Being Scared In A Music Soundtrack

The Best and frightening Sound-track example I can think of is out of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho. Famed soundtrack composer, Bernard Herrmann, created a terrifying effect with piercing and screeching violins played inside their highest registers. Because the film progresses, when you hear that noise cue repeated, you know something really bad is going to happen. Another famous cue that is employed at a similar way is that the 3-note term in the low sequence orchestra that admits the presence of the killer shark at the first Jaws film.

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Soundtracks moments like the one in Psycho Are terrific for portraying outright horror and evil but underscoring the sensation of fear can be carried out in subtler ways too.

Ordinary Tasks Become Outstanding

Sometimes the soundtrack informs the Audience that what they are seeing has a darker significance. The movie Michael Clayton, that I saw this past weekend, so does so a lot. The onscreen events are quite ordinary – a women is getting dressed for work – she is followed closely by a frightening soundtrack.

The audio acts against the spectacle, contrary For it. It’s telling us that these events are not ordinary and have importance beyond their own actions. Actually, the music is telling us that these normal events are somehow scary. Something terrible will happen.

The Audience Knows A Secret

Sometimes the audience is let in on a Secret, maybe a black key, which the central characters in the story don’t yet understand about. You see as events unfold and you also see them getting further and further in to trouble. Here again, a dark or suspenseful underscore can work wonders because they build the strain contrary to what is going on on screen.

The Inner Struggle

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Lets say, in your narrative, your primary Character lyrics, a sales man, is boarding a plane but we at the audience already Know he has a terrible fear of flying. The flight attendants are all welcoming Families as well as other travellers aboard the plane. The plane cottage is stuffed With rather innocuous, but agreeable music. We cut into the main Character boarding the plane. Now the audio varies to full-on terrifying, Terror sound track. The songs portrays his internal psychology – his feelings of Fear.