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5 People Accidentally Shot at Gun Shows on First ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ (UPDATED)



An accidental shooting took place this afternoon at a safety check-in for the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Two attendees suffered non-fatal injuries after being shot.  They have both been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but their condition is unknown at this time.

Two other unrelated accidental shootings were reported at Midwestern gun shows today as well.  The first, reported by a local ABC affiliate, occurred in Medina, Ohio where a man was admitted to an area hospital after being shot.  Information about the extent of his injuries has not yet been released.  Channel 8 WISH is reporting a second incident in Indianapolis, Indiana in the parking lot outside of a gun show where a man shot himself in the hand while trying to reload his weapon.

If the organizers of the first Gun Appreciation Day were hoping to prove that guns keep people safer in an attempt to thwart more regulations, we’d have to say they’ve failed.  Epically.


CNN is now reporting that three people, not two, were shot in Raleigh.


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  • Larry Wilson

    I’m a firm believer in the prohibition of alcohol. Just how many deaths could be saved if it was illegal to consume. How many drunk drivers could be removed from the road…everyday? No alcohol, no drunks…….thousands of lives saved each year…Right?
    And just imagine if no criminals had guns too….no more rapes at gun point, no more armed robberies, no more hit men killing victims, no more gangster out there to hire them. Just tell the criminals that they have to turn in their guns and that problem will be solved…that quick!

    Like I have heard many times before…..when you take the guns from the criminals, then come talk to me. We can only talk though. The government will still have guns!

    • Mark

      Larry, I think that most people agree that an all-out ban would be a bad idea. Surely there has to be some middle ground. We are living with one right now. It just appears the line is in the wrong place.

    • Garrett

      It worked so well last time! The prohibition on all other drugs is working great too! Why not? sigh….

    • Shel


  • Natalie

    A friend of mine had a brilliant idea: require gun owners to purchase insurance on their guns. That will make the cost of owning guns go up, and while people will still be able to have one or two guns, but not the incredible arsenals that the truly lunatic often build up. Money from the insurance policies will not only create jobs for insurance agents, but the money collected in the case of a shooting regardless of whether it was the owner or some one else who stole it, would be used to compensate the victims of the shooting. That, plus an annual luxury tax, like we (in Nevada) have on cars, would really help limit the purchase of guns. And anyone found to have an unlicensed, uninsured gun would go to jail, so yeah, only criminals would have guns, and they would go to jail!

  • Bob

    I would call this Darwin’s natural selection or a cleansing of the gene pool.

  • Mark

    The saying goes “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. What you often hear from gun proponents is that “guns save people”; 2.5 million a year by some (inaccurate) figures… Excuse me? If guns don’t kill people, being an inanimate object, then neither do they save people. You can’t have it both ways. Anyway, the probability of being shot goes up when a gun is present. How could it be any other way?

    1) Taking guns away is foolish thought (remember alcohol prohibition or the “war on drugs”?)
    2) Gun-free zones do more harm than good (sad but true)
    3) Register all guns, every last one, just like we do cars, tax title changes.
    4) Hold gun owners accountable for actions committed with their gun.

    The NRA has hijacked the second amendment and used it as a protection racket to sell more guns. One need look no further than “gun shows” to back that up.

    • AATTP

      What a great, thoughtful, logical comment! Thank you.

    • SW

      True (mostly) Why do you think that prison guards don’t carry guns into the general population areas? Hint: It’s not because they’re stupid and don’t know what they’re doing. Gun free zones would work if they were really gun free zones. And I’m not convinced that they don’t work now –you said yourself that the evidence for guns “saving lives” is faulty. The idea that they “do more harm than good” is coming from the same place.

      • Mark

        The problem SW is that you can’t make gun-free zones totally gun-free. Personally I would like everywhere to be a gun-free zone but I’d rather shut up the “see, gun-free zones are criminal magnets” bunch because the utility gained from a GFZ just doesn’t outweigh the need to get on to subjects that can actually make a real difference. I *do* like your point about prison guards.

        • Garrett

          A gun free zone removes the “mutual destruction” worry from any would be criminal with a gun.

  • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

    I have a black thug stepfather. My stepbrother has a scar running down his face from a beer bottle. Both will shoot you through the door. You’d cross the street if you saw them. Don’t give me your crap about racism. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re white liberals calling everyone else racist.

    • http://jessicasideways.com Jessica Sideways

      So, your belief is that you can only be against guns if you’re a white liberal? What about black people who see the problem with gun violence (see Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes by Byron Hurt for an example) or conservatives that disagree with the NRA on guns (i.e. Rachel Maddow’s interview with Meghan McCain at a gun show)?

