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20 Of The Most Racist TEApublican Political Signs!

TEApublicans like to claim that they are not racists. And granted, many of them are not. But below is plenty of evidence that there is plenty of racism within their ranks. And note that no one at these various TEApublican gatherings stopped these people from showing their signs – at least not before they were photographed.

So without further ado, here are 20 racist TEApublican signs:

racist hang in there obama


racist niggar

racist hail to the chief

racist homey dont play datracist renig

racist kumbaya

racist monkey see monkey spend

racist save white america

racist save white america 2

racist gimme yo change

racist white slavery

racist cap and trade obama back to kenya

racist fear-mongering

racist im a bigot racist teabagger

racist obamacare

racist obama_08_monkey_t-shirt

racist obama lying african

racist obama mom and dad as monkeys

racist obama treason

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Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Martin Mayberry

    This is the TRUTH about Obama !!!!

  • Erica McClellan

    Pretty sure the one guy was mocking the Teahadists.


    you say that as if Hillary has not taken money from corporatist America!!! Are you that friggin blind? her, willy and Chelsea are nothing but whores….simple as that. there is no defending that!

  • Ben

    No surprise…

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  • Steve

    These signs should make ALL FAIR MINDED Americans sick.

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  • Anorris1824

    I am not a tea party member, I am a conservative prolife independent. I have to say that these sites that claim to “expose” the racist signs from the tea party rallies are quite misleading. First of all 5 out if 20 signs are usually not from the tea party rallies ie; the paste and copied pics from the Internet that Ignorant (and yes even liberal “propaganda” groups) have passed around. Secondly when the media calls the tea party racists then the racists will believe it and come to these rallies with their horrible and Ill intentioned messages. Thirdly, there are your usual liberal propaghandist that will come and try to create a buzz. Finally, there are hundreds even thousands of people at these rallies, and the same pics are used again and again!! Come on! Yes there probably are a few true racists that have no clue what the party is about, and want to join a “anti-Obama” group without realizing it really is a anti- establishment group! They called for the removal of republicans and democrats alike. They ran against republicans during both midterms.
    Please take caution believing everything that is shown on the Internet. There are real racists in this world and they are in both parties. Instead look at the policies that they vote for and what those policies do to the minority community. After 60 years of lib oppressive policies that are family dividing, creating fatherless homes, that have taken away educational opportunities/choice with the only option is inept public schools that continue generational poverty. Not to mention the millions of mothers that suffer after having an abortion and their babies lives ruined from liberal pro choice policies that put an abortion clinic on every corner in the minortiy and poorest communities they so love. ??? I think a racist sign or even 20 at a rally seems a bit unimportant compared. Just saying…..

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  • Ryan the Reviewer

    To be fair, in some of the images there is room for doubt as to whether they are racist, while other ones are blatantly racist.

    The one of a chimp head for the U.S. President is not much different than ones designed of George W. Bush being a chimp. Both the chimp images of Bush and Obama are dehumanizing however, suggesting stupidity of the person. The second chimp image showing Obama as the son of chimps is more likely racist as clearly the descent issue – rather than intelligence clearly comes to mind. The Curious George monkey carrying a banana t-shirt is by far the most obviously racist because there is no other interpretation possible – the children’s story character of Curious George is a kind being who explores. So no one can make an excuse that it is about the character of Curious George, it is simply depicting Obama as a monkey – and comparisons of blacks to monkeys is a common racist theme across the world – in Europe racist soccer fans throw bananas at black soccer players while making “ape”-like noises to them.

    The one of Obama with a knife to Uncle Sam does not appear to be racist at all, but more implying that Obama is going to kill America. It’s a vicious propaganda poster, then again the same kinds of things were made of Bush destroying America.

    • J. Fischer

      They’re all racist. A white Democrat would never be depicted as attacking Uncle Sam with a knife. That’s a plain shout-out to the idea that all blacks are murderous thugs.

    • pixeloid

      If you have doubts they’re really racist, go look at the comments on one of their sites. That will make it very clear. They actually policed the signs somewhat because they knew people would see it. There is no such filtering on their sites.

  • http://facebook patricia

    Sorry Laura but I’m not buying your “I’m not a racist bc my children best friends are African American bs. That is the first lie a racist says out of their mouths when trying to convince someone they’re not racist. Smh! If that were true there’s no way you could be a part of a group who is represented by racist. These signs aren’t new to teaparty rallies nor on your teaparty websites. To pretend as if this is out of the norm of your precious group only lets me know that you are not only aware of the racist views of the teaparty but you are okay with them! I’m.curious, what made you supposedly leave the Dem party and become a republican? Also what made you become a teapartier in 09? What is it about President Obama that you don’t like about him? Please be specific without throwing out that fiscally responsiable bs bc if you were to check his actual record from a reputable source you would be very pleased with what he has accomplished, especially considering the obstruction he has face since day one from your teaparty reps. If you were really sincere and honest about why you joined the teaparty, there is no way in h@$$ you would still be a member. The TP has been taken over by the complete crazies (racist). Therefore every reason you gave for.becoming a teapbagger isn’t nor has it ever been a representation of that group. You’re just a typical teabagger who’s too.much of a coward to come out and say you hate President Obama bc he’s black, so you thought if you come on here claiming how many black friends you have and dated and calling us out for saying the teabaggers are racist

  • JFischer

    Homey the Clown needs to step out of the DVD collection of ‘In Living Color’ and smack the Tea Partier who abused his punchline.

  • https://www.facebook.com/RickKitchen Rick Kitchen

    I think the I am a Bigot/I am a Racist sign was anti-Teabagger.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/bharris5 Brian Harris

    I think that only the willfully ignorant would try to argue that portraying a black man as an African monkey or witch doctor isn’t racist. Even ore so when they think they are excused because the other side did something vaguely similar once.

  • Cate

    The fact is, even if you THINK you’re not racist, if you call yourself a Tea Party member, you are a member of a group where A LOT of this occurs, therefore YOU are a racist for not getting out. It’s like being a member of a club that doesn’t allow Jews, or something, if you are a member, than YOU are an anti-Semite. Same thing.

    • paul

      “you are a member of a group where A LOT of this occurs”

      Really? Prove it,

      • NotALiar

        Scroll up ding dong

  • Morgan Ravenwood

    One of their own called the whole useless lot the PERFECT term: THE PARTY OF STUPID. Pretty hard to top that!

  • https://www.facebook.com/varengo Cris Varengo

    Right, Paul, like half of those pictures just arbitrarily have monkeys in them and we’re just misinterpreting them. Are you really that stupid?

    • http://gravatar.com/biggingeryeti biggingeryeti

      I agree that most of these are racist and I will also state that there was probably racism behind the monkey comparison. But just remember that Bush being portrayed as a monkey was everywhere too. If it isn’t overtly racist, don’t post it because it just looks like people are trying to stoke the racism fire and makes us look like we are trying to use racism as the only reason (even if it is the main reason). The zoo has an African poster isn’t racist at all. Neither is the one of Obama holding a knife to Uncle Sam. Others can be seen as racist but are not necessarily, such as the last image and the one of Obama as a witch doctor. There is definitely a lot of racism in the Tea Party. No doubt about it, but stretching racism only makes the left look stupid and allows the other side to filter the argument.

