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15 Funniest Misspelled TEApublican Signs Ever!

For your entertainment, here is a compilation of the funniest misspelled signs by TEApublicans.   Maybe they should spend more time researching the facts and learning how to spell and less time putting tea bags on their heads and making stupid signs.  Just a thought.

Misspelled tea party signs - Home scholers for Perry.


1.  There is so much wrong with this that we won’t even comment.

English is our native language - no excetions.


2.  Seems these blowhards need to take their own advice.

Misspelled tea party signs - Obama read the consitution!

3.  We bet President Obama has not only read the Constitution (being that he is a Constitutional scholar and all), but also knows how to spell it correctly.  He’s such an elitist snob with his spelling things right and whatnot.

Misspelled TEApublican signs. Impeah Obama.

4.  The best thing about this picture is the righteous indignation coupled with utter obliviousness.

Stupid Tea Party signs - This is America and our only Lanaguage is English!

5.  Way too easy. Neeeeeext!

Misspelled Tea Party signs - No pubic option.

6.  We’re hoping the person who made this doesn’t have a pubic option, otherwise there’s just no excuse for this painfully ostentatious display of public stupidity.

Misspelled Teapublican signs - Lets keep the tea - dump the polititions.

7.  A better sign would read, “Let’s Dump the Tea and Get a Dictionary.”

Misspelled TEApublican signs. Obama - half breed muslin.

8.  And this person is a whole-breed racist jackwagon.

Say no to socilism. Stupid TEApublican signs.

9.  Translation:  “Say no to big words that I can’t spell and don’t understand!”

California - a glaring example of liberal failor.

10. This person is a glaring example of humanity’s failure.

Misspelled Tea Party signs -0 One Hugh Mistake America.

11.  One “HUGH” mistake, sign maker person!


Not an extremist - just extremey over-taxed.jpg

12.  Is there anything RIGHT about this pitiful sign?

Misspelled Tea Party signs. Repeel Congress.

13.  We didn’t know they’d been peeled a first time, but we’re all for re-peeling the scoundrels right before we repeal their sorry behinds.


Descent the highest form of patriotic.

14.  Maybe so, but making Americans look like ignorant toolboxes with your abysmal spelling and grammar is not a high form of “patriotic.”

Get a BRAIN! Moran!

15.  We know just about everyone has seen this barrel of douche holding his homage to irony, but no stupid TEApublican sign list would be complete without him!

 More from AATTP on TEApublican signs.



Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • http://hardnoxandfriends.com Terry Bishop

    That’s what happens when you let under-qualified, overpaid, uncaring UNION teachers have tenure.

  • Stan Ubeki

    Re: Hugh
    He doesn’t even realize he is emulating the OBAMA acronym…
    One Big Ass Mistake America.
    He is too christian to use the word ass, even though Jesus rode one and it is a biblical term. I once knew a business owner who purposely misspelled his business name as “Compess” instead of the correct “Compass” because he didn’t want the word ass in the name.

  • Gregory Mead

    It’s all well and good to mock the stupidity of the base, but important to remember that they’re being led by very smart, very evil people at the top.

  • Cowman

    Half-breed Muslin is the best one because Muslin is a type of fabric. Obama is half fabric!

  • Dragontech64

    I think I hert myselve laffing at the gud skool lerning theez Tee Partiar gots.

    • Dan

      Yu mispeeld the. it orter be tha. moran.

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  • Chuck


    • http://latenightlarry.wordpress.com latenightlarry

      @Chuck, the RepubliCLOWNS decided not to pay the teachers after they taught their rugrats… they claimed the kids didn’t learn to spell, and did learn to talk back to their RepubliCLOWN father.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.lindauer Linda Lindauer

    While the grotesque and mangled examples of Tea Party art are amusing, what isn’t funny is the abysmal failure of our educational system to teach spelling as well as critical thinking. AATTP, take back our school boards!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

      Some people are just plain stupid, and no amount of education will fix that.

      • Lee Wilson

        You said a mouthful there.

      • molly_malone2

        Arithmetically speaking, half the population is below average in intelligence.

        Shouldn’t come as a surprise that many who mistake memes and slogans for sound reasoning are also a little light on spelling skills.

    • Vincent Howl

      The problem here is twofold.

      Firstly, the standardized tests that public schools teach to do not take off points for spelling, even the English exams. If the meaning is understood and well-thought out, they are given full credit as long as the spelling errors do not affect clarity. This is a problem, because it creates no incentive to teach spelling.

