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Ann Coulter Wants To Publish Names Of Women Seeking Abortions (video)

Ann Coulter thinks that if newspapers are going to publish the names of people who have gun permits then they should also publish the names of women who had abortions because “mothers might want to know what other women on their street might be willing to murder a child.”

Yeah, she really said that.


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  • Perry

    How about a list of people who bribe, I mean contribute, to politicians?

  • http://www.facebook.com/francesca.duff1 Francesca Duff

    What an ignorant C*NT.

  • SubtleSuzy

    Frankly, I like Ann. You have to admit she gets everyone thinking about things that we never considered. She is really dramatic, but I love her guts to say what she thinks. She would be a great guest at a dinner party, as long as everyone else had a chance to talk.

    • http://facebook nancycolo

      right after she gives the name of the doctor who did her sex change.

  • Susan Skorc

    If they publish the names of people who have guns, what can happen? According to the gun advocates, guns protect their owners from home invaders, so if they have guns they should have no worries about that right? And what in heavens name has abortions got to do with gun ownership? Ann Coulter doesn’t have the brains she was born with.

  • Victoria

    Ms. Coulter, abortion does reduce single motherhood.

  • ShesDumb

    Idiotic lady.

  • Hat_guy2

    There are over 7 billion people in the world, someone should think about those ramifications, before they start deciding what is right for the world population.

  • http://www.miamihoje.com Cesar

    Well, being insensible and stupid brings her lots of money from the Republican suckers. And since in our days it is all about the money…

  • StevenB

    Is she fracken nuts? Not only is she morally corrupt, she downright lies at the end. That shooter in the Portland mall, his gun jammed! He did not commit suicide because someone pointed a gun at him. Yes it is an insane idea to put armed guards in every school. We are not a military state. Next, armed guards at the library, sporting events, concerts,… The whole concept is asinine. Where do you get your facts Ann? Home invasion has gone up in Britain because there are no guns in the house? I hold you in utter contempt Ann. You are spewing nothing but poison

  • Amanda

    i don’t think the news papers should be publishing gun owners names, but its not ok to make those comments about mothers and women who have an abortion

  • Trevor

    Boy is she gonna be embarrassed when she finds her Mom’s name on the list!

  • Lailani King

    Yes, of course. Because women who have had abortions are going to commit mass murder by walloping everybody over the head with the dead fetus.

  • Matt

    “Getting an abortion” isn’t likely to accidentally kill anyone.

  • Penny Wimer

    Does this idiot not have any idea that this is not a liberal, conservative issue. It is another right to choose. Do I have a gun or do I not want a gun. She is so unbelievably stupid. I am liberal, and I have no problem with the right to own as many guns as they want. This whole so called news station needs to be investigated. They are not reporting the news. They are raging a war on words with a whole population that might have different opinions than them. They are not news media. They are propaganda spreaders….and they want to remove freedom of choice for anyone who does not agree with them…sounds like a Nazi to me….scary stuff…

  • Mia wicklund

    Yeah, count me in. This woman is despicable and a disgrace to the human race.

  • Teramayan

    She’s an idiot!

  • CountofKaos

    Ann Coulter: Proving daily that compassionate, cmmunity minded, centrists are becoming more necessary, and harder to find…

  • AnnCoulterIsAMAN

    Anne Coulter, like everyone else in the debate against a woman’s right to choose, has no say because, she like them, are men. Anne Coulter has an Adam’s Apple and tapes her testicles to her thighs in order to wear tight dresses.

    • Zora

      She’s not a man– that’s a copout explanation! She’s simply a traitor. As Madeline Albright says, in that ad just above, “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”

  • Pauly

    I wonder if she knows how many people that will cheer her death. Sad and morbid thought, but very much true.

    • Pam

      Remember the blonde Republican talking head who was killed on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon? Barbara Olsen was on her way to a Politically Incorrect taping on 9/11 & Bill Maher kept her seat empty for a week in tribute to her. She was one of the more rational (usually) conservatives in the media. Upon hearing of her tragic death, my husband & I both commented, “Why couldn’t it have been ANN Fporn*G COULTER?!?!” True & I’m not ashamed.