      • https://www.facebook.com/dan.patterson.790 Dan Patterson

        Portraying W as a monkey was actually a compliment because even most monkeys are smarter than he is…lol

        • bacchusfa

          Racist pig.

      • Pi

        “The zoo has an African poster isn’t racist at all.” Uhh, the mindset that Obama is from Africa because he’s black is racist. It’s as racist as the cap and trade one. The Obama Uncle Sam one is racist because of the connection of that kind of violence to black “thugs”. It’s painting Obama as a black thug because both he and some thugs are black, which is racist.

        When we ignore subtler racism, we ignore a massive amount of racism in the world that actually affects people. Very few people are going to flat-out say “I don’t like black people”, but many people will support policies that harm black people or justify not being comfortable around them.

        • Alex

          But Obama is Kenyan because his biological father is Kenyan. Please inform yourself. We have all experienced racism. It’s ignorant to try and squash racism because as humans we have a primal need to stay within our own boxes. I’m white (Italian) but that doesn’t matter, still white, and I married into a Chinese family. What annoys me about them is that they are “foreign” and do different things than I’m used to. The same goes for them about me. But you know we deal with it instead of point fingers and my daughters have benefited from such a diverse background. There are things that we will never understand why people different from us do what they do. Until the point comes where everyone breeds with everyone and we have one race, there will be racism. I bet you’re racist too in your own little way. But you don’t let it get the best of you. That’s really the point.

          • marcia mccann

            Duh, and his mother is white. Where was she born? What ethnicity category would you put her in?

          • wjshelton

            No, President Obama is not Kenyan just because his father was Kenyan. He is NOT a Kenyan citizen (Kenya does not allow dual citizenship after age 23), was not raised to identify himself as Kenyan and has never lived in Kenya, although he has visited his family there.

          • JOHNNY J


          • wjshelton

            ???? No, he’s American. Period. End.of.discussion.

          • JOHNNY J

            I care not if he is Martian/American! what matters at the end of the day is did he do a good job….the answer is, unequivocally not!!!!! END> OF> DISCUSSION!!! Son!

          • wjshelton

            If what you say were true (“I care not…”), then why did you bring it up? As for his not doing a good job, I have a different opinion. Oh, and I also don’t mind that he doesn’t look like me. You apparently do, otherwise, why the not-so-cryptiv “Kenyan” reference? And don’t call me “son”. I’m probably significantly older than you are.

          • JOHNNY J

            Don’t care about race either son… Ben Carson, without any political experience would eat Obamas lunch! Just like a progressive/communist/alinskyite to drag the conversation to the race card so soon! This is our country we are talking about here son! We don’t have time for social experiments here, we gotta start putting people to work, stop the flow of undocumented criminals, stop negotiating with terrorist nations, thank god they shot down top that Obama and your girl Hillary are so fond of or we could kiss the rest of the jobs away that slick willy gave away with nafta! See son, we got work to do here if we want a great country again…..

          • wjshelton

            “… Just like a progressive/communist/alinskyite …”

            You just showed your posterior and proved that you are a totally out of touch and baseless rightwing nutjob. Does your mommy know you are playing on the computer in the basement.

            Oh, yeah, and, for the record, this is just as much my country as it is yours. Go choke on that, dipshit.

          • bacchusfa

            His father is black who was from Kenya. i can’t believe there are people who are in this country that are as dumb as you are. Kenya is not a race you dim bulb.

          • Mr. Bellamy

            What you described doesn’t come close to being racist unless you are calling your in laws “gooks” and holding up signs telling them to go back to China. If racism were just noticing that others were “foreign” and getting over it, we wouldn’t be having the conversation. But that’s not it. Racism is the dehumanizing of others because they are different and creating systems that disadvantage those others because they are different. What you described is not that…but those signs are.

        • bacchusfa

          You are clueless.

  • Jim

    I suspect that once a white person is elected president again, the Tea Party will dissolve.

    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

      Only if that white person is a RepubliCLOWN or teabagger… If that white person is a Democrat, the teabaggers will only get worse until the Koch(roach) brothers run out of money to buy the ‘baggers.

      • Martin Green

        Which completely negates your argument that the Tea Party is all about racism. Funny too how lefties are so concerned with Koch money in politics, but never complain about Soros, Steyn, or trade union financed influence.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.kennedy.3363 Jack Kennedy

    mwahahahahahahahaa …………………. liberals/obamabots setting their own racist crap to try and make the Real Americans look bad

    nothing new of the obamamob of America haters

    • Marcus

      You can tell that they are not real tea bagger idiots because they spell correctly on their signs.

    • djdiva

      Pray tell, what are “real Americans”??? You non-racist conservative, you.

    • https://www.facebook.com/varengo Cris Varengo

      From these pics it looks like you all are doing a fine job of making yourself look bad all by yourselves.

    • [email protected]

      The “Real Americans” are making themselves look bad with those signs. No help needed.

    • Rasta Man

      Sorry, but racists aren’t real Americans.

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  • Frank

    First – Not T Party person would call themselves a “Teabagger” which tips off the one picture as a plant by the left to discredit the org. The T- Party scares the left because if the right ever got organised the left would not succeed in this country. 2nd – I have been to the T Party meetings and 90% of them are small business owners that feel the government is screwing them to the wall. 3rd – Just do a google image search on Kill Bush…and do the same on KILL Obama and tell me which side has the most hate

    • Ari Dimitriades

      Heh, heh, they *all* called themselves “Tea Baggers” until they realized what it meant.

      • Martin Green

        Bull… tea bagger has ALWAYS been the derogatory term used by gutter-mouthed leftists trying to discredit the Tea Party movement. No Tea Partier ever used that term to describe themselves.

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.bugbee Andrew Bugbee

      Frank I just read a post about an hour ago where this guy proudly proclaimed himself a teabagger. You guys are the idiots who coined the name for yourselves. What’s the matter? Have you no pride in your origins?

      • Martin Green

        I guess it is ok for blacks to appropriate a derogatory term as their own to blunt its effectiveness, but not Tea Partiers.

    • Steve

      Frank, look it up all these little old ladies were calling themselves teabaggers, then Bill Maher made a parody of them and brought to light what teabagging was, so it was TEABAGGERS calling themselves TEABAGGERS until they figured out the alternate meaning!

      • http://facebook sotamis

        Frank you are right, small business men are being screwed. But put the blame where it belongs. BIG CORPORATE AMERICA. It is screwing all of us.

    • Guest

      First – Teabagger were the ones that started calling themselves that in the first place.

    • hig

      First – Teabaggers were the ones that called themselves that name in the first place.

    • pablo duvnjak

      Small business owner that don’t even know how to write… Interesting.