    • SW

      I’m a white liberal and some people are racist. That’s just the way it is. I calls it like I see it. But then whenever we call people out on it we’re “playing the race card.” Maybe if your stepfather’s parents and grandparents had the same opportunities as mine, things would be different. Where you end up is too highly influenced by where you start.

  • http://yahoo wayne cox

    Hey bone head, people choose to smoke cigarettes. Those people at the gun shows did not choose to get shot. I would rather take my chances with a cigarette, than getting shot by someones gun by accident or otherwise. APPLES AND APPLES COWBOY!

    • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

      My black relatives were destroyed by the liberal’s welfare state. Had my red blooded American mother not swooped in, they’d all be dead. She truly cared unlike you frauds. No worries, though. The welfare state is about to swallow all of you. And you voted for it.

      • AATTP

        Gary, define “destroyed by the liberal’s welfare state,” please, so we can try and understand what you’re talking about.

        • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

          Things like taking fathers out of the home to receive welfare benefits…lowering school standards to meet test scores…calling black rap poetry…allowing blacks to shoot up city streets without consequences…demanding crack cocaine penalties be lessened…things like that. Today you have a black population who loathes whites, both red and blue. They hate you people and the younger generation is deadly violent. It’s all they know.

          You guys did a lot of damage and Republicans went along with it. I must remind myself that I’m discussing blacks with white liberals who never encounter them. They only voted for a black man on TV and call everyone else racist. It won’t work in the end. It’ll blow up in your faces because it was wrong.

          • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

            Democrats also demand unfettered abortion of black babies from coast to coast. Don’t think this doesn’t go unnoticed in the black community.

          • AATTP

            “Democrats also demand unfettered abortion of black babies…” In what way? How are black people specifically ordered or encouraged to have abortions by Democrats?

          • AATTP

            White liberals did all of that? Do yo have any actual evidence, specific bills, etc.? And, how could you possibly know my race or who I do or do not encounter?

        • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

          Of course white liberals did all that. We were on welfare – NO FATHERS ALLOWED. Women sneak men in and out of their homes and multiple children. Florida also lowered standards to accommodate black students who couldn’t pass…few can read and write. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard demands we call thug rap poetry…blacks shoot each other in the back every night in Chicago. And lessening the penalty of crack is the Black Caucus’ dream. In 2008, Hillary Clinton promised to address the issue. And we all know abortion targets blacks. Margaret Sanger established Planned Parenthood to do just that.

          • AATTP

            No, we don’t “all know” anything. We asked you for specific evidence, which you are either unable or unwilling to give. Everything you are saying is based on conjecture, assumption and/or emotion. You’ve proven nothing, except that you’re terrible at trying to make a logical point.

            I think we’ll stop feeding you now as this is getting tiresome and redundant. Feel free to keep talking though; we’ll approve your comments just for entertainment’s sake.

  • Brenda

    I used to be the biggest conservative out there. I was a Rush fan and listened to all of the conservative radio stations so if I walked away from my own party because of their stupidity then it must be bad. Now all of this gun hugging stuff is coming out and I think I have made the decision to stay away from them for good. The teabaggers have ruined the party I once loved. Now I am proud member of this site because you all make sense. I live in a very conservative state and most of my friends are teabaggers. Good thing we don’t discuss politics when we are together. It is nice to be able to vent somewhere without being judged. I think the teabaggers are losing steam and people see them as lunitics. Don’t worry.. things like in this story are putting the nails in their coffins.

    • AATTP

      Thank you. We’re proud to have you as a member!

  • Penelope

    Hmmm, how odd. They call it “ACCIDENTAL”. Come on, if you really believe that there are that many gun owners who do not know how to handle a gun, you probably do not, nor have ever owned a gun, or know gun safety rules. If these reports are true, what irresponsible person carries a LOADED gun in its case? Sure, accidents do happen, but so many, in so many different cities on the same day? Explain this to me, please: How does one shoot one’s hand while reloading a gun? Seems to me both hands are needed to accomplish this feat. Wouldn’t the hand have to be in front of the barrel? Maybe he was reloading using only ONE hand. I’d pay to see that trick. Just a thought. No, the failure is not gun shows, gun sales, and gun owners or the NRA. The biggest failure today is a “little” scheme called “Fast and Furious”. Wake up, people! I, for one, do not want to wake up from this nightmare without being able to protect my rights from those who practice “do as I/we say”.

