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Absolutely Nothing: A Veteran’s Savage Indictment of the Iraq War

Tragically, all we’ve fought for in Iraq, all that 4,500 American lives were shed to gain, is on the cusp, potentially, of vanishing.

Mitt Romney, “Ideas Summit,” 6/13/2014

mission-accomplish BEST

All we fought for in Iraq.

All we fought for in Iraq is on the cusp of vanishing.

That’s what Mitt Romney says.

We fought for. We fought for. We.

Oh, so it’s we now, is it, Mitt?


I must have missed you over there, but it was a busy place. We. The guy who helped set up “pro-draft” rallies and yet somehow managed to avoid service in Vietnam is upset about losing what “we” fought for? We.

Yeah, fuck you, Mitt.

And you’re all welcome to quote me on that.

Somebody stepped into my office yesterday and asked how I felt about it.  He wanted to know how I felt about “losing” Iraq.

How do I feel about losing all we fought for?

I don’t know.

First, I’m going to need somebody to explain to me exactly what it was that we were fighting for.

What was it? What is it that we gained, according to Mitt Romney? And what is on the cusp of vanishing? What is that? No, really, somebody please explain it to me.

Because I’d love to know.

The Wikipedia says Operation Iraqi Freedom started on the 20th of March, 2003, which is just another reason why you shouldn’t believe anything you read in the Wikipedia (don’t, just don’t).  That’s not correct, the war began a day earlier.  See, I was there on the night the war really started, at precisely 2200 hours, on the 19th of March in the Northern Arabian Gulf.  I was there when US Navy SEALs and Polish GROM stormed the MABOT and KAAOT oil terminals a full day before Saddam Hussein discovered that his time was finally up.  In point of fact, I had arrived there four months before, a few days before Christmas in December of 2002. From the day of my arrival (and before that really) to the day the war started, and for months after, I was a Navy intelligence officer working in support of the invasion force.  There’s not much I don’t know about the events leading up to war and the aftermath of the invasion.

Well, not much except for that one little detail.


All these years later, and I still don’t know why.

Oh, I mean, I know what they told us, sure, Saddam Hussein attacked America on 9-11.  Right? That’s what they said, that’s what the Commander-in-Chief told us. Saddam Hussein was in league with Al Qaida, remember? The son of a bitch and his stinking nation of terrorists attacked us. The Iraqis had it coming. And Georgie Boy was going to finish what his daddy started. Hooray! Right? That’s what they said.

Except those of us in the professional intelligence community looked at each other and thought, wait, what? How the hell did we miss that? Saddam and Osama bin Laden are working together? Buwah? But Rumsfeld, he had his own little extra-constitutional intelligence outfit staffed with his simpering cronies who he paid to blow smoke up his pinched grey ass until his colon resembled beef jerky and he sure didn’t have much use for us – after all, we were just the military he had.

Ours, as they say, is not to reason why, ours is to but do and die, right? At least that’s what Rummy told us and you know, you go into war with the Secretary of Defense you have, not the one you’d like to have. And if Rumsfeld says he’s got the real scoop, it must be true? Right? Sure, that justifies his contempt for us, sure it does.

Except, Rumsfeld’s little masturbation fantasy turned out not to be the case.

But hey, never mind that, Saddam Hussein was threatening us anyway, wasn’t he? Sure he was, in fact, that’s the first time you heard the phrase “Weapons of Mass Destruction” isn’t it? The bastard had nukes and germs and war gas and he was just itching to use them on America, wasn’t he?  Heck we even had pictures of “mobile weapons labs” to prove it, isn’t that what Colin Powell told the UN and the world? And by damn Saddam had been buying Yellow Cake uranium from Niger, right? Colin Powell wouldn’t lie to us, would he? He was a hero, a general, he wouldn’t send his comrades into war on a lie now would he?

Except all that turned out to be bullshit too, and Colin Powell was either a dupe of staggering proportions or he was the kind of Soldier who would fuck his buddy right in the ass without so much as a reach-around and I’ll leave it up to you to figure which one is worse.

But by the time we figured out we’d been ass-raped by Colin Powell, we were shoulder deep in Iraq, Baghdad was burning, Iraq’s army had thrown down their weapons and taken off their uniforms and had melted into the population, Saddam had vanished and his sons were dead, and the President of the United States had already declared victory from the deck of an American aircraft carrier.

And so, the objective became … what?

Hearts and minds and freedom and democracy and nation building and magic bunnies who fart sunshine and rainbows.

Unfortunately, it turns out we’re real good at the blowing shit up part, not so good at the magic bunnies part.

Which in retrospect, shouldn’t be all that surprising – given that in order to build a civilization it helps if you actually have some vague familiarity with the people involved.  Needless to say, we didn’t. And we didn’t care. To America, they were all little brown towelheads, sand niggers, raggedy-assed camel jockeys who ought to be grateful to America for burning down their shitty country.  Sunni? Shia? Turkman? Baathists? What’s that? What do you mean they hate each other? They’re all Muslims aren’t they? They’re all Aayrabs, right? What do you mean they hate each other? And it all fell apart, disintegrating into insurgency and murder and bloody civil war – just exactly as anybody who actually knew something about the region and its people and its history could have told you it would.  We lost less than a hundred soldiers in the actual war, the “peace” cost us nearly 5000 more.  And the Iraqis? Who the hell knows? A hundred thousand? A million? It’s impossible to tell.

And it turns out that freedom and democracy and magic flying bunnies were as elusive as Iraq’s supposed WMDs.

So, what was it again that we were fighting for?

They had no idea what we were fighting for, those saber-rattling Chicken Hawks, the cowardly connected wealthy weasels who’d managed to avoid serving in their own war, who kept their children out of uniform, but just couldn’t wait to send us into one of their own making. They sent us off with parades and marching bands and cheering crowds … and brought the bodies home in secret, hidden away from the TV cameras and the public.

They had no plan and no idea what we were dying for, but they assured us what the war wasn’t  about – it wasn’t about religion.

Oh no, sir, we weren’t fighting to eradicate Muslims, it wasn’t about Islam.

The Evangelical Christian religious extremists who started this war told us it wasn’t about religion.

Heh heh, riiiiiight. And Vietnam was really about containing communism. Sure.

Maybe they should have had Colin Powell tell that wopper to the UN, but he’d quit by then and was suddenly as invisible to America as those flag draped metal boxes arriving at Dover Air Force base in the middle of the night.

Americans who a few years before had been proudly waving their little flags as Johnny marched off to war were suddenly all shifty-eyed, they slapped a $5 dollar made in China magnet on the bumper of their giant gas-sucking SUVs, Support Our Troops, and with sardonically raised eyebrows complained to each other over the pumps about the immorality of a war fought for oil.

But that wasn’t true either, was it?

Iraq’s oil fields, the ones we fought and died to preserve on orders from the White House, the off-shore terminals the SEALs and the GROM risked their lives to save on that night back in 2003, the precious Iraqi oil that was going to pay for the war and pay to rebuild the country we’d blown up, well, that oil is nowhere to be found today, is it?

So, tell me again, what exactly is it that’s on the “cusp of vanishing?”

I mean it sure isn’t peace.

It’s not freedom for the Iraqi people, despite the war’s idiotic name.

It sure isn’t regional stability.

It’s not the end of terrorism or the near universal hatred of America in the Middle East.

And now that Halliburton and KBR and Blackwater and Dick Cheney have made their billions and cashed out, it isn’t even about long-term economic investments and American business.

Hell, it’s not even about cheap gas.

So, go on, enlighten me. Because even though I was there, I’ve got no goddamned idea what it is that we’ve lost in Iraq beyond the 4,487 men and women we shipped home in metal boxes, beyond the 32,223 wounded and maimed, beyond the trillions of dollars we spent in our rage and our drive for revenge and our lust for blood.

Today, John McCain and Mitt Romney and the rest of the conservative war machine are railing against the President.

McCain stirred from the yellow fog of his bamboo cage and proclaimed in his best Old Man Yelling At Clouds voice, “We won Iraq! Obama lost it!”

Really Johnny Walnuts? Tell me, what did we win? And what have we lost? Please be specific, because I’d really like to know.

We no more “won” Iraq than McCain’s own father “won” Vietnam.

McCain claims he “predicted” the sectarian violence now tearing Iraq apart. Really? Where the hell was clairvoyant John McCain back in 2003 when he voted along with the rest of them to send us into war? And later, where was his great predictive ability when Iraq began tearing itself apart? I guess he was at a Dixie Chicks concert, he must have been out in the lobby ordering a plate of Freedom Fries when his pal George W. Bush let Iraq disintegrate into civil war.

And so here we are.

The same old motley cast of characters, the warhawks and the chickenhawks and the billionaires and the simple-minded saber-rattlers and the same old hate-filled pundits, they just can’t wait to jump back into Iraq.

Mitt Romney, John McCain, one who never served and one who damned well ought to know better, men who both wanted to be President of the United States and who both lost to Barack Obama, they just can’t wait to send other people’s kids back into the meat grinder.

Here’s my question.


Why, John McCain?

Why, Mitt Romney?

Why, conservatives?

This time you fuckers goddamned well tell me why.

What’s the goal? What’s the objective? Is it to end terrorism? Is it to enforce peace at the muzzle of a gun? Is it it to make defense contractors rich? Is it for jobs? Or is it for magic flying bunnies who shoot rainbows and cheap gasoline out of their little assholes to the sound of Yankee Doodle Dandy?

Or, or, is it just because you hate Barack Obama?

That’s it, isn’t it?

It is.

You sons of bitches one and all, you simpering capering madmen, this time at least have the courage to face the cameras, to look into America’s eyes, and tell them that their sons and daughters will be dying because you John McCain, because you Mitt Romney, because you Dick Cheney, because you Donald Rumsfeld, because you George W. Bush you lying bastard, because you conservatives hate Barack Obama…and for no other reason.

Go on, tell us, go on. Wave your little flags and beat your fleshy chests, roll out the marching bands and tell us just how many more American soldiers should die. Go on, put a number on it. Ten? A hundred? Fifty four thousand? How many of us have to die? How many more bodies will it take to satiate your mindless hunger for blood and revenge? How many more American lives are worth your insane hatred of the president? How many? How much further into debt should we drive our nation, another trillion dollars? Two? Ten? A hundred? Put a price on it you insane sons of bitches, go on, give me a number, write me a check. Tell me how much you’re willing to pay, show me the goddamned money. How many more years? How many? One? Five? Another decade? Fifty? What is it? Don’t wave your hands and make some vague prognostication, give me a number, how many lives, how much money, how many years? You look us in the eye and you fucking tell us.

I’ll tell you what, let’s go back to Iraq.

Oh, yes, let us do that.

I’ll dig out my uniform and strap on my pistol and gird up my sword and ride into battle yet again.

Just so long as Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and every single one of those powdered, Botoxed talking heads at Fox News are in the vanguard. That’s right, you cowards, you put on a uniform and you lead the charge this time around. The Koch brothers and Mitt Romney can pay for it, every goddamned penny, we’ll bleed them until they’re dry and then we’ll pull the gold fillings from their teeth to pay for it right along with the rest of their Wall Street cronies. You fuckers got rich off the last one, you can damned well pay for this one. And when you run out of money, we’ll take your blood, fair’s fair.

Strap John McCain into the cockpit of an A-4 Skyhawk and let him fly air cover.

If he gets himself shot down and taken prisoner again, well, you know what? Fuck him, leave him to the enemy because frankly his hate and bile and raging insanity have done more damage to this country than Bowe Bergdahl ever did.

The terrorists can keep him.


Peace love and understanding tell me
Is there no place for them today
They say we must fight to keep our freedom
But Lord knows there’s got to be a better way

War what is it good for
Absolutely nothing…

Edwin Starr, “War” 1969

Originally posted by Jim Wright on Stonekettle Station.

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About Jim Wright

Jim Wright
Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He lives in Alaska where he watches American politics in a perpetual state of amused disgust. He's been called the Tool of Satan, but he prefers the title: Satan's Designated Driver. He is the mind behind Stonekettle Station. You can email him at [email protected] You can follow him on Twitter @stonekettle, or you can join the boisterous bunch he hosts on Facebook at Facebook/Stonekettle. Remember to bring brownies and mind the white cat, he bites. Hard.
  • B.J.D

    Mitt Romney, John McCain, one who never served and one who damned well ought to know better, men who both wanted to be President of the United States and who both lost to Barack Obama, they just can’t wait to send other people’s kids back into the meat grinder.

    Hey shitbird, in case you didn’t know McCain has two sons in uniform both with the Marines and you lord messiah Obama has US troops back fighting in Iraq. .

  • danielistical

    WHY to make money for those with a vested interest,,SAME AS EVERY WAR….WELL SAID SIR ,,,,well said…

  • Allara2

    All I can say is WOW! You nailed it!

  • Infidel Cartman

    My god. Can you throw any more bull shite conspiracy theories against the wall. Those warts had nothing in common.

  • David G

    I’m guessing this guy is biased against the Republicans and for Democrats… in that case he shouldn’t use anything about the Vietnam war, as that was an LBJ/McNamara debacle… squarely a Democrat enterprise.

    • Bob Cull

      McNamara admitted that Vietnam was a mistake. Bush and Cheney refuse to admit that Iraq was a mistake, let alone the fact that they twisted facts to get congressional approval. Darth Cheney is still doubling down on his defense of the indefensible and Jeb just recently called it “a pretty good deal,” the creation of ISIS and the introduction of al Qaeda into the country notwithstanding. Big difference!

  • Stephen Gray

    I read Kevin J. Phillip “American Theocracy”. He mentioned Saddam Hussein was going to sell his Euro’s not Dollars and Dick Cheney took alarms with that.
    I think it came down to corporate greed. Halliburton made millions of that Fiasco.

  • Bogatyr

    I Wright’s mission was to contain Saddam, as Clinton had initiated, perhaps he would have viewed his tour with more satisfaction, but of course that would not have brought OSAMA to justice. OSAMA and SADDAM were proven as separate evils, AL QUAIDA being the genie SADDAM needed kept in a bottle

  • Xcalicoco

    Bush and Cheney are walking free, and Maha Rushdie is still preaching treason 3 hours a day. Situation Normal, All F**ked Up.

  • 1ofmanyfriends1

    This is THE MOST brutal and honest article EVER written about the war. THIS is what we NEED to hear to get us to understand that we are not a country that NEEDS to be in a war…any war…EVER. This is why cowards like those mentioned will ALWAYS be in power and this is why their children, grandchildren and great great grandchildren will always be safe.
    I used to think it was always about money that people wanted to be in politics. Now I realize it is about more….it is about the power to take another person’s life. It is about power period.

  • http://paulonbooks.blogspot.co.uk/ PaulOnBooks

    Very well said.

  • jamespannozzi

    The bad news about this Veteran’s statements -> HE’S RIGHT.

    The good news about this Veteran’s statements -> HE’S RIGHT
    and many people are starting to realize it !!!

  • Darren Stevens

    Just brilliant. Couldn’t have said it better. Sorry I didn’t comment the first time I read this. Thank you for your service and I hope you have a lot to say about how, today, the defense industry is lining up to kill the Iran deal.

  • blearyeyed

    Unless you’re declining a dinner date, the word is waste.

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  • maxtennison

    outstanding. problem with cowards is not one has had the balls to respond to you have they sir? you are an american patriot, and our military is better that you served in it, even if it was for naught. i am sure you are more dismayed than i could ever be, watching the parade of fatcats liars and dipshits progress as they do. if you find a worthy cause in us, thats when you should take up arms again.

  • Clayton Adams

    You get all up in their s**t, boy. Just don’t forget the 58,000 who died in a previous war based on lies. Keep some perspective.

  • Tom

    You can point out ant incorrect information at anytime now, I usually don’t visit 8 month old conversations but Ill humor you.

  • Tom

    Not sure what part of this conversation from 8 months ago you disagree with? and im not re reading it, you seem to be taking bits of my responses but not the questions I was answering or responding to so there is no reference (very MSNBC of you).

  • http://porkov.blogspot.com/ Porkov

    So, Chief, I take it you regret having served, and that your sympathies are with the feeble-minded sheep who choose this forum to despise the military. Tell me if I’m wrong. I was not a lifer, only a kiddie cruiser who served from ’61 to ’65, all Westpac. Though hardly a “true believer,” I still honor my oath. The part about “Obey the rightful orders” expired, but not where I swore to protect and defend the Constitution.

  • Johny Moscow Boyd

    As an Australian, I am so relieved and happy to have read this I was worried that the honest and the brave voices of your nation had been completely eradicated by these low greedy gutless maggots running your country. Thank God for the outspoken informed and articulate because we too were lied to, as we followed America into the insane and incredible lust for domination. We remember gratefully how the U.S Navy stood between Japan and our northern borders and how things could have been so different if not for the staunch fight of your Grandfathers. Maybe that’s why we almost ran to the front when we were asked by that knucklehead Bush and the rest of the wanna be Nazis Rumsfeld Cheney etc. Question how come Clinton got the arse over because he was getting blown, yet the Bush crew got away with the deaths of so many? When are they due in court?

  • Robert Hunt

    Well DONE! All “we” fought for? Halliburton has it’s profits, lots of profits from years of disruption of oil supply, is, unfortunately, about to vanish, is that what he means? Just what did we accomplish? Netanyahu said it would bring stability to the middle east, hummm? It brought profits to Defense Contractors, Big Energy, and Cheney’s firm, but death and misery to just about everyone who actually FOUGHT.

  • disqus_xIdL3YzMYs

    If someone has to has to tell you WHY you fought in Iraq, then either you are lying about being there, or you are dumbest intelligence officer ever!

  • Steve

    Jim, first thing is I want to thank you and all the other service men and women for all you did. Regardless of the reason for the war (or lack there of), the US Military and those that serve being honor to this country every day. Second, I applaud you for this article. For too many years we listened to lies, deceit and cover ups. It’s a shame it took someone like you to provide the truth rather than our former President or his administration. I realize that all those in the military are affected in one way or another, either physically, mentally or emotionally, or a combination thereof., when they go to war, especially when there is no justification in doing so. Again, I am grateful for what you did for your country and wish you the best.

  • Darin Malchus

    Wow, I have never read anything I agreed with more than this. Complete high five to you, Jim Wright.

  • Alex Amerling

    Well said. There is never anything good about war.

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  • TwoFeetThick

    No one says it like Jim Wright. If you haven’t, go check out his blog. You won’t be sorry. Just be prepared to lose a few days reading through it — it will suck you in.

  • curioushistorian

    Amen, brother.

  • rdzk

    Thank you. Let’s wait for the CowarD-in-Chief and the VPCoward to reply. But Saddam REALLY WAS A THREAT–not with WMDs but with planning to trade petrol for NOT-US$. This will bring a collapse if the US$ is NOT the GLOBAL Currency it now is.That is what the TPP and TTIP/etc are about–creating territorial zones in WHICH ONLY THE US$ IS USED TO TRADE, forbidding the use of any other, namely the China Renminbi WHICH ON THE FREE MARKET [Hahahahahahaha] is ahead of the US$–the 8th most desired and traded currency in less than 10y. This is what PresObama keeps blathering about ‘do you not want to be in the global market’!

  • Mike Schoenberg

    I’ve always maintained that the WMD came about as the same time as the Catholic Church’s shaming That’s what Bush meant

  • Bobmonroe3

    Jim your post is one of the most riveting pieces I’ve ever read about Iraq GWB, Mitt Romney and the ever infantile John McCain.

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  • Anthony Edwards

    It takes real courage to fight for peace, when all there is around you are drums of war.

  • Henry Vandenburgh

    Thumbs up!

  • Phil Gray

    I am a retired NCO, Well I agree with some of it however definitely most of it is worthy of a Dutch Rudder, ( I am sure being a Naval Officer you can relate to what that is, and I do mean that with the most of sarcasm). Yes I to pick and can point out many of the faults of going in to Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact I did not support the Iraq portion of the wars. However I will also point out recent intelligence did prove there were WMDs and also that our own soldiers were exposed to chemical weapons while there and had been treated for such exposure. I would also point out that information is available through declassified CIA reports. Yes I do blame the destabilization On Obama pulling out all the troops caused it. he failed to negotiate and it was him who pulled his my way or the highway treaty negotiations which called for the breakdown. He wanted amnesty for all contractors and subcontractors , which is the main reason the treaty was not renewed. The Iraqi Government would not allow full immunity for grave Felonies from their prosecution for American Contractors and Subcontractors Nor would they allow uncontrolled or non searches of personnel and planes leaving from unauthorized airstrips by the same. This administration would not agree and the treaty was not renewed and we were forced to pull out leaving the region to denigrate You wanted to know why now you do. Collin Powell didn’t lie about Mustard Gas. Hell, we sold them the ingredient to make it back in the 80’s when they were fighting Iran. Hey why don’t you tell me about the 100,000 Kurds Saddam and Chemical Allie Killed with those Chemical weapons and say they didn’t exist. Sure would love to post the links the NY times posted the articles of and from our own soldiers and the pic’s they had of the ones uncovered by us there. BTW My Unit 2/41 was in the area where they had the fires from the destruction of them. Yea you want to go on your rant that is fine but there are two side to the story when you rant how about you tell a little of the other side not just the one that supports your dam democrats,

  • melissashaw

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  • Robyn Su Miller

    It was good until he went off the rails in the end. Why not ask Obama why he’s daily dropping bombs by drone? He’s creating more terrorists for the never-ending war, too. You blew it, Jim Wright. Obama wanted to stay in Iraq. We were kicked out. Obama wanted to start war in Syria. Who cares if the red clowns and blue clowns take shots at each other? You blew the chance to expose all the elite keeping us the arms dealers of the world. We armed ISIS. Our business is war. Partisan bickering is as petty as one can get, and will NOT end war.

  • 58 Squarebird

    Having served in Opns DS/DS and Provide Comfort .. I was torn when we went back into Iraq. On one hand, I wanted to see it finished .. on the other, I wanted a good reason for going back; Not the lies The Shrub, Biggus Dickus, and Rummy told us.

    Most excellent post Jim, Most Excellent.

  • paintpaintpaint

    Thank you for your honesty. It supports what I have felt from the moment Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld started talking about the war (I felt it was inevitable from the first soundbite, it seemed contrived). My heart aches for the loss of every soldier, and every Iraqi. What we did, who we lost, is haunting. While I was never “for” the war, I always prayed for the safe return of our soldiers. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t a stronger voice in opposition. It was a frightening time to question the Administration (remember the Dixie Chicks?). But we should have been louder. Done whatever it took to wake people up. I wish you peace. In your heart and in your life.

  • pauldeholczer

    I wish that we had more politicians and TV commentators who held your unassailable, rock-solid-logical, well-reasoned and well-expressed perspective.

    God, our country is in dire need of common sense.

    I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and I am no supporter of Ron Paul, BUT, by God, I sent him $25.00 when he stood up on the stage at the Presidential debates and said that they don’t hate us for our freedoms — they hate us for meddling in their world. And every stinking Republican candidate LAUGHED at him for telling the truth.

  • Jeanie Coolahan

    One of the best articles I have ever read. Mr. Wright, you are spot on with your judgment of that crew who got us into one of the biggest messes we’ve ever been in, all at the cost of our men and women…..thank for being so honest with your opinion. Would you like to run for President???