      • Martin Green

        “doesn’t”, not “don’t”

        Hack lefty blog poster that doesn’t even know how to write… Interesting.

  • CMD

    Where’s the article and pictures of the offensive signs and slogans from the left regarding the Tea Party, Conservatives, Christians, the GOP, Bush, Reagan, and each other? That article would have at least as many pages as the Obama Care law and the tax code combined.

    • http://joemama mama

      Where are they? No where.

      And if you could find them, then we can say, “well obviously they’re just teabaggers posing as liberals to give them a bad name”, right? just like your dumb ass.

      • Quinton

        good one lol

    • https://www.facebook.com/dan.patterson.790 Dan Patterson

      The Left doesn’t need to create signs to say what idiots the teabaggers are because they do a great job showing their own stupidity with their own inability to reason or spell anything with more than two syllables.

  • CMD

    Left-wingers holding signs pretending to be Tea party people. What else is new?

    • Terr

      They only fool themselves.

      • https://www.facebook.com/varengo Cris Varengo

        Yup, everyone in those pictures is a dirty lefty! Foiled again! Absolutely no racism in the Tea Party! Hey, what is this I’m up to my knees in?

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  • Taxed_2_Death

    We know who really made these signs! The dirty underhanded Liberals did to make it look like conservatives did! That’s just the way Liberals roll!

    • https://plus.google.com/100259957215196718304 W Abraham


      • djdiva

        It’s pathetic, isn’t it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/gvillars1 G.l. Villars

        see what happens when you cut funding for the mentally deranged.

    • Bob

      Yes, just like Rush, Savage and their fellow extremists are actually liberals, trying to make some conservatives look bad…a.surE!

  • https://www.facebook.com/gael2sail Liam Mykael O’Sruitheain

    Does anyone honestly believe that the young guy with a beard who is holding a sign that says, “I’m a bigot. I’m a racist. I’m a teabagger” …. is actually a member of the Tea Party? He is obviously an infiltrator who is trying to portray everyone in the Tea Party as racist. We have no idea where that picture was taken, as there is no documentation as to where …. or in what circumstances …. the alleged event even happened. I have personally witnessed obvious infiltrators being driven OUT of Tea Party rallies because they were carrying racist signs in an attempt to stain the public perception of what the Tea Party truly represents. I have NEVER heard or seen a REAL Tea Party member describe themselves as “TEABAGGERS”. On the contrary …. that is a term devised by the enemies of the Tea Party.

    • Fred Mertz

      You’ve got to be kidding! Pictures of monkeys and N**ger and all the others and you don’t think that’s RACIST?

      • Paul

        Monkeys are racist?


        Because YOU think they resemble people of color.

        • https://www.facebook.com/varengo Cris Varengo

          Right, Paul, like half of those pictures just arbitrarily have monkeys in them and we’re just misinterpreting them. Are you really that stupid?

          • Robert Howard


        • Oldracer

          Really, Paul? Everyone except YOU seems to know that calling blacks monkeys has been a racist standard for years. Nice projection, try to blame the person objecting to racism as being the problem.

        • doctor_robot

          paul is a racist troll.

        • GandalfTheWhatever

          Hey Paul! Or do you prefer Hooper? I’m glad somebody tried to make this point, because it’s easily-crushed bullshit.

          Long story short, it’s an established racist trend to call black people monkeys. It’s kind of a big deal, because that shit’s offensive as hell. When people called Bush a chimp, it was because he had the intellect of one. When people call Obama a chimp, it’s because they don’t have the balls to come out and say thew word “Nigger” because they know that it’s socially unacceptable to be a racist, hate-mongering bigot.

          But hey, as long as you can just IMPLY that he’s unfit to be President, by portraying him as a monkey, what’s racist about that?

          • Billy Howell

            The thing that always confused me about that racist comparison is that it almost suggests humans and chimps might be related which starts sounding suspiciously like evolution – something that many of the same people throwing that vileness out are against.

          • Martin Green

            Because if you can imply Bush was unfit to be president, by portraying him as a monkey, what’s racist about that?

            Double-standards… the only standards leftist understand.

        • vernabc

          Is this an example of one of your ealier statements claiming, “When it comes to “people of color”, conservatives have indeed been on the front lines”…?

      • Martin Green

        Was it racist when dozens of Bush == chimp memes were floating all over the interwebs? Typical leftists… their only standards are double standards.

    • Taxed_2_Death

      Absolutely not! All these signs are made from dirty lowdown underhanded Liberals to make it look like conservatives made them! Don’t believe any of this! It’s all fake!

      • stevem

        Why of course! Everyone knows true conservatives have always been on the front lines when it’s come to equality for Gays, women and People of color!

        • Paul

          When it comes to “people of color”, conservatives have indeed been on the front lines.

          Gays, not so much.

          But then, the big issue regarding gays isn’t “equality”, it is redefining things that have been defined for centuries.

          • Yeah, but…

            Slavery was also defined for centuries…

          • Martin Green

            Still is… mostly in black-dominated Muslim countries… but that doesn’t jibe with your narrative does it?

          • vinman

            The only enemy to the tea party is sanity.

          • Martin Green

            The only enemy you tired old leftists have are facts and reality.

          • https://www.facebook.com/bharris5 Brian Harris

            Marriage has been redefined over the centuries as well. Thats why you can’y marry three wives anymore.

          • Billy Howell

            I hate to burst your bubble. But just because Lincoln was a Republican doesn’t mean it was the same conservative Republican party. A lot has changed in the last 150+ years. The arguments for slavery were akin to the same arguments you are throwing around about homosexuals and smack of conservatism (i.e. tradition, less change = less risk, etc).

          • Martin Green

            Ah… the old “the parties have switched places” chestnut. Just as much of a lie today as it always has been. Which party until recently had a known KKK “exalted cyclops” as a senator? Democrats continued to elect him to the Senate for over 50 years. the same Robert Byrd who said…

            “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.

            —Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1946

            Byrd was also notable for having filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Surely those noble Democrats would have hounded him from office once his views became common knowledge, or at least denied him any position of importance in the party if the parties really had changed place since the time of Lincoln. Let’s see..

            President pro tempore of the United States Senate
            – January 3, 1989 – January 3, 1995
            – January 3, 2001 – January 20, 2001
            – June 6, 2001 – January 3, 2003
            – January 3, 2007 – June 28, 2010

            President pro tempore Emeritus of the United States Senate
            – January 3, 2003 – January 3, 2007

            Senate Majority Leader
            – January 3, 1977 – January 3, 1981
            – January 3, 1987 – January 3, 1989

            Senate Minority Leader
            – January 3, 1981 – January 3, 1987

            Senate Majority Whip
            – June 6, 2001 – January 3, 2003
            – January 3, 1971 – January 3, 1977

            Chairman of the
            Senate Committee on Appropriations
            – January 3, 1989 – January 3, 1995
            – January 3, 2001 – January 20, 2001
            – January 3, 2007 – January 3, 2009

            Oops… forgive me. We are talking about how racist a tiny minority of the Tea Partiers are rather than how the entire Democratic Party put a racist piece of pond scum in some of the most powerful positions in America for over 50 years. In fact, had he not died at 92, he’d still be a Senator today, and the Dems would still be treating him as kind old uncle Bob.

