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A-Paul-Calypse Now: Bitter War in Libertarian Bizzaro World!

Seems like trouble is brewing for Ron Paul and his liberty-loving acolytes.  In two separate incidents this week, it appears that Rep. Paul is proving things aren’t always as sunny as they seem in Paul-idise.

The first situation started when Ron Paul filed a complaint against his own avid supporters for the rights to domains containing his name.

From RonPaul.com:

Earlier today, Ron Paul filed an international UDRP complaint against RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org with WIPO, a global governing body that is an agency of the United Nations. The complaint calls on the agency to expropriate the two domain names from his supporters without compensation and hand them over to Ron Paul.

They continue:

If this is the real Ron Paul then everything we worked and fought for these past 5 years has been a sham and a waste.

It seems the originators of RonPaul.com worked hard for years to build and maintain the site, but if Paul prevails in gaining control of the domain name he will reap all of the rewards of their dedication.  What a simply superb, yet mildly ironic, life lesson in the cold, hard realities of extreme Ayn Randian self interest for them.  As fun as that sounds, we think we’ll stick to our commie, hippie liberal views.

Check out the comments below the post about this fiasco on RonPaul.com.  It’s a sheeple-calling, libertarian Lord of the Flies-esque extravaganza!  If it weren’t so darned hilarious it would be very sad, indeed.

It also appears that Paul may have been being compensated twice for travel bookings–once from supporters and again by that evil entity Paul and his supporters love to hate, the U.S. government.

From Roll Call:

Rep. Ron Paul appears to have been paid twice for flights between Washington, D.C., and his Congressional district, receiving reimbursement from taxpayers and also from a network of political and nonprofit organizations he controlled, according to public records and documents obtained by Roll Call.

Maybe, just like with the racist newsletters sent out in his name for years–that he likely earned untold amounts of money in subscription fees from–Ron Paul isn’t directly responsible for any of this at all.  Ron Paul: Freedom fighter, gold standard-lover, and bastion of personal responsibility.



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  • http:/www.zito.biz Andrew Stergiou

    “The La Follette Civil Liberties Committee, or more formally, Committee on Education and Labor, Subcommittee Investigating Violations of Free Speech and the Rights of Labor (1936-1941), began as an inquiry into a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) investigation of methods used by employers in certain industries to avoid collective bargaining with unions. Between 1936 and 1941, the subcommittee published exhaustive hearings and reports on the use of industrial espionage, private police systems, strikebreaking services, munitions in industrial warfare, and employers’ associations to break strikes and to disrupt legal union activities in other ways. Robert M. La Follette, Jr., a Republican and Progressive Party Senator from Wisconsin, chaired the Committee.”

    but nothing has changed excepts unions need lawyers to sneeze or breathe.

    with the state of America usa the way it is there is no reason to trust any one or any group especially the right wing reactionaries as opposed to the slightly politically more correct reformists the problem being after a hundred years of a police state there is nothing to trust in what began during WW one to coerce labor to support that imperialist war. if you support democratic rights you must agree there is no democratic state, only a police state and more or less a police state. hang hitler.

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  • Toka313

    They deleted the thread… anyone have a screengrab?

  • mike

    The freedom this shower want is the freedom to make the rules that enrich them and steal from other less fortunate people. Just powered by fears, envies, greed and hate for those who are different to themselves, the human race needs to evolve and this way of thinking and living is an anchor holding us all in the past and dragging everyone into a dead end future.

  • LiberalLarry

    Yeah,Conservatism is a sweet “traditional” word meaning Fascism and Libertarianism is myopic view of self-governing in a population of 315+ million ppl….it boarders on controlled Anarchy,and like Dr Paul has proven with no over-sight or regulation “freedom” becomes corrupt…

  • LateNight

    Let the IRS and the Federal Elections Commission investigate him… then, if he did get paid twice for his travel, throw his @$$ in jail for defrauding the US Government…

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