      However, if you were to change this and dock points for spelling, you run into a whole string of other problems. The main one being the language itself.

      Let’s be frank. English spelling is incredibly inconsistent. There are as many, or more, exceptions than there are rules. It’s the opposite of say, German, where everything is spelled how it sounds and you can just sound it out phonetically. It’s hard to blame a child who is still learning their own language for not spelling something correctly when some of the misspellings I’ve seen make me think “Y’know, that word really should be spelled like that instead”. A prime example of this is the constructed word “ghoti”, which is pronounced “fish” (the word was invented to demonstrate irregularities in English spelling and pronunciation)
      And then you have to take into consideration how far you’re going to take it. I probably misused affect vs. effect earlier in this post; most people don’t use that correctly and it’s no big deal. What if a child obviously just missed a letter (a manual typo, so to speak) because they are rushing to finish this timed, high-stakes essay? While not counting spelling is enraging to most teachers, when examining the practicalities, it’s entirely understandable.

      The reason these signs are mockable isn’t because they are misspelled. It’s because they were not proofread when proofreading was called for. Fortunately, this IS something the school system can and does teach. What really needs to be taught in schools is to change their language for different situations. You are never going to make them care about how they spell when texting their friends or posting on Facebook; the ones who do care would do it anyway. The “always be correct all the time” attitude spelling teaching is approached with is inherently flawed. We need to teach them to pay attention to what they’ve written when it’s going to be presented somewhere where it affects their message or how they are treated: on a job resume, in an email to a boss or someone of equal authority, and on signs that are going to ended up plastered all over the Internet where they will be mocked for all eternity.

      • MOM

        Brilliant observation and well written explanation!

      • pachy

        In Florida one year, with instructions to write about a fictional character, one student’s essay about Richard Nixon was accepted even though the reader/grader pointed it out to her supervisor.

      • CJ

        Ah yes…I can remember the days when you got nailed for a spelling error & docked points no matter what subject you were writing for.

      • Patty

        Thank you for such a clear and thoughtful analysis of the obvious literacy problems we face today! i have four sons who’s spelling capabilities vary widely. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to the use of texting,etc., and it’s effect on accurate spelling.I can only hope that my sons will at least spell check when it really matters. As for these tea party signs, it’s difficult to believe that most of these folks just had a rare spelling slip up when making their protest signs. As a political progressive, I really feel that a lack of a decent education explains a lot… the messages contained in those misspelled signs also betray a sad deficit in understanding!

      • http://metamarsha.wordpress.com MetaMarsha

        I taught English overseas for a few years, and there is good reason why English is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. You’re right that it’s terribly inconsistent.

        And yes, spelling absolutely needs to be taught, no matter how technically difficult our language is. Ignorance of the correct forms of your own language is inexcusable. We (most of us) learned proper spelling because it was taught and expected. And that applies whether we’re writing something to be seen by others or not.

        I find it depressing how much we dumb down teaching important skills like spelling and then wonder why kids seem so ‘unintelligent.’

      • Gregory Mead

        And yet you were able to put together a fairly long essay with no errors that I noticed. Part of education is to have your errors corrected. Clarity of writing is a mark of not only intelligence or education, but thoughtfulness.

  • steve

    GW Bush insisted on saying “nucular” throughout his entire 8 years.

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  • Joe

    Beyond the ridiculous spelling, I also have to love the continued use of the term “repeal” for Congress. You repeal a law and vote out or impeach members of Congress. If you repealed Congress, you would be amending the Constitution to remove the legislative branch and form a government dominated by the Executive Branch and the Courts (which, considering The Tea Party’s love for Marxist-Socialist-Muslim Liberal Obama [sarcasm] and the activist judges of America, would be just their absolute wet dream…yeeeeeaaaahhhh, about that…).

    • Ralph

      Apparently their stronger skills at sarcasm have overwhelmed you. Think about it. If you still can’t figure it out, don’t say anything at all.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        I doubt most of them could even spell ‘sarcasm.’

  • MOM

    Yes, the signs are funny…
    but it would be funnier if the comments below them were a little more civilized. When you stoop to name calling and derogatory comments, you effectively lower your standards to the same level you are complaining about. If you rise above and take the higher ground, you can win by both the soundness of your logic, and example.

    • Ralph

      The problem is their is no soundness to the logic, so this is all they have left.