    • pitbullgirl65


      “I have NEVER heard or seen a REAL Tea Party member describe themselves as “TEABAGGERS”. On the contrary …. that is a term devised by the enemies of the Tea Party.”

      Bhahahbaab!! I just call you TeaBillys

      • djdiva

        I like that one too. Besides the fact they all called themselves that in 2010.

    • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.bugbee Andrew Bugbee

      No. That guy is pointing out your party’s bigotry. I thought that was obvious to any thinking person, but then I remembered that you are a teabagger. Silly me for assuming a teabagger could actually think.

      • Martin Green

        So if I stand up at an OWS occupation with a sign that says “OWS == Racist” that is proof that the OWS movement is racist? Oh, I forgot, infiltrators only speak the truth if they are lefties.

        About that OWS thing BTW… kind of quiet now, don’t you think? I guess it really was all about the anarchy and vandalism rather than an actual political idea. The Tea Party is still here, and electing candidates. I bet that really gets under your skin. LOL

    • https://www.facebook.com/qunitaronnoco Kevin Michael O’Connor


    • http://sandrachung.wordpress.com Sandra

      Oh contraire! The Teabaggers used to call themselves Teabaggers, until they discovered the ‘testicular’ connotation, then changed the name to “Members of the Teaparty”… Me, I call you TeaBorgs, Teahadists, TeaPublicans, and TeaNuts.

      • paul

        “Me, I call you TeaBorgs, Teahadists, TeaPublicans, and TeaNuts.”

        because calling people names is what you do when you haven’t a rational argument.

        • vernabc

          So are you saying that you are trying to make a ‘rational argument’ in an attempt to defend these signs?

      • Martin Green

        Hardly. Teabaggers began as a vulgar dismissal of the movement, but was later appropriated by savvy TPers to nullify its negative impact, the same way that blacks took ownership of the N-word.

    • vernabc

      If you knew anything about the history of the tea party you would know that they are the ones that initially called themselves teabaggers and actually, you will still find some of the older ones calling themselves that. It might depend on how old that picture is, but if it was of an early tea party rally, more than likely he is one of yours.

  • https://www.facebook.com/RobHruska Rob Hruska

    Most of them aren’t racist. The ones showing Obama as a monkey? Not racist. The left created plenty of “Bush is a monkey” Photoshop jobs, they were the same thing. The “I’m a Bigot, I’m a Racist, I’m a Teabagger” one is obviously a leftist plant. You can’t figure that out? Some of these aren’t even signs, they’re just pictures you downloaded off the internet. You really live in a fantasy world, you know that? I guess you don’t.

    • doctor_robot


      • Martin Green


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  • Paul

    Most of them aren’t even racist in any objective sense.

    • https://www.facebook.com/MandyStroyer Lori Scarmardo

      And just what do you call “objective sense”? Every single one of these signs is, at the bare minimum, playing on racial stereotypes, while others are simply blatant & unapologetic bigotry.

      • https://www.facebook.com/theaceofthespade Richard Rosenthal

        There were only two that I thought weren’t objectively racist – specifically three and seven. While they *could* be using a monkey because of it’s use as a racial insult, it’s not explicit, as monkeys are also classically used to describe portray incompetent or stupid people, especially politicians. So it could be, or it mite not be, but it’s not for sure.

        Additionally, references to Kenya are not objectively racist in and of themselves, as some believed they had actual evidence that he was from Kenya

        Not that I’m trying to defend any of these people…

        • Paul

          Nice to see that someone is at least trying to be intellectually honest.

          • vernabc

            Irony is thy name.

      • Paul

        GO look up the word “objective”.

      • Deviate

        Oh shut up! All this hyper-sensitive victim crap is played out.

      • Paul

        Look up the word “objective”.

    • http://aatp.com tom purnell

      you, sir, must live in a very protected world to not see the blatancy in these signs. go read the dictionary and do some research at the library. get some help with your ignorance at your local community college or even a military recruiter. military has been ahead of discrimination, integration, racism, and bigotry since the ’40s.

      • https://www.facebook.com/theaceofthespade Richard Rosenthal

        Ironically, it is you sir who needs to pick up a dictionary – we were discussing whether or not they were *Objectively* racist.
        While it may be implied that those are racist, and you or I may think that they almost certainly are racist, our opinions of them and their writers has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they are objectively racist, as objectivity is by definition devoid of assumptions.
        At no point was I saying that they are not racist, or defending any of their writers.

      • Paul

        “you, sir, must live in a very protected world to not see the blatancy in these signs.”

        No, I live in the real world where words actually mean things.

        And I don’t go out of my way to imagine offense.

        I am not a professional victim, like the people who see anything they don’t like as racist.

        • Eat CaCa

          Look what is coming out of YOUR ears.

        • https://www.facebook.com/bharris5 Brian Harris

          “Real” world where somehow letting some people control a majority of the wealth will somehow trickle down to the rest of us, despite the fact that never worked.

      • Martin Green

        And you sir obviously live in the hyper-sensitive, politically correct fantasy world of modern leftists.

    • Fred Mertz

      “any objective sense” = “if you’re a racist like paul”

      • Paul

        “any objective sense”, if you have a clue what the words mean.

        If you want to say they are racist because you say so, then fine. Just be honest about it.

    • vernabc

      More GOP outreach…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.t.king.37 Joshua Taylor King

    My mom is a Teabagger, so I’ve heard all the arguments. I didn’t know (and I don’t think she does either) how much of a right wing loony she was until the tea party. It doesn’t matter how many times I explain that it was Bush that fucked us all over, everything continues to be Obama’s fault. And not just because he’s black. Most right wingers can’t seem to fathom that people liked him enough for reelection. They can’t understand why most of America doesn’t want the shit they’re selling.
    This is why. Not many people look at a crowd of racist, insane, bigoted, whiny little bitches and think, “Yeah! I want to be like that!

    • Martin Green

      Your Mom sounds like a delightful woman, too bad she raised a deluded little whiner. No matter how many times sensible people explain to idiots like you that people voted for Obama the second time BECAUSE he was black, rather than because his policies were popular, you will continue to make excuses for Obama’s actual performance by blaming Bush for all the country’s ills, despite him leaving office six years ago. The crushing defeats in both mid-term elections under Obama clearly demonstrate the electorate’s true opinion of his performance. Funny how you want to assign all Obama’s failures, both foreign and domestic, to his predecessor’s legacy, but I’m sure you won’t acknowledge that Clinton’s economy should be attributed to Ronald Reagan, who launched two decades of the best economy since the end of WWII. The fact is that Clinton followed Reagan’s fiscal playbook and the country was the beneficiary. The economy hummed merrily along until the Dems took both Houses during Bush’s first term, and thus the purse strings of the nation. Once they began socially engineering the banking system to fit their perception of “fairness” the housing collapse was inevitable, and as a linchpin industry, the rest of the economy was certain to follow.

