuck Purcell

    According to other information WalMart gives only a few hundred dollars at Christmas time and the Employees give thousands. It has been well documented that WalMart’s founder, Sam Walton made his fortune at the cost of others, bought for only awhile in the beginning from the U.S. and quickly went over seas after that but has never paid employees much more than minimum wage.The children of course split up WalMart and continued the tradition but to even farther action by allowing it’s employees to give more at Christmas, during time of disaster, during time of need with in WalMart among other things. All the Walton’s have made their fortune with cheap foreign made products that they ship here and pay their department heads not much more than a Convenience Store Cashier. About a $1-$2 over minimum wage.But they employee more people in most States than any other company so I’m not so sure Mr. Kutcher is talking to the right people. How about the Government for using a sales tax to supply them with more money instead of charging a tax to allow foreign countries to sell their products to our economy, or the Government for charging more Corporate Tax than almost any Country out there so business leaves here, The Government for making banks to sale and make loans to people that don’t make enough money to pay them back so they inflate the housing market so high it bust and hard working middle class workers lost their shirts when their houses almost lost 40%, MORE!! How about using tax dollars to buy out dozens of companies that have implemented their loans to under employed people loans and made very bad investments which in turn caused the largest downward spin of the stock market since the depression and caused most simple mutual funds to almost loose 50%, making almost all middle class workers to loose half their retirement. How about letting Government workers show you how some of the strongest swimming bears in the World, The Polar Bear, was floating on ice bergs and lying about Global Warming and say they are dying even though that is their common behavior and actually showed a mother polar bear teaching it’s young how to hunt and made billions off that fraud and caused more companies to impose air quality standards on their business to cause us to pay more and mote for our electricity, I could go own and own for awhile about the Biggest thieves and fraudulent group of people in the U.S., our Government but I will stop. What’s that old saying, people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Until our own Government stops ripping off the American people , then those that learn from them shouldn’t be blamed for anything.

    • Mp

      With all due respect chuck, your spelling and grammar are atrocious (that means “bad”). It makes you lose credibility.

  • RECT

    I love how more of the influential “upper class society” is finally starting to publicly ask these sorts of questions, and thus bring more attention to huge issues like this that blind sheeple would otherwise never question. Good on you Kutcher!

  • Peter Walsh

    People have been taking on Walmart in the media for decades. Results? Zip. It is the easiest thing in the world for a pampered celebrity like Kutcher to throw in a few more rotten tomatoes. Results? A bit of applause for someone who doesn’t need it. Results for Walmart workers? Zip. It took years and years of organizers working around the clock, getting beat up, treated like vermin, and thrown in jail to create the well-paying, unionized factory jobs of the fifties and sixties. Now most of that is down the toilet. So people think posting snarky remarks on Twitter and various blogs will really make a difference? Dream on. No wonder so many working people are going bust.

    • https://plus.google.com/101738746342375321892 Margie1802

      It is harder for a company to shut down a public figure. If he continues and collects some allies who have nothing to lose, he has a chance to embarrass them into better treatment of their “associates”.

    • GZS

      The fact that a “pampered celebrity” spoke out publicly matters. So what if he did it for attention? Why does it matter? Look how many people are talking about it now. Any attention given to issues like this should be held in a positive light, even if you don’t like who said it or why they said it. A major part of the battle is keeping the dialogue going. Walmart is going to do everything possible to sweep these incidents under the rug. Let the celebrities speak out. Their words go further than ours.

    • TJ Hostek

      Actually it is working. Wmart has been forced to actually engage in an expensive ad campaign. Their profits are down.

    • Maya

      You’re right, Mr. Walsh. If I take on Walmart, “zip” happens. When Mr. Kutcher does it, Walmart responds immediately, aware that a minimum of 15,260,535 people are witnessing the conversation. Who knows, it may even result in positive change. If it doesn’t, we’re simply where we were on 11/18. Thank you, Mr. Kutcher.

      • Peter Walsh

        Walmart has a ton of practice at responding to these little blips of outrage. But they know how to run a company. They have more employees than the U.S. Military. They make billions of dollars every week. They give their customers exactly what they want and the customers keep coming back. Legally, Walmart is required to give their shareholders maximum return on their investment. Everything else is irrelevant. Walmart is one of the companies most admired on Wall Street for doing just that. Walmart is a model company of free-market capitalism. Walmart is not the disease or the symptom of the disease. It is the triumph of the virus that infects everything.