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  • http://1strepublic14thstar.blogspot.com/ 1strepublic14thstar

    As a fellow veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I want to completely associate myself with Jim Wright’s commentary.

    Everything he wrote is true and correct.

    I volunteered to go to Iraq and I was willing because I kind of figured that once we broke their country, we were obligated to at least try to set it right again.

    But let’s be honest — the rationale for going to war in Iraq was a lie, and the subsequent and constantly changing justifications for staying were also lies.

    Eventually we dealt with completely circular logic — we have to stay because things are bad and we have to make them good. We have to stay because we made things good and if we leave they might go bad.

    We’re staying because we won’t leave, and we won’t leave because we have to stay.

    Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell — ALL OF THEM — should have gone to jail for what they did. At the very least, they ought to have the decency not to show themselves in public again.

    The idea that these criminals and liars are not only unpunished, but have the gall to continue to argue that they were RIGHT is appalling beyond belief.

    The Iraq invasion was the single worst foreign policy and defense decision the government of the United States has ever made.

    And George W. Bush is rightfully being judged already by historians as one of the worst presidents ever — maybe THE worst.

    Good work, Jim Wright. Non sibi sed patriae.

  • http://www.historicalpreterism.com/ Ken Palmer

    Evangelical extremists did not start the war. Big Oil did. When are liberals going to start actually doing research instead of rattling off false premises and ad homs?

  • Mike Miller

    Best article I ever read about our involvement in Iraq. George Bush should be indicted and Cheney sued.

  • Brent Bayes

    Yes! This is the God’s truth.

  • James Vincent

    I looked at my husband when the Supreme Court appointed George W. and said, “He’ll find way into Iraq just to make Sadaam pay. And he did. I’m sorry so many soldiers died. You have to wonder how people could be so gullible and easily led.

  • Bryon Blackmon

    there it is

  • Susie Sotar

    I wonder how many promotions he got passed over for. Some people are in it to win it while others are in it for themselves.

  • Ed Hino

    about time some body woke up and told theses war chickenhawks where to go get off and effed

  • YellerKitty

    You know I’m sharing this one.
    Thank you.

  • trickydix2000

    Agreed, the rich love war no matter the reason because they get richer and the poor do the fighting and dieing History explaining this already but nobody is paying attention.

  • Tom Pecher

    AMEN and alleluia friend and brother.

  • Kay Arnold

    As a Vietnam Vet I can feel your pain and every point you made is very familiar to me. The US public has been DUPED again and again. I want more than answers I want trials and convictions for crimes against humanity! I want the perpetrators of these crimes behind bars for life. I hear there are rooms available in GITMO!

  • infmom

    A profound thank you, Mr. Wright.

  • gailp

    Wow! Just wow! This absolutely says everything that my heart has known and cried for since my friends left their lives in Viet Nam and our children went to Iraq and Afghanistan. All blessings on you, Mr. Wright, for saying all the things I could never find the words for.

  • Ted Rogers

    i have to ask: WHY DID YOU GO?! mb it was in there and i missed it.
    didn’t you know the invasion was not justified, thereby, technically, making everyine who went a criminal?

  • Channon Doughty

    Excellent points. Thank you.
    For me, what struck me most about the Al_Q claim was that the camps WERE OPERATING IN THE NORTH and the NORTH WAS SELF-GOVERNING. That means we couldn’t blame Sadaam for what they were doing, but Bush did it anyway and the people all neatly forgot about the North being “free” since Desert Storm. They were part of Iraq, yes, but not directly under his rule as was claimed. THAT deliberate omission and skewing of facts was what pissed me off.

  • AlphaNerd

    This was a cathartic read. Thank you.

  • http://antiwar.com Adolfo De Jesus

    “Vanishing”?.. If only that were so.

    The ungodly abortion we spent so much blood and treasure to achieve will be with us for a long long time.

  • Rollingsworth_T_Vestibule

    You 100% volunteered. When anyone says WE went there, they mean WE as a Nation. Get it? You sound sour for all the wrong reasons to me.

  • nondescript

    If you want to understand the war, read War is a Racket by Smedley Butler

  • Linda J Laubenheimer

    Applause!! I was against us going in to Iraq in the first place, thought that they should have chopped it up into three states (but they didn’t), and quite frankly am against us interfering in the middle east’s long history of sectarian violence. The only thing they hate more than each other (sunni, shia, baathist, kurds, etc) is the west, the USA in particular.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    The Iraqi’s voted in 2005 for the USA to GET OUT. Bush signed it. We started leaving – then sending surges – then leaving. Bush was an entitled brat of a CIA director who couldn’t find shoes in a shoebox – let alone lead troops into war.

  • Randall Whitt

    That was a powerful essay. It’s too bad the ones who really need to read it won’t ever see it.

    • Bob Cull

      And if they do, by chance, happen to read it they will demonstrate their “respect” for our vets by bad-mouthing him as a “traitor.”

  • Danny Bigelow

    Iraqis went from dealing with a tyrant to a bunch of nutcases coming from everywhere trying to take over the country. 2003 was when the US had an excuse to go into Iraq, Cobra Gold in 2002 was the dress rehearsal going on in Thailand.

  • Florine Fefe Thompson

    This is so true it was so heartfelt it brought tears to my eyes, thank you Mr Wright for serving a war that was never justified but thank you again anyway.

  • Paul Covington

    Preach the blues, brother Jim! Epic rant! On target!

  • Travis

    Dear Mr. Wright,

    I think you are probably correct in most of what you wrote. However, one thing concerns me. You wrote about “evangelical Christian religious extremists” starting the Iraq war. While some of the higher-ups in the US military industrial complex may profess Christianity as their religion, I hope you do not believe that they act on the part of Christ or of the God of Abraham.

    This is the God, Who promised in Psalm 9 that, “The needy shall not always be forgotten; nor the hope of the poor perish forever,” and Who taught the author of Psalm 10 to say, “O LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart, You will cause Your ear to hear, to vindicate the fatherless and the oppressed, so that the man of the earth may oppress no more.”

    It is not God who leads evil people to destroy lives and abuse power. It is God, Who will avenge the suffering of the downtrodden upon all who oppress them, if they do not sincerely repent and renounce all of their wicked ways.

    • KatieAnnieOakley

      “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

      — Mahatma Gandhi

      • Travis

        If you truly like Jesus, I think He wants you to study His teachings, believe in Him as Who He claimed to be, and to follow after Him, sharing the Good News of His kingdom.

        • KatieAnnieOakley

          As opposed to having a certain version of “Christianity” shoved down our throats via government theocracy? PASS. Quit trying to impose your religion and your beliefs – and I’ll leave you to worship however you see fit.

          • Bob Cull

            The “version” proclaimed by those who make the false claim that this was founded as a Christian nation is about as far from Christianity as one can get. The “Christian right” is the most poorly named entity ever, they are neither Christian nor “right” about anything. I know their book better than any of them do and I’m an agnostic.

    • Bob Cull

      In my experience, most of those who claim to be Christian, particularly fundamentalists, rarely exhibit any characteristics which even remotely resemble the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. That means that they have appropriated a label which they are not entitled to use.

      • Travis

        It may very well be that the professing Christians you have come across have not been very Christ-like. However, I would ask you to consider the teaching and claims of Jesus Himself and to follow Him rather than follow any 20th century professing Christian.

  • PaulScott58

    It’s pretty clear that oil had a lot to do with why we fought the war. In addition to the Iraq war, we’re spending an additional $80 billion per year in military protection for oil, according to RAND.

    When you buy gas, you pay nothing for this. Seems appropriate that we should tax gasoline/diesel for the military costs of oil. Maybe not all the costs since that would be devastating to the economy, but we should definitely beging the process with something dedicated to paying these costs and helping the wounded vets who put their lives on the line.

  • Soul Kitty

    Yes, 10 trillion times yes!!!

  • David Markham

    My hat is off to you Jim Stonekettle ! As a Vietnam vet who knows some about senseless wars I wish to thank you for your service but mostly for the courage to speak up and denounce those responsible for yet another senseless war . I only wish that millions more could gather the balls to stand up and state the obvious truth as you have and just maybe the people of this great nation could restore our democracy .

  • circlingthedrain

    Thank you for your service, and for your insight.

  • Lance Roberts

    Hand Salute to Jim Wright from a Nam vet with the same outlook. Written better than I could have done it, and thank you for that.

  • Paul Neimoyer

    Damn that’s good.

  • MW66VB .

    Well said. I was in Desert Storm, which was all about saving face because Bush SR. made a backdoor deal with Kuwait to steal Oil from Saddam by using horizontal drilling equipment. I cannot begin to tell you how many families I helped destroy in that war.

  • Alice

    They will say they are too well-mannered to listen to such vulgar comments. I can perfectly understand why you feel the way you do. So many of us know this is how it is but as you have seen our new aristocracy have no clue. They like to sit on their soft cushioned seats and ride around in their fancy cars and live in their mansions and call people like you and me a threat to America. They call themselves Patriots. I gag at that image. Cheney was the worst VP in history, who regularly thumbed his nose at the America people he was supposed to represent. They have worked hard to try and disempower our media and to twist the truth to such a degree it is hard to imagine anyone with a second grade education couldn’t figure it out. They promote hatred at every turn and then rock back on their Christian laurels. Baffling to me how they continue to get away with it. McCain, as you say, has done more harm than good. It’s time for him to retire. How can he ever get away from the reality of unleashing Palin on innocent Americans. Limbaugh and Coulter are the rock stars of the GOP. Go figure. Ignorance and hatred is all they know. What has happened to create this nightmare? They are such cowards that not even one of them will admit they are pissed because Obama was elected. That is the only reason they prayed for his failure. Have you ever heard of anything so sick in your life as wishing your President ill from the outset? Well…I guess if his name was Mitt Romney I could see it. He doesn’t have a clue and he doesn’t know that he doesn’t have a clue. So sad these buffoons consider themselves better than us, the regular American people who so desperately need our democracy preserved from their greed

  • Sweetpeace

    You are right, Jim Wright. I have been looking at the whole thing, from 9/12/01 on. Watching everything I could. This IS a religious war, there IS evidence that supports that contention.

    It is a war owned by the richest hollow men and women there are, looking for meaning in the blood and entrails of anyone but themselves. The bloodier, the more their meaning. The sadder, the more their significance. Their meaning was supposed to be some kind of Armageddon associated with the “return of Jesus” to Earth. It would be funny if it weren’t so profoundly sad that Jesus never actually went anywhere. He shows up again and again and, most recently, in the deaths of those soldiers who were lied into this fundamental violation of their own humanity and in their innocent co-sacrificial victims, the people of Iraq.

    Jesus isn’t in the Property Gospel. He’s in those we exploit because of our own weaknesses and dishonesty and most purely so in those whom we lie into sacrificing what makes them most human to empty hungry spirit vampires. I resisted Bush’s War from the very first, but I will never forget how we failed to protect our own soldiers from these hollow meaningless people.

    Know this, I still watch, there is hope. People are learning from you. They will watch now, to be on guard against those meaning -less who parasitize the meaning -full. I hope you and your friends can forgive America and stand watch with us now, for those who will never return from Iraq and for the future.

  • Michael Hartwell

    Nice writing

  • Edith Conner-King

    What a better way to celebrate this Veterans Day than to hear from an actual Vetran, I salute you for this story!

  • armoredsaint

    or what tough guy….tell me what a pussy like you would do to me and you know nothing about my service record you POS.

    • William Impellizzeri II

      You should do comedy. I live in a house full of firearms with a veteran army combatives MMA champion who has deployed 3 times.

      I have studied Kenpo karate, ninpo, ground fighting, and Krav Maga.

      So, I won’t call you names or tell you what I could do to you. Just use your limited imagination.

      • armoredsaint

        This was the most panicked response I’ve ever read lol. Squirrels usually stand on their hind legs and hold their chest out to appear more formidable when threatened…Only I didn’t threaten you, I asked what you would do if I didn’t show respect…so climb out from under your bed Sensei. Maybe you should take a video of you throwing a jump, spinning reverse crescent kick followed by a single leg take down…that’ll show me.

        • Miles Long

          So says a REMF. Do they still make you blow a whole platoon to get out of active duty?

      • Miles Long

        I’m betting “armoredsaint” has a service record that consists of counting rolls of toilet paper in an army warehouse somewhere in Middle America.

    • Bob Cull

      If I went on one of your RWNJ sites and talked to people like you have talked to people here my comments would be immediately deleted and I would be blocked from ever going on that site again.

      Now tell me, who is the totalitarian? We all know but I doubt you do.

      BTW, did you notice that I did that without calling you names or making threatening remarks? You and those like you see violence and intolerance as the go to tool in every situation.

  • Richard

    Great piece Gunner.

  • NunyaDangBisness

    Thank you for your service Jim….I am genuinely sad it had to be for the reasons it was, rather than something noble.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549276069 Vittorio Felaco

    Very well said!

    Our system is totally screwed up!

    It is not a system that can correct itself. Even as we have learned of all the errors that were made, we continue to have a republican party that refuses to accept the truth and continued to keep in office idiots like John McCain and Mitch McConnel and so many others.

    We cannot move forward in a two party system if both parties are not firmly committed to maintaining sanity and intelligence in our system of governance.

    As long as the politicians are bought and sold by wealthy, corrupt, greedy individuals, there is no hope for us at all!

    A system in which we are not allowed to make any corrections… is not a system that can serve the country well.

    We need to defeat Citizens United, the ability of rich people to buy elections and parties to be able to continue to practice gerrymandering to their heart’s content and we need to be able to change the rule of debating laws and bills and we need to stop buying ready made right wing inspired legislation by organizations such as ALEC funded by the Koch brothers and other devious individuals who do not have the well being of all at heart but only their own right wing aspiration of a system in which individuals have no rights and corporations are people who count more that the millions of people who deserve to hold those rights!

    We need a real revolution and our system does not allow it!

    We are not even free to demonstrate in the streets without risking being shot dead!

    Even if we are unarmed and have our hands up!

    Don’t tell me you call that a democracy!

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  • https://www.facebook.com/judy.e.bell.3 Judy Elaine Bell

    Thank you so much for posting about PNAC I read that long manifesto about building up our military and the quote about “Pearl Harbor a couple of months after 9/11and thought omg. It was on the PNAC web site run by Bill Crystal, that has long since been taken down. I printed out the part about Pearl Harbor way back then to show to a doubting Thomas. I wish now I had copied the whole thing knowing what I know now. The quote was on page 52 if I remember right. It was a long document which is why I didn’t copy the whole thing. It was signed by Cheney Rumsfiled Wolfwitz the whole Neo-Con gang. They planned this well before 9/11. What is so scary is they got away with soooo much.

  • http://www.absentmindedhousewife.com/ The Absent Minded Housewife

    Thank you for writing this. (As a blogger who also had material go viral, and get stolen, I appreciate the permission granted here.)

    My son joined the Navy last year. I voiced how glad I was that his military tenure would be under our current president rather than the last. Since I am from a very conservative state, the one state where Mitt Romney comes a close second to Joseph Smith, this statement was met with much consternation. I had to reply. “Oh, you’re kids are joining the military too, are they?”

    Of course their kids aren’t. This area is known for being notoriously low military enlistment and high freedom fries entitlement. They love to love the troops…they hate to send their own. Their kids will go to the local private religious university to get MBAs and doctorates in dentistry. They will sign up for four hour conceal carry classes and play hero at home. They will risk their souls in the office and flatten their butts in pews.

    PS…I’m also a wife of a veteran, Desert Storm, Army, 30% neurological disability.

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  • Robert

    Except we did find WMD in Iraq they just were not reported. My platoon found WMD’s hidden in rows of a field and we set on them guarding them for almost a week before we were told to leave the area. We were what about the Rockets? They were like you were given an order leave the area. As the we were leaving we we passed a convoy of Black SUV’s heading to the site we just left. Want to know why these rockets were never reported. because they were American made. they had U.S.A on the side now how would that look the rockets he was using to deliver his warheads were rockets that we had given him. yeah that would not look good. Anyways, I had took pictures and when I got a chance to get to the main camp where they had a small AAFES set up to drop off film I turned it in. and well what do you know not one of my pictures came back. So that is when I bought a digital camera and from then on out I took digital photos of stuff because they you could not trust them to de
    velop your pictures.

    • COMALite J

      We knew about the USA-made WMDs. We sold them to Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war, with the understanding that they were to be used against Iran, whom we considered the worse enemy at the time (remember the Ayatollah Khomeini and the American hostages held for over a year?). The war was over alleged WMDs (an alleged nuclear and perhaps biologicalweapons program, not mere chemical [which technically aren’t even WMDs unless used to poison a water supply or some such]) that Saddam’s Iraq was developing, not merely chemical weapons that he possessed because we sold them to him.

      Remember what Bush said? “We don’t want the first sign [of Saddam’s alleged weapons program] to be a mushroom cloud.” Mushroom clouds are a nuke thing, not a Sarin or Ricin or mustard gas or even a weaponized anthrax or some such thing.

      It should also be noted that most chemical weapons, including the ones we sold to Saddam, have a short shelf life. The toxicity decreases like the half-life of a radioisotope over time. By the time your platoon found them, they would likely have been no more toxic than a household insecticide — you wouldn’t want to squirt it on food like liquid buttery spray, but getting some on your skin or inhaling a whif of it wouldn’t kill you or even do serious harm, other than perhaps increase your chances of cancer years later (and then only about as much as eating a lot of smoked meat would). By now, the toxicity is probably more along the lines of Deep Woods Off® mosquito repellant. Definitely not useful as actual munitions.

      Speaking of you and your platoon: while I vehemently oppose those that sent you into harm’s way for dishonest, unethical, and downright evil reasons, I have absolutely nothing but the highest respect and support for you and your fellow soldiers who were and are willing to serve this nation with your lives on the line. That that service was horribly misused in no way lessens the fact that you did serve in my eyes. Thank you very much for that, in all sincerity.

  • Lib

    I agree with him on the Iraq war as an OIF vet, but from a writer’s perspective – I struggled to keep reading through the vulgar comments that really didn’t help the argument (I found myself skimming through the vulgarity and looking for his points) and then to end it just pointing the fingers at conservatives (which I am most definitely not) made me roll my eyes because he just made a valid question that this country should be asking into an us vs. them – liberal vs. conservative argument. Instead of discussing the point of the essay – why Iraq? What was the real reason for the cost of our country’s financial future and thousands of lives lost? what was the point of completely destroying a country (and trust me – it’s completely destroyed)? Anyone who reads this will now turn it into a political dogma argument and discuss it like our favorite sports teams – go team Right, go team Left – completely missing the point – BOTH TEAMS LET THIS WAR GO ON FOR MORE THAN A DECADE!!!

  • Pingback: Going back to Iraq??()

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Had me until the Barack Obama bit, that is stupid as they all work for the same people in my opinion, and only an idiot of epic proportions would imagine for one second that the POTUS now is going to sent troops into Iraq and then into Syria through the back door, as he has wanted to do for his masters for the last year or so, only because the republicans want him to. Good job you are up in Alaska working on wood and the like, keep up the good work. The stupidity of some Americans never ceases to amaze me. Thing is most of this was right on the money, then tuned into a Democrat party political chant. This is America at her best, warmonger to the star.

  • Myke liberato


  • sbozich

    HAHA! Way to delete my last comment. I’ll just say it again:

    “Oh, I mean, I know what they told us, sure, Saddam Hussein attacked America on 9-11. Right? That’s what they said, that’s what the Commander-in-Chief told us.”

    Bush never said Saddam attacked us on 9/11.

    Naval intelligence: two words combined that can’t make sense.

    • Mike Ess

      He and his administration strongly implied it and used the attack to implement the Neo-Conservative “Project for a New American Century” published in 1999 as the Pearl Harbor event that they described in that 1997 plan as necessary to invade Iraq.

      Go read about the Neo-conservative (1997) – “Project for a New American Century” and the plans they described years before the 2001 attack to invade Iraq as well as the fact that they would need a Pearl Harbor event.

      • https://www.facebook.com/judy.e.bell.3 Judy Elaine Bell

        Thank you for posting about PNAC I read that document a couple of months after 9/11, and said OMG, It was long, signed by the whole gang back then Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfield etc. It was posted on the PNAC web site run by Bill Crystal, long since taken down. The quote about Pearl Harbor was on pg 52 if I remember right I have to dig it out I copied part of it back then for a computer less doubting Thomas showed it to him and put it away which now I had copied the whole thing. Maybe it’s posted else where I don’t know.

  • Tom Stedham

    Great article|! I just wish he had named some names… Like, say… those who told those lies: Feith, Wolfowitz, Perle, and all the rest.

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  • kd92mesa

    Thank you for your service Mr. Wright and thank you for your words. What a great post, I am saving and will re-post it weekly, if I may. Thank you again.

  • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

    Well, we now know two important things about “Sickofbigots.” ONE, (s)he is too weak or impaired to open a dictionary, and TWO, like most of the easily manipulated, horribly frustrated, and tragically hate-filled right wingers today (s)he projects his/her own shortcomings onto everybody who has a differing point of view. Even his/her username “projects.” And just to emphasize my point, returning to the not so great days of the past (robber barons, child labor, unlivable wages, no healthcare, unsafe and unregulated mining, no concern about pollution, limited or nonexistent voting rights for everybody except white males, etc.) is what the right wing keeps trying to bring back. Liberals want to go forward, giving everyone a chance at success, and we have been this way throughout history. It is only people like “Sickofbigots” who are so mired down in manipulated rage who can’t face that reality.

  • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

    Well, we now know two important things about “Sickofbigots.” ONE, (s)he is too weak or impaired to open a dictionary, and TWO, like most of the easily manipulated, horribly frustrated, and tragically hate-filled right wingers today (s)he projects his/her own shortcomings onto everybody who has a differing point of view. Even his/her username “projects.” And just to emphasize my point, returning to the not so great days of the past (robber barons, child labor, unlivable wages, no healthcare, unsafe and unregulated mining, no concern about pollution, limited or nonexistent voting rights for everybody except white males, etc.), is what the right wing keeps trying to bring back. Liberals want to go forward, giving everyone a chance at success, and we have been this way throughout history. It is only people like “Sickofbigots” who are so mired down in manipulated rage who can’t face that reality.

  • Mike Del Sol

    f you are against the US fighting ISIS in Iraq, where do you plan to fight them? Kuwait? Santa Barbara? These guys are not going to stop at Baghdad, I can tell you that.

  • Kimberly

    Thank you so much for posting Jim’s article and for being professional about it. Jim is one of the best commentators and bloggers out there. I have been following him for years. I would love to see more of his stuff here!

  • Dan

    I could go off on a rant too. I feel the frustration you delivered nicely. I was in Rihyad, Saudi Arabia in Sept 2002 – May 2003, during the whole LONG war. Then, while “maintaining peace,” I got sent to Baghdad for the SURGE, Fun ride, 120 mm mortar hit on 4/28/08 and a 107mm rocket hit on 5/9/08. Not complaining, sent me flying but no holes in my body. McCain, Rummey, GWB, and the rest of the croonies.. Youu forgot mention all the libs that supported the invasion from get-go. Fox News can play those clips of support from Hillary, Harry Reid, Nancy Peloski. They all supported it on camera. Maybe they succcombed to peer pressure, but their voices were loud and clear on the mass media waves. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY, NOT JUST THE GOP. They are ALL responsible for sending WE to a war in which we had not idea what we were fighting for or even why we were sticking our noses into Iraq;s business. THEY ALL GOT RICH FROM IT! remember that. War is a racket! The words from the 30’s of Smedley Butler still ring true today.

  • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

    If you actually read more of this thread than my comments you would discover 1). I did not originally bring Obama into this, but merely commented on another comment concerning him, and 2). I did not cherry pick or “redefine” anything. The evidence to support my position is all over the place for anyone who doesn’t have blinders on (or isn’t completely brainwashed by propaganda from the left or right), but space and time limits how much I’m going to list here. Whether you take the time to look for yourself is your business, and I really couldn’t care less. I personally subscribe to the belief that research and information inoculates a person from the propaganda and politically motivated BS, but there is no cure for willful ignorance.

    • https://www.facebook.com/judy.e.bell.3 Judy Elaine Bell

      “I personally subscribe to the belief that research and information inoculates a person from the propaganda and politically motivated BS, but there is no cure for willful ignorance.”
      Thank you no truer words spoken.

  • Daughter2

    Oh wow! This was brilliant! Every moment of those insane statements from the Cheney-Bush regime and their various players chronicled here. My outrage lives, even if I had forgotten some of these particulars. It’s good to remember.

  • Gene St.Martin

    Right on Jim , Oil and padding their rich ass pockets is why the US was in Iraq!

  • souixs

    This letter is absolutely the best! I wish it was read on every so called News program. We need more of this from the men who just came back from that Hell.I appreciate all you have done, and will pass this on to every one and every site I can. Thank you for your service.

  • frannie3

    Jim Wright gets it right… On all counts.

  • jp5472

    Gee, sounds awfully like the oligarchy/fascism “you hate-filled bigots and hypocrites” neocons always scream your love for. People either have to agree with your brainwashed dogma or you hate us.

  • ghhshirley

    No, this site did not steal it. In fact, Wright linked to this site as authorized to publish this piece.

  • armoredsaint

    Did Kerry, Clinton, Hagel all lie too? They saw the same pile of info and agreed Saddam was a WMD threat.

    • TwoFeetThick

      Not quite. They saw the info that the Bush Administration GAVE them. They saw only what the administration WANTED them to see. It’s not the same thing as seeing independent intelligence, and I’m sick and fucking tired of “conservatives” saying “well, the Democrats voted for the war too” as some sort of lame fucking excuse for why what Bush and Cheney did was ok. Bush and Cheney are war criminals for what they did. Not only to the Iraqi people, but to our own military. They should both be hung from a lamp post.

      • Robert Kennedy

        The Democrats who knew the truth were threatened with arrest for divulging secrets if they told anyone wht they knew.

        • armoredsaint

          That is a weak act lie

          • Robert Kennedy

            Not only is it true but it was confirmed 10 years ago.

          • http://twitter.com/MuffinManMPV Muffin Man

            Confirmed by whom? Need to see multiple credible references for a charge that serious.

      • armoredsaint

        You are lying to yourself. They saw exactly what Bush saw, nothing different. Bush would have been in jail if I was wrong, you just can’t bring yourself to hate Bush less than al Qa’eda, Saddam etc.

        • Miles Long

          “Armored”…I bet you’ve seen almost as much real fighting as Romney. You smell of REMF.

          • armoredsaint

            Maybe you’d like to find out what I’m made of?

          • Miles Long

            I already know what you’re made of. Your aroma precedes you.

          • armoredsaint

            What is/was your MOS poser?

          • Miles Long

            Bullsh^t detection. Nailed you right off the bat. ;-)

        • gmart

          If you believe that, I have a broken bridge in Minnesota I’d love to sell to you.

          • Tom

            How can the bridge be broken Obama and the Dems spent a trillion fixing all the bridges and highways lire!

        • Robert Kennedy

          The armor is all IN your head in place of brains, obviously.

        • Florine Fefe Thompson

          And you are a fool if you believe that, Bush Cheney and the rest of that crew wanted to finish what his dad didn’t finish.

          • Bob Cull

            Bush Sr. did finish the job he set out to do. Being smarter than his son he knew that it was a fool’s errand to take Saddam out and destabilize another country in an already volatile part of the world. He also knew that it would become a quagmire worse than Vietnam. Surprise, surprise — He was right!

        • jumbojimbo

          Bush has been found guilty of war crimes by The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission.

          The Tribunal lacks the power to order arrests or impose sentences; its verdict is merely declaratory in nature and the only sanction it can impose is “the name of the guilty person will be entered in the Commission’s Register of War Criminals and publicized worldwide.”

      • gmart

        I agree that the Bush admin provided info to justify their case, but even that info was crap. I remember watching Colin Powell talking to the UN about the aluminum tubes: he was saying they were bought to be used as centrifuges, but weeks before that I had read (online) a report by Lawrence Livermore Labs that stated the tubes could not be used for centrifuges, based on their thickness and other parameters. So, I was torqued off that the Dems voted for the war because some of the data they were provided had already proved to be incorrect.

        • Bob Cull

          And Colin Powell was so embarrassed to be used the way he was that he resigned right after he learned the truth.

          • gmart

            Well, I believe he knew the truth ahead of time and allowed himself to be used. My guess is that he felt it was for the “greater good.” But, I also believe he resigned because he just didn’t want to be a part of the lying death machine anymore.

          • Steve K

            less embarrassed, more pissed off he’d been lied to by his Commander-In-Chief, and then trotted out into public to spread the lies and propaganda. He’s *STILL* a really pissed-off bunny.

  • Eleanor Earley

    And amoredsaint, you siding with the war criminals makes you look like a troll.

  • armoredsaint

    I see you’ve found your cackling captive audience on the left. I hope you make money on it because if that isn’t your goal, you’ve ignored a lot of Democratic support for the Iraq WMD as a justification for Clinton to bomb the crap out of it and for the Bush justification to invade. you seem to be a political bigot, Free country, be who ever you want. Thanks for your service but siding with the far left long enough will probably put you in Kerry’s category where your mind post-service will do more damage to America than your help to this nation while in service.

    • mre

      The only people who knew the evidence to support the WMD argument wasn’t accurate were those who were fabricating it.

      • Liam

        That’s not true. In particular, Scott Ritter and Hans Blix were quite vocal about the nonexistence of WMD, and anyone who *wanted* to listen to them could quickly gain a much more accurate picture of what was going on. It’s not like legislators didn’t hear them, it’s that they deliberately didn’t want to accept what they were saying. A war was a more attractive option.
        Of course, the media also played a major role in promoting the attack on Iraq, and eagerly promoted the WMD fabrication. (The NYT gets special recognition for their efforts in this regard ;-)

        More info —

  • Heather Wilson


  • Candy
  • Bob Parke

    I have not been ignoring the comments, including a few slings and arrows directed my way. I’ve simply been busy.

    First, it is difficult to dialogue with someone who resorts to terms such as “idiot” when replying to a message to which they take exception. That is not a good way to be taken seriously.

    Second, my original post suggested that those who lied us into the latter of the two great military, social, economic and cultural disasters of the 20th, and, so far, the 21st centuries, should be tried as traitors and for committing war crimes. That was Bush/Cheney and their minions, including our “allies” who blindly followed, as well as what Dwight Eisenhower presciently called the “Military Industrial Complex.” Cheney’s Haliburton saw profits of about 38 BILLION dollars from the unnecessary and poorly executed Iraq war. I will not stand down from the belief that treason was involved.

    Regrettably, in my original “traitors and war criminals” post, I did not complete my thought, which is that those who lied us into the Viet Nam disaster are/were also traitors, and deserving of being charged with war crimes. Unfortunately, those responsible for the resulting catastrophe are not around to pay the piper. May history damn and condemn them.

    Now, bring on the slings and the arrows.

    • COMALite J

      Actually, the real traitors and criminals are William Kristol and his Project for a New American Century (PNAC — link goes to one of the last Internet Wayback Machine archives of their very own website before they finally wised up and let the incredibly incriminating website’s domain expire). George W. Bush himself was never a member to the best of my knowledge, but signatory members included his brother Jeb, plus Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and many other whom most would recognize.

      You can find a list of signatory members on their “Statement of Principles” (link in horizontal mini-navbar under the right side of their masthead). The really incriminating evidence, though, is their 90-page .PDF report on the “Publications / Reports” page (towards the bottom of the vertical main navbar down the left side of the site), entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century. Look especially at the cover date.

  • Comanche 21

    Some good information mixed in with a lot of hot garbage and partisan blame. Selective memory allowing you to forget the bipartisan support for the invasion? Your cozy life in a SCIF must not have shown you that for brief moments in isolated areas we gave Iraqis some of the best times they’ll likely see in their whole life. Yes, it was courtesy of the muzzle of a gun because sometimes that’s what it takes to keep the wolves at bay. I’m right there with you that the failure to plan for after we got done blowing shit up is one of the biggest failures in our nation’s history. Right next to that failure is our decision to walk away before helping the Iraqi government achieve any sort of stability (kind of like telling my 4 year old, “good job figuring out that bike buddy, here’s the keys to the car”). There are a lot of questions and a lot of blame but placing it squarely on conservatives is a gross miscarriage of justice.

  • Scott Seeber

    Well said… we need more truly-educated (because they were there) viewpoints as opposed to the propaganda spin cycle. I saw through the lies as Georgie was spewing them out… no knee-jerk patriotism for me… instead, I felt a sinking feeling in my heart as it became obviously clear that all our proclamations of freedom and justice were total lies. America was no longer the cavalry riding in to save the day… we became “Snidely Whiplash” and strapped thousands of young souls to the train tracks just for sport and material gain. Looking into the whole 9/11 thing, objectively, reveals many circumstantial pieces of evidence that suggest our shadow handlers either knew what was happening and did nothing or, as the evidence – thermite, no plane at the pentagon or in Pennsylvania, building 7, key witness omissions in the “official” report – would suggest, they were in on it. The neo-cons even said it would take another “Pearl Harbor-type” incident to persuade the american people into invading a sovereign, foreign land. How can we… how do we stand up to the Goliath in a Gandhi-like fashion and stop this insanity? Anyone? Anyone?

  • RealityCheck

    Unfortunately, I think we have an obligation to go back. We created this mess, albeit under a thick bed of lies and truths stretched longer than taffy. We can’t turn our back on it now. This is another consequence of our actions that was neither reviewed, anticipated or planned for. Just my humble opinion…

  • Greebo

    I’m not trying to justify the war. I consider it disastrous, proving the old cynic Talleyrand right “worse than a crime: a mistake”. A mistake we will for a long time have to suffer from. History will judge but I’m pretty sure this war will be filed under “the worst foreign policy disasters after WW II)”.
    I also know where the responsibility lies. I know who in this episode played the Monty Burns.

    I’m just pointing out that today, while the catastrophe unfolds, too many are trying to hide in the shadows. There wasn’t just one or two Burns’, there were also lots of Smithers’ (Hello Mr. Blair), and even more Homers.

    And I don’t swallow the excuse that the lies Bush II, Cheney and their entourage told were this cunning that they just had to fall for it. The amount of support the U.S. received cannot be explained this way.

    It was a combination of stupidity and opportunism which made so many follow Bush. And some of them are still holding office (Merkel) or about to run for it (Clinton, pun unavoidable). And I think these guys also deserve our attention – especially since they are not just the past.

    • Florine Fefe Thompson

      That was not a mistake it was intentional.

      • Greebo

        Some mistakes are made intentionally.

  • KnightTime

    Be sure to pass the blame all the way around the table. It doesn’t stop on the right side.

  • COMALite J

    Uhm, no. That’s not how logic works. In fact, your attempted analogy is pretty much the 180° diametric opposite of a valid analogy.

    Insurance companies profit more when their insured don’t experience whatever calamity they bought insurance against. Warmongering corporations profit when we do go to war (that’s what the word “warmongering” literally means).

    Swing-and-a-miss. Strike one. Wanna try again?

    • Sinse Milla

      Tee hee…………………i dont think he’s gonna try again cos i just saw him running off with his tail between his leg.

      • Ron Lang

        that wasn’t his, it was his head going up his ass.

    • tman418

      Good one. Up vote from me. I rarely do that.

      • COMALite J


    • http://porkov.blogspot.com/ Porkov

      COMALite, are you deliberately misconstruing the insurance analogy? In simple English, EmmaLib maintains that the interests of our defense industries are best served by fomenting war, or at least the fear of war. But another, valid argument is that a powerful and effective military works best as a deterrent to war – as a form of insurance against war. How do you propose to maintain an effective military without tools?

      • COMALite J

        That might work if the defense industry companies didn’t profit a heck of a lot more from war than they do from peace. In other words, if we assume for the sake of argument that the world doesn’t work the way it actually does in reality, why, then, your interpretation of @EmmaLib:disqus’s attempted analogy is just fine peachy keen.

      • http://oldephartte.blogspot.ca/ opit

        “our defense industries” There’s a funny. Rebranding the Department of War into carrying on operations which are – to say the least – geographically challenged for any defence operation hypes hysterical irrelevancy. Just not hysterically funny. No.

      • Virginia Liberal

        There is no such thing as preventing war. War will be waged by any society at any time. They can’t prevent us or can we prevent them. We can only talk and talk and talk in order to reach an agreement to not go to war. The only talking George Bush did was to us and England to wage a war that was not just. All the while, they were lying through their teeth with a smile on their face. That’s why I will NEVER vote for another Republican. NEVER again. I never realized that they would stoop so low.

        • Gary Webster

          The biggest cause of war is religion

    • Virginia Liberal


  • Libtards Unite!

    Just because you’re a veteran doesn’t mean you aren’t a douche bag. You sir, as evidenced by your little temper tantrum, are a douche bag. While not a fan of John McCain, he did serve in the military and was held as a POW for a long time. Which frankly, Mr. Hindsight-Is-20/20, is more than you. You and John Kerry seem to have a lot in common. I’m guessing that travesty of a public servant is a hero of yours and maybe your model for your “I’m former military but also a liberal douche bag” writings?
    And just because someone didn’t serve like you or the countless others, doesn’t mean their opinions are any less valid. Of course, for the liberal idiots, if you don’t agree with everything they say, it must be because you hate. It can’t be because you disagree with the liberal mindset or ideals, the acceptance of the mediocre, the willingness to accept the gradual socialization of a once proud country. It’s hate. Because they’re black, or a woman, or Hispanic, or whatever “special” designation they dream up. Funny how the liberals are always the ones talking about hate. Maybe thou protest too much? But what to expect from a website dedicated to being against another group. Talk about hate…..
    At the time, Congress and the majority of the American people favored the war. Had you not been willing to fight the war, maybe you shouldn’t have joined the military. AS A VOLUNTEER. Or did you become a liberal douche bag later in life? And BTW – no one ever said Saddam attacked us on 9/11. He was, though, a sponsor of terrorists and was thought to have WMD, because, you know, HE HAD USED THEM. MANY TIMES. AND HAD THREATENED TO USE THEM AGAIN. It’s always easier to criticize after the fact, isn’t it?
    How long you guys going to blame Bush, anyway? Your guy isn’t up to the job and the answer is – blame the other guy! Had it been such a mistake, why didn’t Obama immediately pull out of Iraq when he because President? It’s not like he didn’t want to use an executive order – he’s not shy about those. Maybe it’s because once you learn a little more about it, it’s not as easy a problem as it sounds. Once you get past the liberal bs talking points – IT’S ABOUT OIL! IT’S ABOUT ISLAM! – it’s just a bit more complicated than that.
    Anyway, glad I stumbled on this dark little cesspool of the internet. Always good to see what the less intelligent amongst us has to say.

    • tman418

      Of course, for the liberal idiots, if you don’t agree with everything they say, it must be because you hate. It can’t be because you disagree with the liberal mindset or ideals, the acceptance of the mediocre, the willingness to accept the gradual socialization of a once proud country.

      I WISH there was a “socialization” of our country going on.

      What exactly has been “socialized” since Obama took office?

      At the time, Congress and the majority of the American people favored the war.

      And that alone justifies the war?

      And BTW – no one ever said Saddam attacked us on 9/11.

      Define “no one.”

      Dick Cheney, Meet the Press, December 9th, 2011

      The Czech interior minister said today that an Iraqi intelligence officer met with Mohammed Atta, one of the ringleaders of the September 11 terrorists attacks on the United States, just five months before the synchronized hijackings and mass killings were carried out.

      Alleging a relationship between Saddam Hussein’s government and Al Qaeda is pretty damn close to claiming that Hussein had a role, either directly or indirectly, in the 9/11 attacks.

      How long you guys going to blame Bush, anyway? Your guy isn’t up to the job and the answer is – blame the other guy!

      It is still absolutely fair to keep blaming Bush. He created a mess for no good reason (or reasons based on lies), never cleaned it up, and now we are in a position where taking care of it, both military and financially, is next to impossible. Not to mention there are many difficulties of getting other countries to help us, and finding a long term solution that won’t require us to remain in Iraq indefinitely.

      Had it been such a mistake, why didn’t Obama immediately pull out of Iraq when he because President? It’s not like he didn’t want to use an executive order – he’s not shy about those. Maybe it’s because once you learn a little more about it, it’s not as easy a problem as it sounds.

      The USA had an obligation to fix what it broke. You can’t just pull everyone out overnight. But he stuck to Bush’s plan and withdrew by the end of 2011.

      Yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds, getting out of a quagmire.

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  • Marc R.

    You people do realize that all politicians lie and cheat the American people as a whole to line their bank accounts. This has been going on for generations now. We as a whole refuse to accept the truth.

  • BentDemocrat

    As an army veteran, all I can say about Mitt Romney’s remark is that he must have a mouse in his pocket.

  • Connie

    If I remember correctly Bush received approval from a majority of congress and the American people to go to war. He didn’t bypass congress and do whatever the hell he felt like doing. ;)

    • Perry

      Connie, focus. The justification for going to war against Iraq in 2002 was based on lies. It is a common ploy for Teapublican trolls to just focus on one historical fact and refuse to acknowledge subsequent facts or history. Yes, Congress approved H.J.Res 114 to approve war with Iraq. Try to get past this fact and see what happened in, say, the next 9 years. Better yet, try to imagine this, for instance: a Japanese soldier just after the end of WWII, say 1946. He is bragging to occupying American soldiers that Japan really kicked US a$$ at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Well, yes, but what happened after that? See the connection I’m trying to make? If not, try to find a smart person (probably a Democrat) and ask them to explain an analogy to you.

    • jp5472

      If you outright LIE and fabricate evidence, of course you are going to get the support of Congress and the American people! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Kennedy

      He also didn’t tell them the truth. If he had we never would have been there.

  • Russell Scott Day

    Do what is wanted and buy what is wanted, giving power to those who want it looks to be what it is about, for. Not a nation of people together since the industrial revolution when Mind Control was a game between Public Relations practitioners.

  • Pam Granath

    Incredibly refreshing, crisp and clear and accurate. when I encounter individuals who defend the war as justified because “they attacked us” I always ask them to tell me how many Iraqis were on the planes that attacked the towers. They always stutter and admit they really don’t know. When I tell them the answer is ZERO there is silence. Hopefully it’s food for thought…..but I doubt it. Then they would have to ask themselves WHY? and realize that they have been had. Pam Granath

  • Z54

    I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

    Major General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC

  • Z54

    One thing you forgot Jim, you forgot the liberal warhawks who were a willing part of driving this country to war! One of them will be running for president in 2016, her name is Hillary! Republican, democrat it doesn’t matter, they will take us to war, again!

    • Perry

      Focus, Z. Try to read every word I am writing. The Bush II administration produced evidence claiming it came from foreign intelligence sources and the CIA that Saddam was responsible for 9/11 and had WMDs. People who spoke out against this so-called evidence after personally traveling overseas to confirm the evidence (which they found was false) had their careers ruined and people died because of it. I have heard it personally from them. With no other evidence disputing what Bush, Cheney and their sycophants said, a minority of Democrats voted for H.J.Res. 114. The vote in the Senate was 77-23 with 1 Republican voting against and 29 Democrats voting for the resolution. In the House the vote was 297-133 with 6 Republicans voting against and 82 Democrats voting for the resolution. So if you want to disparage members of Congress for voting to go to war in Iraq the great majority of your disdain would go to Republicans.
      I like to think that the population of the US has gotten smarter in the last 12 years. I would even go so far as to say that the Democratic side of the aisle in Congress has also wizened up and will not fall for Teapublican lies anymore.

  • maritimer_reborn

    I just went to Jim’s blog. Apparently, none of these news sites had permission to reprint this material and he is (understandably so) angry. I hope to read more of his work but for now, he’s put everything on hold.

  • cromagnum

    I’m still trying to understand why the entire Rumsfeld/Cheney administration aren’t hanging by their fascist necks.
    Better yet, let’s send them all to Falujah, dress them up in red white and blue and they can have a Mission Accomplished parade down mainstreet.

  • L Thorp

    Thank you AATP for doing it right.

  • linda

    Excellent post Jim Wright! And kudos for AATP for posting it via the correct channels ie getting permission of the writer.

  • Alons-y

    You need to offer the author compensation for this post. You are using it to direct traffic to your site. You stole it from his web site so he took the original down.


  • lifetime_student

    I’m a big fan of Jim Wright and Stonekettle Station. Thanks for posting and giving him full credit for his work, unlike some radio personalities who have recently read his posts on air without permission or proper attribution. You are, as Jim says, one of the good guys.

  • http://www.galleryhall.net/ Andrea Renee Hall

    Thank you for speaking up, and letting us know that not all of us are off base when it came to the snow job the Bush Administration did to us. And to you. If there were a thing like justice, we’d have their heads on a plate to offer up as an example that when our own leaders betray it’s own people, and have served the rich and famous only, that this is what a TERRORIST really looks like. I think the GOP now also should be mindful of how they are still running that same line of fear and betrayal, all for the rich and the famous… We see their white wash world. And we wish it gone…

  • Chris Hobbs

    I am a US Navy vet 1989-1993. That is vital to my post because I voluntarily chose to serve. While the content of this article is very accurate, it leaves out the most important ingredient: We, that means me, and the author, and those who died or injures in this ‘war’, VOLUNTEERED for this. I cannot blame the POTUS or anyone else for that decision. And with that FREE WILL choice, I submitted myself to their authority and decisions – good, bad, or horrendous. So did anyone else who volunteered to serve them. So to blame all those listed in this article is foolish and accomplishes nothing. They do not care about you/us. But you/us/we keep volunteering to serve their agenda. Nothing has changed in America. Same done today by current American leadership is the same done by their predecessors. And the same FREE WILL choice to volunteer to carry out their agenda, is being done by Americans. More of you continue to enlist on your own free will. The people condemned in this article cannot carry out their agenda without you volunteering to carry it out. Hitler killed no one – but his minions did it for him. So the blame lies not in the American leadership – it lays at the hands of those who sign up to carry out their agenda. Look in the mirror, Mr Wright, you are the problem. You, me and others who volunteer for military service. We choose to be the pawns. We get what we deserve KNOWING we are signing up to be used as pawns. I am currently a professional firefighter. If I die in a fire, do not mourn for me. I chose. I volunteered. And I call it living – not dying. As a military person, you volunteered, like all others. Don’t do as the sick minded people around us do and blame others for the choices you freely made. And so did those thousands who never made it back or were forever maimed. They chose freely to be in that unfortunate position if they were ordered. Stop volunteering for military service and the American leadership have no one to fight their wars. How more simple can this be? Stop volunteering to serve their inhumane agenda. – Chris Hobbs, Huntsville, AL

  • Greebo

    I have an idea what the war was about. Not oil, not money, not WMDs, nothing of it.
    It was about the “mission accomplished” ceremony. Bush just wanted a reenactment of the Falklands War (just like Hollywood does remakes of successful European productions): go there, deliver the blow, rush home, confetti parade.
    (The “rush home” bit didn’t work properly).