      I know your type… my stepson is exactly the same. As soon as he attended college he suddenly became a raging leftist, constantly yelling at my wife and me for being conservatives and voting for candidates he believes to be evil. He considers me uninformed, despite the fact that as a political junkie I consume probably ten times the political news he is exposed to, and am fluent with political history he has never been exposed to. The good news is that he is intelligent enough to overcome his indoctrination at the hands of his professors when he matures enough to see how the world really works. Sadly, I fear the same cannot be said for you.

  • Kbed

    WHY CAN’T ANY OF THEM SPELL!? Dear god at least double check!

    But all of it is gross.

    • candoor

      This is why Republicans want to end mandatory public education. The less education, the more ignorance, the easier one can be manipulate into an irrational fool.

      • Scerravio

        The entire federal government wants to dumb down America, so we don’t question things any more. I identify as liberal, but have been aghast at how ‘liberals’ refuse to question anything Obama is doing.

        • http://Disqus Pat78

          Well, if Liberals aren’t communists, then that’s why you’re aghast.

      • Tom Purnell

        canddor, you are absolutely right. keep us dumb, poor, and slaves, then they can be happy sitting on the top. dumb asses don’t realize that we are the consumers and we really don’t have to buy what they are selling.

      • http://gravatar.com/d2dmoore Dianne Moore

        Your point has been proven over, and over again. Everytime you see a teabagger the evidence of non education is evident.

      • Paul

        “This is why Republicans want to end mandatory public education. The less education, the more ignorance, the easier one can be manipulate into an irrational fool.”

        Now if we could just explain why people tell lies like this one.

        • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.bugbee Andrew Bugbee

          So, you’re saying that repugs are PRO-education? Every chance they get they describe Obama as an intellectual elitist as if being smart were bad. Repugs deny the scientific evidence of evolution as well as evidence of climate change. Repugs are all about educating the well off while keeping the lower class masses ignorant so that they can trick them into voting against there own self interest. You DO know that red state teachers are paid less than blue state teachers, right? You DO know that red states lead the nation in HS drop outs, right? You DO know that red states send fewer students to college, right? Try again, but try not to strain your wee little mind coming up with any other false premises.

          • Martin Green

            Being intellectual is not the problem… it is the elitist part that is problematic. It is the leftist teacher’s unions that don’t want any children growing up without receiving their mandatory dose of liberal education camp. Republicans want inner city (often black) kids to be able to attend better performing private or charter schools, thus helping them escape the circle of poverty. The Dems can’t allow that to happen… who would vote for Dem candidates in a few years if they are allowed to grow up without the “proper guidance”?

            You do know that all those stats you quote for red states apply mainly to blue districts in those states? Right? Lots of great students graduating these days from Detroit… Oh, wait.

        • https://www.facebook.com/dan.patterson.790 Dan Patterson

          Paul; You do know that Paul Ryan’s budget includes slashing public school funding and all his fellow tea party followers have signed off on it. So you might want to check your facts. If that’s not another step towards eliminating public education I don’t know what is.

      • Martin Green

        Hahaha… I’m seriously impressed you can spout a lie like that without laughing. No Republican wants less education, but less leftist indoctrination would be nice. That’s the real reason teacher’s unions oppose vouchers… who would twist impressionable young minds into double plus good liberal robots if those children weren’t forced into government schools?

  • rodneylev

    What would happen if a bunch of non-whites showed up at a Tea Party rally.
    I bet they would be called illegals, Muslim jihadists, Npornrs, etc. They would be mocked by the Real American Patriots and probably would leave due to the harassment. Why would anyone in their right mind want to associate with such filth?

    • Paul

      I guess you have never been to a Tea Party rally. That would explain your ignorance. Most honest people would eschew comments on something they know nothing about.

      • Eat CaCa

        Chew what? Brown, feels like mud, sometimes gooey, ….

    • Martin Green

      Great straw man argument. Attribute something despicable to your opponents that they never actually did or said, then blame them for it. Non-whites who believe in the basic principals of smaller government and state’s rights are as welcome at a Tea Party rally as any white person is. Likewise, lily-white leftists like the dirtbag (you have to admit he looks pretty dirty) in the photo with the “I am racist, I am a TeaBagger” sign are not welcome. It’s simple, but clearly above your head.

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  • Bruce

    They would never call themselves Teabaggers so at least that sign is a counter protest sign.

    • Frank

      I agree.

    • Kbed

      Lol they COINED the term teabagger. My step dad watches Faux News religiously. When I would laugh and laugh every time they said teabaggers or someone would say teabagger they wondered why. So I told my mom what Tea Bagging was and now she can’t hear it without dying laughing.

      But I think that one is a counter protest sign as well.

      • http://www.facebook.com/heidi.denver Heidi Denver

        There’s a video of a Native American breaking up a tea party rally. Was pretty funny. They all left.

    • http://gravatar.com/plunkshop plunkshop

      Yes, that photo has been around the web in a lot of different positions. It’s anti teaparty.

    • http://thunderhawkbolt.wordpress.com thunderhawkbolt

      It is. I think that’s from when Palin came to Boston a few years ago. There were a ton of great counter-protest signs that day. At least half of the people at the rally were there just to gawk at the teabaggers.

    • Thread

      LOL,no they called themselves Teabaggers right out the gate and I was laughing for weeks. Until most likely some of their kids told them what it means now a days. Then they spent weeks trying to rebrand and back peddle

  • http://thejonthomas.site88.net/ Jon

    sixth from the bottom, First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.

  • Ann

    which explains why they are so resistant to change.

  • Ann

    Jennifer, what you said times 1000.

  • Ann

    People like her are determined ignoramuses filled with excuses for the ugly behavior of her friends, family, and neighbors. Blind, because she doesn’t want to admit she is just like them and believe as they do.

  • Ann


  • Dawn

    typo propaganda

  • Dawn

    Your group AAttp promotes hate and propagandan. I don’t believe these signs are from the tea party. I have been to a tea party gathering and did not see one sign like the ones on this page. The comments from most of the aattp are hateful and do nothing to bring people together.

    • Bob Cull

      You have it backward, the ones who make things up out of thin air are the Teapubs, cite FACTS to them and they call you a liar. I talk to them every day and every day they tell me they aren’t racist, they don’t hate “President Boy” or “the Mud President” or “Obongo” or the “First Primate and the two little wookies” because they’re Npornrs, they hate them for their policies. But hey, who could find anything racist in that? Oh and by the way most of the people posting on AATTP at least know what that red squiggle under a word means and correct the spelling before they post, I only say that because I noticed that you don’t. So who is it that is ignorant?