  • Sandy Duke

    I don’t shop at Walmart. Can’t stand them.

    • ALMA

      I refuse to shop there and so should All Americans!!! Lets give our money to our farmers!!

  • Rob

    They all suck!

  • https://www.facebook.com/stella.wicker Stella Wicker

    Walmart needs to go back to school. It is ‘they CHOOSE’, not chooses…*sigh*

  • https://www.facebook.com/crystal.aron1 Crystal Aron


  • Sean

    Will Ashton take on Apple and their NOT paying their taxes on BILLIONS of $$$ in profits????? After his portrayal of Steve Jobs? Wouldn’t Steve want Apple to be a leader? http://www.classwarfareexists.com/apple-under-investigation-for-over-1-billion-in-tax-fraud/#sthash.b7ro6G2x.dpuf

  • https://www.facebook.com/steve.santarseri Steve Santarseri

    25 thousand a year? I would have to put that check in my pocket on my way to my second full time job.

    • Jeanette

      That is a true statement!!

  • Celeste


  • https://www.facebook.com/bob.andrewsbryant Bob Andrews-Bryant

    I worked for Walmart for 5 years. They offer good benefits. I couldn’t afford them. My daughter qualified for free lunch at school. We ended up getting told to leave our apartment or we would be evicted because of issues we had paying rent. Yes, Walmart promotes people. When they become salaried, the company owns them 24/7, and they are expected to work up to 80 hours a week. Some promotion, huh?

    • Rob

      Maybe people that can’t afford kids shouldn’t have them.

      Whatever happened to working to get a head in life? I come from a single parent household and my mom had no money. After graduating from high school I joined the Marines. After completing my contract I completed my bachelors degree using the GI Bill. None of this was by accident. I wanted to get ahead in life and knew it was up to myself to find away. If you want more money increase your skill set. Don’t get a menial job flipping burgers or working a cash register at Wal-Mart and expect to be able to love the American dream or support a family.

      • https://www.facebook.com/nobodeynparticular Matt Moore

        A majority of people in these United States are not predisposed to taking a chance with giving up their life for any reason. They don’t want to shoot someone or be shot at themselves. They don’t want to be a part of unjust and, at times, unlawful wars. They don’t want to wear the uniform of what many consider to be an oppressive regime (I don’t of course, but I can understand why some would). You can’t blame them for that. If there were similar benefits for service in, say, the Red Cross or other service organizations, maybe you have a point. But not everyone is cut out to serve in the military.
        And before you protest.. USMC E-3 G2 out of El Toro 0231 Medically Honorably Retired. You know what job I can get with that? Yep, nothin’. Medical condition (not the same one that retired me) made me miss school, losing my GI Bill. Sometimes flippin’ burgers or working a cash register at some low paying wage slave job is all we have.

      • Dean

        Consider this: Not everyone can afford to go to college. I am a college-educated Registered Nurse (Bachelor’s degree). As such, I make a decent living. But I still believe that people who are working hard DESERVE to live above the poverty level. After all, we depend on the people who do MENIAL jobs for alot of things. I don’t begrudge someone the ability to live decently just because I decided to go to college. That attitude perpetuates class warfare. I am 54 years old, and I remember a time in this country when people who worked hard made at least enough money to pay their bills. But that was before big corporations became so greedy. WAKE UP and stop falling for the lies.

      • http://facebook.com erik

        Thats great, there are always anecdotal stories like yours. But the point is that there are always going to be x amount of people making minimum wage, and when that wage is below the poverty level, the burden is then placed on the taxpayer to fill the gap via food stamps, subsidized housing, etc.

      • Cis

        Not sure if mentally ill, a troll, or just generally stupid.

        I don’t know what generation you are from, but in 2013, family men and women sometimes have to work minimum wage jobs. A career is NOT an option for everyone no matter HOW hard you work or how smart you work. The opportunities simply aren’t THERE for everyone. WHY is this STILL so hard for people like you to understand?

      • Jaime

        The question isn’t “why can’t I support my family on a low-skill, entry-level job”, it’s “why can’t a retailer making billions in profits and enriching its owners billions of dollars share that success with its workers?”

