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15 of The Most Incredibly Ignorant Facebook Posts From TEApublicans Ever Written!

For your entertainment, here is a compilation of the zaniest, most whacked out Facebook posts by TEApublicans that range from paranoid-delusional, borderline insane, hateful, bigoted to just plain stupid.

Please let the fun begin!

stupid fb post election not over yet

Note the December 6th, 2012 date. A month after the election, and this guy STILL thinks Romney had a shot at winning!

stupid fb post Swinarky moving to Texas

This guy is moving from New York to Texas, and didn’t hold back his thoughts about it.

stupid fb post obama bodyguards

Wonder what it is about President Obama that would incite this kind of ire? Any ideas?

stupid fb post shed a tear if assassinated

We read this entire hateful and bigoted rant, and then read the last sentence, and couldn’t stop laughing!

stupid fb post POS in office

Yes, the ONLY people who claim President Obama as our president are those getting the free phones!

stupid fb post crump voter suppression

Well, that landslide victory for Romney worked out well, didn’t it? And as it turned out, 49% of GOP voters believed that ACORN stole the 2012 election for Obama, even though ACORN no longer existed!!

stupid fb post ice cream commit sodomy

We’re not sure what eating ice cream has to do with committing sodomy, but the point this person was trying to make is that he hates the gays.

stupid fb post gun nut

This person was talking about a gun control bill. Apparently, anything in any bill about guns is against what God wanted for us humans. He apparently wanted us armed to the teeth in case we need to shoot one another. Anyone know where that is in the Bible?

stupid fb post n word

The N-word was used here, and of course they call for President Obama’s assassination.

stupid fb post start of revolution

Ah, a pair of conspiracy nuts! A high profile gun promoter taken out by the government! And they are coming for you next!!

stupid fb post obama murderous traitor

This guy missed his daily dose of Prozac, it appears.

stupid fb post end of socialism is in site

That didn’t work out so well, did it? Let’s hope this person made a New Year’s resolution to improve his spelling and grammar skills.

stupid fb post miltary men as principals

Geez, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner??

stupid fb post obama paranoia mitts magical underwear

Someone turn on the Twilight Zone music!

stupid fb post natural disasters gays

Gays, liberals and foul mouthed trolls are the reason for natural disasters. Write that down…

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Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Emily

    These comments are sad, but so are the Democrat’s comments. Both parties are sad, and YES, our country is very divided. The politics of today are the worst kind of politics. They have done nothing, but caused hate. Both parties are ridiculous.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

    What’s really scary is that these morons vote.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.leffler.5 Steven Leffler

    unfortunately,these simpletons in n.c./s.c. believe all of this crap,and spread it fast as wild fire,and as if it were gospel..

    • Scott Roberts

      Oh yeah? The only reference to the location of these posts are from Mr. New York on his way to Texas (I doubt he made it) , Piqua, Ohio and the planet Mercury. So much for your observation. Ignorance is everywhere. The Carolina’s don’t own it.

  • Stephanie

    At first I actually laughed but quickly realized how sad and stupid these people really are and it has been my experience that stupid cannot be fixed.

  • Marc Killam

    You hit the nail squarely on the head earlier. These are just a gaggle of bigots’, who are pissed off that a Black Man now occupies the White House. To them they believe it is the “WHITE HOUSE” for a reason, and that is; A Black Man is not supposed to reside within its’ white walls.

  • Troll

    i laugh at you liberals… muahahaha – you fall so easily for the divide and conquer 101 . and never try to find out the truth of anything. just buy the official story, and judging by the comments here, you are no different from your ‘left’ counterparts, as equally blood-thirsty and just as ignorant. i love it! it’s called; ‘entertainment’. muahahaha! who else wants him dead? LoL i LOVE how the so-called ‘peace loving’, ‘anti-bush’ left, totally embraces this new guy who bombs and kills just as many, drones hundreds of children, death lists, wow. you ‘left’ have become the ‘new warmongers’ and i just find it quite entertaining, *rubs hands together evily* don’t worry-everything is going according to plan ^^

    • Logan

      I agree. But I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “Left.” But, the Tea Party is worse. If not anything else, the economic plan is to crazy for even Businesses to embrace.

    • Broadsword

      Try winning an election.

    • D-G

      @Troll – Nice to see you are so easily amused, like anyone gives a s**t.

    • dragonthech64

      Well, you sure live up to your ignorant screen name. The bigoted idiots on the Right wrote the stupidity and insanity documented in this article and yet you call US the ones spreading hate when we just report it. People like you and the @$$ hats that made the comments in the article make me wish a Civil War WOULD start so I could thin the herd a little.

  • Charlotte

    OMFG. What is it about these people that makes them SO hateful towards spelling and grammar?? Is that also a Liberal conspiracy to be eschewed? As for the second of these examples – I think that one is fake, it’s just a bit too much over the top with the cliche’ errors, rants, etc. I could be wrong but it’s sort of too good to be true….