      • Solarcide

        Actually, both the Democrats and the Republicans spread lies, and they are both just as badly indoctrinated by the media. The leaders of both, who all belong to the same Corporate Interest Party, are laughing all the way to the bank.

        • Elizabeth

          Solarcide, yes it’s true both lie, however, Republicans lie on a much larger scale and far more often. Their lies truly hurt people and cause serious harm to our country. A couple years ago someone did an independent study. They found 70 lies in a weeks time spread by politicians and political commentators, 60 were from Republican/teaparty/conservatives, 10 came from Democrats/liberals.

          Conservative policies are based on lies and do more damage as well as put peoples lives at risk. You only have to look at their abstinence only sex education programs. The bible belt had the highest rate of STD’s including HIV and the highest rate of unwanted pregnancies. Part of their abstinence only sex ed says that condoms don’t work!!!!

      • Martin Green

        Have I met racists in my life? Yes, but I refuse to spend time around them once I know how they think. That said I have NEVER heard anyone describe Obama as “President Boy”, “the Mud President”, “Obongo” or the “First Primate and the two little wookies”. Those kinds of insults are left for liberal bomb-throwers to attribute to conservatives without proof. The plays on Obama’s name I see regularly (but refuse to use myself) suggest that he is stupid or a liar, not that he is of a lower race. I detest Obama (and Pelosi/Reid) for their destructive policies, and don’t care a whit what color any of them are. In fact I would LOVE to see a black President who shares my political beliefs, so go spout your insults at the real racists in political America, the rich liberals and academics who constantly call for the destruction, or at least the sanctioning of Israel, and who believe colored people are incapable of supporting their families or getting ahead without white assistance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.pastrick Jennifer Pastrick

      ^cause its a liberal conspiracy to show up at teaparty gatherings with racist signs . oh please. We are way to busy smoking pot and having abortions … we just don’t have the time.

      • AATTP


      • Joe

        LMMFAO hehehe

      • Elizabeth

        Love it!

      • ridley


    • JanS

      What I can’t believe is that you can’t believe it. These despicable racist pictures exist; I know people who email this trash in chain letters every day. Welcome to the real world.

    • Will

      Logical people doesn’t want to be together with you bigots.

  • Threenotch

    When DubShrub was POTUS I would ague against his policy and be told that “you can disagree with the man but you can never disrespect him because of the office he has been elected to be a majority of the people!” . Seems that rule was thrown out!!!

    • AATTP

      Funny, we also remember being told that very thing! It was like a mantra at Faux News.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.pastrick Jennifer Pastrick

      except GWB never was elected by the majority of the people. That’s when liberals should have burned down the country but we are way too polite. Florida should have been banned from voting for two presidential elections as a penalty for all the crap they caused.

      • http://www.originalfastfoods.com James Simmons

        Who cheats best at the voter booth? Is it republicans, democrats, or someone else? The pictures above are real expressions of those who “feel and experience” deep injustice by the current administration. The pictures were very similar during the GWB administration, but were of GWB rather than Obama. How can we walk in peace rather than in continual strife? Are you willing to give up that which you think, feel, or do that supports unjust behavior toward others? When do your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions begin to inflict injustice upon others? When we walk justly with one another does it promote peace or strife? What then is our duty if we desire peace in our nation? Do we have an obligation to understand injustices we promote that lead others to express “hate,” as in the above pictures? Are we responsible for such pictures if we turn a blind eye to injustices that lead to such pictures, regardless of party? What kind of ripple effect could sweep this nation if we would each seek to understand our neighbor and repent of any and all injustices that we do or support by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or actions? Would it be worth overcoming our own veil of unbelief to promote greater peace in our nation? Can you see yourself as clearly as you see others? Can you first fix what is broken in you and only then seek to help fix what is broken in others? Until we fix what is broken in us do we possess the charity to help others? If not, then are we promoting, charity or enmity? I apologize for my foolishness in expressing my pain by ever sharing any such pictures against either party. I hope to never do so again.

        • Glenna Kachtik

          The difference is this, James…yes, there were signs made against Bush. They were on the “nets” & there were bumper stickers; BUT I never noticed great groups of liberals banding together with misspelled signs proclaiming that Bush had to go. I never saw bands of gun toting liberals threatening to take matters into their own hands if things didn’t change. When the X # of embassy bombings happened & a total of 60 Americans died, I didn’t see a great outpouring of hatred on TV from pundits who claimed it was Bush’s fault & not one Congressional hearing was held. No one campaigned from his first day in office to dump Bush.
          I understand that you are calling for peace, I understand that you want to see an end to the foolishness; unfortunately, many tea party members also do hate everything about Obama & they would rejoice if someone were to shoot him down. It isn’t as easy as fixing what is broken in us – because the other side REALLY doesn’t feel anything is wrong with them. You cannot take a person who is full of hatred toward blacks but is in denial & drive that hatred out.
          You can start by not forwarding photos like this, but it really won’t change some of these Tea Party members,. Only experience can do that & some of them will never have a life changing experience. All you can do is be the best YOU can be.

          • Martin Green

            I guess you have forgotten the lefty crowds supporting Cindy Sheehan’s interminable squatting near GWB’s ranch. Funny how she claimed it was all about being anti-war but then she piped down as soon as a Dem president took office, even though he continued most of GWB’s military activities and even started some of his own.

      • Martin Green

        Ummm… while you might be able to make that argument in 2000, the same cannot be said of 2004. But I don’t expect most libbies to speak the truth. Liberals polite? I think the city of Ferguson MO would disagree with you.

      • JOHNNY J

        don’t worry jenny, the country is in such a worse place than it was 8 years ago…..its gonna burn, don’t you worry your perty little head!

    • Glenna Kachtik

      Funny, I remember that too. You must respect the POTUS & if you don’t you are not American, unpatriotic…etc. But they seek to actively impeach Obama every day…


      The animus was radiating off Republican Congressmen. Mitch McConnell declared his only object was to make President Obama, a one-term President.
      At that time we were in the throes of a crippling Recession, and they want to play politics. It was treasonous. Shut down the government, caused a drop in credit rating, further hurting the country. It was out in the open hate, I had not seen since the 60’s and 70’s.
      All that President Ronald Reagan had put into motion starting the class gap, and later, the wars and lies, and other dirty works, and they obsess over a brown skin.

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  • Carlos

    Wow, these images are just wrong, anyone with a heart will just feel saddenned and disgusted at seeing the hate expressed by these miserable souls. Thank God the vast majority of true Americans don’t share these hateful beliefs . Say No To The Teapublicans!!!

    • Martin Green

      Thank God the vast majority of Tea Partiers don’t share these hateful beliefs.

  • Bob Cull

    Why are so many of these people (and I use that term loosely since they barely qualify as human) smiling?

    • Eddie O.

      Haven’t you heard? Ignorance is bliss.

      • PSzymeczek

        In that case, these “people” are absolutely orgasmic.

        • Thread

          But you know they are in denial PSzymeczek, cause thats not Chris-tea-an

    • Neal Feldman

      Ignorance is bliss?

