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MY MAN! Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) To Donate His Salary During Shutdown!

We are entering the second day of a government shutdown and leading up to the shutdown there was quite a bit of rancor raised on social media over the fact that members of Congress all continue to receive their full $174,000 a year a salary, even though 800,000 other Federal workers have lost their income thanks to the mandatory furloughs that come as part of a governmental shutdown. The ire expressed online was understandable, given that it appears to be one more way in which our legislators have insulated themselves from the effects of their terrible leadership while exposing hundreds of thousands of others to full the brunt of them.

Well, take heart citizens! There’s at least one Senator who has the right idea. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has only been a Senator for a couple years, but the great state of Connecticut clearly picked someone with a sensibility toward the people. Blumenthal has announced that he will be donating his salary during the shutdown to The Wounded Warriors Project — a non-profit organization established in 2002 to take care of soldiers injured in battle as they return home from the frontlines.

It’s truly encouraging to know that there are elected officials like Sen. Blumenthal who can see the bigger picture, and understand just how different his situation is from so many, and his choice of charity is quite commendable as well. Our veterans have faced some truly horrifying delays in getting the health care — both physical and mental — that they deserve after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and The Wounded Warriors Project provides vital services to as many of those veterans as they can.

For a glimpse at what the Wounded Warrior Project is all about watch this moving video from their official YouTube channel:


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