    • AATTP

      Yes, it’s all a conspiracy. Only three gun owners made mistakes, but five people were injured. You’d know that if you researched the situation instead of jumping to silly conclusions.

      P.S. The F&F “scandal” was puffed up BS.

      PART 1 of Fortune’s Investigative Report on F&F:

      PART 2:

    • I love guns

      Just goes to show that gun training is necessary. If people can’t handle them, leave them to ones that can handle them.

      • SW

        Ask the retired cop who accidentally shot his son in the driveway how much his training helped him… or the cop who accidentally shot himself in the classroom…


        Gun owners are about 12 times more likely to get killed by guns than non gun owners… Or as Jesus Christ put it,”he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” Or as Johnny Cash put it, “Don’t take your guns to town, son.”

        It’s just math. There are more just-as-likely scenarios where a gun can harm you than ones in which it can help you. Those chances increase the more guns are around.

  • Grumpasaurus

    We don’t need to ban guns, we need more Gun Appreciation Days.

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  • Marc Masnor

    Epic? Really?

    About 1,200 people died today from tobacco use and about four times that many developed significant tobacco related problems. This is EVERY DAY. Yet you call four accidental gun shot wounds epic. The tobacco deaths TODAY will be about equal to four times the number of deaths from all rifles this YEAR in the US. Gain some perspective, please.

    • AATTP

      You missed the point entirely. The shootings weren’t epic. The fact that people rallied for the first “Gun Appreciation Day” to protest gun regulations and ironically five of them were shot during the events was an epic failure on the part of those who organized and attended them. Gain some comprehension of what you’ve just read skills, please.

    • John P Lewis

      That (smoking)was a choice bonehead! Getting shot was not! Its this kind of dumb ass rational that keeps this country down!

    • Justin

      Smoking is addictive and sad, but at least the death and disease isn’t involuntary. Many hurt by guns are innocent. That’s a significant difference, especially when the victims are innocents.


    • patt reid

      Ummm, that was 5 ‘accidental’ shootings specifically at gun shows. Ironic, if not epic. That is not an account of all gun incidents for that day. As for the tobacco comparison, I would suggest that tobacco should also be stricken from our culture. But, it seems that we Americans treasure our right to kill ourselves by whatever means we choose.

      • Justin

        At least some people choose to smoke, despite the know addictive properties. But, I don’t know many who choose to be shot – most of the time, someone else pulls the trigger.

        Really, what is wrong with you people?


  • Lisa

    Gary Cole is proof that it is possible to live without a functioning brain.

    • Joe

      After reading his post you are absolutely correct in your reasoning!

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  • Linda

    The rally Guns Acorss America was a completly different thing. It was not a gun show. It was a rally and it was very successful ~!!! I am sure there are accidental shootings a lot of times at Gun Shows! It’s not to worry about.

    • Tom

      Unless you’re the one shot.

      Tom C

  • Michael Breen

    Damon good start I’d say :-) lol

  • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

    Blacks shoot people on purpose. For unknown reasons, you left this out of your post. You also omitted that 60% of gun deaths are liberal suicides. We sure will miss you.

    • AATTP

      We are only approving your uneducated, pointless and vile comment as an example of how truly ignorant TEApublicans can be and why we fight against this pathetic mentality.

      • http://exleftist.com Gary Cole (exleftist.com)

        You fools. You can’t argue facts. Nothing I said was wrong. And I do not wish you well. I’ll watch you go broke and die in line at the free clinic.

    • Supreme Ruler of the Universe

      YOu are a complete turd and the proof is the shit that constitutes what little you have of a brain

    • Kernel 85

      Could you quote credible sources for your questionable allegations?

      • AATTP

        The sources are in the article. See those blue links? Click them.

    • Jay

      Wow.. racist much? Geez

    • sandy

      Gary Cole, Honestly, you are completely stupid. You think only liberals commit suicide? How did you get so idiotic? And racist to boot. Almost all of the mass shootings have been committed by white people, yet you say “blacks shoot people on purpose.” I guess all those mass shootings have been accidents? You really should kill yourself before you breed. You’re too stupid to pass that on.

    • Renee

      Whites also shoot people on purpose. That was an ignorant comment. Where I come from the only people who need guns for protection are weak, cowards who cannot stand up for themselves and don’t know how to fight like real men. You are obviously
      not from a place like that. I bet you also go to church and talk about love and following the ten commandments.. which by the way THOU SHALT NOT KILL is one of them. Self righteous, hypocrit.

  • Jason Mooneyham

    So it’s true. Guns don’t kill people. Morons trying to make a point about how guns make us safer do. Point taken.

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