    • Richard

      They’re smiling because ignorance is bliss.

    • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

      Bob, They’re smiling because they’re among “their own kind”, and they’re hearing all the things they want to hear, and there’s nobody around disagreeing with them… they’re in their fantasy world.

      • Paul

        As opposed to Democrats, who of course have some *other* reason for smiling.

        Yeah… those Democrats are always welcoming opposing views at *their* rallies!

  • Erin

    This is just hateful propaganda; and the poor children who are raised by these hateful people. What happened to “Treat people the way you would want to be treated”….the people who hold these signs are sitting so high on their high horse that they have no idea of what prejudice actually does. If any of these racist, bigots had empathy they wouldn’t be wasting their time sniffing the paint they used to make these hateful signs and actually do research on the hate they preach. Don’t get me wrong, you give me one educated opinion about why you don’t like Barack Obama then be my guest and stick to your principles but if you’re just following a black cloud of prejudice with no solid facts or principles then please go back to your grandma’s basement and keep sniffing that paint while keeping your hate to yourself. Do the research, stick to your principles, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. …. I swear I thought this was taught to kids as early as preschool.

  • Leila Armstrong

    Seeing these images breaks my heart. So many hate filled people. We still have a long way to go. This is why it’s so important to speak up when a friend, family member, co-wroker, etc. makes a racist remark. We all need to take responsibility.
    Bigotry isn’t something to be proud of. Neither is silence in the face of bigotry.

  • http://tantoabruzzo.com nick rossi, Italy

    These people have he same racist mentality as terrorists. Their “ends justify the means” mentality makes them dangerous and unworthy of America’s blanket of protection…

  • Anandagurudasa

    Disgusting, these people were nothing but a waste of sperm, just like George Bush senior, their father didn’t pull out fast enough :(

  • Tom

    This is so disgusting. I have never seen so much hatred and bigotry in my life. And these are supposed to be Repulicans. They should be ashamed to say they are Americans. You didn’t see s**t like this when Bush was president, and he was one of the worst presidents this country ever had. And he should be hanged for treason.

    • Brian Simonis

      Have to correct you, “…and he was one of the worst presidents…* corrected to “he was the worst president this country has ever seen.”

      • Martin Green

        Hahaha… Obama and Carter have that title all sewn up.

  • http://Facebook Laura

    Stumbled on this article by accident. I became a supporter of the Tea Party on 2009. because I agree with the “party” ‘s principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility. I am not nor have ever been a bigot or racist. Actually, quite the opposite. Voted democrat all my life until 2004. I simply believe the progressive agenda of this administration will be this Country’s downfall . Now, because my views are different from yours, that makes me “hateful, “American Junk”, “sick”, and son as stated above. I am a 55 year old, white woman but the problem I see in your statements is that you place emphasis on race not character or ideology. Therein lies the issue. The race issue will finally go away when we no longer view people according to the color of their skin. Ah, and no, I do not own a gun nor do I go to church every Sunday…I attempt to be a decent human being 7 days a week. On a personal note, both of my children had very clsoe friends in high school-both african american….my son’s current roommate is african american, one of my daughter’s roommate is african (Zimbabwe). My first date was with an african american as was my daughter’s…I don;t see an answer for our country in the near future if opposition to thoughts and beliefs are met with this kind of hateful and utterly inaccurate criticism. Just my opinion which I am still allowed to voice. Please do not judge all followers of the Tea Party by the crude and disgusting actions of a few. Thank you for your time.

    • http://Facebook Laura

      I apologize for my typos and spelling errors!

      • Joe Gandolfo

        Laura, we know that not all members of the Tea Party share the views of those above, and I believe that’s what was stated in the article. However, I have always maintained that the Tea Party has always had a perception problem which it has never really addressed. The perception is that the Tea Party is all about a radical conservative agenda that promotes higher unemployment, higher taxes on lower income families, less education, total anarchy and disputes settled at the point of a gun. This is image is further cemented by the rhetoric found in the conservative entertainment complex, aka FOX News, talk radio and the blogosphere.

        Until the Tea Party as a whole takes significant steps to alter its image I’m afraid that this perception is going to remain.

        • Laura

          Joe: Thanks for your comments…..I realize their is definite need for a perception “makeover” of those who agree with the Tea Party principles but it really is not a formal politicaal party so no main spokesperson. I really do appreciate your commenting that not all Tea Party folks are bad…Thanks again.

          • http://gravatar.com/freespiritjustsoul freespiritjustsoul

            I love it how Tea partiers are the first to question why the ‘peaceful Muslims’ never speak up against the violent extremists, and use that as evidence that every Islamist is out to destroy the infidel. Yet they seem shocked when the shoe is on the other foot. With all due respect, Laura,your ‘but my best friend is black’ rationale is about the most perfect example of insidious racism-Ever. The ‘race issue’ will never ‘go away’. Recognize the struggle still and will always exist and that will be your first step of understanding. Clearly you have a guilty conscious, clearly because in the introduction of this article the author specifically distinguished that not all Tea partiers are racists (yet you became defensive), *some* of them are-and *more* of them did NOTHING about these reprehensible signs (at least not until after photographs were taken-and that is a HUGE ‘benefit of the doubt, if you ask me!!)

          • nick rossi

            You are really much more a Libertarian than the loosely defined gaggle of TeaP’s . You might want to read up on them and join a legitimate political party that stands behind their party positions. http://www.lp.org/

          • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

            Laura, The tea party is the radical fringe of the Republican Party, and the Republican Party has embraced most if not all of the principles of the teabaggers, so it is part of a formal political party,

    • Terri

      Laura — the problem with YOUR statements is that it’s YOUR party that is spouting all the racial hate. It’s one thing to disagree with the policies of an administration (as I certainly did with GW), but NEVER has any president had to endure the bulls**t YOUR party has thrown as him. The teabaggers are a DISGRACE to everything this country stands for, and if you’re not speaking up against them — TO THEM — then you are no better than they are. As for limited government & fiscal responsibility, you’re obviously old enough to educate yourself (and, if you took the time to do so, you’d learn that Obama is the most fiscally responsible president this country has had in YEARS).

      • Laura

        No, disagree. No hatred spouting…just some individuals who lost their way. OUtta this blog…way too mean spirited!

        • Marcia

          Laura, we are not saying you are like this, but that a large number of tea party members are. You find these small comments mean spirited, and yet you never condemned the hateful pictures and comments about our president in what you said. Would you be willing to say something to one of them in person? If not, then do you really disagree, whoever you dated.

          • james

            when someone doesnt say a word or do anything at any rally or assembly about the hateful/racist signs that thier party posts. thier silence is complicity. if some were much more vocal and did something in 1930’s germany maybe the nazis would not have committed as many atrocities later on towards others and thier own people. but its those that stood up to hitler and his party are ones who deserve respect to refuse to let an evil do things and stand idly by and not do anything.

          • paul

            “but that a large number of tea party members are.”

            Prove it.

