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BOMBSHELL! Hot Mic Catches Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell’s Plan To Destroy America! (video)

Even though he knew he was mic’d for sound and is even seen on tape telling fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as much, a new video is circulating the Internet wherein the two Republican Kentuckians talk about their political strategy in terms of the government shutdown. In the video, we hear McConnell and Paul confidently tell each other that their strategy of telling people they’re willing to negotiate is better than the president saying he will not negotiate over Obamacare.

If ever you wanted proof that this government shutdown is a political move and nothing else, you’ve found your evidence encapsulated in this clip that’s just under a minute long. “… well I know we don’t want to be here, but we’re gonna win this I think,” says Senator Paul in the exchange at one point. So now we know without a doubt the GOP themselves knows this was a stupid mistake, and now it’s a matter of trying to “message” their way out of a political catastrophe. Only time will tell, but polls heading into the shutdown put most of the blame on the GOP, so why that would change now is unclear, but apparently these two senators think it will.

Watch the exchange below:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Narf

    If ACA (Obamacare) is so great. Why didn’t Obama sign up his family first? Instead all we see is the 20 something Chad whatever his name is signed up and payed three times what he should have. The Republicans offered full funding just no penalties for the American people, and Congress could not be exempt, but Democrats have no blame in the shut down. Haha that’s hilarious.

    • tisha

      The President cannot simply choose a health plan and doctor. What do you think he’s going to do, select Kaiser and show up to urgent care with sore throat? Of course he and other top ranking VIP’s are exempt!

    • Wyatt

      You are an idiot, the republicans were essentially demanding a ransom to keep the government open… That is borderline tyranny and could be called terrorism.

    • Bill Wallace

      Hello President Obama and the members of Congress are covered under one of the options in the ACA. It’s called employer provided health insurance.

      The exchanges and other provisions of the ACA such as expanded Medicaid are for people who’s employers are not responsible and ethical enough to provide health insurance for their workers. You know them, retail giants who run the stores using part time workers, fast food establishments and similar. The ACA even reduces costs for large group insurance policies held by major employers, but these giants would rather allow taxpayers to insure their workers and help feed them. Low wages couple with part time work..

    • yzzlthtz

      Yeah. So Chad Henderson didn’t have a health insurance plan to quadruple in the first place. His Bronze level $175 post ACA plan was compared to a roughly $50 pre-ACA plan that was simply awful. Doesn’t cover anything. Was comparatively worthless.
      I await any actual criticism of Obamacare from the right which does not involve outright lying.

    • https://www.facebook.com/robert.nordgren.5 Robert Nordgren

      Shows it exactly like we knew it was the whole time.. partisan pricks on the far right willing to risk the entire world economy to please the base of teabaggers that cant accept that they live in a democracy where elections have consequences.

      Dont give a penny to these terrorists that have hi jacked the government. We do NOT strike deals with terrorists foreign or domestic doesnt matter.

    • Dave

      Narf: When you ask questions like, “why doesn’t the President sign him and his family up for Obamacare,” you reveal how successful the campaign to dis-inform you has been. They, and perhaps yourself, are at an income level above where lowered premium rates on the exchanges would kick in. You probably also think the ACA is “government healthcare” with government run facilities like the VA and “govt. doctors.” It’s not – it’s all private health insured covered care from private doctors just as you presently receive. And btw, you can stay right where you presently are, if you prefer.

  • tristan

    I don’t see anything new in this. I would even say they might have let it out themselves because it is nothing new on their part but it gives them a way to say the presidents stance is to not negotiate. Its not like when Romney said the 70% comment. (I can’t remember if that was the percentage he used so don’t kill me if it is wrong)

    • Jen

      47% but your point in correct!

    • Cathy

      while these comment may not be a total bombshell, THAT they shut down the gov’t and many of them admitted out loud that was their plan all along, makes the shut down their 47% speech moment and all but the dumbest know it.

  • Amerie

    Richard – I do know people who have said it’s cheaper for them to pay the penalties than pay for insurance. Is there any help for these people down the road?

    • Jen

      Sure it may be cheaper but they’re paying for NOTHING instead of paying for insurance. Intelligent plan. When they need that insurance they’ll come to realize they’ve made a costly mistake. Luckily for them they won’t be denied coverage just because they’re idiots who made us pay for them until they really needed the help.

      • Cis

        That’s real easy to say when you’re already skipping 1-2 meals a day WITHOUT paying any penalties. I can’t AFFORD to pay more for something just because I get something out of it. I can’t even afford the minimum. Try going without proper eating for long stretches of time and see how easy it is to tell people how to manage their minimal amounts of money.

        • ReadTheACALawBeforeRepeatingFOXNews

          Then you know nothing about the ACA. If you cant afford it you will be subsidized up to 100%. Plus the ail silver plan bids in most exchanges are cheaper than most employer sponsored health care and provides a heck of a lot more coverage.