    And since a villain to occupy an U.S. island failed to appear, there had to be another context. The rest was just thumping through the maps:

    Balkan? – just done;

    Iran? – takes too long;
    Central America? – gives always a bad press.
    North Korea? – too close to China and Russia.

    Syria? – the Russian naval base might cause trouble.
    And so on. In the end Iraq was the only country left.

    So all these people did just for a propaganda coup.

  • Eleanor Earley

    Sick of bigots – I am sick of them too; damn sick of them; and you and your teabagging/repug buddies will never admit the truth or see the truth. This entire mess is and was W’s and Cheney’s mess and that is fact. W had to show daddy up and gave NO thought to our soldiers or anyone else but himself. I really get tired of seeing those war criminals defended and made out to be saints when they are nothing more than evil demons. I don’t care what you think of me. I am a big girl but my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for the war criminals. And I guarantee you I am not a racist, bigot, teabagger and will never vote for another Republican, never. At least the Dems care about the little guy and not just the wealthy.

    • Sickofbigots

      Temper temper Adolph. Why do you brainwashed bigots feel such a need to deny who you really are while you make it so obvious. Again, I don’t know or even care what the real source of your blinding hatred really is but repeating cliches is not going to make them real. Hitler believed heavily in that tactic and it did work on his followers just like it’s working for the far-left and it’s follower like you, You just make it very easy for me to make my real point, as a true, open-minded moderate that your hysteronics are just emotional loud tantrums coming from followers who are no brighter than the KKK (aka southern Democrats known as the Dixiecrats) or Nazis or left-wing feminists. Hysterics not facts. You have your right to your hysterics. It’s just too bad that your kind do not understand tolerance or our Constitution enough to respect the rights of those who are not brainwashed. Enjoy your little hate fest.

  • Sickofbigots

    There are so many factual inadequacies and hysterical, bigoted, hate-filled, left wing cliches saturating this manifesto, that I can’t take it seriously as anything other than just more than just feeding red meat to other brainwashed bigots. Men and women who really did fight in the different gulf wars tend to be much more intelligent and more aware of the the mission objectives than to just babble the same mindless rhetoric mantras the far left keep chanting hoping to make them true. Whatever the real source of this “man’s” hatred really is, I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the Gulf war, Mitt Romney or the Tea Party. Those just tend to be favorite excuses that a lot of hateful people use to jump on the far-left band wagon of “vote-the-way-we tell-you-to-and-your-hatred-will-be-encouraged” platform of the DNC.
    I am sure the far left followers will lap all of it up while they are reminding us of how much they hate America and our Constitution and it’s promise of FREEDOM that seems to threaten their paranoid obsession for control.

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    you have definitely lost a war when the toll on civilians has outweighed the burden of soilders.

  • ed

    i,m an angr4y sob to dude! this is what i been sensing and feeling for 47years of my godamned life. yoiu expressed ever single emotion and feeling i have. thanks ,war 67 .vietnam war waht is it good for absoloootely nada ! vvietvet 66-67 i sympathize with ya we got butt raped to in vietnam. b y theses chicken hawks parents and it still hurts , they didnt use vadseline

  • LivinToTheLEFTofTheRight

    Thank you! It’s wonderful to finally read an honest rant from someone who actually served! I’ve been angry since 2003 watching this slow brainwashing of the American public. The Iraq war was built on soundbites. “Axis of Evil” “Better get ’em on their territory before they get us on ours” “Weapons of Mass Destruction” If you say it loud enough and enough times people believe it. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH!!!! Now if only the other 50% of fear driven Americans who vote for these money grabbing war mongers would wake up!

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  • asus3000

    Had me until he said they want to resecure Iraq because they hate Obama. That’s completely wrong. They’d do the same to Ron Paul had he won and marched right out of Iraq as he planned to do, or anybody else.

    They want to be right is all. They want to keep up the illusion that the U.S. fought for something.

    This article started strong and then became a political party tow line. Stop fighting for your political party, they’re both doing the same thing! The democrats started Viet-nam for Pete’s sake and the republicans called them “war-mongers” for years. It goes back and forth. If you want real change vote outside the duopoly!

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  • frisco8080

    I agree with you 100%!!! what happened to the 17 pallets of cash we sent over to help rebuild and pay bribes to the people that were killings are men and woman to find out who was doing it .I`ve been telling all my Repukin friends that since day one but they cant get over the fact that they get beat by “A BLACK MAN ” . They sit there on the bags of money they get from the big company and tell us look what OBAMA has done wrong . its just to bad they will never pay for there crimes against The U.S.A.

  • Jim

    I too have asked the “Why” question many times over the years. I first asked it when I was drafted and sent to Viet Nam, and then I foolishly continued to ask it during our many wars since. However, I guess I have always actually known why– it’s for the money. There are people who make incredible fortunes off of war. The longer the war, the better. I think you covered it pretty well.

  • Eleanor Earley

    James Emery, they will never ever admit that Bush/Cheney created this mess and we are still having to clean it up. They will always blame President Obama, always. If they would look in the mirror they would see that the problem with this Country is and has been the repugs/teabaggers.

  • IdiocyAbounds


    Why don’t you ask Obama why we are still there? He swore it was dirtbag filth for us to ever go there, and yet he kept us there for 8 more LONG years,
    so apparently he found out something about it that he must have liked
    or agreed with.

    Please go ask him, Those of us with loved ones over there, would sure love to know

    • JamesEmery

      8 more years? You do realize he only took office back in 2009, right?

    • ghhshirley

      Obama pulled the last of our soldiers out of Iraq in his second year of office, in 2011.

    • mre

      Love your screen name. Have rarely seen one more fitting. lol

  • 19LMN96

    Thank you for writing this. Just thank you.

  • Bob Benett

    You need some serious help. You wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit you on both cheeks of your ass. It’s one thing to tell the truth and then explain why you don’t agree…but only a weak mind has to lie to make a point.

  • Dragon

    Thank you Jim – for your honesty. But don’t forget, they hate Clinton too because he beat Daddy Bush. If Daddy Bush had been reelected, the Iraq war would of started ten years earlier.

  • Fenria

    Wow, powerful article. Thank you. One suggestion: If you’re going back to Iraq, please take that draft dodging, pants shitting, armchair general, war cheerleading, coward Ted Nugent with you. Please put that asshat on the front lines. Let him shit his pants for real!

  • crockyk

    You forgot to mention Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and a host of other Democrats who voted to go to war.Just sayin’.

  • Nick

    For years, liberals called George W. Bush a C student, moron, idiot, braindead, retard, dumb ass and dunce, among other respectful names.

    In the next sentence, liberals then claimed that George W. Bush outsmarted them, lied to them, misled them and manipulated them.

    Logic is never the liberal strong point but even a low IQ repeater drone (a liberal) should know that, when you call someone an idiot and then claim that that same idiot outsmarted you, you are telling the world that you are, indeed, a complete and utter moron.

    BTW, here are some quotes about the “non-existent” WMDs in Iraq (which have now found their way to Syria).

    “In the four
    years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam
    Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons
    stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has
    also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al
    Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam
    Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and
    chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

    “If Saddam
    rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want
    to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass
    destruction program.”

    Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

    “Saddam Hussein
    has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction
    technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made
    a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”

    Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

    “We know that he has
    stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout
    his country.”

    Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

    • Perry

      I agree with you when you say W is a moron. In fact, I think he was just a figurehead while Cheney was the one pulling the strings. You’ve probably heard that before also. Notice how Halliburton got a noncompetitive contract to support our presence in Iraq? Coincidence that he was the former CEO? I think not.

  • gildone84 .

    Thank you for your candor. I also thank you for your service, but I am also very sorry that you and thousands of other American soldiers got pulled into this. I don’t think there is a good answer as to why we were there. This article sums it up, I think. It was just another chapter in a decades-long book of incompetent and unnecessary US and UK meddling in the Mideast:

  • JustGrant

    This is why Bush Sr. Never invaded. He said that it would be a war without end. No Exit strategy. the younger should have listened more to Poppa. More so, what we have seen with this is the creation and now re-signing of the patriot act; NDAA, wire tapping, etc. they used a little bit of mis represented intelligence to strip us of much of what the 4th amendment protects. That is the reality of the Iraq war. And I have news for those of you who think that this is a republican problem. Or republican born. The saddest thing is that people actually believe that there is a difference between the two. Bush and Obama should be striking examples of the executive branch having too much power. Both have broken federal law on numerous occasions and not much more than a little squabbling happens. Things will only get worse from here, unless we take back our civil liberties and strip the excessive power of the executive branch. The problem is not the party; it is the power bestowed on the office.

  • wstockwin


    … with one slight addition: “Just so long as Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and every single one of those powdered, Botoxed talking heads at Fox News are in the vanguard. That’s right, you cowards, you put on a uniform and you lead the charge this time around.”

    … let’s just be sure they are all riding in unarmored Humvees.

  • Joe Tony Little

    Intelligent discourse is often mired by the inability of one side or the other to refrain from spouting profane ridden rants. While I understand the passion behind the argument and even though I don’t agree with it I still respect the viewpoint.

    Neither side, Liberal or Conservative are winning any points or converts by sounding like an angry 3 yr old who didn’t get their way.

    As an American citizen and veteran of Desert Storm myself I say Thank You for your service Jim.

    • the_real_Orangutan

      Don’t you think that eventually we reach a point where “fuck this fucking shit” is the most civilized and intelligent thing that can be said? And don’t you think that the call of the conservatives to get us back into this war brings us to that point?

      • Joe Tony Little

        No I don’t think there is ever a time when profanity is called for. Do I think there are times when it’s the easiest reaction to a situation? Absolutely! But the right way is usually not the easy way.

        In regards to the conservatives calling for the war. They aren’t now and when they were, they weren’t alone. The Liberals voted for the same shit when W. was president and conveniently they fail to remember that point.

        The problem with any war since WWII is that the military is not allowed to fight them. Politics fights them and that never works.

        I was in Desert Storm and it took an act of Congress for us to be allowed to shoot back when we were getting shot at and that’s a problem. The Rules of Engagement are such that we can never truly win a fight because they won’t allow us to fight back…doesn’t matter who is in charge be they Democrat or Republican.

        Washington is full of asshats on both sides that are more concerned with staying in power than doing the right thing. Obama said he would not be sending ground troops back to Iraq and then a day later what’s he doing?

        If war is inevitable then by God let the military fight it, it’s what they do. But if we as a country spend 11 yrs fighting a war and allow 4,500 service men and women die only to have everything they fought and died for be destroyed because we left a country barely able to support itself with a vast enemy still within its borders then we should be ashamed.

  • http://www.d-jam.com D-Jam

    Waiting for the ‘Murica’ NRA gun nuts to come call you a ‘traitor’, like they did to Vietnam vets who protested.

    I raise a glass to you…and am happy even the military personnel see what many else saw in that mess. Maybe one day the GOP will get their worst nightmare. They fantasize about the military refusing to follow the orders of a Democrat President, but instead they’ll see the military flip them the bird when they are told to go to war.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    What’s with the stupid social media buttons on the right that cover up the first few letters of the text?

  • Joe Hill

    Spot on, brother!

  • Allan

    Should be mandatory reading in all American schools!

    • http://gravatar.com/sabwhit sabwhit

      Allan, you are on the money with that thought!

  • Ashley Bell

    Sorry readers, I noticed I was the only one feeding the troll…I’ll not do it again. Non-response to ‘rich’ is a nice touch here. well met.

  • invisigoth

    Excellent observations and spot on.

  • GirlFuturist

    Well said Sir! I am a voting Democrat, and proud Liberal. Labels aside though, you’ve pretty much laid out the Democrats’ years long argument against the entire GOP war machine, against the NeoCons love of war, and pretty much everything I’ve been yelling at the TV screen for years. Sadly, when the Ds bring up many of the issues you have, many Tea Party folks are happy to call us unAmerican and other brainless insults. To make matters even worse, if that is even possible, Rs seem to think that extending healthcare, food stamps, job programs, etc to veterans, is something we can’t afford now. I truly am speechless at that. Beyond voting against the Republicans (again), not sure what else I can do.

    • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

      I would agree with nearly everything you stated, but while the Tea Party and Republican politicians own the franchise on being in the pocket of corporate greed and self-serving hypocrisy, we have to blame ourselves (the Democratic voters) to a certain degree for allowing corporate owned “blue dog” Democrats any chance of getting into office to assist their right wing colleagues in all their horrible policy decisions (and the excuses that go with them). Until we stop these corporate lackeys from ever getting past the primaries, we will always have to take some responsibility for finding ourselves and our beliefs at a much lower priority to the demands of corporate greed and right wing stupidity.

      And I am THRILLED someone besides myself is not running from the word “Liberal.” Too many cowardly Democrats these days call themselves “progressives” instead because they have let the right define them and turn the word “Liberal” into a swear word. Anyone with a dictionary (and a spine) has no problem with the phrase “proud Liberal.” Good for you!

      • Sickofbigots

        “Liberal” is as almost as stupid of a word as “progressive” to describe you hate-filled bigots and hypocrites from the far-left. You are not liberal about anything. People either have agree with your brainwashed dogma or you hate us. There is also NOTHING progressive about being stuck in the 60s/70s era of politics and it just makes me laugh at your cluelessness every time you all try to use it like a 5 year old who says, “I’m a big girl and I am ready to drive”

        • thecolonel1

          For a self loathing human (and I use the word “human” very loosely) your name is very ironic.

  • Brenda Follsom

    Lol This is the stupidest most retarded and childish rant I have ever fucking read.
    Listen kid, the terrorists are always going to know that they have no place that is safe because of the real soldiers that went over there and died and the ones who made it back. I doubt very seriously that you are one but you need to know that nobody takes you seriously just because you use cuss words and appear just passionate enough to crawl out of your parents basement long enough to post some bullshit you researched and then posted on your neighbors stolen wifi.
    Warrant officer lol “Ok” You’re probably some pussy who couldn’t make it into boodcamp or who got washed out week two because you just couldn’t take people screaming at you and telling you that you are useless. Lol Fag

    Grow the fuck up will yah you useless piece of shit? The terrorists are running scared and if we have to we are going to go back in their to kick their fucking asses WITHOUT the help of whiney little fuck-stick crybabies like you…..mkay?
    Because THAT’S what needs to be done sally…
    Fucking moron liberals like you are the reason this shit is like this in the first place. Lol maybe if you had half a sack your party would be worth a shit and able to put like JACK SHIT through congress or mount a ground campaign that was worth a fuck.. lol Just please stop fucking talking and promise you will never have kids. Please eat a gun sooner than later so we can step over your complaining ass instead of tuning out your useless droning so much.

    No wonder you moved to Alaska with the rest of useless humanity…if you were in real America you would get your Navy pussy ass beat. I suggest you stay there.

    • mre2000

      Monkey see monkey do I guess. You certainly haven’t outclassed anyone have you…

      BTW maybe if you did some research before you start flapping your gums.


    • hed3

      who is calling who childish here?

    • John Perry

      You can always identify an ignoramus from the fact that they attack the person rather than his ideas. “Brenda” has tried to suggest a Democrat vs. Republican motivation which does not exist except in her mind. From that premise she indulges in the most vile language (e.g. “please eat a gun”).


    • Nicko Thime

      Kiss my ass
      Purple Heart Vet

    • the_real_Orangutan

      It’s satire, right? Great impersonation of the world’s most odious jerk!

    • JamesEmery

      Seriously, Brenda? I’m smelling paid troll on your part, or internet wannabe tough guy, at the least.

      -USMC 4066/8531

    • Carl Hoffman

      To “Brenda Follsom”, if that’s even your real name:
      I disagree with the majority of what Jim Wright said, but so what? It’s his right to say what he wants and it’s my right to agree or disagree with it.
      But my question for you is, what’s this “we” shit? Were you in Iraq? If so, what FOB were you on? What unit were you with? How long were you in the military, and if you were, what’s with all the disrespectful, anonymous sludge coming from your fingertips against a fellow veteran’s opinion?

      If you’re just another civilian following a political party line (read that as EITHER political party’s line) and jacking your jaw for no good reason, DO NOT attempt to include yourself by using the word “we” when speaking about service members and/or their veteran counterparts. Not only is it disrespectful, it also tends to piss us off (i.e. “us” being vets and current service members).

      Go find another blog post to read that doesn’t cause you to swear like a 5th grader that just learned a bunch of new “cuss words”. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to look stupid among people who are capable of having a civil, intelligent discussion.

      SSG Hoffman, 1-151 INF REG, OIF 2008

    • Myrrh

      So, it seems you only understand “redneck”….so let me put it to you in “plain redneck”….fuck off and die….”sir”.

  • tunkashila

    Amen and thank you, Mr. Wright. Should you and fellow vets decide to take matters into your own hands and administer proper justice (which will obviously never be coming from the judiciary), you can count on the support of myself and many thousands, if not millions, more. May it happen sooner than later!

  • Donnie

    Epic, sir

  • Avatar

    This is absolute one of the most powerful letter I’ve ever read. Absolute spot on and very well detailed of why, what, and who. Yet this letter won’t deter people like Romney to McCain to Cheney to their corporate masters. They think they are above the rest of world and can do whatever they like to do.

  • shifafa

    Where is my post from yesterday? Do you have a problem? Censorship is ALWAYS wrong, especially from such a right on site like this! There are about 3 or 4 posts just like this on this thread. You are beginning to look like huffington. Get it right or go away!

    • Avatar

      If your post is about troll against leftists and even right-wingers, your post will get deleted. My post, even if it’s not a troll comments, it will get deleted in Breitbart website while it’s blogging community is filled with sadistic and satirical comments against people who doesn’t agree with their philosophies.

    • Joe Hill

      boo hoo

  • Mark

    Thank you for that brilliant inditement.

  • mre2000

    Then theres this. Nobody can blame Bush but they can blame Obama. Even though the Status of Forces Agreement was approved by the Iraqi government on December 4, 2008, and signed by Bush, that established that U.S. combat forces will withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 2009, with all U.S. forces out of Iraq by December 2011.


  • Glen Nardin

    I’ve never seen or heard a more poignant and inelegant direct accusation in my life!

  • Jane Arquipway

    Thank you for writing that

  • Peter

    What? Halliburton is vanishing?

  • Douglas Kerrigan

    I share your rage because of the young men and women we and they lost without any kind of plan or truth in what they did.

  • http://voice4america.com/author/markbear#axzz2UlmFeFy1 Dr. Mark Bear

    I have been saying this for the previous two years: Mitt Romney very well may have said he had no plans to run again, however his actions consistently belie him. He remains in the public spotlight for a reason, and why any media would take his insight seriously is beyond me. The fact is this: The Republican Party is literally ‘owned’ by the Tea Party now, and while pundits persist in trying to portray them as a fringe movement the reality is there for all to see. The prevailing ideology driving the current GOP is ALL driven by that faction. It is 1964 all over again in their party and they will pay dearly at the polls.

    • Avatar

      Mitt have serious mental problem and scientists has pinpointed to the greed of desire to build personal wealth are considered mental sickness. Imagine if he got it along with the power of law and lawless, he can do whatever he like to do as President. World has already hated him as a candidate and Mitt had only one accomplished foreign policy as candidate, built already established line to only one country, Israel. Germans, Brits, French, Italians, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, Arabians, Brazilians, and I can keep going on and on, has already hated Romney than they does about w. Bush.

  • Cargapalitos

    Another vet speaks his mind. Bless his heart.

  • AnnaP

    That was great but you left one war maniac out, namely Tony Blair, Bush’s Yes Man.

  • Rich.

    Waiting to be approved again. I’ll wait for a few weeks until someone finally tells you what you think.

  • Rich.

    Begin with stupid and work your way up.

  • Rich.

    My last message is waiting for approval too. We sure wouldn’t have a free and open conversation now would we. You can start the name calling at any time.

    • Ashley Bell

      “We sure wouldn’t have a free and open conversation now would we.”

      not with disingenuous asses like yourself…no

  • Rich.

    Your message says that you are waiting for the approval to post my message. Are that afraid of the truth or even free speech? I sometimes wonder how many of you have a mind—or just goose step then hide.

    • Bob Lablaw

      aaaaaaand there it is. Godwin’s Law has been enacted.

      Big shocker there. You know, Hitler was a BIG fan of moderating comments on a privately owned website.

  • Rich.

    You don’t allow any opposing views do you? Still I will meet you and debate you at any time and any where at any place. You can talk and talk and talk, but I’ll tell the truth. The truth doesn’t need defending because it will do it by itself. My job will be easy while you’ll be working around the clock.

    • theonlysaneone

      Who are you talking to?

    • Henry Laura

      Please share your message with me. I am anxious to listen to your perspective.

  • pwpg06 .

    BRAVO JIM!!!!!

  • Margey DeHuff Sebastian

    i love this. this goes through my head every time i hear one of those assholes start in on sending troops back there. WHY???? the shit is coming out of their ears. sorry, the profanities start flying when this subject comes up. thank you for this.
    p.s. i think conquering the universe might be easier.

  • AdamP

    Great stuff. But 99% of it is just about the cost to the USA. Imagine an Iraqi kid reading that whose family and city have been destroyed and the remains made poisonously radioactive by US uranium bullets. etc. “We have to stop going around the world massacring people and ruining their countries… because a few of our own get killed while we’re doing that.” – That’s really not a very impressive reason. Although a tiny first step towards a just, compassionate, human, response, I guess.

  • Jerry Callender

    I would add, the Flight Commander of the first air wing to drop the first bombs on Baghdad is gay, and he was discharged when he returned from deployment.

    • TurboTurtle

      Who gives a f? I don’t care what the flight commander of the first air wing to drop the first bomb on Baghdad does to get his rocks off. And its certainly not germaine to this topic.

  • Bob Parke

    I think that were I a Republican politician, I would be beginning to be afraid – very afraid. Their lies are coming abound to bite them in their asses, and I can only hope that it will result in political hemorrhage. “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” I sense that the big con may finally be falling apart. It there a statute of limitations on war crimes?

    • Ashley Bell

      I feel the same way…I really hope it’s not just wishful thinking on our part…In our defense, I do belief that their position is at least unsustainable…It can’t continue just through basic laws of nature I’d think

    • IdiocyAbounds

      Bob Parke

      WOW. When did Obama become a Republican? I missed that memo.
      He has kept us in this war for an added 8 LONG years.

