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After Being Denied Simple Diagnostic Test, 19-Year-Old Dies of Cervical Cancer

Access to proper healthcare should be available to everyone regardless of age, gender, or race. Had 19-year-old Sophie Jones received the proper treatment, she may not have died from cervical cancer.

Sophie Jones was denied the smear test that could have saved her life because she was 16, an age considered too young to receive such medical testing in England. Her mother is now fighting to lower the age to receive smear tests from 25 to 16.

Doctors told Sophie that she was too young to get cervical cancer, even though she was complaining about severe stomach pains that started in February 2013. Instead of doing the quick smear test for the young girl, doctors sent her to a gastroenterologist and told her she had Crohn’s disease.

A gynecologist finally saw Jones this past November, but it was unfortunately too late. The cervical cancer, that Jones undeniably had, spread throughout her stomach, and she died this week.

Sophie’s mother, Peri, is pushing the British government to lower the age for smear tests to 16 if a patient requests one. The fact that women have to be 25 to even receive the test is baffling. Reports that stated girls in their teens cannot get cervical cancer was just disproved with Sophie’s case, and the British government has some serious reformations they need to make with their women’s healthcare.

About Erica King

Erica is from a small town in eastern Ohio where people think LGBT and HTML is basically the same thing, and ignorance is as common as gunshots and drug trafficking. Being immersed in this culture, or lack thereof, Erica has been left with a sour taste in her mouth for discrimination and unethical treatment of minorities that the Right Wing excuses because the Bible says so. Erica graduated with a Bachelors in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, but can't speak a lick of Pittsburghese.
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  • Laurie Neufeld

    The ACA is INSURANCE, NOT medical care. Even if it had happened here in the US, the fault would lie squarely with the doctor, not the victim’s insurance (or lack thereof). But here in the US, you can NOT get the shingles vaccine until you are 50 – I know, I tried, because I had chickenpox as a child. Again, doesn’t matter if you’re insured or not, it’s an arbitrary age limit set by HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS.

  • cole222

    There is too much unknown in this case. Cervical cancer in a `16 y.o. is very unlikely and the onset of cervical cancer would not be announced by “stomach problems”.
    I suspect this is bogus.

    • mike

      gee thats funny, my daughter at age 20 was diagnosed with cervical cancer, luckily she had insurance. but since you are not a doctor, how would you know what age cance can strike?

  • mcree320

    No body waits until any age expecting to qualify for an illness. “Right to Life” is not age qualified so everyone seems to say. If life is so important, why are there so many ways to get around it?……and at this juncture I am not including abortion in this particular response as I do not believe it applies here unless it were a “Choice of Life Issue by the Expectant Mother and REsponsible PArents.

  • William

    And yet, AATP cannot wait to have the “dream” of a single payer system here in the States, just like the one in England, that killed this young lady.

    • Satori

      No you moron.

      The reason she died was because the social system in England acted as if it were American style Healthcare. Denying access has been a hallmark tradition of American For-Profit Health Care. What this article shows is that the NHS needs some tweaking… but you know what… it is still far far better than the American system.

    • Frooble McMackem

      In fairness to the NHS in England this was a clinical decision made by a doctor. She wasn’t denied access to healthcare because she was poor or uninsured. Yes, it is a tragedy and shouldn’t happen but doctor’s rely on best practice to treat their patients. The doctor considered she was too young to have cervical cancer and acted accordingly. Obviously, procedures regarding the smear test in the UK have to be changed to stop this happening again…

  • http://facebook – sotamis

    Death panels, in full operation.

  • David W Applegate

    As a father and grandfather to girls, this story is touching and sad. However, I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person. That stated, I can not, for the life of me, see what this article, about a girl being treated and dying while in the care of the British Healthcare System in England, has to do with either the Tea Party or Obamacare. Neither the US Federal Government nor any US politicians had anything to do with this story.

  • Jeff DeGhelder

    Obamacare has nothing to do with it, this sad tale took place in England, read the second paragraph of the article if you don’t believe me, so basically, this has nothing to do with the political climate in America

  • Kathleen Fisher

    GaLiberal…. how is this Obama’s fault. This story is about a young girl in England

  • Beth B.

    There was a similar case in the United States several years ago except it was a young woman who was told she was too young to have breast cancer and was therefore denied a mammogram to find it and/or rule it out. She did have it and it did kill her.

    Do you have the body part? Then it can get cancer, check for it, case closed. How does this simplicity escape the medical community?

  • Terryl

    If I am not mistaken, cervical cancer is caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. So to deny screening for any woman under the age of 25 is to assume that the population is not engaging in sex.

    This seems to me to be another way of punishing women for having sex without being married and enforcing a double standard between men and women.

  • GaLiberal

    Another failure of Obamacare!

    • Beth B.

      This was in England – the ACA doesn’t affect England…

    • Ranger Rick

      Hey, Genius! How can it be the fault of Obamacare? The incident happened in England! A humble suggestion: Write your comments after you learn to read and pass the 4th grade.

    • abby

      This was in great Britain not here
      Nothing to do with Obamacare

    • Lb

      This happen in England so it has NOTHING to do with obamacare. Obamacare specifically covers such preventative care for women, try again.

    • Lauren

      This was in the UK genius.

    • Kim

      umm not to sound mean but this case was in England…they don’t have obamacare there.

    • Charity

      This was in England

    • http://facebook tinah kenney

      You need to read the article dumbass. This happened in London. Gop idiot.

    • John Baker

      As you’ve no doubt already seen, AATTP can be a dangerous place for sarcasm.

  • Bob K


  • Maple

    The NHS has guidelines about the ages for testing certain things like Pap smears, mammograms etc. But when a doctor takes it upon him/herself to declare that a patient is “too young” to have cervical cancer, but doesn’t know what the problem is, then he/she is at fault for not taking every possibility (including cervical cancer) into consideration. There is no one at fault, other than the doctor, for this girl’s death.

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