      • Amy

        “The problem is there is no…”

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

          You’ll have to overlook Ralph. He thinks he’s “speshul” ’cause he’s a edumacated teabagger. ;-)

        • Dragontech64

          Thank you. I was going to go after that one myself. If we are going to ridicule the Teabaggers lack of spelling skills, we need to be more diligent in checking our own.

    • Ruppert Baird

      C’mon, the Left can’t reply logically, so their only option is to call people names to divert the conversation from the subject. It’s clear that these people cannot argue their point of view because Progressivism/Socialism/Fascism, whatever you want to call it, does not, never has, and never will work as advertised. They can’t back up their opinions and theories, so when we on the right point this out, they refer to us with terms like “Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist.” Sad really.

      • MOM

        Spare me the spin and show me the facts.

        • Ruppert Baird

          Seriously? A liberal who wants facts? WHAT A JOKE! I have yet to see a single fact spewed by any of you liberal/progressive/socialist/fascists. And you want facts. Ha!

          • MOM

            Ruppert, what makes you presume I’m a “liberal”?

          • Dragontech64

            Well, it’s a fact that EVERY last one of those signs by Tea Baggers are mis-spelled and show a horrid lack of understanding of basic language skills. What really makes that sad is how many are demanding that we speak their language, when they cannot get it right themselves. It is also a fact that the Tea Party is hardly a grass roots movement. It was started, funded and controlled by the Koch Brothers to push their own agenda in government to the detriment of the common workers.
            And this, without resorting to calling anyone names, or telling lies (link to article about how the Kochs created the Tea Party for their own interests: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brendan-demelle/study-confirms-tea-party-_b_2663125.html)
            So, try that for FACTS, Mr. Baird. And try THINKING instead of watching Fox, and their lies (as they fought in COURT as their First Amendment right to do, and call it news)

          • Lee Wilson

            Since when are Progressivism, Socialism, and Fascism equivalent points of view?

          • Icarium

            OK fact freak, Fascism is, like the teabagger party extreme right wing, Socialism is about responsibility to your neighbours and hence a better world and unlike Obama who is AT BEST centrist is considered left wing.

          • C.

            Icarium – The joke is you. In addition to the Tea Party needing to learn how to spell, it’s obvious you also need to learn to separate socialism from capitalism from fascism and not combine socialism with fascism.

            SOCIALISM =”Government Of People By People For The People”.

            COMMUNISM = “Government Of People By Dictator For Dictator.”

            FASCISM = “Government Of People By Corporations For Corporations.”
            (Like #RWNJ / #GOP Want)

          • C.

            Icarium – Sorry about the post addressed to you. Your name was accidentally put in the comment when it was intended for Ruppert Baird. My apology on that.

          • C.

            Ruppert – The joke is you. In addition to the Tea Party needing to learn how to spell, it’s obvious you also need to learn to separate socialism from capitalism from fascism and not combine socialism with fascism.

            SOCIALISM =”Government Of People By People For The People”.

            COMMUNISM = “Government Of People By Dictator For Dictator.”

            FASCISM = “Government Of People By Corporations For Corporations.”
            (Like #RWNJ / #GOP Want)

          • xnerd

            Dude take the tinfoil hat off. You can not honestly believe your BS… no one could be that stupid. Our tax code for example is further right then it has been since the early 20s. How is that working out for you? Lol

            Did you get your big bags of money in the male from all of the social programs that have been cut to the bone? Wow..

            Hey let me know when your fedex package with all that money gets to you… Oh wait it has already been given to GE and Monsanto. Maybe when they cut SS you can have some of that…..

            How many years do you have to listen to these lies before you realize that your leaders on the right, do nothing but souvle money to corporate america.

            Answer this question.

            Who does the majority of your tax dollars go to?
            Entitlement programs or private corporates.

            I will get back to you with the numbers

          • Ruppert Baird

            xnerd, you do realize that the words you are spewing are the exact same ones that the Tea Party is working hard to articulate? TEA stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” The whole point is that Americans are overtaxed and that the nation is pending too much on things that are not needed, such as corporate welfare and government bureaucracy. Did you know that there is actually a US government agency called the “Office of English Acquisition”? Seriously? What the hell does this office do and why are we taxpayers paying people to do it?

          • https://www.facebook.com/dONTbEdICK Jeffrey Edmonds

            Ruppert Baird, I do not want less taxes, I want the taxes that are being taken to go to the PEOPLE not corporations. If you simply GIve that same amount of dollars to the actual people of this coutntry we would have a booming economy. There is no digging out of this mess any other way at this point.

