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Alex Jones and Ted Nugent ‘Destroy’ Jim Carrey (Hysterical Video)

We have several questions after watching this wacky exchange:

  • If Alex Jones thinks you’re mentally ill, does that mean you’re actually a bastion of sanity?
  • When Alex Jones turns his brain off at night so he can go to sleep quickly, why does he never turn it back on?
  • Why doesn’t Alex Jones know what “literally” means?  We never heard anything about Jim Carry “literally” desecrating Charlston Heston’s grave, did you?
  • Is Ted Nugent’s upcoming tour really called “Black Power” and if so is this the most ironic occurrence in history?
  • Did Ted “Pants-Pooper” Nugent really say something about Michael Moore’s hygiene?
  • Why can’t these people understand that public figures need more security than everyday citizens?
  • Why does Ted Nugent think Constitutional rights and God-given rights are the same thing?
  • Does Ted Nugent know he sounds like a rabid beaver chewing off its own face when he speaks?
  • Would Charleston Heston be flattered that Ted Nugent thinks he is just like himself and Alex Jones “but better”?
  • Why do we feel smarter every time Jones and Nugent call us things like “pathetic” and “imbecilic”?
  • Could anyone possibly pack more bizarre hyperbole into just under 13 minutes or should someone call Guinness?

Watch the circus sideshow and crack the hell up!



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  • Lisa Irwin

    Ah yes, Chuck Heston who decided to have an NRA rally DAYS after Columbine, and when the families said maybe now isnt a good time, basically told them to F off. Now that’s class

  • Perry

    I had to go back to listen again when I heard Nugent, who s**t his pants to stay out of the Army during the Vietnam war, question the hygiene of an individual. What a clueless moron.

  • Richard

    Nuremberg trials in 1938? The trials were held 1945-46. None of the defendants were walked through concentration camps. Shouldn’t Nugent be in jail or dead?

  • Ma

    If it didn’t serve to make martyrs out of these circle-jerk fetishists, I’d say “if only a drone strike could have been made when they were concentrated next to each other.”


    Alex jones needs more money even though his net worth is over 5 million dollars. alex jones is no different then piers morgan. except for the fact he sells crazy better.

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  • Francis Taquin

    Alex Jones is the best !! INFOWARS is no 1 in the world !!!! Resist The New World Order !!!! :)

  • Amanda Walker

    After Schizophrenic Ted Nugent started talking I had to stop the video. I refuse to give such a psychopath the time of day. Alex Jones is no better than Limbaugh, I hope people like these guys stay in the Republican Party for a long, long time. It will ensure the Democrats win the majority. Jim Carrey has a soul, I know this is very hard for bigots to understand, but people will defend him because he actually cares about the kids. One more thing, I used to vote Republican. Now I strictly vote Democrat. At least they won’t embarrass me. Anyone who proudly says they vote Republican is either a huge bigot, or a moron, or most likely both.

  • gb

    Jones calls Jim Carrey mentally ill and he calls Ted Nugent as a rebuttal?????? hahahahaha

  • http://yahoo.com DANIEL ROOT

    these 2 clowns must be brothers mr jones and i use that term loosely you have to have a brain to shut it off. as for teddy you are the motor city MADMAN i have listened to your music for years today ends it i have multiple albums of you and various i think now i will use thenm all as target practice without an assault WEAPON which i believe is what OUR PRESIDENT IS TRYING TO OUTLAW. in my opinion and i hope i am not alone you both should just pack your shit and leave . or run for the job which will not happen because your both TO STUPID.

  • Mike Jackson

    Well……………Do us all a favor and turn your brain off right now!!!!

  • George Forsyth

    Of course Jones can turn his very small and limited brain off quickly. Give me a heads up when he has it turned on.

  • George Markunas

    Syphilis, it must be syphilis…

  • Beau Standfuss

    Didn’t Nugent say he was going to kill himself or leave the country if Obama won? We are still waiting.

  • Katie K

    Clearly, you can turn your brain off very easily.

  • Joey Bischoff

    Alex Jones and Ted Nugent need to seek help for their mental illness The only guns that needs to be taken away are theirs before they hurt somebody. I wonder how Ted Nugent was even allowed to by guns in the first place, with a sect 8 from the army .The little coward shat and peed himself to get out of Vietnam so his friends and neighbors served with dignity and honor . yes sir ted nugent a true American coward .Alex Jones a true American wing-nut

    • Bruce Winter

      Two nuts!

    • JOHN DOE

      not to mention how jones on numerous occasions on air has threatened to kill people or talked about pulling his gun out. then he screams sanity while he goes off an a psychotic tangent about how the very that he is using is evil.

  • Bowling for Columbine

    Yes, he traveled the country holding pro-gun rallies in places where mass shootings just occured. That’s real classy.

  • Steve Campitelli

    The GOP is turning into a circle-jerk of false patriotism masking selfishness.

  • Kevin Argue

    I got lost along the way, why does Nugent want to march Carrey through Auschwitz? And what does that have to do with the topic at hand? And… oh forget it….

  • Ed Gentner

    Apparently these two poltroons are confused about the subject of patriotism hygiene or mental health… Ted Nugent, shit pants and wore them to his draft physical to avoid serving in the military when he had the chance… Alex Jones worships Ted Nugent…What does this say about both of them…

  • Seth

    Jim Carrey could not have gotten higher praise than the rabid, frothing stupidity of these two.

  • http://Democrats4thesecondamendments garry lafferty

    Jim Carrey is the best, it was sataire idiots. .Ted Nugent is a draft dogger and no patriot. Heston is burning in hell along with Regan. Nugent can Fuck Off with his spread of hate i had to turn volune down with Nugents voice.he remind me of a chalk board and a finger tail running down it. That iirateing screach. Or a splinter under your finger.Or a boil on your ingrown hair pimpled ass thats hard to pop. And Roseann puts him to shame.

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