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Arizona Bill Allows Teachers to Dismiss Global Warming and Evolution

By AATTP Contributor, Han Chimpson

A Bill proposed by Arizona Republican Senator Judy Burges would allow teachers in Arizona public schools to tell their students that they think global warming and evolution are “myths”, and introduce alternative explanations for those scientific topics.

This of course means that teachers will be allowed to use the “God did it” scientific theory in their science classrooms.  The bill, SB 1213, uses some seemingly innocuous language, but much of it is the same boilerplate language that was used in bills in other states as a way to permit the teaching of creationism in public school science classrooms.


The language of the bill includes the phrase “scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses”, which has been a mainstay creationist theme that has been proposed for (and in Texas introduced into) the science curriculum in public schools in other states.

Burges, a card-carrying Tea Party member, once introduced a bill based on her and other members of the Tea Party’s belief that clean energy programs in Arizona are a plot by the United Nations to create a single world government in order to control people’s lives.

Or in other words, as they are fond of saying in Arizona… “You can’t spell CRAZY without R-AZ!”

Han Small Han Chimpson spends a lot of time monkeying around at the Ayn Rand Collected Social Security page, and thinks you are cool enough to do the same.


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  • kip

    In another bill introduced in Hillibillizona teachers can dismiss the theory of gravity and they all make field trips to the grand canyon where they all jump off the edge to prove that gravity is just a liberal plan to control them

    • AATTP

      We LOLed… :)

  • Kurt Bradley

    The bill “would allow teachers in Arizona public schools to tell their students that THEY think global warming and evolution are “myths”, Does this mean the teacher teaches what THEY themselves believe, or are they going to be forced to teach what the ignorant Senator Judy Burges believes? I dont know of many teachers that would be willing to teach their classes something that they dont believe.

    • Brian

      My parents taught me a lot, but later in my life, I had to come to terms with the fact that they weren’t always right about some things. It took me half of my life to realize that some of those “truths” I was taught as a child, weren’t really true. And these were just standard “kid” questions like, “I hate milk! Why’s it good for me?” which scientific journals I read later in life backed up my kid-instincts… it isn’t.

      Imagine just 1 first grade teacher per school district teaching that evolution is just a theory and another claiming that global temperatures are going up because God wants them to. How absolutely f**ked will humanity be at that point if all of our “scientific minds” had those seeds planted in them at that early age?

  • Perry

    Great! The more stupid Teapublicans, the better chance we normal people have of getting higher-paying jobs.

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