      • Keville

        Wow, way to be a dick about it.

        People work low paying jobs, like Wal-Mart, to earn money to survey. At the same. On their off time, you know after caring for your kids, they attend community college so they can get out and be something. Back in the day you could do that cause life was cheaper. Life was better.

        Now companies are finding the cheapest way to make a buck, and because of that we have Chinese making our iPhone, Mexicans making our Hersey’s chocolate and Indians handling tech support. All the wile we see benefits ripping us off more than helping and no raise in pay.

        DON’T use the military as the solid path. College is the first thing a man goes to to better himself. The military is a last resort. And even Bachelors students like me are seeing our jobs shipped off to other countries.

        Finally, maybe you should rethink you first statement. Because from your logic, your broke ass mom shouldn’t have had you in the first place.

      • mikhail

        Hmm work for Walmart or join good ‘ol war mongering Uncle Sam’s war for oil against which ever chicken-shit defenseless nation is the new flavor of the week. Work or war? Decisions decisions. Is there an option c that doesn’t involve the perpetuation of the gigantic SUCK that is our corrupt little nation? Never expect a sound or intelligent argument from a fucking jar-head. You just get pelted with cliches like, “they started it!” or “We’re bringing them freedom!” Yes yes we know. The shady xenophobic nation of wiretaps, CIA sanctioned dope smuggling, and routine circumvention of international treaties sure loves dispensing “freedom” with drone strikes and off the books torture/interrogation. Then when countries like Syria and Egypt actually need our help we just hold up our hands and say, “Nope sorry. Your country unfortunately doesn’t fit our imperialist aesthetic.” What a fucking laugh.

      • Oz

        You are an idiot, Rob. That’s all I’m going to say, and don’t bother writing some stupid comment back at me because I don’t plan on reading it. By the way, I also served (in the Army) and got my degree when I got out, so please don’t think I am just some free-loading moron. However, you are still an idiot.

      • http://cse.unr.edu/~ekeith keithhandschuh

        By that reasoning your mom shouldn’t have had you. My tax money paid for your career in the Marines and your education, much in the same way taxes pay for free lunch programs. Maybe you should climb down off your high horse and join us here in reality.

      • vivasocialism
      • Ree

        Rob, most people can afford kids when the kids are born. When the kid is sick for 2-3 years and one of the spouses can’t youe seen in public with the kid because they’re embarrassed, and people don’t want certain kids with health issues in childcare, etc., etc. Bottom line: People don’t just not be able to afford the child they have, they work hard and raise kids alone and the rest of the world doesn’t care if you have child care or a home or not and it’s businesses like walmart that take advantage of people in these types of situations. I have a 10 year old with autism who I haven’t been able to find child care for HIS ENTIRE LIFE and his father refuses to speak to him because he’s “embarrassing” (he doesn’t talk, and shakes his hands when he’s nervous). But I COULD afford him when I had a full time job and was married to a guy who had a full time job. So stop using people’s situation as your excuse to why you think they should stay on the bottom. This is exactly why walmart thinks it’s ok to treat their employees like free labor. And BTW, YOU”RE paying in taxes for these same families to get food stamps and other benefits, so walmart doesn’t have to dip into their profits for it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jeff.mitcler Jeff Mitcler

        You sound like a self made man in love w/ his creator. Karma will take a big ol’ bite outta your prideful a$$ someday.

      • Tiffany

        Maybe closed minded idiots shouldn’t have access to computers huh?? My menial job running a cash register is a job…while I’m going to school to “improve my skill set”…maybe you should shut your trap until you know exactly what you’re talking about Rob…sorry but a$$holes like you, who think they’re better than us “peons” piss me off…crawl back under a rock! Please and thank you!

      • Debbiekat

        Aren’t you just the sanctimonious a-hole.

      • Bill

        I’m a former Marine as well, where do you think that GI Bill came from? It’s a ‘free’ lunch from the Taxpayers. Don’t go patting yourself on the back too quickly dude.

      • rey

        everyone’s life is different. we dont know what bob did at walmart, but all kinds of things happen to people on the way to paying the bills. the point is that corporations that make this much money should pay people more. sure capitalism doesnt have to be fair. but this is our country.its made up by us as people. things wont change unless we speak up about it.