        • http://www.facebook.com/tom.benedict.773 Tom Benedict

          The facts are obvious if you open your eyes, Obama & his mouth-pieces act like they are SGT. Shultz, “they know nothing”. They tell more lies then Carter has peanuts and expect us to believe them.

          • MOM

            More talk, but still no facts cited. Pick out one of your complaints and explain it to us, using facts. Maybe you can open our eyes.

      • Sam

        ._. did you seriously just act as if progressivism, socialism, and fascism are synonyms?

        • Ruppert Baird

          Yes. Read your history. They are all based on the same teachings.

        • Ruppert Baird

          Yes, Sam, I did. You need to read Engels and see how Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, Mao, Hitler, Amin, et al., took his teachings and philosophy and took them to the highest levels of practice. The Nazis murdered Jews, Gypsies (Roma), Catholic clergy, Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, homosexuals, and fascists. The Soviets murdered Jews, Gypsies (Roma), Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Finns, Poles, Catholic clergy, homosexuals, and communists. Mao murdered millions. Sense a pattern? They control the means of production – Fascists through the corporations, Communists through the gov’t. They all worked hard to control the media, control citizens gun ownership. It’s all the same. Read, Sam, read.

          • MOM

            Just to make sure I’m understanding you correctly; you’re implying that first came Friedrich Engels, who so impressed Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, Mao, Hitler and (everyone else?) that they merely followed his teachings, each one making their own “improvements” along the way? Therefore, they are all the same?

          • xnerd

            The right wing control the media…. whats your point..
            Corporate fascism is clearly prevalent in our system of government. ANOTHER right wing accomplishment……..

            Your will never lose your guns.. its a physical impossibility…..


          • Ruppert Baird

            The RIGHT WING controls the media? What planet are you from? That is the most blatantly ridiculous comment I’ve seen so far on this site. Amazing. Just amazing. Just keep drinking that kool-ade. Keep drinking.

          • Michael Keville

            FAUX NEWS

      • http://gravatar.com/pdxgretch pdxgretchGretchen

        So you don’t think it’s logical for the left to make fun of demands to speak English made by people who clearly have only the most tenuous grasp of the language? How about “homescholing”? Not logical to make fun of that? As far as I am concerned…take the “Homescholers for Perry” sign and put it on a meme that says, “Irony…you’re doing it right” If you don’t like that the subject keeps coming back to the tea party’s lies (“Half Breed Muslin”???? Really!?! ), violence, racism, ignorance, etc. etc. then I would suggest you have a STRONG word with your members about NOT showing up as the poster children FOR lies, racism, ignorance, etc. Then, maybe, we can have an intelligent well-thought out conversation on a variety of subjects. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and if your first impression is going to be that you are an uneducated, racist, sexist bigot then that’s pretty much on you. Trying to blame others for your shortcomings is disingenuous.

        • Dragontech64

          Half breed Muslin, talk about a lie created from the “whole cloth” LOL

      • David

        Ruppert, you’re living in a bubble.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.howard.9256 Nicole Howard

    don’t you know they spell it like they say it down souff (south) ’cause they be MO-RANS!!

  • John

    The Moran Family told me that they had plenty of brains.

    • http://latenightlarry.wordpress.com latenightlarry

      They said they had one brain cell apiece… that’s all they need to breathe.

  • Brian Gleason

    Maybe if y’all just larned to speak Mexican.

    • http://www.msnbc.com Dick Fitswell

      Speak Mexican? Sarcasm?

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  • Bob

    Maybe the Tea Party is going to create a new language err lanauage (lol).

    “I can sea Rusha from Alalska so I am an expat on forerin tissues “. (Tea Party grammar. Err grammer)

  • Ron Allen

    I gust can’t beleve how dum thees peepol are. I’m a teebager miself butt at leest I no how too spel. Librils say that hour mesige is filled with hatrid and race icm and If hour Prezedint was wite, they wood not have a problim win he tries too due backround chekz. Thatz just knot tru. They wood still have a problim. Mit Romne was hour onle hope but the voter supreshon just didn’t wurk. O will, we still have Sara Palun and Jan Bruer and Barbra Bokmun and Rand Pall. So their is hope. It’s time to take hour cuntre back. No more aborshons, no more aliuns, no more Obamakare, no more departmunt of edukasion!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.benedict.773 Tom Benedict

      Luv it Ron!

