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Almost Half of Republicans Believe an Armed Revolution vs. Fed. Gov. May be Necessary.

By AATTP contributing author Omar Rivero from Occupy Democrats

Continuing their hot streak of anti-government schizophrenic paranoia, 44% of Republican voters told Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Publicmind pollsters that they believe an “armed revolution” might be necessary against the federal government in order to defend their freedom and liberties. That number is more than two and a half times the 18% of Democrats who said the same.

The antigovernment paranoia is so prevalent within America’s conservative movement, the same survey determined that almost a third of Republicans, 32%, believe that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary Shool, which left 21 children and 5 adults dead, is a false flag government operation actively being covered up by a complacent national media.

According to the results: “Turning to attitudes toward the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, which prompted the recent debate over the need for new gun control laws, the survey finds that overall, a quarter (25%) of Americans think that facts about the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary last year are being hidden and an additional eleven percent are unsure. Republicans are more likely to think that the truth about Sandy Hook is being suppressed, with 32 percent agreeing.”

It is also worth noting that, although these conservatives were relatively quiet while President Bush trampled on our Constitution and civil liberties, antigovernment and Second Amendment paranoia are at historical highs. This puts into question the rationality of their fears, and brings up the question of whether or not these fears are being fueled by a visceral reaction to America’s first African-American president.

When it comes to gun control, the study found that the supporters of both parties have diametrically opposed opinions, as 73% of Democrats support stricter gun legislation while 65% of Republicans oppose any and all new gun-control laws.

How many more mass shootings and massacres must America endure before the Republican Party stops per serving the second amendment rights of criminals, suspected terrorists, and the mentally unstable? How much blood needs to be spilled before conservatives put aside their antigovernment paranoia and work with the rest of us in order to pass commonsense legislation designed to stem gun massacres?

Only time will tell, but now that the Republican senators who voted to filibuster universal background checks are feeling the heat at the polls, we must keep the pressure on and force them to do the right thing by their constituents.

Watch the video here:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Amberstuff

    So, after these guys attacks the us govt, then what will they do? Do they even think they would win that fight? If they “won“ , would they become what they hate? A governing body? Way too much testosterone poisoning going on over there, a far as I am concerned.

  • Vince

    I’m not a Republican…but the people (Liberal or not) who say that WE (USA) have the mightiest Military on earth so guns will be mute, well, you just are clueless…I say read your HISTORY…the second Mightiest Military went bankrupt fighting a TEN YEAR war (USSR vs Afghanistan). We have just fought two similar WARs (not to mention the foolish Vietnam War) and have all but bankrupted our Country. To add insult to injury, as we leave Iraq and Afghanistan we will leave a mess; civil unrest will be a disaster for both Country’s. SMH…History has proven time and again that any armed citizenry can stop a stronger Military. Further, who is to say the all the Military would followed orders against it own? I think there is only a small percentage of citizen who want civil unrest. However, if we continue to “shrink” our Middle-Class there will be an inherent danger to our way of life as we know it.

    • Bob Cull

      So you don’t think that the military will fire on our own, Vince? Who do you suppose these guys are going to be shooting at? They aren’t going to bring down the government by sniping at governmental officials, they are going to me firing on the military, and I’m pretty sure that none of them will hesitate to shoot back.

  • cathy

    Can’t seem to get my post on here..

    • cathy

      Teaparty and NRA are wayyyy out of control- they should be tried for domestic terrorism before they start shit in this country amongst our own neighborly states which is their #1 goal

    • AATTP

      We hold comments for moderation and are a little backed up. :)

  • CathyInNH

    So why aren’t the teajahards being tried for domestic terrorism?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chauda.labbe Chauda Carlson Labbe

    I HATE guns. I’ve disliked them since I was a child. I am going to purchase my first gun this weekend (I’m 58) because I’m afraid of the loons like the ones talking about “Northern Aggression”. I’d be happy to go to jail taking out the new old fat white guy heading the NRA if he ever sets foot on my property!