    • Heidi

      If you think it was fake and no one could be that stupid, please read Troll’s comment above yours……

  • http://www.chrislagemann.com Chris

    I think you shouldn’t have blacked out the names. Facebook is public and if these mental midgets post this garbage on there, then they don’t care who sees it. They’re too stupid to realize people will be laughing at them.

  • marco A. Rios Pita

    Yes, that’s crazy, morons and human infra in this wall.Anyone of these unbalanced demonstrated in only a few lines, because the background for the purchase and possession of weapons is critical, fundamental.

  • Marcia

    It astounds me how uninformed so many in our country are. How did this level of ignorance proliferate? They are presenting no facts, just names calling and bigotry. Sadly, part of the blame is the internet, with the proliferation of crazy websites, and lies told by the media, like Fox news and Rush. Even congressional representatives repeat bold faced lies. What an embarrassment America has become.

  • Vari Scudi

    Scary stuff.


    1 more thing i hope the moron in NEW YORK made it to borger texas HOPEFULLY HE MISSED HIS TURN AND DROVE STRAIGHT INTO THE PACIFIC1 and the sharks ,whales,barracuda’s,octopy,whatever could did get his dumb ass!!1

    • Subee

      “The fucken beautiful town of Borger, TX” Obviously he has never been here. Unfortunately, he will probably fit right in with the majority of the citizens of this beautiful and cosmopolitan city. It sounds like he might be following the meth trail which is rampant in the Panhandle.

  • Michael

    Actual thread in the Faux Nation comments on Today’s top story earlier in the day:
    NY is over run with liberal ignorance. Its not a coincidence they keep getting attacked.

    @Keyser_Söze …. who wants to break it for keyser?

    @mightymightymaxwell @Keyser_Söze What? That you’re an id iot? That’s no secret.

    @Keyser_Söze Boston is in Massachusetts, not New York.

    • AATTP



    wow talk about ignorant,uneducated,humans? are they for real christ most of them can’t even spell. serious these people are why we need broader gun control here are about 15 reason’s . and yes a whole lot of adam lanza’s there. 1 hope is maybe their all escapee’s from the gop goofy bin and they’ll get caught soon! any more i don’t care what people say about my polictical belief’s i just tell them to straight kiss my liberal ass! shut down the gop the so called moral majority bullshit!

    • Tara Gradoville

      With grammar and puncturing like yours, I find it hilarious that you are commenting on someone’s spelling!

      • Houndmom

        Puncturing? Seriously?

        • Heidi

          LMAO. It’s punctuation, not puncturing. This is what I find hilarious about people like you. You try to make people feel small by pointing out their faults, but YOU can’t even get it right…..

  • Arnie

    So much ignorance to wade through – how does one single out only one batshit phrase out of so many? Still, I’ve got my eye on “rain of terror” as the one profoundly adorable stepchild.

  • vanessa mallia

    Sadly, I have lost count of the Tennesseeans that remind me I am “a country girl” I certainly am, and am no longer aware of the fight for the little man, by the Teaparty/ republicans. They ask me why would a “good God loving American” vote/support Obama. Such ignorant and misinformed friends. Seldom a day passes without a profanity shouted out over my Obama sticker. It is an embarrassment for my liberal family, and enforces our beliefs. When did the blue collar man become serfs to the king?

    • Kevin

      I know exactly how you feel Vanessa. I have the same problems being a Liberal in South Carolina. Though my family is not Liberal like yours is and i can see any one of them saying things similar to the shit you read in these 15 posts. I have seriously tried to make them see reason, and actually think about what they are saying, but it is like talking to a brick wall. I sadly think that it is going to take several more generations, at least in the south, before the vast majority of people get out of this ignorant mindset.

  • Jax

    I have to wonder where these people were educated…

    • Jen

      These are not educated people!! A waste of time to try to educate stupid people!

    • thorntme

      Having had “no education” is not quite as bad as having been propagandized and indoctrinated.

  • http://stoletheshow.wordpress.com doctornitro

    Leaves one a little speechless…

  • noel aten

    Good lord man! That Mercury dude is a trip.

  • bumpyRoad

    The last step on his way to the leader of the World Government?

    She really doesn’t get it. People in the U.S. are the only ones who think they’re “number one” any more. Everywhere else, the U.S. political process is a laughing stock (in civilised, democratic countries, that is). Let alone U.S. education, that used to be the # 1 in the world, the Great Equaliser, that made it possible for even poor kids to graduate High School, and even go to State College.

    And these brainless teabaggers just react with their gut; the fact being they’re racists, who can’t stand the idea of a black guy in the White House! They probably never participated in anything before; they know nothing about stuff like economics, geography et.c; they can’t even string a coherent sentence together most of the time.

    What a HOOT!!

  • secrippen

    Good God. And these whack jobs are running around loose, and no doubt ARMED. Is it just me, or does anybody else see several potential Adam Lanza’s in this collection of loons?

    • noel aten


    • Shane McIntire

      You’re not alone in thinking that, they are all nuts!

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