      • Den

        So essentially what your saying is poor people shouldnt have kids but your mom was poor so you shouldnt be here?

      • Sue

        What?? You said “Maybe people that can’t afford kids shouldn’t have them.” And then “I come from a single parent household and my mom had no money.” Did you tell your mother that “if you couldn’t afford kids why did you have me? You shouldn’t have!! You had no money!” Did your mom join the Marines and use the G.I. bill to increase her skill set?(no). A lot of people who work at those menial jobs are taking care of YOUR needs. Oh, I see! You don’t shop at retail stores or supermarkets or eat at fast food places, right? I see that since you have a bachelors degree you don’t need to go to these places where uneducated people are working the cash registers ringing up the items that most people need, food, personal items like deodorant and T.P. Oh, I see! You don’t buy your food, deodorant or T.P? You’re so smart that you make your own??? Well, now that you don’t need those uneducated fools to ring up your goods, since you make your own, they can leave Walmart, join the Marines and get a bachelor’s degree. And Walmart can close their doors forever, cause now the fools working their cash registers, cleaning the crap off the floors and taking crap off of everyone, all for a nickel above minimum wages, are educated and living The American Dream and supporting their families. Goodbye Walmart! You will be missed! Not. Remember, if you ever lose your highly educated bachelors degree job- Walmart is hiring.

  • Ruben


  • https://www.facebook.com/nick.barckow Nick Barckow

    Go get them Ashton!, it’s about time someone stood up to them, or it least made it known that they aren’t doing right by their employees to a vast majority of consumers who remain ignorant to how difficult it is to work in the service industry. I’m tired of seeing well to do companies skip out on paying their worker’s fair and livable wages, 7 dollars an hour is no longer acceptable. We should not live in a country were those who provide a service for us, real hard workers with mouths to feed at home, have to live in an hotel in order to survive. Walmart by no means is the only offender but they are one of the largest, and it needs to start somewhere. I would like to see more celebrities take a hold of this issue.

  • Peter Walsh

    The irony here is that Walmart usually IS the high water mark. Their pay scales are pegged to beat what their retail competitors are paying their employees in any given market. Thus Walmart associates are typically paid higher wages in locations where there is more competition for workers and lower wages in areas where there is less. In either situation, though, most retail workers are WORSE off, financially, than Walmart workers and they almost never do much better. The rare exceptions include unionized chains (Walmart is aggressively anti-union) and a few retailers such as Costco who pay workers well above the local market wage. Walmart offers at least some benefits; restaurant workers, in general, get none beyond the minimum the law requires. Welcome to the new American service economy which, for decades, has been trading in high-wage, unionized factory jobs for low-wage jobs of the kind Walmart provides.

    • BNoel

      People have been talking shit on people taking on Walmart in the media for decades. Results? Zip. It is the easiest thing in the world for a pampered jackass like Walsh to throw in a few more rotten tomatoes. Results? A bit of applause for someone who doesn’t need it. Results for celberities standing up for Walmart workers? Zip. It took years and years of organizers working around the clock, getting beat up, treated like vermin, and thrown in jail to create the well-paying, unionized factory jobs of the fifties and sixties. Now most of that is down the toilet. So people think posting snarky remarks on Twitter and various blogs will really make a difference? Dream on. No wonder so many people don’t give a shit… there are assholes everywhere.- See more at: http://aattp.org/ashton-kutcher-gets-heated-twitter-war-walmart-profits-important-keeping-employees-poverty/#sthash.mKQB9yZx.dpuf

    • uoeno!

      doesn’t walmart own Costco?

      • uoeno!

        nevermind, I was thinking of sam’s club ;)

    • tr

      Walmart provides benefits that aren’t affordable on a Walmart salary.

  • http://twitter.com/RachelPoland1 Rachel Poland (@RachelPoland1)

    BRAVO, MR KUTCHER!!! Walmart employees should make enough money that they have other options besides buying at Walmart. What I find unacceptable is that if I’d fired off the same tweet to them as you did, I’d be roundly ignored. Maybe we all need to be firing off these tweets on a regular basis — and taking our business almost anywhere else.