    • RHfactor

      This is “violent” rhetoric attached to politics from a group that espouses weaponry. Now just think about that America?

      That’s very dangerous especially when rural lefties like myself also had military training own a gun and support the US constitution. This insanity has gotten way out control — just because the right wingers are losers you do not settle your politics with guns. these people are openly expressing “American Talibanisim” Little first graders getting gunned down – asking for mental back ground check which 90% support is not too much. I have to laugh if you think all of your pop guns whatever they might be is gonna stand up to the arsenals from the air — which is also wrong and needs to be checked.

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  • Edward

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the military part of the government? So if an organized militia takes up arms against the government, they’d be doing so against the world’s best military. Good luck with that fight!

  • Steve Tepperman

    I see this not so much as the wing-nuts wanting to impose a totalitarian dictatorship, instead I question if this would be the rhetoric if a white democrat was in the oval office. I fear this is all about white trash being apoplectic over Barack Obama occupying the White House.

    What are they going to do when Hilary Clinton sits in that chair.

    • Deltalyrae

      I agree with that point Steve. But I also think that these radical republicans are delusional. I am a “live and let live” kind of person. But recently, religion has become more and more a concern when it comes to identifying what is tearing this country apart. Think about it… from infancy these people are taught to believe in a spirit that they cannot see and believe in a book that was written long, long ago, by ordinary men (to the detriment of women) and is in direct opposition to scientific knowledge. They are taught that if they believe something thoroughly enough… that it can actually BE true. The reward here is that they will get to go to heaven and live forever in a wonderful paradise. Believing in something that even they do not know to be real is not only accepted, but it is lauded as virtuous. They are taught… no wait, the idea is hammered into their brains all their lives… to believe in things that simply are not factual. So is it any wonder why they cling to and hold true anything they hear that helps them come to grips with the fact that their beloved America, has chosen, not once, but twice, a President that is of African heritage. They listen to Fox news and actually believe, without question, everything that the pundits say is true. Religion teaches humans never to question anything… because God works in mysterious ways… but that old adage does not apply when one asks why their supposed God let President Obama win two Presidential elections. The mysterious God can literally do anything even it if lets something happen they did not want to happen. This Faith indoctrination is what makes it comfortable for them to fight everything that is real and proven in order to hang on their convenient beliefs. Anything that goes against their beliefs, such as evolution and racial equality makes them militant. They are freaking out about guns because they see themselves as Christian soldiers ready to fight a battle over ideas and beliefs about blacks, gays, women, reproduction, and,,, yes, even the constitution …beliefs and ideas THAT ARE SIMPLY NOT TRUE. I used to believe that religion, although archaic, was not really harmful to our modern society, but I AM CHANGING my mind… just like some radical republican state and local officials are changing school text books to skip scientific fact and go with the biblical stories of our creation.

    • http://www.becorath.com Becorath

      You people really are stupid to believe this. To say that it is because the color of his skin is ignorant and a childish way to place blame. He has done everything in his power and overstepped on many other things to increase government control over the peasant class of citizens. That is why he’s hated. Not because he’s black. Gun laws eh? Because the government is doing a great job already with the drug laws…

      • Bob Cull

        Yeah, right, they don’t have a racist thought in their pointy little heads. I talk to these wing nuts every day and they love to say that they don’t hate him because he’s black, they hate him because of his policies. Then they proceed to refer to him as “President Boy” “The Mud King” “Obongo” or simply “that npornr”. They refer to Michelle and the girls as “the First Primate or Gorilla and the two little Wookies”. What on earth would give me the idea that they are racist? Since you defend them I can safely assume that you are just as racist as the rest of this ill-informed crowd of traitors.