      Why would he do that? since you just said it just the republicans who are responsible?
      do you think he is secretly a republican?
      Do you think that maybe he LIKES the war?
      Do you think that maybe he is A LIAR?

      Do you think that maybe your comment was idiotic based on the FACTS?

      • Perry

        IdiocyAbounds (which appears to be an apt name), I don’t see that Bob Parke mentioned, or even referenced, President Obama in his post. If you are saying he has kept the US in the Iraq war “for an added 8 LONG years,” you must realize he has only been president for 5 years. What this blog has been about is not who has “kept” us at war in Iraq but about who “PUT” us in the war. That would be Bush and his fellow Republicans who LIKED the war and that they LIED to put us in the war. I hope those were the facts you are referring to because it’s hard to know based on your confusing post.

      • Bob Cull

        Obama has not been in office for 8 years, so how could he have kept us there for another 8 years? The topic is Iraq, genius! We left Iraq 3 and a half years ago. If you are dragging Afghanistan into it then you are changing the subject, something that is often done by those with no argument.

        • armoredsaint

          Bob is half right, Senator Obama tried to destroy the American victory in Iraq by voting down the Surge as directed by General Petreaus whom liberals like Bobby here and Barry used to shamefully himcall Betray-us, promising the surge would fail.

          • Perry

            I have never heard of a single Senator having the ability to single-handed “vote down” a bill. Congressional action approving war in Iraq was passed by Congress in 2002, before President Obama was even elected to the Senate. As a result of H.J.Res 114 President Bush was totally responsible for the so-called “Surge” in 2007 without any need for an additional vote by Congress. So please explain how then-Sen. Obama “tried to destroy the American victory in Iraq by voting down the Surge.”

          • Robert Kennedy

            The surge did nothing, what worked was the bribes. Or do you only watch Faux Spews and are unaware of the facts? And it wasn’t Obama who called him that. But the site that did assumed he was going to lie about it when he reported to the White House the next month, and VOILA, he did, so the betray us cognomen was correct.

      • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

        From where I sit, Obama became a Republican (calling himself a Democrat) from day ONE. His policies, his favored constituents, his decisions of any real consequence, even his personnel have been far more right wing than left. And yes, I do think he is a world class liar, owned and operated by and for the exclusive benefit of Wall Street and corporate greed.

        • Bob Lablaw

          “favored constituents”?

          You can say it, man. We know you meant “black people”. Go ahead, let it out.

          Meanwhile, the adults are talking here. Hush up now.

          • Moondoggie71

            Wall Street is not code for “black people”. Fool me twice means that Lloyd Blankfein was President Obama’s first overnight guest at the White House.

          • Perry

            Stop trying to muddy the water. All normal people understand what was meant by “favored constituents.” Your lame excuses only prove it. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it isn’t Wall Street.

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            No, you’re letting your “rabid right” show with your assumption that I meant “black people” were his favored constituents. I was thinking about Jamie Dimon, the Koch brothers, and all the other obscenely greedy Wall Street thieves and corporate welfare recipients who seem to have his favor. And for the record, they are all typically older, white, Republican (pronounced self-centered and greedy) men who won’t be happy until they steal it all from the rest of us.

            P.S. I’ll give your sarcastic comment about “the adults talking” some credibility the first time you show ANY evidence that you’re over the age of thirteen.

          • Perry

            No, Fool_me…, there is no way in the world to connect President Obama to RWNJs like the Koch brothers. If you have been sleeping for over 5 years you probably missed the part about them and their rabid sycophants trying to block anything President Obama tries to do and trying to impeach him at every turn. So claiming the term “favored constituents” as such is a lame way to keep yourself from being called racist. You can’t even fool us the first time.

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            Oh no, yet another gullible Obama apologist. First I should tell you that I voted for Obama the first time, but after his election I actually stayed awake, and by paying attention to details I learned an important lesson. So much of what a world class liar does is try to distract you from the reality of his behavior (much like so many rabidly anti-gay politicians on the right who have turned out to be homosexual themselves), so OF COURSE his rhetoric (and theirs) is very antagonistic toward each other, but look at what the man DOES more than what he says. The biggest crook on Wall Street, Jamie Dimon plays golf with him, and visits the White House on occasion, the Koch brothers’ are lusting after the Keystone pipeline and he keeps the door wide open to approving it (despite the incredible and continuous opposition from his Democratic voters), and even his justice department finally had to admit they won’t prosecute the thieves on Wall Street because they’re “too big to jail.” The only things he seems to get behind on the left are the things corporate greed doesn’t really care about, and then it’s only after they give their approval to proceed. That’s why he never LEADS on an issue (i.e. gay marriage). He eventually “comes around to it.” After all, one has to eventually throw a crumb out to the left every once in a while, otherwise even the yellow dog Democrats might catch on that he’s actually a stealth Republican. It seems you’re the one with the Rip Van Winkle syndrome, ignoring reality and eagerly swallowing everything the corporate media has hyped to throw you off the scent. Obama caved to every demand the right wing made of him in his first term, and people like you just chalked it up to his being a lousy negotiator, or he was just trying to work for bipartisanship (with people who absolutely refused to negotiate at all – they knew they didn’t have to, and it looked good to the folks back home). No, Perry, that was by design, and specifically for your (the Obama apologist’s) consumption.

          • Perry

            You can cherry-pick and redefine points all you want but the truth is you are just trying to hijack the discussion by bringing President Obama into this blog.

          • Fool_me_twice_shame_on_ME

            Well, let’s think about what you wrote here. ” If you have been sleeping for over 5 years you probably missed the part about them and their rabid sycophants trying to block anything President Obama tries to do and trying to impeach him at every turn.”

            This would seem make my point that he is a stealth Republican, or at the very least, a very phony Democrat because he seems to get stopped with every issue the left favors any time his corporate owners want it stopped (and he never seems to bring it up again, or try another tactic to get it passed), but anything corporate greed doesn’t care about seems to get by that very same congress. And if you weren’t so manipulated, you would realize the right keeps SAYING they want to impeach him, but have they ever actually tried to? Their little “dog and pony show” seems to be pretty effective on the ever so loyal (and all too gullible) Obama apologists who won’t open their eyes to the bigger picture.

        • Channon Doughty

          Indeed. He is in bed with many of the same people. I am not sure anyone can still get that office without those bedfellows. It scares me to death!

        • MWulfe

          Earth to fool_me_twice, earth to fool_me_twice…

      • Robert Kennedy

        He is slightly to the right of Eisenhower, so he kind of is. No liberal would have appointed Larry Summers or Eric Holder who were both major players in the Wall St. debacle.

    • asus3000

      Yeah, kind of like the Gulf of Tonkin lie the democrats told to enter Viet-nam bit them in the ass for so long.

      How many more decades are we going to keep the duopoly alive? If you want real change you have to vote outside the two parties.

      • Bob Cull

        We had been in Vietnam for years before the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident. The first troops went in under Eisenhower.

        • COMALite J

          The real tragedy of Vietnam was before Eisenhower, with Truman.

          Vietnam was part of what was then called “French Indochina.” It wasn’t called that because they liked French fries. It was a French colony, conquered and ruled by the French for decades.

          Then WWII happened. The French got their @$$es handed to them by the Nazis (who they surrendered to, complete with a collaborating Vichy government) and, in French Indochina, by the Japanese, who took the whole place over and kicked the French out.

          When Japan itself was defeated by a couple nukes, two things happened: Vietnam wanted to be independent, being finally free of the French ― but France wanted its colonies back.

          An idealistic young freedom-fighter named Ho Chi Minh wanted to set up an American-style democratic republic. He even declared Vietnam’s independence from both Japan and France with a declaration whose wording was based on our own great Declaration of Independence, complete with much of Thomas Jefferson’s language,

          He asked for our help. This is one of the few times when we would’ve been justified in nation-building: when we were asked to by the nation in question itself. We could’ve worked with him, and to this very day there would likely be an American-style and USA-allied prosperous nation of Vietnam in Indochina.

          But no. We (under Truman) sided with France instead. Yes, they helped us way back when during our own struggle for independence, and chose a somewhat more bloody path for their own, yet they still wanted colonies to rule over, in a land distant from them and over peoples who were culturally vastly different from themselves. And yes, they were technically both allies (the French resistance) and opponents (the Vichy government) in the then-recent WWII.

          So, Ho Chi Minh had little choice but to seek out another world super-power to help him gain independence, and, disillusioned with the USA whom he had so admired and whom he sought to pattern his independent nation after, went with the communists instead.

          Had we done the right thing and given Ho Chi Minh at least our moral and perhaps some material support, there would never have been a Vietnam war. No Pol Pot, as the other nations of Indochina would likely have followed Ho Chi Minh’s example. Heck, they may even have joined together to form a United States of Indochina! What a strategically valuable ally they would’ve been!

          If only we had done the right thing.

          The situation in Iraq is similar. While GWBush and his PNAC puppetmasters (including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Kristol, etc.) certainly made things a lot worse. the simple fact is that there can never be a lasting peace in Iraq without a “strongman” ruler such as Saddam Hussein.

          And why not? Because the nation of Iraq is itself a fictional nation! It shouldn’t even exist! Its borders, like those of many other Middle Eastern nations, were imposed on them from outside by European powers (including the USA) in the aftermath of World War I (then called “the Great War”), due to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Without so much as a by-your-leave from the people who actually lived there and would have to live with those borders, Europeans carved out nations as they saw fit.

          (Many of the problems currently plaguing Africa have a similar root: most of the nations of Africa are likewise fictional.)

          There are no Iraqi people. There are Shi’ites, Sunnis, and Kurds. Only a strongman can hold the peace between them. Democracy cannot work there so long as it’s a single fictitious nation made up of peoples who refuse to get along with each other for whatever reasons.

          Democracy worked for us because we wanted it and fought for it. It cannot be imposed from outside. It will only work for other nations if they want it enough to fight for it.

          Like almost happened with Vietnam after WWII, under Ho Chi Minh.

          • jp5472

            You nailed it on both accounts.

            Ho Chi Minh always carried his American issue .45 calibre sidearm that he received being an underground fighter for the Allies against Japan.

            …and yes, Nation Building at it’s finest creating the century old clusterf*ck we call “The Middle East”. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/groundtruth/ISIS-iraq-sykes-picot-WWI

          • Channon Doughty

            I had no idea. Can you site some sources for further reading? Thank you!

          • MWulfe

            Thanks, COMALite. That was an excellent and accurate summary.

          • COMALite J

            Thank you.

        • Robert Kennedy

          I did. Ike promised the French we would do so to get them free from Điện Biên Phủ and their Indo-China mistake,

      • Robert Kennedy

        Not until the Republican party is dead. Otherwise a 3rd party vote is a Republican vote and every single problem we have would be cured in a moment if we elected progressive candidates and sent all conservatives to the trashbin of history until the problems were fixed.
        Then we would need them back as Democrats began to become as corrupt as Republicans are now.

    • Connie


    • laughterjones

      I guess Hillary Clinton and the rest of the dems who voted for Iraq war should be very afraid too by your logic. Or do they get a pass?

      I’m interested now to see what is next. Do we follow the same mistakes as the past and follow a democrat to war in Iraq?

      • Bob Cull

        So by your reasoning the victim of a con is just as guilty as the perpetrator, is that right Laughterjones? It was the Dumbya administration who manufacture all of the evidence that convinced Congress to approve going to war with Iraq and they are solely responsible, not the victims of their con game.

    • Robert Kennedy

      As long as money dominates they will be doing fine. In Illinois we have a huge scumbag who became a billionaire by cheating nursing home residents and committing Medicare fraud and his ads are calling Pat Quinn, who spent his whole life fighting for the little guy unethical. Ands the people are believing it, both the Tribune and the Sun-Times have endorsed him, with the Tribune loving his trickle down economic policy and the Times calling him a great businessman, ignoring the fact that nearly 100% of the time chief executives from business become super failures at governing, and ignoring the fact that Rauner belongs in prison, not the state house.

  • rossbro

    Sounds about right to me.

  • jumbojimbo

    “We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that ‘we’ have caused this” – Tony Blair’s self-absolution on Iraq.
    ‘We’ didn’t cause this, ‘you’ did.

    Phoney Tony’s ‘The war on terror’, ‘The WMD’s’….
    The great irony is that there weren’t any ‘terrorists’ in Iraq in 2003. There are now

    • Ashley Bell

      I was never one of the ‘we’… Don’t you DARE speak for me motherfucker!

      • jumbojimbo

        Seriously, do you have a problem with comprehending the English language? My comment was not about the ‘we’ [who supported the war] or even the ‘we’ [the Allied Forces that fought the war] or the ‘we’ [that opposed the war]

        I was criticising Tony Blair. ‘We’ [the people of the Allied countries] are NOT to blame for the problems that are happening in Iraq at the moment. ‘You’ [Tony Blair- and by extension G.W. Bush for pushing the ‘WMD lies’] are the people who are to blame for the current situation in Iraq. And for all the soldiers who died fighting in a war that ‘you’ knew was predicated on a LIE.
        Tony Blair and G.W Bush should be tried at The Hague for war crimes.

        • Greebo

          They were not alone: there was a huge “coalition of the willing” idiots.
          Some were even just lucky not to be part of it. In 2003, just after the start of the war, a certain Angela Merkel for example openly declared that she had participated. Lucky for her (and the Bundeswehr), she wasn’t chancellor at the time. Now she doesn’t remember that bit – or follows her predecessor Adenauer: “What do I care about my babbling from yesterday?”

          And btw: what about Mrs. Hillary Clinton?

          • Perry

            You can try to cloud the argument all you want but the original fault still goes to Bush II, Cheney and their circle of sycophants. They lied to everyone, not just the American people. Try to look at the entire picture. Sure, a lot of Congress and foreign leaders swallowed the lies but the war was proven to be founded on lies for whatever reasons Bush and Cheney wanted (oil, power, profit, etc.). Stop trying to justify the war on just one point in history.

          • Mike Miller

            Bravo Perry………yes there were many willing idiots that were talked into war against Iraq. But the Original Sin is Cheney and Bushs. Again Bravo. We cannot allow for history to be changed.

        • COMALite J

          The real war criminals here are the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

          • DannyEastVillage


        • Ashley Bell

          no dude. I completely got you. I was railing against blair’s notion of ‘we’…I understand how quotes are used man.. I was AGREEING with you…chill

        • Ashley Bell

          I was saying to BLAIR: “Don’t you DARE speak for me motherfucker!”

        • armoredsaint

          you are a damn fool and/or ignorant of the facts. The WMD were indeed not present post-invasion but so what? Saddam did support/harbor and finance American killing terrorists and the international community including American Democrats like Hillary Clinton (Senator-NY) made conclusive assurances that this was so in late 2002.

          • Channon Doughty

            Iraq had their own terrorists, but they WERE NOT in bed with Al Queda, they WERE NOT part of 9/11. In fact, Bin Ladin and Sadaam were sworn foes. It was all a LIE

          • armoredsaint

            Clinton Terror Czar Richard Clarke Jan 23, 1999 Washington Post: “We know Iraqi chemical weapons experts were making VX weapons for al Qa’eda in the el Shifa pharmaceutical plant which is why we bombed it.”

            ” The Bush administration is stretching their imaginations to link al Qaeda with Iraq” Richard Clarke November 2002

          • Bob Cull

            Are you really attempting to perpetuate the lie that Iraq was involved with al Qaeda, Armoredsaint? Really? Are you that ignorant or do you think that everyone else is stupid?

            There was no connection, not even a tenuous one, between Saddam Hussein and 9/11 or al Qaeda, we did what they wanted to do and were unable to do, we took him down. They followed us to Iraq, there was no al Qaeda presence in that country until after we took Saddam out.

          • armoredsaint

            I think you’re stupid Bob if you can deny the following:

            Abu Nidal (Milan, Italy airport massacre) was given diplomatic immunity by? Iraq – Saddam.

            Abu Abbas (Achilles Laurel) Diplomatic sanctuary in Iraq- Saddam.

            Who sponsored terrorism with checks to Hamas, publicized by his own media? Saddam.

            Abu Mousab al Zarqawi and his al Qa’eda cell were in Tikrit and Baghdad long before March of 2003 when America invaded.

            WTC Bombers 1993 Ramzi yousef ( nephew of Khalid Sheik Mohammed the 911 mastermind) and Abdul Rahman Yasin fled Kennedy airport and went to? Baghdad. ABC News Cynthia McKinney reported that Yasin was on an Iraqi government monthly stipend living in Baghdad right up to the 2003 invasion. She interviewed his father.

            I realize the Bush administration was wrong about current WMD programs in Iraq and I also realize liberals were overjoyed as a result. Saddam Hussein should have been taken down for atrocities and even more, under the justification of the War on terrorism. The war on organized crime doesn’t end with the Gambino family nor should the war on terror end with al Qa’eda.

            Lets be honest, Democrats were slowly pointing the finger at Bush for being at fault for the 9/11 attacks and the pressure for him to stop the next possible attack was elevating.

            Bush/Cheney invaded and were wrong and didn’t plant WMDs, they lived with the truth.

            Bush wasn’t alone though was he?


          • armoredsaint

            This website erases responsible and legitimate responses. Cowards.

          • Bob Cull

            That is a crock, Armoredsaint! The fact that trolls such as yourself are published on here is proof of the fact that even irresponsible and completely false responses are published.

            I have posted comments on RWNJ sites that were deleted almost immediately, not because of anything objectionable being said since I don’t use the kind of language and name calling that they do, I simply strayed from the accepted line of propaganda and actually used facts.

          • Robert Kennedy

            Yeah, that’s happened to me too. I did find one that didn’t do that. I guess they wanted to have some red meat for their morons to screech at.

          • armoredsaint

            I believe you if you say you were erased. I was too in here when I made some good points they were disappeared the next hour. Why am I a troll? Because I don’t agree with the stupidity of liberalism?

          • Bob Cull

            If you had a post on this site that was taken down then it wasn’t because you “made some good points” it was because it was extremely vile. We don’t try to silence anyone here.

            I find it hard to believe that you posted anything factual, every one of your posts making any sort of claim has been nothing but a parroting of the fabricated “facts” of such entities as Faux News.

            You are a troll because you come here to nay say everything that is presented and the facts be damned. Newsflash: You are indeed entitled to your own opinion however you are NOT entitled to your own “facts” facts are immutable and you don’t like any that don’t support what you wish to be true.

          • armoredsaint

            Maybe you can name for me something I parroted then Bob. I have my own thoughts and no political heroes. the only reason I came in here was to see what the gentleman veteran had to say. Most veterans feel 180 from him so I was curious. I’m sure he has his reasons. I am not at all surprised to be fired upon by several leftist, intolerant bigots in here who hate conservative Americans more than al Qa’eda. It’s a phenomenon to me but it is what it is.

          • Bob Cull

            Well, let’s see — wow, that was hard! You are still parroting the lie that there were WMDs in Iraq and that he was supporting al Qaeda. There were no WMDs and Bush knew it and we did for al Qaeda what they could not do themselves, we took Saddam out for them.

            There was NO al Qaeda presence in Iraq until they followed us there, Saddam, as evil as he was, had kept them out of the country.

            You come in here and start telling people how “stupid” they are and how “wimpy” they are and then you have the audacity to make the claim that you were “attacked” simply because you have a different opinion. Newsflash, you “manly” TPers are not masculine, you are insecure little boys pounding your chests and waving your penile replacements around to show us all how manly you are.

          • armoredsaint

            So argue with Richard Clarke, the biggest antagonist to the Bush Iraq invasion plan. HE linked al qa’eda and Iraq long before Bush announced his candidacy. Argue with Sheila McVicar of ABC News who found 1993 WTC bomber Abdul Rahman Yasin in Baghdad on a monthly government stipend. You seem to hit a wall when evidence is produced and even more, you sound ridiculous when defending Saddam’s track record of supporting, harboring and sponsoring terror. I made no claim to WMD stores which would justify the invasion. That was sadly proven to be wrong. I might also point out that Bush & Cheney didn’t stage any WMD cashes, which if they were as diabolical as you Marxist haters suggest, would have been relatively easy to do.

          • Channon Doughty

            :-* Bob, i could just kiss you for this one

          • Miles Long

            I hope you don’t mind too much that I was a bit harsh on Armoured Taint, or whatever he calls himself. I may have stirred a few insults into the mix when I shot down a couple of his comments. Well, let’s be honest…I gave him back a little of what he likes to dish out. As you pointed out, he’s fond of inventing “facts”. I was perhaps less than kind when I poked holes in a couple of them.

          • Miles Long

            No, you’re a troll because you’re an offensive moron. And probably a liar, too.

          • Bob Cull

            He is a liar. Unlike right wing sites we do not delete anyone’s comment simply because they disagree. If he had something deleted it was not just because he disagreed it was because he stepped WAY over the line.

          • Miles Long

            That’s pretty much what I thought. I’ve noticed the Toronto Sun goes through its comments even after they’ve closed a subject to weed out a lot of the more telling left wing remarks. As for myself, I don’t even flag direct insults directed at me (and I do collect them once in a while).

            I don’t comment here all that often, but I’ve noticed you guys actually back the “free speech” idea, and applaud you for it.

          • Bob Cull

            You should try being a writer for a liberal blog. I just spent three days having nearly every family photo on my FB page being “reported” for unacceptable content, nudity, by one of these RWNJs. I tried blocking all of the prime suspects and the “reports” just kept rolling in. I wanted to take legal action but FB refuses to tell me the identity of the person who they assisted in harassing me, even after I threatened to sue them.

          • Miles Long

            The closest I ever came to that was accumulating over 3,000 followers at Huffington Post. That ended abruptly when they demanded real names and phone numbers. My family name is extremely unusual, and the amount of hatred I was getting from the far right made it dead certain they weren’t getting it.

          • Robert Kennedy

            You’ve never made a good or even true post, so why would any sane person believe you?

          • William Impellizzeri II

            How would you know? You have nothing to say of actual substance. And Armored Saint sucks.

          • armoredsaint

            The band? lol agreed.

          • Robert Kennedy

            No, sadly they allow lies from conservatives as well. But if they didn’t we wouldn’t know what you subhumans were thinking since there would be no conservative posts. Since they allowed your irresponsible and illegitimate response I can only speculate on just how horrendous your post must have been.

          • Miles Long

            Saudi Arabia put a lot more money into terrorist causes than Saddam ever did…and they’re an ally. Any comment on that, Sparky?

          • armoredsaint

            Private citizen Saudi Arabians secretly pour $$ to Sunni jihadist terrorism true enough, although I doubt you know the difference between the sects, but it isn’t coming from the regime itself. Whereas in Iraq it was Saddam himself you ignoramus. So instead of pretending to know a god damn thing, sit back and listen to those who know. For your (limited) information, al Qaeda was born to destroy the House of Saud. You are a yellow belt of knowledge sit back and let others do the thinking big guy.

          • Miles Long

            You really are a moron. Even five years ago the evidence was in on the House of Saud and its links to terrorism. Since you’re either too lazy or too stupid to find out for yourself what the rest of the world knows, I’ll spoon feed the little boy. From the New York Times:

            “Documents gathered by lawyers for the families of Sept. 11 victims provide new evidence of extensive financial support for Al Qaeda
            and other extremist groups by members of the Saudi royal family, but
            the material may never find its way into court because of legal and
            diplomatic obstacles.”