  • http://www.thetippingpoint.tv Jason

    Kutcher is a very intelligent and well liked person. I think he should consider politics in his future. A lot of people still associate him with is moronic character on “That 70’s show”. In reality, he has a good head on his shoulders, is very compassionate and would be a great representative of his generation in the political arena. Maybe he can run as a VP on the Elizabeth Warren 2016 ticket (fingers crossed)

    • uoeno!


      • DrewC

        Elizabeth Warren is not a lawyer, she’s an economist. We look forward to your continued informed participation in the democratic process.

    • Whereslelie

      @Peter: I am glad to see you, for ONE understand the dynamic of Mr. Kutcher’s twit-war. I’m no fan of his, or many ‘Holly-weird’ types. I don’t see them to be too useful in the “War against Poverty.”

      Anyway…as I said, I don’t follow him much at all. Anyone know what it is HE does to employ a large segment of the population? Where would these ‘under-paid’ retail workers be WITHOUT Wal-mart? The U.S. Government CANNOT support them all indefinitely.

      Seriously, wages aside, what is so bad about Wal-mart? I’d welcome others persons opinions Many who complain about Wal-mart turn around and go shop there, The hipocrissy is astounding.

      • Rich

        It’s not hypocritical to criticizes something that you NEED. I’m sure a lot of these people would love to grocery shop at Whole Foods but they can’t afford it. Or shop at Neiman Marcus but again, can’t afford it. What is so bad about Wal-Mart is that they don’t treat their workers well. These are the people who make them their billions. And all it would take is a small increase in wages, and maybe a much deserved day off for Thanksgiving.

        Just look how Costco treats it’s employees they are a thriving company and they treat their employees well.

      • Sue

        We need to shop there? You need to work there! Almost everyone in America has shopped at Walmart. The issue is not about the shoppers, it’s about the employees. Seriously, wages not aside! If Walmart would pay their employees the wages that they should have been paying them for the last 40 years, poverty would be at a very very low level today. But because they won’t pay a decent wage, many people have to depend on state and government aid to help them. The people who are complaining are the ones that have worked there, they know what they are talking about. I worked there for almost 4 years. I loved my job and my co-workers, but the company is a wicked company to work for(google Walmart employee complaints). They are like no other company in the world. And they turn a deaf ear to the cries of poverty. Sadly, I don’t employ anyone. But I am so glad to know that you, unlike Mr. Kutcher and myself, employ a large segment of the population. Yes, hypocrisy is astounding!

  • tobyspeeks

    “This year we’ve made providing more opportunities for our associates a top priority.” – walmart

    I’m pretty sure walmart employees will not be able to feed their children with opportunities. The majority of their workforce making 25K or more were able to feed their families on that salary 20 years ago. Not anymore.

    Why are you, walmart fatcats, so reluctant to give your employees an honest living wage? I know you’re greedy, so don’t lead with that.

  • https://www.facebook.com/BatVomit Matthew Wilson

    Ashton Kutcher just gained respect from a lot of people. I hope that more celebrities will use social media as a platform to publicly shame and pressure corporations, banks, and individuals who are making billions while exploiting workers and resources. Perhaps Mr. Kutcher could be encouraged to make this “twitter war” the beginning of a campaign by recruiting other celebrities to speak out about this issue.

    • Mark Stewart

      Right! I know when I need guideance on an issue the first people I turn to are celebrities. What better pool of people to gain political and humanistic advice from than popular men and women who make a living playing something they are not. All you sheep keep looking to Hollywood for your values and beliefs. I’ll continue to look to people I actually know and respect. Not someone whose own personal life has been a train wreck.

      • Sue

        You are so right! Just look at the celebrities who entered politics and what they did to our country. Just look at that celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger and what he did to California. And to Maria Shriver. How can anyone respect him if he has no “values and beliefs?”. And Ronald Reagan! Oh my!! And, there’s Jesse Ventura(who just needs to stay in the ring. Forever). Clint Eastwood, who speaks out loud to his imaginary friends. But the best celebrity turned politician of all was Shirley Temple Black. Ambassador Black. She could teach these wanna-be-the-next-president celebrities, like Mr trump, who wants to incite the poor people to a revolution to help him keep his money from the poor people, some real values and beliefs. And respect. And she wouldn’t be playing “something” she is not.

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