    • Bob Cull

      You are right, Laura, I am sure that not ALL Teapubs are racist losers, unfortunately the majority ARE. I talk to them every day and invariably they will say “I don’t hate him because he’s a npornr, I hate him because of his policies.” I’m sorry but the very wording of that statement proves the lie, the truth is they hate him because of the color of his skin.

      • paul

        “not ALL Teapubs are racist losers, unfortunately the majority ARE.”

        So, your experience defines reality for all?

        Just how large is your sample set?

        In my experience, 100% of people who make such unsupportable assertions are morons.

    • reihardt scmidt

      But what, you figured the anti-gay, anti-women’s rights, pro-gun stances were acceptable as long as they shared the rest of your views? That’s called making a deal with the Devil, you should be familiar with the concept. Or how about this adage: “Lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas”? And yet, despite all this, you still consider yourself a member of the Tea Party, I’m assuming? You are the exception, not the rule, so take your lumps for making a very poor choice.

    • Neal Feldman

      Sorry, but the teabaggers have never actually been for limited government or fiscal responsibility.

      Where were these ‘patriots’ during the Imperial Presidency of Cheney/Shrub?

      Where are their calls for cutting the US military budget by at least 75%?

      The only unifying thing about teabaggers, and it has always been this way, are racism and ignorance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marine.pat1 Marine Pat

      while i feel that you may not be a racist, many teabaggers are. everyday i hear things from this group. everyday their comments are all about racism. i’m hearing this from people in churches, politics, joe main street. we have to get past the racism before we can move on to the relevant issues of health care, unemployment and budget balance. this “faction” continues to block any progress our bi-racial president attempts to make.

      • http://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root

        if you ask the average teabagger they will tell you there is no attempt’s to block any legislation! i’m guessing because they only see or hear what they want! SHEEPLE!

    • http://gravatar.com/stellaaaaaah Homa Sapiens

      Unfortunately, unless the wonderful, kind, dated-a-black-man-once teapartiers such as yourself manage to reclaim your party from the out-and proud racists, bigots and misogynists that make such a showing– the tea party will continue to look like garbage to everyone else. That would be YOUR responsibility. Not mine.

    • https://www.facebook.com/candace.marley68 Candace Marley

      See what makes me question most of the “tea partiers” intentions comes from the fact that the majority of the participants actually did join in the beginning of 2009…right when we got a black president. Why the jump in members? It had nothing to do with his policies since he had only just got into office. So the time period of the sudden surge of tea party participants leads me to believe that a lot of them did so because of our first black president. Had the surge happened previous to that or later than that then I would believe in a heartbeat that it’s because of government policies. But the timing leads me to question the reasons most joined as questionable.

      • paul

        “Why the jump in members? It had nothing to do with his policies since he had only just got into office.”

        We knew what his policies would be. Nothing he has done has surprised anyone.

  • http://f Denise

    When I hear people say it’s 2013 and there’s still racism, it kills me. This country will always be racist however these fools are the one brave enough to show it. Let’s consider how many people you work with that feel the same way but hide it. Get out of here!

    • nick rossi

      Gene Roddenberry nailed it on a classic StarTrek episode where this planet was made up of people that were half black and half white (literally, down the middle of their face) It took some time , but Kirk and friends finally figured out that there was rabid hatred for each other on this planet because — some of the people were black on the left side and some were black on the right. Racism is bred into a person at a very early age, and can be almost impossible to reverse.

      Watch what you say and do in front of children, they remember everything,, and they really do what to be like you..

    • http://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root

      I AGREE MAKES A SELF RESPECTING HARD WORKING PERSON SICK!i wonder what they were taught beside’s hate and racism?

  • Deb Sisco

    This is just pitiful. People may not agree with certain policies, or the party represented i general. But to put forth the filth that is evidenced in these pictures, and to teach CHILDREN to hate, is morally corrupt.

    • http://msn.com Charles Howell Sr

      I highly agree with you, this is just plain old stupid especially living in the greatest nation on this earth. We can do better than this. Everyone has a right to their opinions but not with hate toward your fellow man. We must and have to work along with each other to keep this great nation of ours the strongest nation on this earth, but if we keep hatred on the front burner, we are all going down to the weakest nation on this earth

  • Tom

    I have family that identifies with the Tea Party. I know they are not racist, but, I wonder how they feel if they knew that this is how the rest of America thinks of the Tea Party.

    • http://Disqus Pat78

      Tom, I could probably explain how your family members feel. I also am associated with the loosely organized Tea Party Patriots. I’m amazed, shocked and saddened as to how we’ve been negatively characterized as racists, teabaggers, etc.! We are fiscal conservatives and want to restore the freedoms and liberties as described by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This movement does not claim to be exclusively Republican. There are Libertarians and Democrats too. We’re quite contrary to communist, socialist, and fascist views. I understand that the communists within the major parties see us as a threat and even refer to us as “terrorists”, which couldn’t be further from the truth, but harassing with the intent to bully our position is one of the tactics used to minimize our effect on America.

      • nick rossi

        fiscal conservatives and personal rights and freedoms advocates should join the Libertarian Party, the Tea Party is a reckless, self centered group that couldn’t care less about the country in general, only their little piece of it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/bharris5 Brian Harris

        so you believe that despite the fact that your policies have never worked? Also did you know George Washington imposed a form of socialized healthcare by taxing sailors and using that money for a public health system?

  • jay

    you have to laugh at them. serve them right, another 4 yrs.

  • John Nice

    you know these people are everywhere and I mean *everywhere*

  • Bayhuntr

    You know that stuff on a assembly-lines, and some small amount is defective and gets thrown in the trash? These humans, if they were those things, would be in the trash.

  • Don

    I revel in the fact that these bigots are currently suffering the worst thing that could happen to them….a re elected black President!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/dan.root.31 Dan Root


      • nick rossi

        8 years of Hillary will do just fine. I expect some mass psychosis will roll over them and put most of them to sleep fro a long while..

        • Todd

          I think mass psychosis is already happening to them, they are just awake.

  • Nan

    And Teabaggers try to tell us they’re NOT racist! UN-HUH!! I’ll just bet they go to church every Sunday, too.

    • Terri

      Of course they do — where they misinterpret both the Bible & the 2nd Amendment.

  • Whitney

    This makes me embarrassed to be a white woman. These people appear to have missed a step in the evolutionary process. Sickening.

  • michael

    I’m sorry I even looked at this. I live in New York and I have never seen anything as hateful as this. This is our President. These people are so sick, they have no shame. America is declining, so disturbing.

    • AmericanWoman

      I totally agree. What a bunch of hateful people. I’m ashamed they live in America.

    • Marcia

      You obviously haven’t been to rural upstate. You may as well be in the south. We even have a tea party congressman, Tom Reed, from the southern tier.

      • http://thettttalk.wordpress.com buricco

        Yeah. Further you get away from the Big City, it’s redder and redder.

  • marco A. Rios Pita

    American Junk!

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