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No Koch Money: California to Hit the Kochs Hard With Record Campaign Finance Abuse Fine!

The Center to Protect Patient Rights and Americans for Responsible Leadership are two groups that are part of Charles and David Koch’s web of political action committees, dumping massive amounts of money into races all over the country to further their agenda. Apparently in 2012, however, both groups violated California’s campaign finance laws, and as a result they are being hit the largest fine for such violations in the state’s history.

$11 million was dumped by the two Koch groups into campaigns that opposed ballot initiatives that raised California’s sales income taxes among other things. None of the money they spent was done very well however, as they came out on the losing end of them all.

California Fair Political Practices Commission and the state’s Attorney General Kamala Harris filed a lawsuit alleging that the funds had been improperly documented, resulting in a $1 million dollar fine — the largest in the state’s history for such a violation — and the forfeiture of $15 million in invalid campaign contributions now belongs to the state’s general fund.

“These groups exploit loopholes in state law to undermine the clear purpose of the law,” said Ann Ravel, chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

In the post-Citizens United American political landscape, more progressive states are taking a hard line approach to sussing-out the source of so-called “dark money,” campaign contributions funneled through various PACs and SuperPACs in an effort to cloak the actual source of the campaign contributions. The $1 million settlement represents the third-largest campaign finance related fine in the nation’s history, though with there being so much money being pumped into elections nationwide by the Koch brothers, it’s hard to see how a single fine of this amount will do much to stem the tide flowing in, but it’s certainly a start.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/Tellerscosmos Greg Oliver Sr

    A million dollars is peanuts to the Koch Brothers.Were it 100 million, they might take notice.

  • Will Miller

    The fines should be onerous on violators. In the case of the Koch Brothers this is less than pocket change. They’ll chuckle and continue with their activities. Now add a two or three zeros to the fine and you’ll not only get their attention but they’ll be footing legal fees to get it overturned … in fact it will become their obsession for quite some time.

  • GailP

    Hooray for California! Now, hopefully some other states will follow their lead. We need to make these two jerks a non-entity in American politics!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mlamb88757 Martha Sutton Lamb

    The fine should be double the amount they used to try to sway the vote. Until the fines are prohibitive, this will not stop them.

  • Jon Gibbs

    Good. Bankrupt the Koch Brothers.

  • Kenneth a. Darner

    Its about time! Not only those fines, the giant carbon footprint Koch Ind. are responsible for needs to be taxed. Georgia Pacific toxins are killing people as we speak. Pet coke being dumped (stored) without permits or fines has to be dealt with. These two ass clowns think America and its people are collateral damage in their quest for domination. The world as they see it ? Fuck’em and feed them Monsanto.

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