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An OB/GYN Annihilates Pathetic Misogynist George Will’s Disgusting Rape Column

Recently, conservative columnist George Will wrote a disgusting diatribe about the “supposed campus epidemic of rape.” In response to new standards that are intended to make things easier for rape victims, Will wrote that being a victim of such a violent and life-altering crime has become a “coveted status that confers privileges.”

”Now the Obama administration is riding to the rescue of “sexual assault” victims. It vows to excavate equities from the ambiguities of the hookup culture, this cocktail of hormones, alcohol and the faux sophistication of today’s prolonged adolescence of especially privileged young adults,” he wrote.

Dr. Jen Gunter penned an excellent response to misogynistic Will, in which she details her experiences for the right-wing rapist supporter–and excoriates his misinformed and idiotic views on rape. “There is no survivor privilege, just survivors,” she wrote in the letter, originally published on her blog.

Dear Mr. Will,

I read your recent column on the “supposed campus epidemic of rape, a.k.a. sexual assault” and am somewhat taken aback by your claim that forcing colleges to take a tougher stand on sexual assault somehow translates into a modern version of The Crucible that replaces witchcraft with rape hysteria.

I was specifically moved to write to you because the rape scenario that you describe somewhat incredulously is not unfamiliar to me. Not because I’ve heard it in many different iterations (I have sadly done many rape kits), but because it was not unlike my own rape. The lead up was slightly different, but I too was raped by someone I knew and did not emerge with any obvious physical evidence that a crime had been committed. I tried to push him away, I said “No!” and “Get off” multiple times,” but he was much stronger and suddenly I found my hands pinned behind my back and a forearm crushing my neck and for a few minutes I found it hard to breathe. I was 22, far from home, scared, and shocked and so at some point I just stopped kicking and let him finish. Sound familiar? For several weeks I didn’t even think about it as a rape because that was easier than admitting the truth. Again, sound familiar?

When a man who is much stronger than you holds you down (Hey baby don’t fight, you know you want it) and forces your legs open the violence and power of those movements is horrifically violating and utterly disempowering. You think you screamed NO! at the top of your lungs but you were so scared and so shocked that when you went from yelling no! to pleading no to silently weeping no is hard to remember. Implied violence Mr. Will is a terrifying thing indeed.

You labor under the fear (as some men do) that there is an epidemic of false rape. That good young men will go to jail for consent withdrawn after the fact. And while false accusations likely do happen (the Duke Lacrosse case is a recent, well-known example) these are the exception and not the rule and each time a male with a platform spouts off about a false epidemic of rape it only makes it harder for women who have been violated to come forward.

And your confusion about the under reporting statistics? First a woman has to get over her fear of her assailant and the shame imparted by society and then she has to deal with the police. There are no Special Victims Units like you see on T.V. protectively shepherding women through the process of facing assailants. And if fear and shame and being disbelieved by law enforcement were not enough of a deterrent think about having your pubic hair combed for your rapist’s DNA while you are dripping with his ejaculate. And you have the gall to wonder why some women might not immediately (if ever) report a rape? I am a 47 year-old financially and professionally secure woman in a stable, loving relationship and it took 25 years and your jackass column to get me to speak up about my rape. How easy do you think it is for a scared 20 year-old to call 911 or walk into a police station and say, “I was just raped?”

This weekend I was out dancing and experienced what I think you referred to as “micro-aggressions.” I had my buttocks pinched three times and my breasts groped twice. I was called a “bitch” and a “50-year-hag” when I politely declined hopeful suitors. Whether it is a cat call or a grope these actions represent sexual aggression and Mr. Will they have little to do with sex and everything to do with aggression. I wish someone taught those 40-something-year-old men in college that verbal assaults are not the appropriate response to “no thank you” and that pinching a women’s behind is not a mating ritual.

There is no woman who I have ever met personally or as an OB/GYN who thinks that surviving a rape confers some sort of privilege. I am genuinely curious if you interviewed a few young women hoping to earn their college rape badge or is that just a conclusion you reached looking at the issue of sexual assault through the myopic lens of misogyny?

Come spend a day in my clinic Mr. Will. Come see how the scars of rape linger even decades later.

There is no survivor privilege, just survivors.

Jennifer Gunter MD, FRCSC, FACOG, DABPM

Bravo, Jen!

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • Jim Piper Jr.

    I agree with everything she said and Will is out of bounds for being so flippant about something so serious but… A cat call is a verbal assault? Seriously, drink a big steaming cup of get over your liberal feminist victim mentality lady. Cat calls are immature and ignorant but are so far from an assault she makes herself look ignorant as well. Her rape was an assault and I wish it had never happened. The groping she experienced while dancing were assaults and disgusting, however a whistle from a douche bag at a construction site as a woman walks by is absolutely not an assault. Sexist, callous and disgusting yes, but to say it’s an assault cheapens the meaning of the word!

    • fjuliet

      Catcalls are rude, crude, disgusting — and intimidating. Their message is that women are objects for men’s sexual gratification. In themselves, they are not assault, but they are part of the mindset that leads to it.

    • Joelle

      I’d like you to experience cat-calling on a daily basis and insults in response to a polite rejection, and then try to say it isn’t assault. It’s threatening and demeaning, and makes women feel unsafe when out in public. This is coming from another rape survivor, so as someone who has experienced both, I can tell you that it is not a cheapening of the word. Of course, this is not even to mention that such behaviour can also be triggers for trauma related symptoms for people who are survivors of other forms of assault such as rape.

  • Brad Welch

    Mr. Will isn’t going to read the letter.

    • fjuliet

      It still needs to be said.

  • Bob K

    People like George Will should be forcibly raped and then inform us what privilege he then feels. He should be fired and blackballed for life.

  • Cereal Killa

    I’d really like to see/hear a response from that assclown Will. I’d really like to find out his way around this one.

  • Perry

    Well said, Doc. I also believe Will is tone (or issue) deaf but it is something that had to be said rather than let him wallow in his indefensible world.

  • Andrew Long

    Bravo Dr. Gunter. How can we get her letter in the faces of these Neanderthals?
    And how can we reach idiot women (and men) who fail to teach their sons how to treat people in a respectful way. How can we teach men that “no” means “no” ?

  • Eleanor Earley

    As obsessed with sex and rape as the teabaggers/repugs are, this message will never sink in their pea sized brain. Of course if it was someone in their family then they would have their assault rifles in hand and go play bang bang with that rapist.

    • LiberalConstitutionalist

      Actually no. They would still blame their family member.

      • Nico Suave

        Too far dude. Too far. Reel it back in a little bit.

      • http://irishconnell.wordpress.com irishconnell

        The “family member” being the one between their legs.

  • knight4444

    My question is where are all the republican women who jump on the internet and especially sites with a liberal theme and RAMBLE ON AND ON AND ON defending anything their GOP over lords belt out!! george will just SPIT in the face of women, especially women who have been RAPED and ALL you get from these republican females are either some BS about how WE misunderstood their WHITE NATIONALIST male counterparts or we just don’t hear ONE blessed word out of them!! republican women are a JOKE!! their men treat them like dirt and they’re just as happy as a lark but when it comes to liberal issues their all maniac psycho attack mode!! Log cabin republicans and female republicans are UNREAL!!

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