            There’s your schooling for the day. Now go ask nursie to change your diaper or something. There’s intelligent people here, and you don’t belong.

          • thecolonel1

            You sound as if you had some of the brown acid they warned us about at Woodstock.

          • Miles Long

            Back on your knees, b^tch. Dinner is served.

        • roobydob

          Yep I know.

    • the81kid

      Tony Blair is a disgrace to the UK. He flies around now in his private jet, giving speeches for a hundred thousand dollars a pop, consulting Middle East dictators and oppressive regimes, as the “Middle East Peace Envoy” – you couldn’t make this up! He only comes back to the UK to bang war drums again. The man is obsessed with war, “correcting Islam”. In the past 12 months he’s called for us to start fighting war in Syria, then against Iran (that’s a years long theme with Blair), and now Iraq again. But the repressive Saudi regime (that does fund terrorism, openly) is fine. Israel occupying and fast-turning-into apartheid, that’s fine too. Even Assad was fine when they needed his help in Gulf War 2 over 10 years ago!

      He belongs in the 19th century. If you read what the colonialists, racists and Orientalists of the British (also French, among other) empire said and wrote and wanted, Tony Blair says the exact same ignorant s*** as 150 years ago. We have to civilize the savages, convert the heathen, WE have the right and obligation to bring “democracy” to them, because they’re all the same, they all look the same and sound the same, right? What a load of racist rubbish.

      It’s so offensive and racist, and the man is not only oblivious with NO self-awareness, he is also very very dangerous. His actions and lies have killed tens of thousands of our soldiers, brought daily terrorism to Iraq and completely destroyed Iraq’s social fabric, killing over 500,000 Iraqis – perhaps over a million. He has brought a real risk of terrorism to the UK, that did not exist before.

      • Miles Long

        The two words I always think of in connection to Tony Blair are “glib” and “smarmy”.

    • roobydob

      I was one of the “not in my name” people.

  • Shaun CoonDog

    Nice. Also why send more troops to war we the US can’t even care for 300,000+ back logged vets trying to get help from the VA.

    • 19LMN96

      Glad you brought that up. I am a Veteran and I work at the Phoenix VA. I am disgusted listening to politicians that are “outraged” over appointment wait times and manipulation of data. The knew for years what was going on. Those responsible for this are much higher up the food chain than a VA director. I only wish that when the mandate to see Veterans within 14 days was issued that the VA directors would have come together and told Shinseki and Congress that this is not possible with the condition of our current VA system.

      • dejahT

        My father is being treated at Phoenix VA. His doctor (now retired) was the whistleblower who blew the lid off just what the REMFs who caused this “crisis” in the VA have done. And now, those same desk jockeys who are making vets wait for their service are running to the politicians for air cover. Politicians who don’t give a rat’s ass about vets, at that includes John “Get off my lawn, you kids” McCain. McCain no more gives a shit about the vets than the politicians who are creaming their creased panties trying to send kids over to “finish” the Bush War that failed.

        19LMH96, thank YOU for helping my dad and the other vets you help. Keep up the good work.

        • Frank Staron

          barry campaigned on cleaning up the VA and yet he had to wait until “he read it in the paper”

          • Silver Fox

            Frank, are you one of those non thinking trolls who believes that the president is supposed micro manage every fucking tiny aspect of his administration. He runs the country, DELEGATES to qualified personnel, and concentrates on the bigger picture. Sure the “buck stops here” on his desk, but it doesn’t make him personally responsible for every fuck up.

            Lower level officials were CRIMINALLY covering up their incompetence and it unfortunately led to the loss of a fine soldier and war hero having to resign because he was duped by these assholes as well

            So do us all a favor and take you partisan finger pointing elsewhere

      • ganana

        You’re right! The complaints have been on-going for a number of years. Having worked for a federal agency who are required to meet certain ‘goals’ and ‘standards’, I know first hand how those numbers are doctored to meet the requirements. It all boils down to the number of employees left, after cuts by the government, to do the jobs efficiently. The politicians are aware of the cuts, they’re piling on VA Directors to escape the heat they should be getting. Those who are ‘in the know’ realize this and applaud all of you who are making a difference in VA treatment.

        • Robert Kennedy

          All I can say is that I am good with the superb treatment I got from the VA until Bush slashed their funding and cut us off from the medical care I was promised in 1958.

    • Tonyandoc

      The invasion of Iraq and the neglect of the VA are two symptoms of the same strategy. Another “surge” of military spending to “save” Iraq and underfunding the VA both benefit the domain of the 1%. Both will pump more tax-payer and borrowed dollars towards the private sector; the former to military contractors and the defense industry, the latter with a double payoff – VA services transferred to the private sector and support for the the meme that single payer healthcare does not work.
      We should accept that the same people who occupied Iraq and helped destroy it are occupying the US and will destroy us too, given time.

      • Channon Doughty

        Your words sound with a frightening ring of truth.

  • Another Guy

    I applaud the overall content and candor, but why do we defend Obama… He has been a supporter of the Bush/Cheney doctrine in deed, if not always in word. Truly, this is just political theater. All of our “representatives” are on the same team and have the same goal, perpetuating the American oligarchy.

    • ayespy

      I didn’t see any defense of Obama in there – just a mention of conservatives’ blind, unreasoning hatred of him. That much, at least, is not an illusion.

      To the degree American oligarchy is the aim, one must at least admit that our two intramural teams cannot begin to agree on how to achieve it.

    • Bob Lablaw

      Yeah, that whole “end the war in Iraq”, coupled with the diplomacy over force with Iran, Syria and Libya. That’s straight out of the Bush handbook, huh?

      Sit down and hush up, the grown ups are talking.

    • imspartacus

      Congratulations, you’ve seen the light! The federal government is really just a charade, and it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference which side of the political aisle they’re on. They all work for the same company. The international banking cartel (the largest criminal organization on Earth) owns and operates Washington. Every president is a useful idiot for the global overlords whose sole desire is to impoverish and enslave us all.

      This video talks about the reality of what is happening in Iraq now, and about the insane war on Iraq which has been ongoing since the 1990 invasion. I hope you find it enlightening….


  • Michael Waldman

    Dead on accurate Jim! Thank you!

  • fractalier

    I love it when people with brains have the balls to back it up. My kind of guy. There are still a bunch left, but the numbers are getting older and fewer. Anyone with their head not in the bloody sand knows we have been played for decades, every which way a populace can be played…and we always end up paying for it with our blood. And sadly it isn’t over. Never EVER believe what your government tells you. They don’t give a f**k about you and haven’t in generations. It is my belief, maybe misguided, that these Earthly powers will be destroyed by Forces beyond their ken, forces that will someday uphold the righteous and the just and crush these demons into the dust they came from.

  • EmmaLib

    An excellent rant, beautifully and brutally direct, and I applaud you! I will never comprehend the monsters or the reasoning behind them, that manufactured this war, NEVER. But then again, ask who profited, and then you have your answer, not the Iraqis, not our service personnel, but the private arms manufacturers, the corporations that supply tanks, planes, helicopters and hired assassins, like blackwater, and contractors like Haliburton, then you know why we went to war…. For them lives of others are cheap, and their profit is monumental.
    Thank you.

    • Brian Smith

      Emmalib, according to your logic insurance companies cause accidents.

      • William Impellizzeri II

        Go back into your cave with your Bible and your gun, idiot. Or go enlist and stop talking.

      • hobberez

        Brian Smith. Honestly. That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Did you even think that reply through? Or are you a complete and utter idiot?

        • Expatmom

          I’m guessing he’s a McCain staffer.

      • Florine Fefe Thompson

        And your logic makes no sense insurance companies may not cause accidents but they profit from it the thing with the Iraq war is they made up a reason to go in their so the cause and effect of what was done on purpose made money for them all except for the ones who faught it.

      • rdzk

        Totally wrong because the guns and weapons are PREDICTABLE.

    • Tom

      Ok but tell me why not hold all the Democrats accountable? They voted for it, they paid for it, they kept it going when they had every opportunity to stop it. Also a little fact you wont like, on average most Democrats in office hold more wealth than their Republican counter parts (so tell me who profited)

      • J. Fischer

        They voted based on the lies they were told, and the Republicans wouldn’t let the damn thing end.

        Tell us which Democrats were running Halliburton and the other companies that got rich off of this, and just exactly how they’re richer than the Republicans who actually ran Halliburton and Blackwater and other companies — the people who wanted a war so they could fatten their bank accounts even more.

        • Tom

          They voted on the same information everyone else voted on, the same info Clinton used to make his case for regime change.
          Let’s not forget Iraq gave the United nations the list of WMDs it possessed? Let’s not also forget Iraq used nerve agents against Iran, so the existence of such weapons wasn’t realy in question just the location.
          Now as for profiting, if you really believe Republican are the only politician who profit from their position then you’re already brainwashed well beyond any help.
          Why I can remember $800 billion the Democrats Funneled through the unions in order for it to be donated back to them. I know that money never went to any of the bridges highways rail railways in my area.
          Point being both parties are corrupt and in the end it doesn’t matter we are still at war with a enemy that really doesn’t care if you have a R or D in front of your name.

      • pauldeholczer

        Democrats are only a bit less responsible. But this is not about partisan points. The truth is that it is Republican candidates who are talking now about going back in to Iraq as well as invading Syria and Iran.

        • Tom

          The truth is we have a enemy hell bent on killing every last one of us. I know this because they tell us this every chance they get, what I don’t understand is why you don’t believe them?
          Do you think they care if you are a Democrat or Republican?
          The only way you will stop them from wanting to kill you is to convert to Islam ( again I know because that’s what they say) if you wish to convert good luck, if not then we are at war and it’s not going away.
          I think Obama has proven we can’t appease them ( he has done his best)

          • Joseph Perkins

            It’s a war you can’t win. Any attempts to beat a guerilla army like the scattered and diverse terroristic mind slaves that keep popping up is doomed to failure.
            It needs to be treated like a mental disorder, a societal disease, not something you can exterminate with a gun.
            If you kill enough of these mind slaves all you’ll do is drag the undecided and previously anti-terrorist Muslims into the fray.
            That’s the real problem. This is not a war against a first world nation that is willing to even pay token respect to things like the Geneva Convention. This is a war against a large group of situationally deranged individuals whose only common denominators are the name of their religion and their hatred of intruders.
            ISIL is an analogue of the Christian End Timers Al-Qaeda was simply dedicated to “liberating” Palestine and driving Israel into the sea.
            Their defeat will not come without extreme cost until the people who support them can no longer profit, economically or politically, from their actions.

      • 58 Squarebird

        I guess you’ve forgotten The Shrub standing before a joint session of congress proclaiming: “You’re either with US or you’re with the Terrorists.” That slipped your mind, right?

        • Tom

          And I guess the three thousand Americans murdered on September 11th slipped your mind? You remember the reason Bush went to Congress?
          The planes they hit the towers with?
          The towers fell?
          One went down in a field?
          One hit the Pentagon?
          Any of this ringing a bell?
          I guess it just slipped your mind, right?
          You probably won’t get this, the moderator seems to be blocking in overtime for the last two todays in order to protect the stupid.

          • Bob Cull

            I guess you forgot (conveniently) that Iraq had nothing at all to do with the 9/11 attacks. That there was no al Qaeda presence in the country until they followed us there. That al Qaeda wanted Saddam dead and were laughing their asses off when we did it for them, something that they had been unable to do. That Bush said, after he lied us into the invasion, that he didn’t “think too much” about Osama bin Laden. But hey, go right on drinking that weak tea, everyone knows that any fact that doesn’t support what you baggers want to be true is “just your opinion.”

          • Tom

            One more thing for you to ponder Bob, You seem to think killing Osama was the answer as if its all because of one man, or its Bush’s fault we have terrorist like its some new fad. The problem is old Bobby boy as long as there have been Muslims they have wanted Christians and any other non Muslim dead. The united states has been at war with them on and off going all the way to Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates.
            Terrorism isn’t a problem or war for one party or the other and until the politically brainwashed figure it out we will be in a perpetual war with no end in sight.

          • Bob Cull

            I can’t even say “nice try” because all you are doing is attempting to use more misdirection. I never said that at all about bin Laden, but he was the master mind behind the 9/11 attacks and that is what justified going into Afghanistan, but he had no connection to Iraq or Saddam, other than wanting him dead.

            As far as Islam is concerned you are totally ignorant. The Qur’an teaches that Muslims are to be accepting and tolerant of ALL “people of the book.” The people of the book are Muslims, Jews and Christians.

            Radical Muslims just like our own radical Teavangelicals have distorted their religion beyond recognition. You accuse the president of creating new radicals when, in fact, it is people such as yourself who constantly call for the killing of all Muslims and claim that they all want to kill us who are the best recruiting tool the radicals have. They simply point to you and say, “see, they all want us dead.”

            You are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem, a very large part!

          • Tom

            Obviously this conversation went way over your head, why don’t you just go back to name calling it suits you better.

          • Bob Cull

            ROFLMMFAO! Typical of the far right! No actual argument so just ignore the facts and accuse the other guy of name calling. Pointing out ignorance is not name calling it is making an observation and you made your ignorance abundantly clear when you connected Iraq to 9/11 and again when you maligned all Muslims saying that they want us dead.

          • Tom

            Bob your first response ended in name calling “bagger” typical of the ignorant however to ignore your own actions and ignorance and just blindly accuse others of ignoring the facts with out producing any of your own is just sad.
            Bob what part of my statement was wrong?
            We are at war with Muslims correct?
            Muslims want us dead correct?
            There are entire Muslim country’s who have sworn to destroy us correct ?
            We have been at war with Muslims on and off ever since our founding correct?
            These are all 100% facts Bob even a moron like you could Google and find.
            Now Bob your turn, show me where I said “all” Muslims want to kill us? Show me one statement that not a fact? These are not my opinions Bob its simple fact maybe you should man up Bob and go do a tour in the sand pit see for your self how loved you are Bob.
            Ow and Bob my defense of the truth doesn’t mean I agree with the right, just means I look for the truth. you ASSume I’m a right winger because your ignorant to the real world where people don’t base what they believe on what their party tells them, you should try independent thought sometime Bob its liberating.
            Now move along you have Trolled me enough.

          • Bob Cull

            Oh I will “move along” and “go from the presence of a foolish man when [I] perceive not in him the lips of wisdom.” All of your “facts” are distortions or flat out lies.

          • Tom

            Flat out lies and distortion? your still unable to point one out or disprove one thing I have said. You just ramble your cookie cutter nonsense MSNBC has told you to say, your nothing but a parrot.
            You win Bob you have far more experience at being a Troll than I do at combating one, but remember “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

          • boB

            “Bob what part of my statement was wrong?” Oh allow me, please, I know I’m not the Bob you were talking to but still …

            “We are at war with Muslims correct?” WRONG. Both Presidents Bush and Obama have made it perfectly clear anytime they have been asked — this war is with terrorists, not Islam.

            “Muslims want us dead correct?” WRONG A small percentage of Muslims, we call them extremists, want us dead. But no more than the percentage of Christians (think Westboro) that want to kill Muslims.

            “There are entire Muslim country’s who have sworn to destroy us correct ?” The plural of country is countries. And yes, there are; there are also Muslim countries working with us to eliminate extremism — think Turkey.

            “We have been at war with Muslims on and off ever since our founding correct?” WRONG We have, in the past few decades, been at war with some Muslim groups, but we (the USA) have NEVER been involved in a religious war against any religion.

            “Now Bob your turn, show me where I said “all” Muslims want to kill us?” LOLOLOLOLOL Look about 7 lines above this quote in your message and you will see yourself saying “We are at war with Muslims, correct?”


          • George Koelsch

            what is funny with all this Muslims going to kill us and remember 9/11 which was done my Muslims but the most of them came from Saudi Arabia which is our friend in the region. If you look at the FBI stats that far right wing groups in this country has killed more people here than Muslims have. This writer in the article has a point what reason is there for going to war in the gulf like we have? I have been waiting for over 15 years and all you people who have been saying we need to go back. The question I have to ask is why don’t you join the military and go back or have you did any time in the military because most people in the military i know do not want to go back and do not want to fight a war. Yes i did 12 years in the Navy

          • bicfj

            Who didn’t pay attention to his daily presidential briefings? — Bush.

            Who didn’t pay attention to the warnings about Bin Laden passed on from the Clinton Adiminstration? — Bush, Cheney, et al.

            Who had preconceived notions because the Iraqis tried to attack his father? — Bush.

            Who fitted the intelligence information to his preconceived notions about war policy. Who neglected contrary information such as that about yellow cake uranium from Niger as provided by Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Who outed CIA secret agent Valerie Plame as revenge for Joseph Wilson’s NY Times Op Ed about yellow cake uranium. All were done by the corrupt Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice administration.

          • Tom

            The answer to your first two questions would actually be CLINTON!
            who is ignoring the fact that Iraq didn’t cooperate for most of a 10 year cease-fire agreement you!. Who is ignoring Bill Clinton had stated before leaving office the only way to solve the issue would be regime change? you! Who is ignoring the fact that the existence of weapons of max destruction isn’t i dispute for the simple reason the Iraqis used them against Iran? you! Who is ignoring the fact that Bush Clinton and most of the world based most of their belief that Iraq still had the weapons because Iraq said they had the weapons? you! Who is ignoring the fact that Bush didn’t create terrorist that infact we where attacked more times by terrorists when Clinton was in office than Bush, or the simple fact most of 9/11 was planned during the Clinton years, or the fact that if you want to blame a president for 9/11 Clinton would be the one most responsible considering he had had dozens of attacks from Bin-laden during his term and let Bin-laden go on a number of occasions.
            I personally don’t blame ether one for terrorist or the wars for because we have been hated and attacked for decades and they have been waging war on us for decades we just finally caught on

          • Warren Mcguffin

            I guess you forgot that the BinLaden Family along with other Saudis were flown home by the Bush regime

          • Bob Cull

            He also forgot that there wasn’t a single Iraqi on any of those planes and that Saddam had been successfully keeping al Qaeda OUT of Iraq. They got a foothold there AFTER we got him out of their way. But Jeb wants us to believe that Iraq “was a pretty good deal.”

    • David G

      Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden supported the war, but are not mentioned in this article.

      • EmmaLib

        They all supported our COMMANDER in Chief, he was President, he gave the congress proof positive, even though all of the 9/11 terrorists were from SA, we attacked another sovereign country. that is what we should be able to trust our President to do, tell the truth.
        Dubya, Dick, Rummy, Condeleza, CIA, HLS, never did any of those things!
        But you blame those who trusted the President and the lies they were fed.
        That was 12 years ago, we learned of the biggest deception ever perpetuated upon Americans, by our President and VP, so a handful of Americans For Prosperity could prosper from 98% of the populace.
        You can not blame Biden or Hill for the war that Dubya and Dickwad shoved down our throats!

        • David G

          So Biden and Hillary are not responsible for their actions and bear no blame? They were duped and outwitted by the wily neo-cons? Doesn’t exactly sound like the type of leadership I would want representing me. This is more what I would expect a victim to say, not leaders who are accountable for their actions.
          If they are so smart, how were they able to be fooled by someone who liberals think is stupid?
          Your post reconfirms my theory that when most liberals can’t think of a logical argument, they resort to 3d grade insults like “dickwad.”

  • TG

    Bravo. I remember going into my unit’s chow hall and seeing Dubya on tv saying he was sending us into Iraq. The chill I got from that was palpable. I knew in my heart this was a mistake based on lies cooked up by Rumsfeld and Cheney. Dubya was merely a puppet. I spent 41/2 months in 2012 deployed to Dover AFB where I witnessed over 120 dignified transfers of our fallen. Many with more than one set of remains returned. I was there on the flight line, many times in the middle of the night, hearing the grieving families. It doesn’t take much imagination to wonder and ask was all this worth it. I’m now retired after 34 years in the military, and I say enough is enough, no more.

  • A Hilse

    I for one am not looking forward to another war. I put my family life on hold during my service of the last one. I am nearly 30 years of age with two children the oldest only 3. Lets sit this one out America and focus on home.

  • http://yahoo Jazabelz

    Isn’t it amazing that all of the Republican “Conservatives” who constantly vote to cut any and all funding of aid for the poor, seniors, working class, middle class and vets, have no problem spending trillions of dollars on war?! It’s obvious that they are only concerned with the almighty dollar and establishing a solid oligarchy/plutocracy/Christian theologian society which will only continue to benefit the wealthy and secure their power.

    The press is definitely a toady for these war hawks. I didn’t hear one talking head ask McCain/Romney, et al. how they were going to pay for further military intervention in the Middle East. I didn’t hear one of them question McCain about the fact he gave classified information to the Viet Cong while held captive in return for better treatment. I didn’t hear one of them ask Romney why he or his sons didn’t and aren’t serving.

    This morning on Morning “Lying” Joe, the ambassador to Iraq under Bush said that the Iraqis were begging us to invade their country and saw us as their saviors and thanked us and couldn’t wait to implement democracy! Can you believe the bull they are still trying to push? Unbelieveable.

    Jim Wright – brilliant writing – thanks just doesn’t do justice to the truths you wrote!

  • Fed up

    Anyone who actually holds a clearance would never deciminate it amoungst the general population. You neither confirm not deny at any rate. All sides ought to keep their mouths shut.

    • http://www.danaseilhan.com Dana

      No, we should talk about this. The alternative is to just let it happen.

      What the hell does “deciminate” mean?

      • http://debris54.wordpress.com debris54

        perhaps he means ‘distrubute’ ?

      • https://www.facebook.com/rorybrianmichael.oneill Rory O’Neill

        I think the chap was aiming for ‘disseminate’ but missed by a bit.

    • nunya f business

      And WE are fed up with people like you who speak of thins you know nothing about. You, chump, need to keep YOUR flapping gums shut.

  • Edward G.

    Wow, dude. Made me furious all over again.