  • angie houser

    who cares anymore.. the president has gotten what he wanted TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY.. if we gotta have the Obama care law WELL EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE TO ALSO.. ONLY FAIR.

    • Jan .

      What we really need is Single Payer or Medicare for ALL. But neither of those plans would ever get through a Congress that is in deep debt to the Medical/Industrial/Insurance complex. It is time that the US join the civilized nations of the world and provide health care for everyone, not just for those who can afford the bloated insurance premiums that have left 45 millions Americans without health insurance. Not something of which a country should be proud.

    • Cathy

      one can always spot the tea party crazies by their flagrant penchant for the caps lock. it makes it so much easier to to not waist our time on your diatribe. sincere thanks.

      • Cathy


  • Jack Johnson

    This site must be funded by obama, “committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process” sounds a lot like stirring a shit pot. Did you also vote for obama, democratic socialist? You kinda sound like what your trying to boycott. I’m gonna start an organization to expose Stupid Americans.

    • Richard Rowe

      Well, if you’d prefer, you can head over to Glenn Beck’s page. His tagline is “EMBRACING violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry and corporatism fascism.” What AATTP stands for is right there in the name, dipshit. You don’t have to be working for Obama, or be a communist liberal to see what a destructive entity the Tea Party has always been. This political Republican shutdown should be evidence enough of that.

  • Edward

    These two are so useless it’s scary.

  • atlantis

    Please defund obamacare its too much money per month , how m ‘i going to pay this i don;t know

    • Richard Rowe

      It’s possible you actually CAN afford it, and you’re just reading the premium amounts backward. You might want to get that case of raging dyslexia checked out. Under Obamacare.

    • Rob Honeycutt

      atlantis… I seriously doubt you’ve even checked into the cost. For many it’s free. For very low wage people it’s only $95/month.

      • Cis

        Well don’t count her out just yet. It might be that low, but some of us don’t even have $5 a month to spare on it. Some of us are struggling to pay bills and get our bellies fed as it is.

        • ReadTheACALawBeforeRepeatingFOXNews

          If what you say is true you already qualify for Medicaid and food stamps even if your state didn’t accept Medicaid expansion funds. Which your tax dollars already paid tor in the event you ended up in that kind of situation. Or you are a Teabagger troll spreading bs GOP propaganda culled from Fox News.

        • Tom

          I find it funny that many come here and say they have no way to pay for this, yet have internet access. Priorities.

    • John

      I find it interesting that you feel this way .. what plan are you on currently that you think your bill is going up? Everything I have looked at has my premium going down for the coverage I have. The only place I have seen a premium increase in my investigation is on those who have what I call a bait and switch plan – those low cost plans that have you with such a high deductable that if you ever do suffer an illness it is almost worse than having no insurance at all ( since you are paying for the plan on top of the medical bills ).

  • http://Craik Susan

    If Jesus really loved us he’d make these two go away, evaporate,….disappear

  • https://www.facebook.com/jes.beard Jes Beard

    THIS is a bombshell?

    This is not even a fragrant fart.

  • Adam

    This website gets more over the top with their titles every day. This video shows politicians discussing politics…

    • https://www.facebook.com/mrallnightjohnson Stuart Johnson

      Well maybe you’d feel more at home at some Tealiban Kochsucker website. While I admit the title is overblown, the fact that this totally staged an scripted exist shows how it is a propaganda game they are playing. These two A$$porns have done more to destroy the political process than anyone in the history of America.

  • http://Facebook LaQuita Wierima

    I think Rand Paul is overestimating himself – he’s gonna win this? Don’t think so!! another misguided Teaparty Jacka$$!!

    • WoundedEgo

      “Win”? I mean what game? The game of “Biggest Schmuck”? In the immortal words of the Bee Gees… “How can a looozer ever win”? They are toast.

    • Richard Rowe

      Well, to be fair, would you have clicked on it if it said “Politicians discussing politics?” Whatever gets information out there is what gets it out there. Wish that weren’t the case, but peoples’ search habits and predispositions are what they are. And besides, the ‘bombshell’ here is that Republicans have been trying to put this on Democrats and Obama in particular for months. and especially in the last week. This proves that Obama’s description of this as a “REPUBLICAN shutdown” and “REPUBLICAN hostage-taking” is absolutely accurate. I’d like to see Fox talk themselves out of this one.

  • GoFig

    Nothing shocking about this. It’s a pissing contest that the Republicans started. We already knew that.

  • WoundedEgo

    Rand doesn’t realize they’ve already lost 2014 and 2016 and beyond…

  • https://www.facebook.com/scienide72 Dave Owens

    dang, i was hoping for a bombshell, like 47% this is “meh”

    • Richard Rowe

      All right, Dave. BOMBSHELL!! Rand Paul is really Ellen Degeneres in drag, and Mitch McConnel is a T2000 sent back in time to kill the infant technochrist before he assimilates with Trapper Keeper. BOMBSHELL!!

  • Joel

    You mean the shutdown is because one side wants something that the otherside isn’t wiling to give? Shocking!!

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