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A Disabled Man’s Christmas Wish Goes Viral and the Response Will Inspire You

Dennis is a dedicated fan of all things super-hero related. With love for caped crusaders, alien men of steel, mutant crime fighters and genius billionaire playboys with super-powered suits of armor, his passion for the heroes of comic books and movies knows no bounds, though he claims The Green Lantern and Hawkman to be among his absolute favorites.

Yet Dennis himself has only recently discovered his super-power, which with the help of his trusty sidekicks David Johnston and James Fipps, is to remind us all that even on the internet, people can be truly amazing.

This is Dennis, who, as you can see, has spirit and enthusiasm that is hard to beat despite being mentally and physically disabled. At age 55 he has faced and is facing a series of serious personal struggles.


Recently Dennis was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

James, who has been Dennis’ close friend for a number of years, reached out to David expressing frustration at his inability to help him amid his growing medical struggles. Stating that he wished that more people could know the man he’d come to call friend, James and David began working together through their cosplay contacts and networks to bring Dennis closer to the super-heroes he loves so very much.

Starting with a simple Facebook post, seeking cosplayers to send him Christmas cards of them in their cosplay finest, signed as the heroes he loves. In roughly a week, the photo with the blurb seeking holiday greetings had nearly a thousand shares and had begun making the rounds on Twitter, even attracting the attention of Star Trek icon William Shatner, who himself sought the help and attention of comic book legend Stan Lee.


Dennis, who has been given between five to six months left to live, is said to still be in high spirits and using every moment he has left, to enjoy and appreciate the friends and fandom which have come to mean so much to him. And in addition to the outpouring of support from the Cosplay community and internet at large, members from the cast of the CW Network show Arrow (based on the DC comic Green Arrow) have been contacted and are likely expected to send their own signed cards (hopefully in costume) to the man who has rapidly come to mean so much to so many.

(If you are a Cosplayer or just a reader who would like to send Dennis a Christmas or holiday card yourself, cards and comic book materials can be sent to: Dennis c/o James Fipps 40 Matchlock Dr. St Peters Mo, 63376)


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  • Anntoinnette

    I don’t know anything about what you all are talking about (not really), but am amazed at the small acts of kindness that you are doing on behalf of this man. It is truly beautiful!

  • http://facebook.com/justiceleaguearizona Dustin Dial

    The Justice League Arizona is sending a collage card with best wishes!

  • https://www.facebook.com/stephrushing Stephanie Rushing

    I’ve shared this with my cosplaying friends and going to make and send 2 cards! One with me as Black Canary and another with me as Wonder Woman. I wish I could do so much more! (I’m in IL and only like 20 minutes away!)

  • https://www.facebook.com/jamal.kirtman Jamal D. Kirtman

    BAM!!!! Faith in humanity restored. All or you here and those abroad are so sweet and epic for doing this and giving your time. I wish more people were this giving.

  • https://www.facebook.com/destroyerofworldzz Michael Cox

    This is awesome guys! I know a few more cosplayers that I will share this link too!

    • AATTP

      Thank you!

  • Rocky Go N.B.

    I am Wolverine from Singapore, would like to send him my picture in costume by email.

    • Nick Goroff

      If you click on the link for James Fipps, it will bring you to his personal Facebook page, where I am sure he would be more than happy to provide you with an email address to which you can send your photo. And on behalf of myself and I am sure, the entire staff of AATTP, thank you very much for helping make Dennis’ Christmas wish become a reality.

    • Rocky Go N.B.

      I have just attached my cosplay picture in the facebook page of aattp addressing to Dennis.
      Hope he is able to see it. Other cosplayers from my region might want to follow.

  • https://www.facebook.com/LadyVaderCosplay Anne Marie

    I hope Dennis likes supervillains too! I have an awesome photo of my classic Catwoman (from the 1980’s Batman comics) I’d love to send to him! ^_^

  • edcedc8


    • https://www.facebook.com/DarkSdr Joshua Aaron Rappaport

      damned onion cutting ninjas…


      Greatest comment of the day.

  • Ashley

    Sadly the only really good cosplay I have is my Harley Quinn (animated series version). I regretfully have no amazing super-hero costumes made, or I would send a picture card to him.

    • Nick Goroff

      I am sure Dennis would be overjoyed to get a Christmas card from Harley Quinn. His interest, I’m told, extends beyond only super heroes and encompasses the entirety of Super-hero and comic book sci fi fandom. So please don’t hesitate. And thanks.

      • AATTP

        Harley Quinn rules!

  • Ernesto

    I’ve got a Superman suit that’s pretty bad ass. I think I’m gonna have to pose in front of my tree and send this guy a note. This really made me smile.

  • https://www.facebook.com/uglywolf Michael MacLeod

    We were glad to help. Hope it made Dennis happy.

  • https://www.facebook.com/james.fipps James Fipps

    We also have over 29,000 notes on the Tumblr post!!!! I can’t thank everyone enough for the outreach for Dennis!!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/nathanmonster Nathan Marshall

    Haha me and my dad heard about this and we had some pics taken of use from a comic-con that we went to, we sent him the photos and a home made Dredd badge with his name on it

    • Enrique Chimal


  • derek


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