  • sfcmac

    When you withdraw from a war without decimating the enemy, they crawl back out of the woodwork. We stabilized Iraq as far back as 2008, but after Obama was installed, he decided to leave the Iraqi government high and dry. The war was his to lose, and he’s done just that. Obama has no clue of how to run a war, except class warfare. His diplomacy consists of kowtowing and apologizing instead of protecting America’s interests and standing up to muzzie terrorists, who have been waging war against Western civilization since 693AD. He has no interest or experience in how the military is structured,managed, or how we fight.
    Now, the inevitable has happened.
    I served two tours in Iraq as a boots-on-the-ground battlefield Intel Analyst. Was it worth it? You bet your ass. Saddam Hussein was a megalomaniac who had ties to terrorist groups, a WMD program, he thumbed his nose at UN inspectors, and declared he would continue with that program regardless. READ: http://tinyurl.com/78tm5y
    We should have gone all the way to Baghdad the FIRST time.
    Muzzie terrorists are trained, funded, supported, and bred across the Middle East.
    Islam’s modern war against the West was officially kicked off in 1979, with the Iranian hostage taking of the American embassy in Tehran. Since then, the terrorist attacks grew closer in proximity and more severe. Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, the American embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, and the FIRST World Trade Center attack in 1993, all went unanswered by a ‘president’ more occupied with Chinese cash and mouth-to-crotch resuscitation from Monika Lewinsky.
    The current White House occupant is a laughing-stock and a failure of epic proportions. Since day one, he’s been immersed in destroying (“fundamentally transforming”) America’s economy and national security into mush.
    The security deficiencies didn’t start with Obama, but they’ve been worsened by his policies. B. Hussein Obama is a Dhimmi who wants to go easy on Islamic terrorists; so much so that he’s willing to try them in a civilian court of law, grant them rights they’re not entitled to, and further expose the American public to incendiary rhetoric and attacks while this judicial circus plays out in the MSM. Jamaat al Fuqra training camps dot the American landscape. Radical muslims stood on New York City street corners praising the Ft. Hood terrorist atrocity. Muslim recruitment takes place in our prisons, and Imams preach anti-American hate-speech from mosques within our borders.
    Mark my words: There will be another attack on U.S. soil; one that will make 9/11 look like a picnic. The politically correct imbeciles in the Homeland Security Department and TSA are so afraid of “offending” people, that they refuse to profile.
    The best solution to the threat: You attack us, we annihilate you. You want a jihad? We can arrange that. I’d have vaporized every Islamofascist country on 12 September, 2001. This could have been finished years ago if we had actually fought a war instead of piecemeal battles. This war—any war— can be brought to a relatively quick finish by dedicating every military resource—tactical, strategic, and intelligence—to kill the enemy. Every single one of them. It isn’t hard. Pick your targets and commence fire.That’s how you fight a war, but I’m a former Soldier, not a politician.
    Al Qaeda has been emboldened by its success in Benghazi and our abandonment of Iraq and (soon) Afghanistan. Unless or until this country is willing to do what it takes to stop them, this war ain’t over by a long shot.
    PS: Cut title for your website. Too bad it won’t do any good.

    • http://smoothjazzandmore.wordpress.com smoothjazzandmore


    • Bob Cull

      “after Obama was installed, he decided to leave the Iraqi government high and dry.”

      With that statement you proved yourself to have no argument. President Obama made no such decision, the agreement (requested by the Iraqi government) requiring all U.S. troops to withdraw no later than December 31, 2011 was crafted by the Bush administration in October of 2008 and signed in November of that year two months before President Obama was sworn in for the first time.

      It is ignorant people such as yourself that create more extremists than any other single factor. “Muzzies?” I bet you would be outraged by someone referring to Catholics as “bead rattlers” or Fundamentalists as “Bible thumping morons,” yet you casually denigrate an entire religion for the acts of a minority which does not follow the teachings of their religion when they commit acts of terror.

      A young Muslim hears bigoted jerks like you denigrating his religion and makes his decision to join the people he did not agree with because he has reason to believe that we are out to wipe them all off the face of the Earth.

      Don’t tell me about your “patriotism” you don’t know the meaning of the word.

      • Sue Savion

        Thank you for trying to straighten out sfcmac above!

      • mre

        This fine American patriot also manages a blog titled “Everybody Draw, Trash, Tell Jokes About, and Insult Mohammad Page.” Doesn’t understand how this empowers the enemy and puts his fellow soldiers at risk. Instead he blames me.


        Don’t try to discuss with him, he already knows everything. Better than a teenager.

        You can’t fix stupid.

      • https://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root

        bob cull apparently sfmac doesn’t read so good either .he doesn’t know that shrub and malicki drafted the order to leave iraq.just another myopic,ignorant sheeple retghug who is a racist ass and refuse’s to believe his stinking party lied to him and every body else.sfmac please get a freaking clue that way YOU WON’T LOOK SO DAMN DUMB.

    • https://www.facebook.com/goose.goose.1044 Goose Goose

      wow, you’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

    • http://www.danaseilhan.com Dana

      We are more in danger from our own people than we ever were from anyone else. Those nations you’re so terrified of don’t even have the military or the technology to come over here and fight a real war, nor do they have enough nuclear weapons to wipe us out. It would be pointless and they do not possess a unilateral hatred of us in any case. Some of them hate us, some of them don’t. It’s not like their governments are fairly elected and speak for them in most cases.

      Do something about the white Christian American terrorists shooting people and blowing things up here. Then talk to me about “Islamists.” And yes, that means you get to defend “abortion clinics” too. All of it. Americans are Americans and we’re being threatened, assaulted, and killed primarily by our own. Quit trying to distract us from that uncomfortable fact with xenophobia.

    • Edward G.

      The first Gulf war fully exposed Saddam Hussein as an all-around ignoramus as well as an inconsequential thug outside of his own neighborhood, which he could terrorize like a common bully, because apparently that’s the way things work over there. That the United States would TWICE waste such vast resources on such an unworthy adversary makes our leadership look pretty much like idiots too. Iraq was NEVER worth this kind of trouble.

      The second Gulf war was a family beef from the beginning, and W got too many people involved. Now what you had was a mouse built to government specs, which is an elephant. If the principals who orchestrated this epic waste of blood and treasure ever find enough tranquility to ever sleep soundly again, after all the damage they willfully caused for next to no reason anybody else could see, they are truly less than human.

    • Disabled Retired VET, 62-86

      You sure are an angry little fv(k, aren’t you? Take aill, turn off your hate machine and get a life, baggs. your ship has sailed!

    • https://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root

      btw sfcmac most of what you rant about happened at the end of clinton’s presidency.he had no power. but your great and powerful douche bag shrub was briefed on the situation and he did what?the same damn thing he did when he learned 6 week’s before 9/11 he sat on his fucking hand’s and did nothing.not a damn thing to protect the country he swore to serve.real patriot real asshole prick.

  • http://gravatar.com/brucef55 BF55
  • http://gravatar.com/thatsitfortheotherwon thatsitfortheotherwon

    Bjoyce “It is no wonder, with people like you in charge of our “intelligence,” people who are supposed to help us keep our children safe, that we find ourselves today in a global situation where it is highly conceivable that “the world’s enemy” may have a state – and thanks to our weak President, who ran away, lots of weapons and technology.”

    It was your “weak” minded hero, George W. Bush, who oversaw more than a couple of the USA’s most disastrous security failures (Afghanistan, Iraq, 9-11 ring any bells?) despite having good, hard intelligence to guide him – intelligence supplied by the likes of CWO Wright. I am a retired USAF Lt Col and was a civilian DoD operations analyst from 2000-2013, and there is nothing inaccurate about CWO Wright’s version of events here. I knew without a doubt by 2002 that nothing would stop the neocons from provoking a fight with Iraq, despite the intelligence not supporting their actions in any appreciable way.

    • bjoyce

      Right. Keep playing the blame game, Mr. Genius, it’s becoming the American way for a new generation thanks to Obama. Thank God you weren’t involved in D-Day …

      • WPD

        “Keep playing the blame game, Mr. Genius, it’s becoming the American way for a new generation thanks to Obama.” – Do you know the definition of ‘hypocrisy’? Because that right there is a perfect example. Blaming one president (Obama) for the epic, grand scale failures of another (Bush II).

    • Richard Lloyd

      Taking down Iraq was policy back in the 90’s. We were just waiting for an opportune time. Further I believe it is our policy to create and support disorder in some Muslim nations. All of the infighting across the Middle East is in part due to American policy. We knew to some degree the results of rearranging the government in Iraq. Of dismissing the military. Chaos. It is what we want. This is good for Oil, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
      Afghanistan is good for bases and testing under light fire weapons systems. Just think how
      air power,and technology can be tested in a light fire environment. I don’t believe it is about anything else. We don’t care about democracy.

  • Mike E

    The Military Industrial Complex Govern America, and have done for a long time.

    Well written, and backed up by experience and fact not conjecture.

    • http://gravatar.com/janetmetz janetmetz

      Corporations now control America.

  • Dennis Thorpe


  • David L

    As a two time veteran of the iraq war, I am glad to hear another voice echo my sentiments. Great rant!

  • Bonnie Lill

    In The Lessons of History, Sir Michael Howard states “People, often of masterful intelligence, trained usually in law or economics or perhaps in political science, who have led their governments into disastrous decisions and miscalculations because they have no awareness whatever of the historical background, the cultural universe, of the foreign societies with which they have to deal.” He might just as easily and reasonably add “but then there is the curious case of George Walker Bush, Richard Bruce Cheyne, & Donald Henry Rumsfeld…”

  • Josefin

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this,. Your views are sound, and express what many of us in Europe have said for a long time.
    I am blessed to live in a country that hasn’t been at war for over 200 years. We believe in good practice, dialog, and mutual respect. We trust our politicians, the police force, the social network in place, and that we are a part of a democratic society where our voices are heard. That makes me feel safe. And THAT is freedom.
    I am sad to see what has happened, and continues to happen, in the US.

  • Lester Rose

    JIM WRIGHT for President.

  • wehadrons

    John McCain’s Foreign Policy – Distortion, Disinformation, & Senior Moments. http://youtu.be/6VGIfzsO5iY

  • Roger Easson

    This is a magnificent essay. Truth to power, savagely written, inspired by the kind of rage only those who know they were well and truly betrayed by GWBUSH and his merry band of chicken hawks. We owe the author great thanks for ripping the scab from this wound!

  • Sue

    Hear! Hear!! Vietnam Era Vet

    • bjoyce

      Dear Mr. Wright:

      Please accept this response to your essay, in the same tone and stereotypes you used about people you really don’t know. OK?

      You are obviously an unhappy man. As I read your essay, I sensed anger, paranoia and misery. I see you as a little man, a Don Quixote type, flailing about fighting windmills and imaginary foes that fit your agenda. What saddens me though, for me more than you, is that YOU were one of the people we relied on to keep us safe prior to 9/11. Now it’s all changed.

      How did you miss it, Mr. Accountability?

      Thanks to incompetent weaklings like you there are TODAY – THIS MORNING at least two populations in grave, grave danger: children everywhere and anywhere in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and children everywhere and anywhere else. So thanks for that, ass-hole.

      And thanks for taking the easy way out and blaming Bush. Such a tired parlor joke.

      In your career, did you not FEEL the hatred from our enemies? Are you so self-centered to think that somebody out there doesn’t hate you and want to kill you and your family and your society? Are you smug enough to continually blame Bush for … how long? How long does President Obama get to get it right before we can criticize him without being called a racist? Really, what the fuck is your point, other than to show the world that you are scared, and have run off into the corner of the room whining about “what’s on the cusp of vanishing?”

      Here’s the headline in tomorrow’s paper:
      Butchers leave ‘roads lined with decapitated police and soldiers': Battle looms as thousands answer government’s call to arms and jihadists bear down on capital”

      That you start your essay with a leading question like: “First, I’m going to need somebody to explain to me exactly what it was that we were fighting for” – this tells us everything we need to know about you. Thanks again for telling us all the excuses.

      It is no wonder, with people like you in charge of our “intelligence,” people who are supposed to help us keep our children safe, that we find ourselves today in a global situation where it is highly conceivable that “the world’s enemy” may have a state – and thanks to our weak President, who ran away, lots of weapons and technology.

      Ask children and otherwise peaceful people in India, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Isreal what they think about our commander-in-chief. He is a coward. He does nothing. Yes – we hate Obama with a sense of urgency. I find it hilarious that a good part of your essay was how much Obama is hated. But kudos to you, you never called the race card because you know that would be stupid. Again, yes we hate Obama with a sense of urgency but BECAUSE HE IS YOUR MAGIC BUNNY ON THE WORLD STAGE – A JOKE.

      • Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2655977/ISIS-militants-march-Baghdad-trademark-bullet-head-gets-way-control-north.html
      • Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2655977/ISIS-militants-march-Baghdad-http://techcrunch.com/2008/11/26/first-hand-accounts-of-terrorist-attacks-in-india-on-twitter/
      • Read more: http://www.terrorismanalysts.com/pt/index.php/pot/article/view/sinai-terrorism-bookshelf/html trademark- bullet-head-gets-way-control-north.html#ixzz34lcR64Yc

      • http://elisabethparker.com Elisabeth Parker

        Yes, children all over the Middle East are in danger. Partly because our misguided foreign policy and illegal wars have put them there.

      • http://foxbarking.wordpress.com foxbarking

        Bjoyce, it is healthier to be an angry man than it is to be a puppet. Nothing you said has an iota of evidence to support it. The idiotic Bush Administration went into an area that does not respect or want the kind of government we forced upon that country.

        Please explain how blaming Bush is a parlor trick? He illegally invaded a country and conservatives STILL cannot agree on what the reason was 11 years after the war began. Does that sound like a sound reason to go to war? People keep blaming Bush BECACUSE IT’S HIS FAULT. Every claim he made was unfounded. He went up and forced a democratic government in an area that doesn’t want it. He removed the man who kept the radical muslim factions in check, and now somehow it’s Barack Obama’s fault that the shaky government is losing?

        You really need to get a clue.

      • Kathy O’Rourke

        Bio ice… I will ask you the same question I asked earlier… Did you serve in the Middle East? I sure hope so as if you are calling names, you hopefully have earned the right. How long will Bush be blamed for this mess? Forever… The truth is the truth and I don’t know why it would change. I even saw a news conference where when asked, Bush admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. You can protest all you want but, you will have to do more than swear and say nasty things to a vet to prove that you aren’t a racist. You are on the wrong side of hostler on this one,pal

        • ahughes798

          You know, when Bush was first selected, all the conservatives were blaming stuff on Clinton well into Bush’s 2nd term.

      • http://facebook Angel

        so um what arm of the service did you personally fight in? I didnt catch that. Just a lot of vitriol against someone who put His life on the line.

      • Tim Fisher

        I too, have a problem with Mr. Wright’s attitude, to say the least. I wonder what he was thinking, at the time, when he was performing his duties, one day or two days before the Wikipedia timeline states…tomato/tomaato. I don’t know if I should thank him for his service, or ask…”really,what in the heck were you thinking?” What did…you… think we were fighting for, Mr. Wright? Are you upset for having no clue as to why you enlisted, or why you were there doing your job? What thoughts were going through your mind at the time and space, in your life, concerning, why you were doing, what you were doing? I served my country in Viet Nam.

        • sweetfly

          You have been in combat , or so you say you have . So you should know what was going through his head . He was doing what he was told to do . He was doing what he was trained to do . He was doing his freaking job . This Iraq disaster is on the imbeciles who planned and executed this fiasco … Bush , Cheney , Rumsfeld , Rice , Powell , and the board of directors at Haliburton .

      • Simon Young

        I’m so pleased that bjoyce linked articles from the daily mail. The most right wing of the British press, think Fox news in print, famed for the accuracy of their reporting. Ridiculous.

      • http://debris54.wordpress.com debris54

        what are your credentials? you are making a frontal attack on a serviceman with vast experience .. direct experience, from which he is writing … what are your credentials for doing so?

      • Kevin Vunderbund

        I would seem as though the writer of the essay has touched a nerve in you? You say that he sounds angry? Uhhhhh,combat,not to mention combat for nothing could quite possibly be at the root of his anger,and this is only something that a combat vet with a reasonable I.Q. would know. Nothing sadder in 2014,than someone who still denies the facts about the second gulf war. President Obama is a joke in the global arena? He wasn’t the president when I fought in Panama,or when we got sent to Somalia or Haiti or the Balkans. Yet these were all places where atrocious things happened,but President Obama is somehow a joke because…atrocious things are happening in the world. The real jokes are the people who insist on denying their true feelings,and think that they’re fooling anyone other than themselves. And furthermore,there is a reason why the countries that you mentioned above are mostly peaceful. They’re peaceful because the regimes that are in charge have no problems in violently crushing dissention. They’re not overthrown for doing so though,kind of like Saddam was. There was no sectarian violence in Iraq under Saddam. George Bush changed all of that though didn’t he. Nothing more dangerous in this world today than the ignorance that makes its way around the world at the speed light,and you should be ashamed to be one of the messengers of that ignorance. Kudos to this former soldier for telling it like it is.

      • https://www.facebook.com/steven.burkhardt.148 Steven Burkhardt

        I am angry as well. The Bush Cabinet led us into an illegal war, may nephew was killed there. And what did you do during the Iraq war? You have no rights to slam this American patriot! He was there, he was in a position to know more than what was told to the public, he saw. You are the small person here. Go troll someplace else you pathetic piece of crap!

      • Perry

        Bjoyce, if you actually believe the fallacy that CWO Wright had the ability to direct military and foreign policy actions of the US government over the past 13 years then you are proving how out of touch you are with reality. He represents a great majority of Americans, as evidenced by the comments on this blog, who are very tired of you and your fellow Teapublican morons who have screwed up this country in a massive temper-tantrum of stupidity. If you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem so please step aside and let the adults talk. We have long ago grown tired of you people playing the blame game without caring to help solve the problems you helped create.

      • http://kllypyn.wordpress.com kllypyn


  • http://www.youtube.com/rantcaster Bill Valenti

    I wrote this song in 2007, but it seems the neocon warmongers are never going to stop trying to shift the blame for the worst foreign policy blunder in U.S. history: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBn53TL0yuc

  • Walt White

    Well said Jim! I couldn’t agree more. As a veteran of both Operations Just Cause (Panama) Desert Shield and Storm I wondered why we had to be in Iraq anyway. I am proud of my brothers and sisters who went and those that didn’t come home. I’m goad someone said what I’ve been wondering all this time. Be well my brother.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mick.wagner.3 Mick Wagner

    Jee-zuss, what a whining little b!+ch! Oh gosh, I’m so sorry that the world doesn’t run according to your perfect little timetable! The problem is however, according to your selfish little view of things, the 50,000+ of my generation that died in Vietnam, were just jerking off! Same story apparently with my father and his servicemates not being able for forge victory in Korea. I guess they were just wasting their time, too. And when you really get down to it, since we don’t “own” Germany and Japan, I guess we lost that one too. And Mr. Wright, if you really do feel feel so strongly about it, why don’t you strap on your M-16 and go over and fight for the Iraqi government? Yeah, that’s what I thought- what a worm!

    • http://www.hoyama.org John Fred Eden

      Guess mike missed the point. Yes, we fought for nothing in Vietnam too, dude. Nothing but securing markets for the big corporations, so now they have all the money, don’treally care about America.

    • Mike Mihaljevich

      Dude, you have missed the obvious. Perhaps you need to read a few books about Vietnam. The Military Industrial complex run by the Plutocrats who run our govt. need, want and like wars. Vietnam was a HUGE mistake and if you don’t know that, you are just ignorant and a moron to boot. Calling this writer a worm who fought in the war is like calling Lincoln a traitor for freeing the slaves. Korea??? OMG, are you for real. That was a TOTAL waste of men as well.

      See, dude, we can NOT be the policemen of the world. Oh, and because you are so ignorant, you probably don’t know about U.S. policy in Central America and the Caribbean. How many times have U.S. troops invaded these countries and supported vicious, murderous thug dictators?? Exactly. You don’t know shit and probably don’t care.

      Iraq was a sordid sad affair fought for no other reason that the swine who controlled Bushbabykins LOVE war but of course refuse to send them sons: Bushbabykins, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Romney, Beck, etc. Did you know that Romney has four or is it five sons and NOT ONE OF them fought in the war? What do you think of that, you pathetic excuse for a rational thinking being?

    • Kathy O

      Mick… I wonder if you served over there? I am going to assume that you were too young to have had to slog through the rice paddies and jungle of Viet Nam….. This is a guy that was there and he is more than entitled to his opinion…. Perhaps you would feel better if we can double the loss of life in the Middle East…. and as Jim said… for what? He has done his time over there…. if you haven’t…. perhaps you need to sign up and go over……

    • Eric Willhelm

      So Mick, does this mean YOU can answer the question? What is it we’re apparently at danger of losing that the author can’t figure out?

    • bmartinak

      Kind of missed the whole point, there, didn’t you Mr Wagner?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pricklypatriot Prickly Patriot

      yes Mick, you were indeed wasting your time and blood in Vietnam.

  • garry

    That thread is the best I have ever read. I am a new Zealander so it really doesn’t effect me. I guess the writer was Jim Wright? If so I take my hat off to you never have I read such soul. For me I see America as global policemen at the moment thank god you are, unfortunately looking at history every country that ever played that roll imploded. I could drag this out but I’m sure you understand that. You are a wise man Jim ty for writing something so compelling

  • https://www.facebook.com/bart.grossman.1 Bart Grossman

    What we are seeing in Iraq and Syria is a centuries old battle between the Shiites and the Sunnies. Sooner or later we are going to have to let this play out. We don’t understand it, we can’t suppress it forever, neither side is our friend
    and it’s really none of our business.

    • wheldon rumproast

      100% to the point. The whole middle east consists of warring tribes, that were fighting before we got there (ask the Russians) and will be fighting after we’re gone. The best thing the US can do is stay out of their conflicts. But….there’s no money to be made with that type of thinking, is there??

  • http://shunyatasapprentice.wordpress.com John Eden

    Just want to says thanks for this. Great article! As I said on my FB posting, finally, someone has expressed how I feel about all this. I was in the US war on Vietnam… it was the same war, different place, different folks dying. Same bullshit.

  • Mark Brown

    What does this article have to do with the Tea Party?

  • https://www.facebook.com/Copywrangler Michael Modes

    Why are personal attacks and vulgarity allowed in opinion pieces by raging children, but not in comments?

  • Nancy Laird

    Sailors talk like that, Lynn. And this particular subject calls for the battlefield language you seem to abhor.

    • mervie2

      thank you jim wright.

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  • http://limeport.org Schubert John

    This mess was predictable in advance — which reminds me of Eugene Burdick’s brilliant 1958 novel, “The Ugly American,” in which American troops in an unnamed southeast Asia country are totally outboogied by guerrilla tactics. And the Americans at the embassy took pride in not understanding ANYTHING about native culture, history, politics or ideology.
    In other words, this book predicted, with chilling accuracy, the path the Vietnam war would take. We could have saved a lot of lives and misery if everyone had read it back then.

    • Phil Tarley

      The war in Iraq..the war in Afganistan..who profits from twenty or thirty years of war?
      Dick Cheney and all the other arms dealers make money as the face of the enemy changes from Saddam to Ossama to someone old or someone new..It does not matter . Those who hold investments in arms, those who deal in weaponry.. They profit. Arms dealing is a very lucrative business for those who proffer war.. Except for a few years when I lived abroad , my entire life has been spent in a country at war, getting ready for war or recuperating from one.
      -Phil Tarley, Los Angeles

  • Nick

    I used to be pissed at George Sr. for not letting us roll into Baghdad in ’91 to finish the job. Now I realize just how smart he was. Too bad intelligence wasn’t something he passed on to George Jr.

  • Frank


  • https://plus.google.com/+ShaneLearredrum Shane Lear

    Let Iraq fight their own fu*king war. We don’t have 1.4 trillion dollars or 4500 soldiers’ lives to spare. We can’t police the world.

  • http://prestersfiresidechats.blogspot.com/ Aaron Osivnik

    Bravo sir, Bravo. A polemic Neitzsche himself would be proud of.