  • http://redroom.com/member/monty-heying/blog/christmas-and-roe-v-wade Monty J Heying

    If Roe v Wade were repealed the annual cost to the taxpayer is $1.3 trillion. And that’s not counting the cost of building the orphanages it will take to house the unwanted children that were unwanted pregnancies (see below for the total $12.4 trillion 18 year cost.) They’ll need a roof. Foster Care is already overloaded.

    In Mexico, the Philippines, India and Brasil abortion’s illegal and hoards of unwanted kids roam the streets begging, stealing, prostituting, drug dealing. Is this what we want for America?

    Unwanted pregnancies become unwanted children. You can’t legislate the desire to have a child; so the unwanteds will be handed over to the state. Or they’ll be shuffled around and mistreated and eventually end up in an orphanage or foster care or juvenile detention.

    Criminalizing abortion is not saving lives; it’s depriving unwanted children of their birthright, the primal love of devoted parents, condemning them to self-doubt and despair.

    Loving parents are foundational to a strong society. Forcing women to have unwanted children is no way to get there.

    The total total tab, counting what it costs to build the 360,000 orphanages required to house the 25.2 million unwanted children, is $12.4 trillion over the first 18 years. (The average orphanage that houses 70 kids will cost about $1.3 million.)

    The data:
    a. Annual abortions 1,400,000
    b. Avg years of care 18
    c. Cumulative # in care (a*b) 25,200,000
    d. Annual cost per child $50,000
    e. Annual budget (c*d) $1,260,000,000,000

    That’s right, $1.3 trillion a year, every year, without counting capital costs, crime and other social costs.

    • Jay

      Abortion has been legal in India since 1971. I agree with everything you say otherwise.

      • http://redroom.com/member/monty-heying/blog/christmas-and-roe-v-wade Monty J Heying

        “Abortion has been legal in India since 1971. ”

        It’s legal but it’s highly restricted (rape, incest, etc.)

        • Jay

          Not really. Abortions are available for all women, even in cases when contraceptives didn’t work. Having said that, abortions are generally frowned upon in all traditional cultures.

    • Bob W.

      What you are not considering, is that republicans want able bodies to fight the wars of the future. They don’t care about the ultimate tab. They figure that the middle class will goaded into to picking it up….

      • http://redroom.com/member/monty-heying/blog/christmas-and-roe-v-wade Monty J Heying

        “… republicans want able bodies to fight the wars of the future.”

        Hitting the nail on the head. Cannon fodder–that’s what most of my orphanage-mates became because that’s what society expected of them. They could “redeem” themselves in the glory of military sacrifice while acting out their rage of social injustice against a surrogate, the enemy in front of them.

        The solution is to educate every citizen, here and now, that the real war is within our borders, waged against the middle class by the 2%, undermining democracy with corporate money to control of our government. The solution is a constitutional amendment prohibiting corporate influence on elections.

    • Alex Contreras

      Outlawing abortion will not stop abortions from being performed, it will only stop them from being performed safely. Women have been stopping unwanted pregnancies for as long as men have been impregnating them. The code of Hammurabi had fines for causing unwanted abortions. The ancient Egyptians were the first to record an account of an induced abortion and even had recipes for abortifacients. With all of our medical technology do we really need to go back to homemade poisons to help women out of an unwanted pregnancy?

      • http://redroom.com/member/monty-heying/blog/christmas-and-roe-v-wade Monty J Heying


        Women of means have always had and will always have access to abortion. It’s the poor who will suffer.

  • kathleen

    Is there anything this person won’t do to keep her name in the news?

    • http://notapplicable Mikael


  • http://Howtosavetheworldon12-21-12 power

    Looks like it is at last time to start the “Americans Against Ann Coulter” party. To start the whole thing off we should track down her home address, all of them and post them. Then, find out where she voted and if it was a legal vote. If it was not post her name in the paper as a traitor who tried to vote lilegally. People should know what traitors to the US are living on their blocks so that they can perhaps make their disagreement with traitors more pro-active. Next, all of her speaking engagements should be posted and as many people as possible who can go disrupt the meeting would be great. Plus, arming themselves with pies should someone get a lucky clealr shot at her head. that damn traitor should never be allowed to speak unmoleted. Any station that allows her to say anything will be immediately investigated for unAmerican activities involving traitors, vote tampering, subversivse speech against real American women. When I say real I mean real.

    • Valerie Harper

      Hey Power…you sound very sane. I’m ready when you are.

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