  • Nick Noble

    “Descent is the highest form of patriotism” — I choose NOT to identify that as an illiterate misspelling but as a powerful advocacy for evolution!

    • Ralph

      Actually it is a commercial for the liberal education system.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        It isn’t liberals who are defunding education to pay for tanks and bombs, Ralph.

        • http://www.facebook.com/tom.benedict.773 Tom Benedict

          The Liberals run the teacher’s Unions and most teachers are Liberal. I’m not sure of the school boards. As a teacher I didn’t like any gov’t involvement from the feds. The locals know better of what they need than some bureaucrat in an ivory tower.

      • Matt Channing

        While public education is a liberal ideal, it is conservatives that have placed a misguided emphasis on improving standardized test scores to the complete exclusion of the teaching of critical thinking. The Texas Republican party even has a plank in their platform that specifically states that their goal is to remove the teaching of critical thinking from that state’s schools. It is the right that frets over prayer in schools, and actively seeks ways to undermine the teaching of solid science, math and language skills.

        Blow it out your ass, Ralph, and don’t come back until you have your facts straight.

        • Ruppert Baird

          Wow. Liberal tolerance in action!

      • Christine

        Apparently home “schooling” isn’t doing a great job either.

        • Ruppert Baird

          Yeah. That’s why home-schooled children on average have standardized test scores well above those in public schools.

          • Dragontech64

            Right, better at standardized testing but worse at critical thinking. Worse at comprehension, original thoughts. All they can to is regurgitate base facts. Try them on a problem that requires an original answer, they won’t be able to do it. The Right wants unthinking workers to be drones for their Brave New World of old, outdated ideas.

    • http://latenightlarry.wordpress.com latenightlarry

      Actually, is a powerful advocacy for the reverse of evolution… devolution.

  • Mary

    So sad to look at this from the outside and know from experience that their resistance to reason is as unyielding as concrete. Even when their politicians are exposed as corrupt or immoral or “owned” by Karl Rove, they still allow themselves to be used like pawns. If they aren’t making it, financially, it isn’t due to taxation and they don’t even know THAT (as our streets crumble and sewage lines break). I also support OCCUPY, Act Blue and Emily’s List along with Planned Parenthood and our local food bank, but if the Romneys own the voting machines and Karl Rove manipulates the tally, each of us supporting sanity will need to do more than just VOTE. I want to support Anonymous, too (but they’re too anonymous to take donations). :)

    • Ruppert Baird

      Someone above asked for facts. Mary you have none. The vast majority of political corruption we’ve seen recently are from the left. IRS targeting, Benghazi, the housing bubble, etc, etc, etc, all promulgated by the left. Karl Rove does NOT speak for me. The Constitution, that one incredible piece of political document that you and your ilk so despise, speak for me. Sadly, the right is making it financially. The right gives more to charity than the left. The right pays more in taxes than the left. The leeches of society, those taking from the producers through welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, et al., nearly all vote Democrat. The fact is that in the last election, it was the left that manipulated the voting machine. You need badly to peel away from the NYT and MSNBC and find some other news outlets that aren’t being spoon-fed by the administration.

      • Ted

        Rupert – you are making a fool of yourself. Are you doing this on purpose? (Because I don’t believe anyone could be as ill informed as you and still manage to put together a coherent sentence)

      • emmett

        Really Rupert?

        Then how do you explain the Verifiable fact that the states that vote mostly Republican pay out the most in welfare programs? This is a fact that even Fox News has commented on, so clearly it is incontestable fact. (PS, I am not a Democrat, nor do I watch msnbc.) I am a true independent voter, who spends hours trying to cut through the CRAP from the left And the right, to find actual facts. For the last decade the right is getting more and more delusional. Sorry pal, but that is a fact for ya.

        • emmett

          Speaking of corruption Rupert, the Irs scandal? Committed by a Republican appointed by Bush. That’s a fact, look it up. Benghazi? Robert Gates, Republican Secretary of Defense under Bush, said the current administration handled it right, and he would have acted the same way were he in charge at the time. No scandal there. Housing bubble? Who was in charge in 2007? I forgot, can you remind me?

          Want any more facts, or is this too much reality for one day.

          Remember, I am not a Democrat, I think Obama is a disgrace, and welfare should be eliminated.

          I’m just a guy who likes facts.
          One thing I know for certain, anyone who thinks that any one party has all the answers, or that the other party must be wrong simply because they are the other party, has no interest in facts or reality. And yes this means you.