  • Bob Heartsong

    I served in US Navy, 1966-1970. Got lucky, sent to Italy and not Nam. Never had to kill anybody and obviously not be killed. To kill is the worst thing that can happen to a soul. To purge this abomination from ones being is nearly impossible- look at our veterans and the tremendous amount of homelessness and PTSD. These wars are not football games, people die and usually innocent people. I pray to God if there is one that the people that have perpetrated these wars are required to experience each and every one of these deaths and horrific injuries personally if as some of us know they are allowed another incarnation. Hell might be too good for them. Nam was about weapons testing, to find out if we could stand up to the Chinese and the Russian systems. We lost and we deserved to lose after killing so many innocents. The worlds ideologies are ridiculous if they include the need to kill anyone. Politics is a game played by those that are on the brink of losing their souls over money and power. I am apolitical and a-religious. The only thing I believe most us want to see is a genuine smile on a child’s face and that same smile on the face of the man or woman that that being grows into. There is no just war, sure there are terrible beings out there and hopefully they will be found out before they create a war, a slaughter, a mindless crime. We must become free of hate and fear. Your word were pure and to the point, Great respect to you fellow human being of planet earth, my hat is off to you.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jason.dukes.7 Jason Dukes

    Actually, I remember reading about everything that happened in the Iraq war in 2000, in a think tank called “Project for the New American Century” and more specifically in a report located there that was co-authored by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others called “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”. Almost everything that occurred post 9/11 was spelled out in this report that illustrated what these warhawks had dreamed for our nation and our national defense. In the days following 9/11, I told my wife that we would soon be at war with Iraq. I still do not understand how our nation fell for the biggest bait and switch to ever occur.

    • http://twitter.com/hessierlord DREW BURGE (@hessierlord)

      Shhh, we’re not supposed to talk about obvious facts. It makes people feel weird.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Edgedy Ed Goldstein

      There’s this little incident called ‘Pearl Harbor’ and how we prevented trade from reaching Japan and how they were starving to death. Believe me, the people in New York City know exactly what went down, and what the reality has always been.

      History is doomed to repeat itself, till we learn from our mistakes.

      • Chris

        They weren’t starving – Japan had conquered much of China at this point. The blocking of trade was about military-use steel and weapons needed to expand the empire. They were starving by the end of the war but not in 1941.

  • The truth

    The article is riddled with falsities and ignorance of those replying is astounding. This is why the US is the laughing stock of the world currently. FYI for the retarded I factual people, Vietnam was lead and pushed by democrats. The two party system needs to go, too many drones.

    • Perry

      Perhaps you missed my post but in a high-level review in 1998 it was determined that US involvement in Viet Nam began on November 1, 1955. I believe the theory at that time was based on the so-called Domino Theory which was discarded in the mid- to late-1980s. The only relationship the Viet Nam war had to the present situation in Iraq is that Republicans never learned the lesson from that time. There was no reason or policy to get involved in Iraq other than monetary. The US is derided worldwide because of the little Bush administration and the actions of Teapublican morons in Congress.

      • Mary E.

        True, Perry. Viet Nam started during the Eisenhower administration. And the rest of the world sure does blame George Bush for Iraq. Not Obama. Bush an
        d Cheney are considered war criminals in many places, as well they should be.

    • http://limeport.org Schubert John

      Uh, your criticism is devoid of specifics — and therefore has no credibility.

    • Linda

      If you are convinced that there are falsehoods and lies in the article, you need to pick them out, one by one, and tell us the reason for your statements. Please.

    • David

      Critical thinking and thorough research isn’t exactly your forte, is it? Neither is the ability to back your statements up with the “facts”. Which falsities, in particular, are you referencing? What is your supporting evidence and what are your verifiable sources? There were only two votes against the Gulf of Tonkin resolution – you know, the one that put our young men’s asses firmly in Vietnam – both Democrats, by the way.

      Sorry to have to shed a little light of fuller truth on your self-aggrandizing little rant, but your argument is pathetically weak. The only point on which we agree is on being rid of the two party system, but, I am near certain, for much different reasons.

    • datguy

      ummm the ‘article’ is an actual letter written by a retired serviceman…. did you actually read it Mr troll??er excuse me truth…

    • Bigger Vocabulary

      @The Truth, what does your idiotic, incomprehensible statement mean? FYI for the retarded I factual people, Vietnam was lead and pushed by democrats. What are I factual people? Why do you use retarded as a pejorative? I’m starting a new trend of using cancer patient as a pejorative (I know that you don’t know what pejorative means so I’ll wait while you look it up). This is how your incomprehensible statement would look, “FYI for the cancer patients I factual people, Vietnam was lead and pushed by democrats.” I chose cancer patient because I’m sure you know people who have died from it and I hope you’re going to die from it too. Anticipating making fun of you has me and all of the other I factual people pretty darn excited. Anyone who uses “retarded” as a pejorative should be anally raped by a thesaurus and then get cancer and die.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/bryce.pierce.98 Bryce Pierce

    My thoughts EXACTLY, VER BATIM, since 2002/3. SCREAM THIS FROM THE HIGHEST ROOFTOPS, Mr. Wright!! Send it to every head-up-their-ass politician, pundit, actor, wanna be, loser, hanger-on, inside and outside of the Fox bubble. Then send it to everyone who gets it so they can share your concise and spot-on perspective! Kudos!! Kudos, my friend!
    Palm Springs, Ca

  • https://plus.google.com/110505934732519898439 Kathryn Lance

    This is a brilliantly-written polemic. Keep writing.

  • Kelly Hammonds

    *standing ovation*

  • JSintheStates

    Thank you! One of the few intelligent opinions I’ve heard about Iraq as it self-destructs on June 15, 2014. Clarity and focus on what really happened historically, politically, and ethically regarding George W’s war against WMDs and 9/11/2001! A very well written article! (Picked up on an iPad, running the Zite app!)

  • rtate

    Well said bro, i have so many times wanted to say this in print.

  • http://brilliantatbreakfast.blogspot.com Brilliantatbreakfast


    There is nothing I can add to this. Beautifully written, and true. Thank you.

  • Kate Maloy

    Oh, how I love an articulate, accurate, profane, and righteously outraged rant against idiocy and lies. Thank you!

  • laughing at the GOP

    you ask why? i have a theory. It was a plan to get GW Bush re-elected. Richard Clark told Rumsfeld that it was Al Qaeda in Afghanistan that attacked us 9-11 to which Rumsfeld snapped “they’re aren’t any good targets in Afghanistan!” meaning in order to keep GW on the front page as a gun-sling war time tough guy there would have to be another venue – Iraq. Also all the sword rattling late summer-fall of 2002 was the prefect way to SMEAR any voice of reason and allow Karl Rove to win a take over of the house in Nov. Election.

  • Kurt Rex Cooper

    Agree 100% and I think I would have approved of the war if it had been to save the Marsh Arabs from genocide… which it did… but I am sure that did not enter Bush 43’s mind.

    and it could have been done infinitely better.

  • Paul K

    John L, learn your history. We were involved in Vietnam because of continued French colonialism being supported by Truman and Eisenhower post WWII, despite the fact that virtually all other European colonial ventures had ended with the sovereign independence of the former colonies.

    • Anne Philiben

      Paul K. I think you ought to check your history books.

      • http://gravatar.com/bohnerdennis bohnerdennis

        It is a necessity to give the references when you cite ‘history books’. It clarifies the arguments and lends substance to comments.
        BTW, You are SOOOO wrong.

  • https://www.facebook.com/randy.schirmer Randy Schirmer

    This is a great article. I remember the supposed Nigerian connection, how the oil will pay for the cost of the invasion and how the reason to invade changed from responding to 9/11 and find Saddam’s WMDs to “Iraqii Freedom.”

  • Cynthia Gurin

    Hat off and standing ovation to you, Sir. A truly superb, knowledgable, and well spoken summary. Thank you.

  • Lois Keener

    Karl M. You said most of them during Vietnam chose to be there? Perhaps you have forgotten about the draft. My friends who were sent over as they graduated from high school certainly did not volunteer.

    • Suzy H.

      Second that, Lois Keener. So many of my ’67 HS grad class without rich parents/college deferrals did not volunteer and a good many did not return alive.

  • Anuradha Vittachi

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  • Lynn Derson

    You ask, “What do I think?” I agree. I think your position is righteous. But your battlefield language took away from your otherwise potent commentary.

  • Bryan Kelley

    So very true, very well written.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ty.emzone Ty Emzone

    Great article, your views pretty much echo my own. Thanks.

  • Corsec

    I was on watch on the aircraft carrier launching the first planes in that push, and I stood up on the flight deck of that same carrier when that “Mission Accomplished” picture was taken and was one of those that almost booed that speech. But I didn’t. We didn’t. Why? Because he was the President of the United States. If he fails, we all fail. All of us. I didn’t vote for president Obama as I prefer what many would call a more libertarian view, but I still support him because he is the President of the United States. We cannot let him fail. He may support policies and organizational ideals that I don’t agree with, but none of those threaten the safety of my family and he is still the President and unless he starts doing things that will undo this unified group of states I will continue to support him. I would think our other political leaders would like to be able to say the same. How many can?

    • ace

      Bravo, Corsec. It amazes me how many politicians love to boast about being great patriots and then miss no opportunity to ridicule and sabotage the President. They don’t have to agree with him, and are free to say so, but should do so respectfully and above all they should not be trying to actively sabotage the President. They should be putting the country first.

    • http://gravatar.com/uncatimmy uncatimmy

      Corsec, that is an absolutely perfect post. When GW Bush was president there were MANY people who were not happy about it but his position was treated with respect, even if the man in the position was not . You can see the blatant hatred for President Obama by the Republicans all over the place. Hell, half the time they refer to him as Mr Obama. Their attitude goes beyond normal political rhetoric and into pure hatred. The country would be better off if more people were like you and stood behind our leaders instead of looking for any excuse and means to take them down.

  • Maureen McGuire

    YES, YES! YES! I spent 3 years working in military hospitals in Southeast Asia in the mid 60s. I have been cringing for years at all the hype about our service men and women “protecting” our freedom. I have said nothing but am beyond angry. Thank you for giving voice to what I gave been suppressing for so many years! I doubt few will listen, but thank you for saying what needs to be said.

  • Tarik Dean

    Anyone that has read the Wolfowitz Doctrine or the 1992 Defense Planning Guidance knows that the entire purpose of invading Iraq and the middle east was to destabilize it.

    So GWB wasn’t actually celebrating prematurely as they knew no matter how good or bad it went the end result would be beneficial in protecting the dollar hedge-money..

  • http://aattp.org John L

    Karl M – President Johnson, Democrat, sent us into Viet Nam..not Republicans

    • duspin

      You should rethink that statement, John L. No splitting hair here about who did what because the meddling started before the Kennedy Administration.

    • Bob Cull

      Actually, what no one seems to want to admit, Eisenhower sent the first troops to Vietnam. Had he never sent them there would have been no expansion to an active roll which is what Johnson did. Had Kennedy lived that fiasco never would have taken place, he wasn’t willing to continue to prop up the regime in the south while they did nothing to help themselves.

      • underwriiter505

        Yes, Eisenhower got us into Viet Nam. Johnson gets blamed because he kept us there so long after it stopped making even the tiniest shred of sense. However, were Eisenhower alive today with the views he had then, he would not be a Republican. They wouldn’t have him, even if he wanted to continue being a Republican, which he wouldn’t. Blindness exists across the spectrum, unfortunately.

    • https://www.facebook.com/randy.schirmer Randy Schirmer

      John, we were in Vietnam long before the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

    • Perry

      Although there was some debate about the beginning of US involvement in Viet Nam, initially between 1955 and 1959, a high-level review in 1998 set the initial date as November 1, 1955. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viet_Nam_War under Annotation 1.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jim.corcoran.92 Jim Corcoran

    As a Vietnam vet i agree with you brother, right on

  • Max
  • https://www.facebook.com/les.hall.50115 Les Hall

    Was not in service, but family through generations were. Thank You I believe they’d all be in agreement, this should be read on something like CBS morning instead of those letters to self.

  • Chuck Wenger

    Thank you sir. One of the best articles I have come across in a long time. This Nam vet could not agree more. Wish it could be required reading for every chicken hawk conservative in America.

  • http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DYVWGUY P. A. Trate

    What a kick-ass rant! Well said, brother. Well said.

  • http://www.howdygram2.blogspot.com Aunt Pee

    Holy fuck, man, this was the most amazing read of the year for me. I’m SPEECHLESS. And while you’re tearing Romney a new one, maybe you should include his five entitled asshole sons who never served, either. Not a single one of them. And this man had the gall to run for President!

  • http://gravatar.com/lionphoenixwolf lionphoenixwolf

    Thank you for an extremely cogent rant.

  • https://www.facebook.com/gregory.mead.73 Gregory Mead

    Bravo. Just… Bravo.

  • salty dog

    CWO, a great article. Truly. However, I would like to add this point and hear your take on this. We were bosom buddies with the same people that our sons and daughters are fighting today. Afghan and Iraqi…so basically we trained these people in the art of killing our sons and daughters….would that be a correct statement?

  • Joseph VanDusen

    Thank you sir for your service and dam loved this article.I myself was in the army in the 80’s and i saw it then like now to many chicken hawks and so called Americans. Some where we lost sight of our sons and daughters dying for a few rich corporations and people to profit off of . Iraq is not our problem and McCain, mitt and all of them if you want to fight go do it yourselves and quit using our kids for it.

  • Rene’ Rowland

    These are my sentiments exactly , I live in an area where this is not a popular stance , so I’m in trouble frequently but being a 63 year old Grandma , born to sailor who served on the USS Nimitz,also the mother of two sons born to Vietnam Vets, not much shuts me up. Your speech made me feel that I am not insane , well I might be , but not about this.I was so apolitical until we had an opportunity to vote in one of the most exciting races. I was proud to be from the USA. We had a Black man , a women and a war hero . Now I am ashamed at the way this man has been vilified , the racism is so blatant that I have lost friends over it and I live in Wa. state not the south !!! Thank you for serving your country , thank you for helping me realize I am not alone in my beliefs.

  • Mac

    Amen! This should be required (and, if necessary, forced) reading for every saber-rattling idiot who thinks we should go back into Iraq. We will be paying for Bush & Company’s war of choice for decades, let’s not add to the butcher’s bill.

  • http://twitter.com/DiggerDoggg Hank Kelly (@DiggerDoggg)

    It takes a lot for me to be riveted to something for me to able to read it all the way through but this did. Sometimes, I think Americans are the most stupid people in the world with the shortest memories. Otherwise, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the chicken hawks wouldn’t dare come out of their holes. But, they do, because they know, there are plenty of stupid ignorant Americans who believe their lying bullshit. Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

    • Uncle Chuck

      “…Americans are the most stupid people in the world..” I’ve been saying this for years. Thanks for backing me up.

  • Stephanie

    Please keep writing. Your article was brilliant. I hate those MF chicken hawks.

  • 2smart2Brepublican

    Magnificent, eloquent, this should be read over loudspeakers at the RNC.

  • scorpio6

    Your anger & frustration is incredibly refreshing to me…
    For more than a decade, this has all played out as if according to some plan, some code that these war-mongers promised (like, pinky-sweared) to uphold & no matter what.
    In the vacuum of your simple & direct questions, I am reminded of what is rejected by main-stream press; That invading Iraq was always on the table (pre 9/11); that the Industrial Military Complex truly IS what runs our country and was instrumental in destabilizing Iraq and the rest of the Middle East in order to maintain its’ war-machine; And that 9/11 really was a “desired event” by the Neo-Cons that was needed to be the catalyst to usher in the new world order.
    Here we are now with the NSA spying on us right now and our President killing people with drones all over the world…
    So I can’t answer the “why” but I know that all of the people you named (and even a few more added to that list,) should be put on trial for war crimes. All of them. And money shouldn’t have any say in the verdicts…

  • Allen Curtis

    First-round hit. Target not destroyed. Continue to engage.

  • Steve Kimbrell

    Good job, Jim. I’ve felt much the same as you but without the veteran experience. I’ve wondered what most veterans think of Iraq. Kick back and enjoy some Dire Straits.

  • CrabbyJ

    Respect Brother, from one Intel (with a foray into the Infantry) guy to another…Veritas.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rick.stelter Rick Stelter

    Thank you for telling it how it is and was. I feel your rage as deeply as my own. May this not morph into another mes that we send our troops into the meatgrinder again.

  • http://aattp Jene’ Betterton

    My husband is a nam vet who thinks that Romney, Cheney, et al should be taken out. If there is going to be a battle let’s find out what these a*shole tea party piss ants and their militia counterparts are made of…nothing they are all posturing f**king cowards.

  • Chuck Clark

    From another Viet Nam Marine vet… I agree with this article. It’s time to stop. If the politicians want to fight… let them and their kids go die for their stupidity and lack of care for anything but profit and ego. Let McCain carry the colors into battle.
    Semper Fi to all who’ve been there and done that…

    • Christine Mott

      Chuck Clark my ex-husband was a Viet Nam Marine and he lost something over there that he was never able to get back. I believe that Viet Nam destroyed my marriage and what he lost in Viet Nam prevented him from being able to be a dad to our children. I tried for 16 years to make our marriage work but nothing I did any good. He passed 5 years ago and in the end it is his children that suffered from his inability to interact in their lives. I too have asked what this past decade of war has been for. I am raising my grandson and there is no way in hell will he ever join a military controlled by these war mongers!! The only way he will ever take up arms to fight a war is if there are enemy boots on the ground in this country. He will not die for some billionaire so they can get richer. Thank-you for your service!

  • whit sibley

    That pretty much sums it up. Unfortunately, the people who need to see it wont read it, and if they do, it wont sink in. BENGHAZI! Bush and his evil accomplice have a lot of dead bodies to worry about when they sleep, but I bet they dont think of it for one second.

  • Christopher Jackson

    As much as I disagree with “our” past presidents decision, at no point will I agree with calling him such hateful things. It doesn’t matter what those in opposition do, we all live on American soil and I would won’t the same for President Barack Hassen Obama. The tone of this article lost major points because it lends more to hate than its intended content. Remember…we are not them. #America#POTUS#Barack

    • duspin

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Christopher. It is in the minority; nevertheless you are entitled to it. The “tone of this article” expresses an opinion based on fact, no ceremony. We, the American people, were lied to and that “mission accomplished” banner was nothing more than a reelection campaign event. Too bad everyone else was duped (again) into thinking about Kerry in relation to gay marriage and swift boats. Look how the former worked out for them. The words of a solider who fought for nothing mean plenty to me, and to the rest of the posters here. The words count. They answer a nagging question and we don’t like it.

      • Steve W

        Just be certain that it is the words that you’re agreeing with, and not as a way to balance out the feeling of betrayal. Legitimate or not, emotional plea can severely impact reasoning. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know, and I won’t presume to judge people who have more information than me and their conclusions.

        Just please, make sure that the words make sense, and that they do answer the questions you have instead of simply affirming what you want to believe.

        • duspin

          Nicely put. The words DO make sense to me. For me, it syncs up nicely with what I’ve been reading from reliable sources who were in a similar situation as the writer. This article is more of the same. How much more corroboration is necessary to solidify an informed opinion? Clearly there is overwhelming evidence that the reasons presented to us as justification for US involvement in Iraq were based on nothing but BS. To what end? To whose benefit? I haven’t a clue, but if it looks like BS, smells like BS, it must be BS. BS is not a good reason to invade a country, let alone have no means by which to pay for it.

  • David Bloch

    That rant was Sierra Hotel. Thank you sir.

  • http://freespiritjustsoul.wordpress.com freespiritjustsoul

    Much respect. I fell like I just read Hunter S. Thompson on a reality driven truth spree-no mind altering substances necessary. Truth is more criminal than fiction.

  • David Bell

    Well said, thank you.

  • Linda Petrone

    Thank you sir for this article….You have hit the nail on the head….God Bless you!……Wake up People! Don’t. Allow this to happen again, we have seen this kind of carnage twice now, at least in my lifetime….ie. Vietnam, & Iraq….No More!!….

  • http://xenewz.wordpress.com xenubarb

    McCain…PLEASE NO AIR COVER! He crashed everything he ever got his hands on, which makes him a hero for some reason.

    Time for people to stop feeding their kids into the maw of Big Money & War. Enriching the ilk of Cheneys, people who don’t deserve one heart, yet can afford one formerly belonging to someone else. That’s how he fights wars, too. With someone else’s body.

  • Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey

    Hooah! Drive on!

  • Karl M.

    Being in Afghanistan and Iraq is not different from being in Vietnam. All of the wars were not about protecting America, it was about soldiers doing the bidding of the Republican thugs. Too bad but veterans need to get over it. Most of them during Vietnam chose to be there. All of them during Afghanistan and Iraq chose to be there.

    The best thing President Obama (maybe one of the top 3 ever) can do for all of us is to do nothing. The real war is us against the tea party thugs. They are the real terrorists. If the military wants to do something for this country they should round up every single right winger and take care of the problem. We have the power now. Why are not using it while we have the chance?

    • http://freespiritjustsoul.wordpress.com freespiritjustsoul

      The noble choice to serve your country should not be tarnished by the broken, empty promise of leadership. Those that put us in these unnecessary wars broke a fundamental, sacred trust. The very least of their crimes being pissing on the dead, devaluing life, squandering loyality, shredding the Constitution and putting our future security at risk. Hold them accountabe. Don’t blame the poor kid who spilled his blood, blame the true criminals. Get over it? Not on your life.

    • JFischer

      Veterans chose to join the military. They did not choose which wars to fight in. They did not choose to fight and die for bulls**t reasons. Those decisions were made by their civilian leaders, and the veterans carried out their orders.

    • J Owens

      To Karl M.
      During Vietnam we had the draft. I do not remember even one of the kids from high school that wanted to go to Vietnam upon graduation, but that is where they ended up. It was the poor kids who couldn’t pay for college to get a deferment that actually fought that war. I think you are wrong about most of them wanting to be there, my husband did not, but he like all of his friends, had no choice.

    • Christine Mott

      Where did you get your misinformation about guys wanting to go to Viet Nam???? You are so uninformed because the majority of the guys that went to Viet Nam were drafted and had no choice!!! If you couldn’t afford to go to college like the cowards Bush, Mitt, Chaney, and the rest of that bunch your Senior Trip was to Viet Nam. If your number came up you went to Viet Nam and when you came home you got spit on and were called “Baby Killers”. I know, I grew up in the 60’s did you?

      • https://www.facebook.com/rich.davis.148553 Rich Davis

        The whole spitting on thing is probably a big urban legend as there were NO news stories about it at the time, it was featured in a Rambo movie so it must be true right?

        • A Hilse

          Every news “story” is also true right?

  • Perry

    Best rant I’ve heard in a long, long time.

  • Eleanor Earley

    Very well said, very well. Thank you for saying what most of us feel.

  • Richard Goldsberry

    There is no way for me to disagree, my brother. My war was Vietnam. It too was fought for reasona nobody told us. The “Military Industrial Complex” got rich off of us. Bush learned the lesson though. He learned to keep the casualty lists out of the news. We were all used, my brother.

    • rich laird

      Bravo! Thank you for telling the truth about the disaster that was “The Iragi War”, the war criminals in Washington that lie, and continue to lie about why “we” (not them!!) are going to war AGAIN. Really, there has not been a “good” reason for us to go to war since the fall of Berlin. War propaganda is pure BS propagated by the corporations and billionaires to get us all rallying around the flag (or be called a treasonous traitor). Time to wake up!

      Thanks again.

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