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Amazing Turnout: Over 10,000 People Pack Event in Dallas to Learn More About Obamacare! (Video)

Just over a week ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-Helmet Hair)  took many by surprise when he shut down the state-run health insurance exchange program, and encouraged Texans to make use of the new federal exchange.  This was a pragmatic move for an otherwise ideological governor, and as proven this past weekend with a statewide outreach program, a popular one.

On Saturday, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, with more than thirty community partners, hosted an informational seminar in Dallas which drew a crowd of over 10,000 people.  That may be modest by Texas high school football standards, but as a demonstration of the uninsured and their needs, a remarkable turnout.  This healthcare pep rally was highlighted with a simple statement by Dr. Dan McCoy of Blue Cross and Blue Shield: “There’s safety in having an insurance card in your pocket.”

Frustration with the much-publicized glitches on the federal exchange website were noted, but attendees were given plenty of information packets about the various plans available, for which they could sign up when these problems are resolved.

Ten thousand people just in the Dallas area was but a fraction of those who showed up throughout Texas looking for affordable health insurance, and ample evidence that the ACA is not the boogeyman of Glenn Beck’s nightmares.

As another Dr. McCoy might say, “Dammit, Glenn! It’s a program for buying affordable private health insurance, not a socialist Kenyan FEMA camp!”

Watch the video below.

h/t: Freakout Nation


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