      • Dragontech64

        IRS Targeting – Turns out to be false (both liberal and conservative applications were examined, as the IRS is SUPPOSED to do) AND what targeting that was done was at the insistence of Darryl Issa, the same man who is “investigating” it.
        Benghazi, the failure of the security AFTER THE GOP CUT FUNDING TO THEIR SECURITY BUDGET and the emails that make it look like Obama is covering something up, have been proven to have been edited BY THE GOP.
        Housing bubble, happened under BUSH (REAL liberal there)
        “The Right is making it financially” which is why Red states take more in federal benefits than they pay in taxes, while the Blue states it’s the opposite.
        “the left manipulated the voting machines” yet it was Tig Romney who owned the company that ran the voting machines. Funny. I didn’t know the Romneys were liberal.
        You need to peel away from Fox “News” and their GOP fed lies. (Of which EVERY ONE of your claims is)

  • aiw

    “Descent” is the highest form of “patriotic”, is it? That’s a double irony. Dissent might be the highest form of patriotism, but descent will get you down from the heights pretty quickly!

    And Obama is made of muslin, a form of cotton cloth? Are they making a double entendre about slaves picking cotton, or are they really just THAT stupid?

    • Amy

      They are really that stupid. If you asked them what double entendre meant, they would think that it’s somewhere that you have to enter twice.

  • Flowerchld

    Oh my. I don’t even know what some of these mean!

  • Darrell

    The Tea Party–they promote too much hate and it is time to put an end to them.

    • Ralph

      Actually, the tea party does not promote hate, they bring it out of *you*. With that, the hate only comes out if it is already present. (Put an end to them sounds just so…loving.)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        Sure they don’t, Ralph. “Obongo”, “President Mud” and “half-breed” are all just terms of endearment, and we poor dumb libruls just don’t understand.

        Here’s a quarter. Go call somebody stupid enough to believe you.

      • Matt Channing

        The Tea Party rhetoric is inherently racist, Ralph. I suppose a t-shirt that reads ‘N**ger, please! It’s called THE WHITE HOUSE’ is just a quaint throwback to the sense of humor of a more carefree time…

        You’re more full of s**t than the porta-potties at Woodstock…

  • karlo seastone

    OMG….how can such ignorance (or should I say ingorance?) and stupidity be overcome?

  • dan root


  • Dan


  • Will

    How can you misspell the word “moron”?! It’s spelt the way it sounds!

    • http://gravatar.com/jimward52 jim

      “spelt” is not a word either. join the teabillies.

      • http://twitter.com/Cat82481 Cat Campbell (@Cat82481)

        In all other main varieties of English, spelt and spelled both work as the past tense and past participle of spell, at least where spell means to form words letter by letter or (with out) to make clear. Outside the U.S., the two forms are interchangeable in these senses, and both are commonly used.

      • Will

        Yes it is. It’s the British equivalent of the word “Spelled” and a type of wheat.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sparkelr Debra Elaine Grey

        Spelled is the regular form, preferred in the U.S. Spelt is just the irregular form, preferred in the rest of the English-speaking world. Neither is wrong.

      • http://www.facebook.com/vvwilliams Virgil Williams

        Actually, “spelt” is an alternative past and past participle form used by millions in the rest of the English world. Just check a good dictionary. I’d suggest the OED.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        Actually, it is. It’s an archaic spelling that isn’t seen much any more, but still technically correct.

      • http://latenightlarry.wordpress.com latenightlarry

        “Spelt” actually is a word… it’s a type of grain.

    • http://twitter.com/Highwayqueen Highwayqueen (@Highwayqueen)

      ‘SPELLED’ for pete’s sake!!!

      • http://spelt.com Spelt

        “Oh dear” to all the people who don’t understand that English is spoken in countries outside of their own.


        • http://adamgoodrich.com Adam

          ‘Spelt’ is the British preference for the word. I’ve personally seen many visitors to this website from many different countries, and so I am willing to believe that Will did spell the word correctly.

  • James

    I think maybe we owe the teapublicans an apology. These are not grammatical/spelling errors. These folks are using TEAspeak. It is a new language they have created in order to communicate with each other. Maybe someone in the field of cultural linguistics needs to study this. I am sure the TEApublicans would vote for billions of dollars of research on the subject especially if the money went to right wing religious institutions in red states.

  • reynard61

    Some people just won’t listen to raisin…

    • Will


    • MOM

      Thanks for the chuckle! : )

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