  • steve

    A revolution it may be closer than the feds think u gotta fight for what is right and we will,,,

    • Bob Cull

      Okay, Steve, so you think it is about time. Let’s assume that all of you nut jobs who actually believe that the Constitution gives you the right (which it doesn’t) to stage an armed rebellion actually get together and do it. You are less than ten percent of the population, which side do you suppose is going to win? I’ll give you a hint; it won’t be the minority.

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.rowe.716 Richard Rowe

      You’re assuming the “police-state” feds are the only adversaries America’s Taliban would have to contend with. There are plenty of people, like myself, would would be happy to pick up a gun and put down the Taliban insurgency of a right-wing revolution. The Right thinks it’s fighting for the constitution only because it has a twisted notion of what the constitution IS. Those of us who TRULY support America would side with the will of the people, and put those right-wing terrorists down like they were wearing turbans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.renee.radford Dawn Renee Radford

    Treason and Sedition. Hang them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dam.spahn Dam Spahn

    Sedition is the correct term. It is also a crime. Infantile behavior and self-inflicted ignorance? That’s just pathetic.

  • http://gravatar.com/60stoday 60stoday

    If the traitors want a revolution I am here to fight for the constitution. I will not give up my commitment to the constitution because there is a black man in the president’s office. That is the whole problem. I served in Viet Nam. I saw many young men die for their Republic and the constitution of the United States. Many of those young men were black. I will stand on the front line to defend and protect the Constitution, the flag and the Republic from these traitors that would destroy what I fought for in 1968.

  • Eric Albright

    Luckily 44 percent of the Republican Party only amounts to about 23 percent of the general population.

    • Bearfoot

      Plus 18% of democrats, so almost 1/3 of the population as a whole.

      • Bob Cull

        Actually, Bearfoot, the total comes to about 32 million, less than one tenth of the population.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    Which means that half of the Republicans are traitors to America or fully one quarter, (give or take a few percentage) of Americans do NOT believe in America to begin with. Therefore the GOP is NOT an American political party but is an Anti-American organization and should be declared to be an enemy of our Nation and made war upon. Any argument to the otherwise by them is an anti-American argument and must be discounted. See how that works, folks? The Tea party is NOT American by definition because they advocate the overthrow of our nation.

    • http://gravatar.com/brianjayblogger Parrot guy

      The Second Amendment only protects the right to bear arms for a regulated militia, so that Congress can call upon those armed militia to protect the government from rebellion. Protection of “your” right to bear arms (as the GOP reads it) was never a right to begin with. And using that right to defend “against the government” is an outright act of sedition and should be dealt with accordingly.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        What part of “the right of the people” don’t you understand?

  • Bob Cull

    What is even more scary is the fact that these nut jobs actually believe that they have a Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT to overthrow the government. I talk to people almost every day who claim that is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. They claim that the founders wanted to be sure that the people would have the means to overthrow the government that they had just formed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/42ndJesus Travis Mason

      220 years ago isn’t exactly just formed. Thomas Jefferson mentioned that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike. http://www.monticello.org/site/jefferson/tree-liberty-quotation

      • Bob Cull

        I am familiar with that reference, Travis and also talk to people who cite it all the time as a justification for their call to revolution. However, like the Bible, it is the sort of thing that should never be taken literally. I think he was speaking figuratively when he said that. As for it being 220 years, that may be so but at the time the Constitution was written it was not. No government forms with an eye to providing the means to bring about it’s own demise. The fact remains that advocating the violent overthrow of the government is treason.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Heepster Joe Cogan

        Did you even read the last sentence of the post you replied to?

      • Heidi

        Wow!!! Are you really using that quote, Travis?? I am so tired of hearing that dumb ass quote. I doubt very seriously if Thomas Jefferson were alive today he would agree with any of what is going on right now when it comes to the actions of the GOP. I also think he would regret saying that because so many people use it as a way to say they have a right to overthrow our government….

  • Perry

    The right-wing Teapublican morons advocating armed revolution are committing treason and should be held accountable.

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