2020 Hyundai Sonata Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Missing is the 2019’s optionally available turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that produced 245 hp. It’s not coming back, but an N-Line model of the Sonata reportedly will, at an undetermined time, bringing considerably more than 245 hp with it. The Sonata Hybrid can also be slated to return but might be a late addition to the 2020 mannequin 12 months. Fortunately, when it did have to take action, the eight-pace was fairly nicely behaved.

These figures fall right consistent with these of equally priced and geared up midsize sedans, though we were not capable of match it. We averaged 26.four mpg throughout about 400 miles of mixed metropolis driving. It’s worth noting that the base engine — a 2.5-liter four-cylinder — holds a slightly higher mixed rating of 32 mpg.

Overall, energy is serviceable but not exceptional, especially for the next trim degree. Oddly, though its torque is impressive, this engine’s one hundred eighty hp is lower than the base engine’s 191 hp.

2020 sonata

It can be utilized either after coming to a stop or by remote-starting. If you left your wheels turned, it’s going to straighten them earlier than moving. Like Tesla, Hyundai provides NFC playing cards (like hotel key cards) as a backup to get you into the car, identify you and start the engine in case your phone dies. If these engines seem oddly shut to one another in output and oddly low when competitors provide well over 200 to 300 hp in their optionally available engines, you’re not wrong.

What is the most reliable Hyundai?

The Hyundai Sonata is about the same width as the Nissan Altima. When looking at overall length, the Hyundai Sonata takes up about the same amount of space in your garage as the Nissan Altima. With somewhat higher torque, the engine of the Hyundai Sonata transmits a bit more power to the wheels than the Nissan Altima.

It’s horsepower that translates to quickness, so the bottom engine might prove quicker, especially because it’s pushing lighter trim ranges (specs aren’t obtainable but, but fewer options means much less weight). The base engine’s torque is rated at 181 pounds-toes, however at a peak of four,000 rpm rather than the Limited’s broad 1,500-four,500 rpm. When sure types of products become much less well-liked, the producers that don’t abandon them altogether typically starve them of resources and hasten their decline by specializing in more in style product varieties. Apply this actuality to at present’s automotive market, and the less popular type is the mid-dimension sedan, the place manufacturers who have deserted them or are within the process are Chrysler, Dodge and Ford, and there shall be more. As for the sedan models being starved of assets, I’m not naming any models yet, however we’ve our eyes on a few, and it’s inevitable.