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Analysts Confirm Audio Tape of Darren Wilson Firing TEN Shots at Michael Brown

A couple days ago, the FBI reported that it had obtained an audio recording of Michael Brown’s murder by Officer Darren Wilson. This stunning evidence was delivered into the hands of the Bureau by unnamed man living in an apartment near the shooting.

It just so happens that at the time, the man was recording a video message for a friend, and the app recorded the sounds of either 10 or 11 shots (recent analysis says 10) fired during the encounter.

The man, not recognizing the gunfire for what it was until afterward, continued in his affectionate conversation until he went out to check on the source of the noise. But you can clearly hear the shots, coming in roughly two groups:

One..Two…Three Four Five Six…(three second pause)…Seven..Eight…Nine Ten

What’s most disturbing, and most telling about the shots isn’t just the number of shots fired, but the way they were fired. Particularly that conspicuous pause in the middle.

It was likely during this time that Michael Brown turned around, Wilson stopped pursuing, and deliberately readjusted his aim to hit Brown square in the head as he was falling.

Those familiar with guns and pistols in particular know that firing a pistol repeatedly as Wilson does on shots three through six causes the gun’s barrel to rise; this forces the shooter to pause for a moment to lower the barrel and reacquire the target. These “tracking” pauses each indicate a target reacquisition; every time you hear one, Wilson is adjusting his aim.

Note the reacquisition pause just before the last two bullets are fired — the two bullets that went through Brown’s head, killing him.

Coup de gras shots to the head = Instant Murder Conviction in any state in the Union.

The audio was confirmed to have been recorded at or near the time Brown was murdered by the video chat app’s developers, Glide. This authentication by Glide makes the audio evidence de facto admissible as evidence in court…the final nails in Wilson’s coffin.

The final ten nails, that is.

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  • J. Fischer

    I think, for civilians, that if you pump several shots continuously into someone (in legitimate self-defense) the charges against you will be less severe than if you pumped several shots, waited a second or two, and then fired the killing shot. Does that apply to police?

  • Dave

    Ferguson and St. Louis county have been sued by 6 people for $40 million, so far. I bet that number goes up. Way up.

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